Thursday, August 21, 2014

65daigou crazy

I didn't  even meant to be heading in blogspot today but i did, all in the name of C-L-A-R-I-N-D-A

you are powerful lah and i bet Rodman will be jealous, i pamper you too well 

Today i will blog a little about the recent most purchase on taobao. the platform to place order is; this is a underrated website that deserve much more compliment. One thing for sure, they are absolutely efficient & service oriented. i have been using this platform for all my taobao shopping so far & man, they never failed. 

So i had my biggest purchase placed thus far, not exactly the most expensive but it was bulky alright. In it are mostly stuff meant for the big RodKris day, the items we've gotten are miscellaneous stuff meant for decor. here are the list.. note that i have not make the trip down to collect the parcel in person, but i bet i wont be disappointed. 

Mummy's online haul
My Mum is seriously catching up on the online shopping heat  faster than anyone i know of. After learning how she could click & send items to the shopping cart (much to my dismay, because i didnt really use the direct taobao web to make my purchase, so after she send her items to the shopping cart, it's my responsibility to remove them & replace the items into my 65daigou shopping cart instead... ), she hadnt stop clicking. This is her second shopping experience with 65daigou & i am saying with confidence she'll probably order more of the exact items  if she can. Mummy has very exact taste when it comes to phone accessories/ fashion sense. Basically anything that "blings" or comes with lace is to her liking... here are her haul this round

Cost of cover SGD$3.96 + shipping $0.20

yeah, absoutely no surprise, she would have bling up her new Samsung S5, having talk about it for weeks. 

and if this is not enough, remember some people have phone that requires a wardrobe change ever so often

Cost of cover is sgd$10.20 + shipping cost $0.70
My mum's phone is cooler than yours, and mine, and many of us... we have ALL under-estimated the combined power of a raging adult who needs all the "bling" in the world hahah.... 

AND... you tot that was all Mum bought? No way k... along all the other clothing for her precious phone.. there should be one cover that ensure she can don them on & carry them while she walks/shop right?

Cost of cover+handbag sgd$10.20 + Shipping cost $0.80

The next thing to carrying a handbag is to buy a mini handbag for your precious phone ah.. 

My mum, my mum.. sometimes i think of her and me very differently.. haha..ITs no surprise Kristi takes after her pretty well.. and i.. not so much.. i think i might have pick up my Dad's simplicity much more... 

Apart from these she also bought 2 nude bra, which i find it censored & redundant to post the picture here. Her purpose of buying TWO sets of nude Bra was so it could match her new dress on RodKris big day , along with the dress that was made to measure to bling & blind everyone... please look forward to that haha.. 

  1. Cost of nude bra sgd$6.02 + shipping $1.10
  2. Cost of nude bra 2 sgd$6.02 + shipping $0.45
Wedding related purchase
So we've got the preparation pretty much settled, gotten some DIY done last week & the result is so pretty!!~ Not gonna show them here so we can assemble them on the actual day, i am looking forward to seeing everyone's reaction when we put the phototable together. 

First up, is the table runner

Cost of table runner sgd$12.70 + shipping $9.05

i;ve placed order for 4 metres of the runner as it was cheap at the beginning, when it was time for shipment i realise the weight of the cloth is unexpectedly heavy, thus resulting in the high cost. Didnt really expect to be paying this amount for the table runner as we've already gotten the ones provided by our wedding planner.. Either case, the fact that the cloth are heavy probably means it's made of good material? I dunno.. but its a huge decision to completely replace the existing phototable concept with a Nautical Strip cloth dont you think? I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will look alright.. 

Then again, once the wedding is over, i hope to make full use of this table runner, sewing them into sofa cushion. pretty sure they will compliment any leather sofa or villa theme style house. It wouldnt go to waste.... or will it? haha

I've ordered some photoframes & intend to place them neatly on the phototable, thus getting rid of displaying just some wedding album like how we see others doing.. 

Cost of 3 photoframes, about 7inch height each, total to sgd$14.50 + shipping cost $15.20
All of them look really pretty but i only manage to pick 3, and thank God i did becasue the cost of shipping was unusually high, though i should have know better since they are made of porcelain clay & relatively heavier in weight... Then again, frames are reusable & perhaps one fine day i can ship them to Clar when its her time to get hitch.. the frames will look really good on wedding decor & definitely suit Clar's Germany house with all that english decor & landscape lah.. overall good purchase i dare say.. 

Next, nearer to wedding dates we will likely start the trend of pasting almost everything in sight with the 喜 sticker, and lucky us manage to find a vendor who was selling them at an amazing price 

Cost of sticker was sgd$2.05 + shipping cost $0.15 for 140 stickers
omg.. dont play play k.. ONE HUNDRED & FORTY STICKERS for only less than $2.50.. Imma use to paste EVERYTHING lah.. if unused i will pass it onto the next wedding couple.. super saver good deal.. call me the deal man!!~

And like that's not enough, we previously shipped in a special red packet for the gate crash & this time we manage to shop for a pretty red packet for the big day.. 

Cost of ALOT pieces of ang pow packet for sgd$4.06 + shipping cosy $1.35
i honestly am thinking twice if i should be revealing all of this on my blog. but then again, only those who are still closely in contact with me bothers to head back here for some updates.. so there you have, absolutely happy to find another amazing deal to secure so many pretty red packets at a low cost.. i think i am in awe at myself.. i should seriously consider helping people plan their wedding at a low cost for a minimal fee man.. this shopping deal is MY thing lah haha.. 

and then you will be shock at my next purchase, man i have no idea what i am doing sometime..

Behold, the mother of all tulle

cost of skirt sgd$9.35 + shipping cost $1.35
yeah right, this is for wedding.. what WAS I THINKING? hahaha

but i was thinking straight i promise you.. i had the silliest idea to make this works, and mind you this is for the bride - yours Truly.. 

That's it, Kristal is wearing a tulle, for all the donkey years you thought you knew me, you dunno me better.. Are you lost friends? Are you thinking straight & wondering if Kristal is no longer the Kristal you thought she was? I dunno man, i am seeing another side of me.. strangely eerily creepy side of me jumping out haha.. 

Some other small details most wil missed out

Cost of signage sgd$10.00 + shipping cost$4.70

This is no exactly the cheapest thing i can find online, but comparing the cost to those i found at wedding designated store, it is quite a steal.. 

Lastly, as with all wedding comes the huge bed every couple buy for their wedding as a form of blessing to last till the hair turns white.. 

cost of bedsheet sgd$53.05 + cost of shipping $11.90
i know how you are thinking this is on the pricier side, but mind you the material is one of the softest in the market i've felt.. and i know better because i saw the same item , again selling at one of those wedding designated store & it would cost me a whopping $120 off the rack!)  Nevertheless i had the change to touch the material & i was SOLD!!!   Isnt it the sleekiest most cool & un-traditional wedding bedsheet you can find around? bbb & i got them in the shades of Navy & grey btw.. definetely not your usual red & red & red wedding sheets.. i love this purchase, definitely worthwhile!!~

And with that note, we sum up another one of those wedding related purchase we;ve made.. the bulk of this shipment comes from the wedding stuff, currently amounting to like almost 10kg of the overall weight already.. Then there is the other smaller personal purchase that will attract you more.. wait till u see what i bought (heeheehee).. 

Rodman's purchase
Boring Rodman & his tech savy interest resulted in this super cute mouse that we are both hoping will be useful 

cost of mouse sgd$5.55 + shipping cost $1.10

i have absolutely nothing to talk about this. .yawn.. NEXT!

Cost of towel sgd$6.35 + shipping $1.35
hehehe,, i meant it, rodman's purcahse.. for his girlfriend.. who refuses to bath unles there is a cute towel.. hahaha

KRistal's purchase

cost of towel sgd$7.85 + cost of shipping $1.30
Save your comment friends, i am hopeless. and not regreting a single bit.. i am drying myself in Hello Kitty, like it or not.. haha

Cost of dress sgd$15.60 + shipping cost $1.30
Ok i regretted buying this.. and its just like one of those piles of other things i regretted buying.. the cost plus the shipping.. i am regretful.. i took less than 2 min before carting out from 65daigou to squeeze this in.. and i honestly regretted it.. too overpriced & now that i am seeing it.. why did i click that "add to cart" button?    :*****(

Paperstop special
this girl damn liao-liu... she saw this dress i;ve gotten & likes it alot.. at first i tot i can head back to the same seller & purchased them cheap. Unfortunately she has ran out of the stock & in the end Paperstop INSIST i purcahse it from another seller.. slightly more ex.. but i know to this girl she will definitely think it is super worth it

Cost of dress sgd$15.60 + shipping cost $2.30

that is all that i manage to secure for this shipment, 65daigou is an addiction.. and once you finish this post i can literally [FEEL] you have tons of question to ask me & to order them urself, especially the really good steal.. Ladies.. shoot them question.. whatsapp me ah


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back in the days .. 1992/1993

Long time since i post, & gonna post this for Clar's reading pleasure. Since i haven't pen anything worthy for a while, i shall begin with a throwback post. 

When i was very very little, but had a smaller cousin in hand to take care of, we use to do stayover at my Grandma's place alot. Its a weekly affair & one i grew so use to, that i stop bring clothes over. Sometimes i do, when i anticipate hanging out with my grandma heading to areas that's slightly more "atas". Mostly we just spend the morning heading to the market (for some strange reason she loves hanging out at the coffeeshop there). 

At every trip to gran's, i make it a habit to dig through the cupboard of [clothes] in her room. These were clothes with no identity & were kept in the cupboard for all of her 10+ grandchildren to wear. Some clothes are too big to wear but i enjoy wearing them because they make me look older. Some are sexier in my  young mind & that was where i was aiming when i was so little.. haha .. needless to say most time my outfit gets rejected by Gran then i head back into the room spending another 20min assembling another one she wouldnt say no to.. 

If we are lucky, Gran has a habit of leaving cash in every drawer she come across, & finder's keeper so we had extra pocket money to head to school come Monday. Sometimes my cousins & i pool our "effort" together to dig through all of the drawers & combine our treasure hunt. Then with what's the little coins we can add up, we head downstairs to the Mamashop, also an old friend of Grandma, where we spend an hour or so, deciding on a sweet we can all share. I remember how i use to volunteer myself if Grandma runs out of ketchup or oyster sauce while cooking, in fact we ALL volunteer ourselves to run these errands because we get to keep the loose change when she hands us the money. 

Most of my childhood days was spend with the cousins because our Grandma used to make it mandatory that every family gather at her place for dinner every weekend. Our childhood was also filled with money because we were always comparing with each other on these subjects. Somedays we do awfully embarrassing things to "earn" money. Once, we dig through Gran's kitchen for treats (she buys them alot cos she enjoy treating us) & we gather our pocket money tgr to buy a plastic bag of sweets for the Mama shop downstiars (back then $0.20 can get us like 5 Hacks sweets, so it was a huge deal). Then we will wrap every sweet with a packet of biscuits we found at the kitchen, tied them we ribbon we steal from Gran's sewing machine, then place them all in a basket. The girls will don in their best attire with hair done nicely & the guys will climb ontop of Gran's fine cabinet & hang around the window facing the corridor that leads to every other neighbour's house. Then the girls will set off to walk along the corridor, carrying the baskets of treats & selling them for $1 each. The boys will be in charge of shouting & screaming for attention. 

we were a cray-cray fun bunch of cousins, & very attention seeking if you ask me.. haha... the neighbours were good friends with Grandma because she was known for babysitting children in her block as well as the other blocks around Jurong West St 42. Needless to say, we usually garner a good sales & finish "selling" everything off the basket, at $1 each. At the end of the evening we will split the money among ourselves, eat a fulfilling dinner whip out by Grandma, and head home satisfied. 

Since there were 2 days on weekend, i will choose to sleepover at Grandma's for the additional day, then by morning at around 7 am she will wake me up & force me to wash up. After i am done, she will carry me & drop me in the old-school market basket (the kind made of metal & roller wheels)& off we head to the market (Jurong Centrel)... i remember so well how popular Grandma was because she had people saying "good morning" to her every couple of blocks away. She was quiet old woman, but when she speaks she was full of energy. We will hit the first wet market when she settled all the meat & fish to buy for the week before heading for the vegetables. I guess that was how i grew fond of cooking; by a young age i knew how to pick vege that looks green enough for dinner. 

I wont say i am all saint because the main purpose of my market trips with grandma was to earn myself a packet of the finest soya milk. Back in the days soya milk was a luxury especially since we werent allow to cold drinks when we were young. My lil bro was often down with asthma attack & in fear our family drop drinking cold/sugary drinks completely. i especially love the soya milk mix with grass jelly & can lug on to a packet, sipping a small bit every time up till the ice melted & then i'll drink off even the melted ice. For $0.70 to keep a small girl happy & shuts off her constant rattling & chattering, i bet my Grandma will find it pretty worthwhile haha.. 

Then after marketing we will head to grab lunch without fail, it was always chwee kuey; fried oyster or kway chap when it comes to lunch because Gran's was bann from eating them by the family. And you probably knew i was easily bribe & sold by the packet of soya milk to careless about divulging in her little secret. Looking back, maybe i knew deep down how all the cholesterol was doing her no good, but the look on her face tells me she clearly enjoy this small "crime". In addition to the typical sinful lunch is her cup of Kopi-o kosong. I never like them a single bit, black & tasteless; i dont get how Grandma always like them. I wasnt too fussy with lunch because i pick on the food i was given - ahha.. contradicting much? In fact i will agree when Grandma order Kwaychap each time, but i will simply finish my bowl of Kway coupled with fishcake/maybe egg & that's it. The rest of the "intestinal"indulgence was solely for Gran; i can never take them, not till this very day. 

By the time we finish lunch it should be 1 plus in the afternoon, usually we will head over to the clinic because Grandma was sick & needed her medication. On good days when we can skip the clinic, she will bring me to the dryer part of the wet-market. those were the days in the year 1992 / 1993.. where push cart stores are set up & lotsa of cart sold beads; just loose beads in a packet. Perhaps 50 beads in a single packet, selling for $0.50. I get to choose like 5 different beads i like & i am not the only one who had interest for beads. My weakness for beads came from Grandma, who spend equally long time pick on bigger beads where she would make all her grandchildren beaded necklace & bracelets.   Satisfied with our purchase, we will head back to her place where she cooks & prepare dinner/take a nap, while i spend the rest of the afternoon beading necklace/bracelet, then removing them from the fishing line & redoing them again in diff pattern. It will go on forever till today, where the necklace are still kept in my jewellery box, reminding me of the fondest days spend with grandma. 

ok enough for today, that is a long throw back indeed