Wednesday, January 06, 2010

This is written solely for the reading pleasure of you, Mr Rodman Goh.

thank you for making me see light at every dark tunnel. Thank you for accompaning me through a short 21, follow by a 22 and finally into this 23.

Your short return in a pre-affirmitive to my pre-set determination to make us work. Glad to say through our the 2 weeks, we only had 2 arguement, and both occurs cos we care too much for each other.

Sorry to walk out on you that very day we were in AMK, try as i might it scares me to hearing you ranting on about all the unhappy thing that had happen that day, even though i wasnt the person you were ranting about. I didnt like hearing angry stuff. Thanks for not giving up on me, i believe it was Fate later that had brought us back together, cos i wasnt expecting to see you anymore, i had probably walk a long way after leaving you. Thanks for not blaming me, and thanks for squeezing my hand after you grab them again.

Sorry i had expect so much more from you on 0000am on Christmas and New Year. It must be those silly fairy tales that pollute my mind, it really doesnt matter that we din kiss right on the dot, really doesnt matter there wasnt a spark of excitment surrounding us. You were driving, you took my hand, squeeze them tight den plant a light kiss on it. Yet i blame you for screwing it all up, you didn't do anything wrong bbbb, i was wrong to expect more...

Thanks for driving past the temple and stopping by them, at the back of my mind i had reminded myself to initiate a visit to the temple tomorrow, but before thy mind could speak, you had already done it. The prayer was done, and both of us felt a light sense of relief.

Thanks for waking up earlier than me to finish up your assigment, den sleeping later than me to keep me company. I know how tired you are, but i was selfish and needed your attention more than anything else on earth. Thanks for whipping up a delicious lunch, your cooking is splendid, i can see you cooking for me occasionally few years down the road.

Thanks for chatting with Mummy while i went off to work, those hint you drop, words of encouragement were really important to me. You will never imagine how acceptance by others, your family in particular were the greatest achivement i can ever hope for. Thanks for repeating over and over again how you think i am a strong girl, you give me the willpower to want to be a strong girl.

Thanks for bringing me out with your classmates, i know this is not a usual practice and not something other guys are fond of doing, thanks for inviting me, making sure i was feeling comfortable and helping me out in awkward situation.

Thanks for often drifiting off with me into our wonderland, and coming up with exciting things we will do when i go visit you this July. Thanks for telling me your dreams and inviting me on a honeymoon that had come too soon... Please forgive me for childishly asking you if you fixed on marrying me.... you are the perfect guy and the perfect partner, if makes me melt hearin you tell me things about our future, and i want to build this future with you.

Thanks for excusing me from sending you off in the Airport, i refuse to re-enact the scene and feel the hurt of you leaving me again, i hate to see you through those glass window, hate to wave goodbye. More than anything else, i hate to realise i wasnt holdin on to your hand and waving to the others outside that window.

Thanks for allowing me to speak in silence when i had something to say, i wasnt prone to speaking up my mind, but you always make sure my thoughts were voice out. i felt like i was part of you, your voice, or even part of your brain, we are in unite.

Thanks for making decision for me, though sometimes i accept them in displeasure, i knew you had me in mind and that everything was for my own good. Sorry for being stubborn sometimes.

let me continue... when i feel less emotional


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