Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Clar in SG, Penn in SG, meetup with Gale

Happy Boxing day!

i am feeling extremely thankful for the past days that seems to imply the year 2012 will end with a blast, i am already excited for the brand new year, picturing all the nicest things that is about to take place.

First up - Congratulation  to Angel Clar for her safe returning.Singapore is nowhere near beautify as Germany might be during christmas so thumbs up for the effort to put it all behind to spent quality time with your family. Your siblings must be blessed to have you as a sister and i am relieve u have clear part of the clutter accumulated since the "drawing paper" era (Does the kids these days even know what crayon means? or how to do finger shading? i doubt... *shrug).... it's funny how u talk about items we no longer see kids these days bring. i look forward to spending time with you, over dinner, window shopping, crashing at my place and talking about our crazy wacky plan for the future.

Also, thank you for standing by and giving our friendship a chance, it is through all the test of times that we found genuine friendship in each other. Thank you for taking time during work to reply to my queries on Skype, or laughing at my silly jokes hundred of miles away.  

I never knew how to treasure your presence because there are so many other friends between us, but now i know as long as every moment we get to hang out together is a moment we both focus on each other's well being, then that is the kind of friendship i need to keep.

 Rodman and i sincerely hope you like the charm bracelet we pick out for you. With every memories we share and cherished with the additional years of friendship, i hope the added charms serves as a significant reminder of the things we have went through to make us who we are today. Thank you for being you, and standing by my takings on staying positive, thank you for supporting my mission to stay happy no matter what. You dont know how you have impact my life in a good way, and for that - i thank you =)

Last friday would be an experience i will like to call "once-in-a-lifetime". There are friendship that doesnt seems to exist until every party in concern suddenly makes the effort to take part in it. Only then you are brought back to those days you were as young as the primary school student, and them girls reminisce about the childish thing you use to do, and how you feel embarress for this "person" you hated that was actually you!

Complicated? haha, i met up with the girls i call my best friends when i was 9yrs old. i remember being extremetely proud of being in that clique because they were girls i identify as being cool. There was Penn, the girl from Thailand that was older than us all, but very friendly and always out to making friends.

And there was Gale, the transfer student from the other school over at the eastern part of singapore.

it started out as being really tough trying to gather us all together because Penn had flew in from Bangkok only the same afternoon. She had not mode of telecommunication except with the pact to meet at Watami, Gale & i ended up taking turning to head around the mall to search for her.    Gale finally found her lost strolling around ION. This was an expediture not needed (but funny to experience if you happen to be in that position)

Gale returning with Penn, and at that moment i heave a sign of relief!!!!

Anyway over dinner together i learn about their updates in lives and shared with them mine. We also got pretty drifted talking about fortune telling and horror stories that sent chills down our spines.  I was also enlighten (after 16 years of denial) of what a bitch (teacher's pet i would call) i must have been back in those primary school days, till the extend that it had become a relieve when Penn & Gale was thankful that we all got promoted to secondary school and they could finally got rid of the drama the rest of us girls have created. hahah..

i have to admit i wasnt the most perfect candidate for a healthy friendship back when i was 10., i recall myself being the queen of mean, and all the harsh moment of blurting out hate notes of other girls i barely knew. It was embarress begging them to put the past behind, every recollection of my 'mean-girl" moments makes me cringe in disgust... haha.. aint we all glad we grow up? i am certainly glad i am more "balance" in my thoughts now that i am "mature" - or unless i am not, but we will leave that to Rodman to take care of =))

Above all, i truly enjoyed that dinner together, albeit the short session, it was good seeing them again and i have already make them promise we can see more of this coming up. When we parted i gave them each a gift that i think represent them, i am no longer be that mean girl i once was, so let's all get to know the new us, thanks you  ladies from my primary school.. 

Also, thank you bbb for the trip to batam at a whole new location with chances to explore batam like we have never did. Thank you for working out a budget to make sure we have clock Batam like we did every year. Most notes on our batam trip later. It had certainly made my Christmas worthwhile =)


Friday, December 21, 2012

A Carpenter's daughter

i grew up with enjoying watching how Dad repairs most stuff around the house. Mum was in charge of the kids, and the food while Dad repairs, fix, modify & create furnitures that we used. 

Sometimes i remember him reminiscing about the good ol' days carpentry days (i lost count of the jobs i hear him "worked" before, satay celup waiter, percussionist, driver, carpenter, illegal immigrant.. ) where sawing, drilling and painting were duties he enjoyed doing.   Dad isnt someone who relies on others to get things done, he might ask around to learn a thing or two but his curiuosity will get the better of him and before you know it he'll be doing it himself, and gleeing with pride of his achievement. 
my Dad when he was a fine young man
my dad now, some friends he looks alot like my boyfriend Rodman .. haha

Once upon a time, Dad also set up his own business "MicRider" selling bicycles & sewing machines. As he set up about spending a day at his shop, he would source for planks of wood and spent his free time making furnitures... 

At our young age of perhaps 12, our playtime includes sneakily picking up his hammer and leftover wood to make our own "box".. (i made a box, and a box only since i could only manage hammering and never sawing)... i vividly remember how my older bro took on Dad's gene very well, one day into buying a new alarm clock back in the 1990's, our parents woke up to find the alarm clock looking weird (but in one piece), turns out my brother had disassemble the entire clock out of curiosity and then assemble them back in one piece (or at least look like one piece) overnight. 

I guess it is not hard to admit i am a "hands-on" person when it comes building, fixing and handling electrical goods, or furnitures. I also admit to bbb that a carpenter guy will be the ideal sort of partner i see myself with , the kind that has the good quality of the guys back home =)

In additional , i am worthy of the title "a carpenter daughter" because lately i have been fixing up new shelves all by myself =)

Except you dont see me dressing up like a wannabe

i had the whole of last saturday to myself after called to cancel their delivery at the very last min, (which causes my dismay and alot of ranting about how they are infamous on the web for last min, and i am experiencing the same)... Anyhoot... i plead Mum to drive me round the neighbourhood to grab some shelves that Gary recommend were good, so that same afternoon i came home with 4 boxes of them, and set out to get started "building"
Dad's huge array of tool box all lined up in the living room because we are using them too often fixing things around the new place till we settle down.. 
the heavy shelves (i wanted heavy ones to withstand the stuff i intend to place) all packed tightly in long flat  cardbox boxes. 
assemble both panel together and held them tight using one hand whilst trying to screw them tight using the other.. this is such a chore since the planks are heavy and my palms is too small to hold them tightly. 
as with the rest, place the partition in the middle of the frame before securing each of them with screw & screwdriver... (driving me insane with the weight)
gave up harping on the flinestone-aged-obnoxious-pain-in-the-ass screw driver and move on to using electrical screw, take that!
Woah, pick that up at fifty times the speed,i am done with my first shelf in about 15 mins (plus the struggle to carry them over to the room to align them,  each shelf probably weighing slightly more than 10kg)
proud finisher of a shelf made by yours-truly... i moved on to finish the other 3 and now the shelves are up in my room (no pic as of yet, i am planning to leave it till the room tour before i reveal them =)

and there you have, true hard evident of my project =) i'll be back with a lot more, getting hooked with carpenting again =)


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Alvin & Yuki, ZR

Greetings!!~  have your days been feeling lighter now that we are nearing year end? i can almost feel myself floating.. if not for the fats accumulated from 2 weeks of not running (i know..i am almost Running-roxic, if there was even such a word)

Well, alot has happened over the last couple of weeks, mostly good events. There is the wedding of Jason&Tiffany that i;ve attended yesterday that is worth a blog post entirely on its own, the sweet couple that has withstand TWELVE years of courtship have finally tied the knot in a romantic, one-of-its-kind fairytale like wedding.... i especially love the gown on Tiffany, cant wait to post them up here =)

Then there is the house party that i've been planning for about a month, i finally got it executed successfully with the help of my very caring & understanding parents, they woke up way earlier than me on the actual day to head out marketing.. i am just really thankful they saw the light i see, and am glad to say we are finally on the same track of thinking... (Sidenote** whatever Dad has spoken to me about lighting up the pressure i have been placing on myself, i will have to take a deeper analysis into his stand to actually agree with him, but as of now i am glad that he has also switch path to taking my stand for once.. )

And apart from the happenings that i manage to witness for myself, i also KPO (oops*) someone else's affair, and you cant blame me for that since it was widely publicize on the net, and readily available for me to check them out at a click away.

If you dont already know, this is a saga about "broken love story" between 2 individual and a third party. i started reading through Yuki's entry with a rational position of a stranger, but not too long into the story i felt myself sinking into her misery as she type on every word.   Thankfully, there is the education we had back then to understand the entry entirely written in Chinese post(i must emphasize reading the chinese version of her feelings makes so much more sense than the english-translated version ). One could literally feel the running heat of every drop of tear she must have shed with every typed word.

Yuki's encounter tells a story of a brave girl who admits to her weakness after falling in too deep into a relationship that has started out as a magically journey anyone would be jealous of.      Alvin was portray to be the best husband-material guy at the beginning, and their relationship was one that everyone - including Yuki's ex-boyfriend- would send their blessing to knowing just how much Yuki will be pampered by Alvin for life.

Also moving forward into how A decides to settle down the rest of his life with Y, after consideration of the beautiful journey they spent dating, and with the blessings of both their parents. The proposal looks romantic, unforgettable, well -thought and planned. The execution was successful and with that note, Y begin to feel the realness/blissfulness of being married to the same guy she foresee herself walking down the aisle with..

However, their bless story was short lived. As they continue to plan and prepare for the biggest event of their lives, Y started spotting many strange behaviours of A, she also faces many obvious clues left behind by ZR to "mark" her existence... and with every details revelling, Y finally spiral out of control and decided to end her life. If it wasnt for the love of the same guy that had causes her misery, she wouldnt be around anymore, but this was not the happy ending one would have hope for them both.   As Y faces the toughest question marks in her life, she remain her composure in hope that one day would come when A turns back and realizes her value - that day didnt come...

i am impressed by the courage Y has, her family, having stood by her also took the initiative to confront the people that had hurt Y so badly, but with every confrontations comes more misery. A was persistent there will be no more turning back to Y, he wanted to move on but was jeopardize between bucking up his courage to admit he had moved on & ruining reputation of ZR, whom he saw his now-future with.

i guess if i am stuck in a situation like this, i wouldnt be that courageous to persist on the relationship, because - it is worth THAT MUCH to be with the person you love, but also THAT MUCH MORE to stay happy knowing you are answerable to yourself for the rest of your life. This applies to all 3 parties in this situation, in my opinion the break up could have been done much clearer without leaving any trails of regret if they could have spare a thought for every single victim in the vicious cycle. Having said that, if all 3 could maintain their composure and settle it bravely, they can move on better than they are probably doing now, BUT i am not in that circle, so i cannot confirm this =(

Having only read the thoughts of Y, i feel so much pain as she pen down every date something miserable happen, her determination to save the relationship in turn generated her anger when everyone around her started getting hurt. Till this date, none of the other party has came out to affirm or reject any claims, but with the support of us keyboard warrior (用词不当here), she has picked herself up and moved on, knowing with a conscious mind whatever truth in her eyes has been exposed on FB, and with that note, she will leave it to those who support her to believe, and those who dont support her to rebuke.

So i spoke to bbbb about my thoughts on this incident, he felt injustice for Y too.
I note that A shares similar traits to bbbb - his family-oriented-ness, down-to-earth characteristics and early plans for his future..  It is a waste if man of such fine quality (haha, yes i am indirectly praising my bf) turns into a devil overnight, after sorting out within one month,  the thoughts they have over a quarter of their life.

I seriously do not advise linking examples to your own experience, and i am known to have that "problem" - bbbb didnt make much comment about this linking except to remind me that they are two different person, and if i have faith in him, i wouldnt plan for that to happen.

Friends, it is always good to have faith in yourself and foresee a good future (when you foresee them, The Law of Attraction helps you achieve what you have visualize, if you fear NOT acheiving them, The same Law of Attraction takes away the "NOT" and helps you fear your future).... It does takes two hands to clap when it comes to maintaining a relationship, trust alone does not guarantee a lifelong commitment towards 2 individual. Therefore using the same concept from The Secret, visualize and want (not fear) a happy future with the person you are holding on dearly too.... 

To do this, imagine your smiling spouse. Next, imagine you smiling standing next to him, do this over and over again whenever you remember, then imagine the two of you smiling at an older age, and an older age, till the point you became grandparent. I firmly believe the Universe will do everything it takes to help you attract your thoughts, whatever your thought is =)))))

 Any negative thoughts about a angry expression can be immediately erase if you can just jam the negative thoughts. For me, if i fear something bad would happen, i stop my fear by distracting myself with lyrics of a song... it works like magic, each time i try to imagine a happy workday tomorrow, i will jam up my fear of negativity with "One thousand Years - Christina Perry",...  weird but true #awkward

thou i cannot guarantee what the future would brings, the positivity i have acquired through my flooding of happy thoughts will guarantee i wouldnt look back in regret (except regretting choosing someone/something to be the focus of my happy thoughts) . Therefore, when i weigh  the importance of this exercise, i truly see how helpful it would be to carry this out. Perhaps this is also why you see me smiling more often than i ever did in the past 25 years, i have placed myself in a circle of positivity and staying happy makes me happier  #repetitive.. sorry =P

Take some time to figure the life you live now, it is never too late to realize something has gone wrong and make some amendment, as long as you do not live in regret in time to come, agree?


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Love. Peace. Meetup. joy

i am back =)))
beginning this post with a picture of my (mine) boyfriend.. hurhur
we arrange to meet his cousins for dinner couple of weeks ago, and it was set at M Hotel. 

so bbb actually worked on a project for M Hotel months back so he was pretty familiar with the place, we have been talking about dining here for a while but never execute  them because we either couldnt find a reason good enough to treat ourselves to dinner here or our cravings were for other cuisine. 

So thankfully his cousin help us out by arranging to meet here... we were early (no we werent, they were late.. haha)
a bottle of champagne was placed on every table and if you do consume them they will take it away. We ended up opening a bottle of Red Wine as bbb's ex-tutor (extremely close friend of them all now) had her craving.
View from the diner, up on the second floor
a hungry boyfriend walking along the food  spread planning his eating strategy
his cousin arrive!! we had two split steamboat (that makes 4 soup base ) namely Kimchi, Tom yum, chicken ginseng & ??? (i cant remember)

 an array of food, (so hungry now looking at this)
 Pei Huan using her eye power to speed up the boiling process
bbbb grab me some ginseng prawn (ready-cook) to eat while the steamboat heats up

 feasting so hard i skip every other pictures.. jumping straight till the end of dinner
 Them all engross in their conversation while eating.. 

and then it was dessert time!!!~

Man, i LOOOOOOVE the dessert selection over at M Hotel, not only were they good looking, they were tasty too... i am placing my bet on the one and only dessert i have recommend here... this is inevitably the most sought after one that night... just look at the evident.......... -->
 froze durian paste!!!~ omgomgomg, this is goooooooooooooooooooood~!  
 Cute couple - Sheng nam & Xiao Han
 most serious conversation, and a glass of red wine i drank (double the portion on Rodman's behaf =)
More desserts for the sweet tooth.. 

 the man too busy eating, finally sparing us a picture together =)
the amount of durian paste our table covered that night.. scary but yummy.. haha. 

yes, i STILL have appetite for ice cream + fondue, dont doubt

bbbb's cousin + his tutor

then a group pic to sum up the night

The following week

just days back i was feeling really blessed how a couple of my primary school pals and i are still in contact after all these years. Then came a msg on my phone from another old friend who suggested we meet up. 

So Ade & i had been friends since 7 (primary one).. we also ended up in the same shopping mall working for the same boss when i completed my secondary school... It there that i gain a hell loads of working experience (i often blog about working at far east plaza back in 2005..)
 Jean, smiling for the camera before she eats her sushi.. she is my supervisor back in the fareast-days. 

and this!- is Ade, my primary school / ex-colleagues , all grown up. hurhurhur

it was random chit -chat, with throw in of updates on everyone, anyone.. we do that alot back those working days, having to tend the small shop for 10 hours a day and bringing small chats about someone we dont know till we finally know who they are.. 

them ladies updating about their lives, we haven't met for so long.. 

 Then came another ex-colleagues Hui Wen, who had been working over time, haix..  "adulthood" - we talk so much about growing up and the phases we went through

using my arm-length /strength/power to get us ALL in for a group picture

miss you ladies, more meetups and see you all in Feb 2013, this time with inclusion of other FE girls.. heehee

The following, following (haha.. gotcha!) week

It was finally meetup with Happy three friends... 

Happy Three Friends comprises of three girls Jann.Kris.Xue that started out as bandmates and who slowly discover a similar attraction for many things in life. 
 Xue is the quieter one in the group, always tentatively listening while the others spoke, sometimes giving her takes on matters but otherwise extremely supportive and soft-spoken, more recently, Xue has been promoted as the beauty in the clique as she flies around the world and bring back stories of different sea while she serve her flight entourage. 
  Jann is the one with social-stories to update on every meetups, her takes on relationship, futures and current lives changes like her preference for colors. The older one in the friendship, Jann admits she sometimes takes opinion from us younger ones, but only because she feels she could trust us to make decision for her in the most efficient way. Apart form her stubbornness in dealing with her friendship, Jann is mostly someone who watches out for your back and protects you like she meant business. 

Kris is the middle one in the group, very sharp in her comment, sometimes she sounds hurting at the start but upon analysis of the situation they could tell she meant them good. Her contribution in the friend consist on her take on relationship (in controversial to Jann, she is much stable & into commitment), her slow path towards improving her life (most times she pours her failure so the girls can help suggest ways to reach success).. Very loud, initiates meetup, fails at make up and is still learning from Xue how to improve her make-up regime.

Jann with her yakult drink (yuck) doning a new dress specially for the meetup

i will also compliment her effort to doll herself up for the meetup, she is usually more laid back.. hahah

me wearing the crochet vest bought 2 years back, cotton on bodycon bought at a sales,and drinking some pretty latte.. my outfit for that night did not exceed $25 (budget getup - an album i post on facebook with evident of my budget shopping )

yummy fruit pancake... drooling with every picture taken

 Us patiently waiting for Xue.. 
who arrived, sick. Thanks for taking the time off manning your poor health to meet us up =)

My all-day  breakfast pancake, which i prefer much more than Jann's.
our wallets!! - Conincidently alike =)  (i must admit we share the same taste in products)

 poor Xue sparing us a smile, she sounded weak while chatting, she must be feeling really unwell.

evidence my ladies prefer instagramming during meal - like me =P

Jann finish her course and excitedly awaits our very early x'mas exchange

xue also finishes her

SHOW TIME!!!~ the colour present thoughtfully wrap in anticipation of us ripping them off.. haha
Xue poses with her presents from Jann & me, and it turns out we must have purchase the wrapper from the same source. haha

Jann with her presents, i gave her the one in Pink =))

my present so beautifully wrap!! see the Hello Kitty? These girls always remember my soft spot for this kitty. .haha
 More picture before we bid the wrapper goodbye
 and then it started

i bought her a dainty looking lace dress from blogshop in Plaza Singapura
i got Xue a sexy bikini 

haha.. its really funny watching their expression before these stuff i bought are NOT usually the stuff they will buy, so imagine their  horror (adoration i would say) at receiving the pieces, there was some confusion as to who the stuff looks-like it would belong too.. .i guess ultimately they might just swap their presents away.,. haha

Jann receives another dress from Xue, now she has 2 , we love you Jann!!~
we also took lotsa of pictures with Jann's polaroids and because the girls wanted the pictures to look more chrismassy.. 
jann and i attempting to decorate the polaroids but fail, so we seek meticulous Xue to do us the favor.. 
damn serious sticker-paster.. hahaha
Also, we found out the boss of The Little Pancake is a friend of Xue, so she walk over to ask if we can get a photo taken with the signboard
Happy Three Friends
summing up the night, Jann drain and sleepy.. 
i am struggling to smile for a picture too.. &yawn.. 
and then we ended the sweet sweet meetup with some souvenirs, till we meet again