Thursday, December 27, 2007

I am the nerd!!!! hahahaha...

cant stand that shirt i am in, took it off halfway thru work, glad i knew my limits, so i brought along a tank in case, and i should say it really came in handy.

Today marks the last day of work before the new year came, lets talk a little about this 2007.

This year was equally bad-luck for me, having to deal with the lost of 2 more relatives, JULY AND NOVEMBER. I wonder was it the pain was too heavy to take tat it no longer matters much. Ever since the lost of my Grandma, nuttin else, and i seriously think nuttin else breaks my heart the way it does any more. I am thankful way up there, she is looking down on me now. And so the song by Craig David always seems so meaningful. Have copied a lil of the lyric by the side, people please understand it line by line.

This year birthday JANUARY was also by far the worst i ever had in my 20 years of life. Though i never talk much about the financial status the family was dealing with, working 3 jobs without a single complain. That very special year of my life, on my 20th birthday, i had the worst fight with my family and for the first time in my life, i ran away from home. Gone to nowhere, hidden in a corner no one can see. For that few hours away from the world, i cried my heart out and wish i could jump straight into the lake right infront of my. For the world was nothing without my grandma, and no one seems to matter. My man and a few more suitors at that time came searching for me, the search finally ended 4 hours later where they found by the lake and everyone was finally relieved.

That very day, Dad cried. i will forever hate that day i was the culprit behind my sad birthday.

That APRIL, the man went to Taiwan and i was led astray by a ang-moh man, and was on the verge of leaving him, in April he came back a completely different man and i was convince i could change too. In april, i told that Ang-moh to leave. In april i was a total ungrateful person.

THAT OCTOBER, i was getting a pay too high and had too many backstabber trying to hurt me, there were colleagues thinking i had an affair with the boss, there were colleagues who form their own clang, there were colleagues that hurt one another and colleagues who were in love with the wrong man. That september, i decided to leave the job i was in since i was 16 and experience some adulthood working life, i've since join my first legal office and is happy. That September i left some burden behind me.

To be Cont

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

love the japanese cos they are way nice and friendly.

I cannot imagine a temp like me receiving any well wishes and there i have - the ONE AND ONLY christmas card i received all theway mailed from Japan. From one of the supplier Fumika-san.

The only one that remembers a temp here for about a month or so, the only one that spells my name correctly and the only one that recognises my name as a woman, not a MR Kristal
i shall blog a lil about the past-doings.

Lately i've been spending time doing thing to keep myself occupied. The man was damn right in saying i cannot settle down doing nuttin, the term "rotting" hardly applies to me at all.

Been to Denise ballet concert, it was a fabulous dance but i was referring to only the spanish/mexico dance by her. In fact the rest of the performance was similar to the one i attended a year ago. Way to go babe! your dance was fabulous and you TOTALLy stands out. Love it! The sad yet touching part was towards the finale, where a bunch of women in pink sitting next to me went on stage. Both the man and i had initially tot they were a loud lot, retracting in and out of their seats and commenting. I tot i find them pretty irritating, commenting to the man that this Tai Tai's were so rude. Turns out the whole bunch of them were the survivor of cancer and the entire performance were a tribute to their effort to fight against the monstrous cells. i was regretful and almost teared when i saw Denise crying. But hers were the tears of joy, the joy of completing yet another successful performance after the long hours of practice.

Denise was a total hard core at ballet, she can afford to chip her toenail, skip her lunch, twist her ankle, sprain her back and she will never miss a practice. Even when times that she cannot afford to pay for her lessons, she will find ways to make sure she is eligible for the practice. What can i say? TOTAL HARD CORE BALLERINA.

It was this effort she puts in that make me wanna do something to my hobby, my love for tennis and making shoes and the determination to get something right.

A solute to my total babe-besties- DENISE!!!!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Mummy's big day

That very day, many years ago, a child was born with high hopes in mind
Thou many years later, not all was fufil, deep down in that pumping heart, lies a
spark of hope that it will all rest in kind

My mummy was born 42yrs again at this hour (meaning the hour of the pix, cos this post is so passe), she invited all family member and their spouse-to-be to a delicious dinner at the "???-khan international buffet restaurant" at the ParkMall

My bushy dad and bro munching away, check out their empty bowls.

Unglamourous bro and lil sis

The so-call "buddha-jump-over-the-wall"!!!!!

mummy's munching so fast it hard to capture

and she praise her option for the destination

sis and me. spastic sis and me, retarded looking sis and me

my ma, he's munching hot!~~!!
My one lucky friend

Check out this pretty pretty charm bracelet i found on one of my pretty buddy Hai^er.

i call Chris and Celina relationship "high-maintanance"
haha.. This sort of relationship doesnt comes by easy, with the continous break and patch and finally patch, they prob come thru an experience not one can easy handle.

Those time of Celina being alone, there was a strange aura that tells us Chris wasnt too far away, and despite the negative comment make about this r/s (including one i always spread) it din take them long to realise the bond btw was stronger then any body's comment.

its been so long since we've graduated, and congratualation to the last couple standing strong.

The pic on top is a Tiffany and Co bracelet which (Hai er and i manage to figure out the cost) cost Chris a $600 STRAIGHT OFF HIS BANK ACCOUNT!!!!!

No big deal eh, u might say. Check out what my dearest Hai^er bought for Chris---------------------------------

*CLUE: what is more expensive but equally fun than a PSP?

answer- PLAYSTATION 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my stupid Hai^er spend $800 on a brand new set of PS2 for Chris,

another hole in the pocket.

all that for a relationship that has been steady for so long.

i din manage to get a pic of the set thou, but u can tell hw it works out.
Hai^Er is not rich, but she is willing to pamper her spoilt (haha) and rich bf.

All that for a long relationship.

i tink i suck at relationship/

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Think i am going to get a card reader and place it in the office.. its so bored to flood my blog with nuttin but words.

Lunch is over and my abdonimal is hurting like a burning flame, mensus just ended had no idea where this pain came from.

i have a pretty tight schedule this week, today is Chomps with Hai^ Er and Derrick
wednesday is kickboxing signup with Clarinda Angel
Thursday am going cook chicken chop for the man, he suggested we'll eat at soup spoon for dinner before heading to support Denise at her ballet show. (our pre x'mas celebration)
Friday BOWLING!!!

this week is perhaps the busiest week this entire month but i am so so so happy. The past few weeks of laid back life just aint the type of life i am born for. Even mummy is busy with her singing and mahjong session. Dad spend time fixing anything at home and i am just a noob.

wanna go get christmas present for my besties!!!!!!! aint got no partner. =(

FEw days ago was Jamie 21st birthday at the Kbox. she probably spend a bomb on that few of us but we din go for nuttin. WeiZhe, Simon, Derrick and i shared a SK jewellery earring for her. Shall upload its beautiful photo pretty soon.

We were also introduce to some of Jamie friends that are really friendly and fun. The night was good but i had to leave early cos am heading to the Man house to slp so cant expect him to wait upfor me.

haven sing for so long. haven had a life of my own. i wanna hang out all the time and enjoy life like a good teenager!!!

Sometime when money starts rolling in, u haven got the time to spend it..-.-"

Work's pretty good, heard they are opening the interview for someone to take up my position already. That shall leave me no choice to extend my work period here. So gonna miss them all..

i am loving my X'mas advance gift =)
- Musical Box (oh-so-happy)
- White sunshade
- chocolate
- Staple
- chopsticks
- perfume
- hair pin
- magnet
- sweets

and lotsa of pizza, sushi and chicken!!! Log cakes are yummy

............. erm.. so is Secret Receipt Banana chocolate cake. (thx JAmie)

PICTURES!!! ARGH!!!!! (clamp my hair and make me rise)

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Here's some treat from "1st-job" today!!! $400 worth of pizza hut and KFC treat at the factory for our effort in stock take today.. that did not make me happy because of the stupid things we did during this period. Thank God my in-charge is a very very good and understanding man and i have the other temp as a partner, excluding those Take-5 period where i acc to smoke, i tink i will be dying 2 years younger thankyou

here's to my baby cousin Ray! happy 20 guy! time to get a gf, dear all, he is eligible, cute, soccer player and rides a bike, and he has a cousin sister like me to take care of his bills, please tag for more information =)

Tiring and boring day at the third job.... taking pic again. love my big big tee, although it turns out to be a little too big.. haha.. i worn GOLD legging, if anyone can tell, it belongs to my mum when she was 18 yrs old. and another note, she has purple, pink, green, grey and all kinds of stocking.. Sometime i ought to thank her for keeping her creepy-crawlies!!!!! (haha.. since they stayed with the stuff she's been keeping)
Baby cuz Viv n i had a great time shopping while wwaiting for Ray, check out this series of pyjamas now available at Cotton-ons! whats more amazing is that the cashier walks around in a mini tee and a lady boxer.. good things foryou guys.. Shoppping with gf had never been easier!

i am digging this pair of shoes i saw on Milk mag at "3rd-job" i cant find it in singapore, even if i do, i beg its gonna cost a lot, thinking of ways to improvise cheapo at Army market, any suggestions?

Stupid stuff done at 1st-job, told to do filing for thousand sheets of order, check out my achievement, no big deal eh.... nuttin what, only a little big.................................................................................->

now compare it a glass of water i was drinking, its way way way taller k!!!!! and this is ONLY ONE FUCKING pile compare the other!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

i had a bad day at work -.-"

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Against my boredom at third job that day
Hooked is a place of coolness, i can imagine a whole lot of things i can do there in a day,
that includes getting drink deliver right to my counter from some cute guys
i also had old time friends visiting.. how cool is that?

the lomography that i am so so so into is right behind me, haven get my lomo-colour-splash to operate for a while.. so gosh i need a date

i tink i have this serious retarded face, oh well, life's good when u can act blur when u wanna avoid an awkward situation

Here's meeting 2 of my besties, we had arrange to have dinner at my's friend's- canele, where they serve wonderful choco and sandwich, Monster got us a 70% discount, extra bit of chocolate and even pack us some wonderful choco that Denise had flirted Sharon to get it for her, turns out the flirting went some where else >_<

Check out the portion of sandwich, one portion is definitely enough for us gals, in additional to the interesting topic we always talks about. Gals never keep quiet together.

some random pic of my current display pic on my phone, loving my P990i, wide screen PDA phone, i've got the whole computer in it! the words say I "love" CG (my bf's initial)

Heres our Dog's new found love, the corner under the sofa, he never seems to want to stick his head out anymore, hahaha. the beheaded picture make me fear that one day when i am too fat to sit on the sofa and the leg broke, I CANT LOSE HORI!!!!

some paranormal pic i took, haha.. not exactly paranormal, but i love the effect on the dark background..

GOSH I NEED A SLR cam la!!! anyone has suggestion where i can trade my Digicam?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Why i like my temp job
imagine you asking me:"what did u do at work today?"
i'll say: "oh! i purchase $40,000 worth of curry powder today!

Thats how much this whole job proves to be fun, besides the fact that every mornng fresh air is replace with strong smell of Ajinamoto and sometimes vanilla, i find myself looking forward to coming to work, cos its fun knowing, hey my supplier wanna negotiate my curry powder, hoping to mark the price higher! We are buying $40,000 worth of curry powder mind you!!

Every morning the scientist looking people walks up to us and pass us sheets of paper indicating the transfer of Frg (any material use to create fragrance) to flv (any material use to create flavors)

imagine this unique company that makes what every u smell everyday, thats decides whatever u eat everyday? Nowadays, when i cook instant MeeGoreng at home, i'll never fail to flip behind the packet to find the name of the company i am working for.

Somedays we create fragrance for your body shower gel (P&G), other days you are using the smell we create on your hair (hair gel). Then when u feel like it, you eat things created by us (instant noodle) or drink drinks flavor by us (F&N).

i've help in purchasing lotsa of Coriandor powder so far, once we had to order lotsa of black pepper powder, imaging the next day u come to work to smell that extraordinary strong smell of black pepper, u feel so full la! i also tried purchasing black squid powder, lemon and strawberry flavor, anything ur minds thinks of.

i love this jobs, at least for now. u never understood ur body senses till u've come this far

Today the supervisor decides to call upon the technician to reveal a very impt program on my desktop, all temp are not meant to handle it, cos thats where they start delivery orders, she felt i can handle it and lighten her load a bit. i shall say i feel pretty honored.

Its a responsibilty i feel impt having. but the amount of OT i've been doing so far makes me fear alot more to come.

Friday, November 02, 2007

a lil blogging during lunch makes a whole new different. i am here now blogging during my second day of work..

day 1- very very bored.. haha.. i was practically sitting around pretending to be busy, but they told me to be prepared to be bored on the first day cos the rest of the day will be very very busy and we might evern work OT.

Day 2- very busy cant belive this start so soon.. i've learn alot alot of stuf but was told there were more to come

The man say he felt really weird especially since ii felt aslp yesterday right after he left my place. He was damn nice to me, treatin me dinner and all..

i felt really sorry for the man but promise to make a different really soon..

MSn sammie to ask her out that day, she is not free.

i shall not let any excuse deprive me of my free time with frend
the following are friends waitin to hang out with
- Hai Er Celina
- Apel Honey Yap
- Sammie Govindsammie
- Chong Mr Wei Zhe
- Cuz (cos i miss you sooooo much!!! good luck for yours A's)
- D.K.S ( to canele for dinner like a Office Lady!!)
- Phyllis Tan Ah pee (for some porn straight off the rack)

shall add on the list.. peeps!!! i miss you all

p/s. Xue Shan!!!!!!!! Ask me out when ur holidays near k?

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

random pic.. bought this corset, but din get the chance to wear it

the man, in his stupid face,, he giggle cos we were watching movie in a isolated cinema, and since no one was around i start to take pic, and since no one was around i took off my shoes... and since no one was around, the smell choose to linger, so the whole cinema was filled with my stinky feet smell.. hahaha.. he cannot hold it

bought this shirt from THE BOX for my office collection.. haha.. nice,.. and can be flexible match with short to create a casual look

special pic taken by me.. where Denise and Sharon took pic durin my Martini Firm Fashion Show
i am feeling free!!!

quit a job, found a job.. tomorrow's a new environment!!! so glad the man was around to keep me company previously i din slp a wink the whole night becos of the job interview for this company. Turns out its my favourite, turns out i am selected, and turns out i am starting work tomorrow..

its a new way to cope with stress, i was told the environment is gonna be really tough!!! cant wait and hope i can learn to cope with stress pretty soon!!

Takasago Internation, a fragrance and flavours company originated from Japan.. haha.. i am the procurement Assistant

thanks to Apel Yap and her sister Karen (whom my sister comented is really pretty) this job is something i felt happy doing.. but its only the beginning.

i miss the man, he is finally coming over. we haven had good times together this days. yippie!!!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

There is a new member in the house and i am feeling oh-so-lucky!!!!!

Tis lil shih-Tzu is a boy boy less than 5 months old

and he is the shyest puppy i've ever seen

he slps out the door of my bro n his gf's room.. boy so cute.. this morning the man n i pampered him wth Love early in the morning

Well.. he ignored me after a while

i sure hope HORI's tame remain for good.. THis name was given by Bro and gf after they've decided he can be so HORI-ble at times.. hahaha

The man told me we should get a mate for Hori and name it Teri, as in TERi-ble

haha/ the family are loving him, but he will only visit every weekend, most of the time he is at bro's gf place.

my greatest regard to Bro's gf who lost her Dad 3 days ago, thou we are not exactlyclose yet, Hori has succeeded in bonding us all closer. and my dad is so so so in love with Hori cos he sticks to him most of the time.

It took me a while to love him but now i am thinking of getting ALL puppies accessories i've always wanted to get for Hori.. (hmm.. i am thinking of customized puppies shoes.. )

As i am typing this, Hori's been into my room at least thrice, craving for a bit of attention, each time iagree to carry him, he just snug and runs off... soo soo cheeky

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Got my eyebrow pierced!!

haha.. it came upon as a shock to me too!!! so people dun be too astonish.
many ppl ask me how long it took me to decide to do it? --> 1 day

i actually had tots of it but was put off readily, then one day an old time friend came to vist and she had this too. i was damn anxious and ask her for details, and the next thing u know is- i got a eye brow piercing!!

i shall now do the honour of passing this stages to u all

i walk into the tatoo shop in far east level 4 call "primitive Art", sign a ceritificate of agreement
waited in the surgery room
the lady was a tough but friendly lady name Kantu, she is a mother of 2 child age 16 and 18. I was a little too nervous to talk so my friend took over by talking the more painful stuff such as giving birth, then all of a sudden Kantu turn and ask if we are pregant haha.. we told her we are damn young..

soon i told her i am scared and is doind this for the first time, so she understood. She pinch my eyelid and ask if it hurts, when i say no she pinch harder and hold it there. i din wan to be affected by the pinch so i closed my eye.
(in the meantime she actually replace her finger pinching with a clamp, without me knowing it)
the pain of the pinching was actin so i was concentrating on the pinching, next thing i know-- i am done!)
turns out while i was numb to the pain of the pinching she had immediately stuck the needle with its bottom attached to part of my stucks, the needle slowly went through and came out at the other end, so there was only the tightening of the ball bearing left to do, after that i was told to apply sterilse solution on my wound and wella! a new pierce..

hah.. i know i sound crazy, but its pretty fun,

except-- mummy ignoring me till date, the man's strong objection to hang out wiht a pierce gal and his fear for his family reaction!!

-.-" whats the big deal with an extra hold onyour eye?

some random pic

Denise and me at the event-- buter factory

love this top, from dorothy perkins, but high neck tee and kristal dun match

Monday, September 10, 2007

My Sunday Off day
its an amazing day again hanging out with my now "friend" man.
we had to hide from parents our identity so he came over to stay but remain our distance.
the next mornig he prepare himself and went off to work

mummy nag at me to wake up cos they are all going to eat stuff i dun eat (i.e Kway chap)
so i drag my feet out and we all left to Macpherson road where as usual i ended up eatin tau-pok and egg..
The funniest thing was Mummy actually tot she could trick me like she did in the olden days, she was like "those are ngoh hiang, u will like one"
-.-" i was damn entertained i went like "yeah, pig intestine fried will become ngoh hiang one"

after the very very unfufil i-hate-food lunch, i was pestering Dad to keep me company before i could meet him after he knock off at 3. So Bro sugested we all head down to Phillip warehouse sales down toa payoh. sad to say we ended up buying nuttin all because

me: "mummy, we are going to buy the web cam and i'm paying"
Mummy:"dun wan! later ur mei mei anyhow strip for stranger online how?"
Brother Gary:" dun wan! later mei mei lost all her friends!"
me:" huh.. why?"
Brother Gary:" later they see their real face lor!"

i was laughing so hard but my sister was obviously pissed.. so i try to humour her by saying

me:"dun be sad k? i know u dun dare to strip also, so much fats!"

haha.. i am a totally meanie sister.. my sis almost punch me.. but she loves me so thats all that matters

anyway met up with him and we ate a little, bought some stuff (he paid for my dorothy perkins top, i bought myself a kappa pumps) and we both shared a spec (which he will use for his D&D and i will change the lens thereafter to make my new pair of spec)

we went back to his place and prepare him for his D&D outfit (theme is old school)

his sister suprise me with some wardrobe clean up. din know gals should be like that

she was like "got all this while i was working at Bobbi brown's counter (she is now the senior manager), you can have them"


Bobbi Brown mini lipstick in nude colour (she din pass me the colour ones cos i dun use them)

MAC lip care ( i hug these cos they cure my crack lips instantly)

Stila Sun screen (i am not sure bout this but i'll try them)

Stila Lip gloss and lip colour (this is DAMN GOOD cos its two way, one way a very sweet pink gloss and the other a nude colour lip gloss)

haha.. it shall total to be about $150 cos the lip care itself add to $59, i rejected the rest cos i dun use them and cos i was to embarress to.. all brand new k?~!!!

shall doll myself up and the man and i shall try to save this failed relationship

Thursday, September 06, 2007

ok.. shall cont'.. we walk and chatted around town, strolling from cineleisure to Paragon ( to check out Agnes. B) and takashimaya (for Agnes.B and Coach)

we also went to far east to exchange his shirt.. damn funny when my colleagues commented i was there in far east for all 3 weeks of my off day

finally we head back to Cineleisure for our movie.. whike waiting

he banned this picture because of his hugely obvious pimples!

here's a better one

Us... trying VERY hard to stay a distance.. hey.. a friend's gotta do wat a friend's gotta do

i swear his sulky eyelid is such a hindrance

our reminiscene of the lunch in the afternoon

here's one shot of me.. obviously without him..

and one more to show the boredom during the pathetic 45min of wait before the movies starts sitting

here's the bag of tee i bought him.. fucking recognised brand, but worth it cos the designer is such a good fren of mine

haha.. signs of Aging? No! i use SK-II peel mask -.-"

anyway on a side note, the Dave Teo fellow that was here yesterday afternoon with the SAR-21 rifle turns out to be his friend, to tink i was jokely talking bout him the same afternoon..
The man happen to chance upon another friend there and they were both concern about his verdict. i manage to find out his was to be jailed for 10 years, and his friend, who did not inform the police of the situation was to be sentence to 5 years jail. There was another additional 5 strokes to each guy..