Friday, May 25, 2012


My friday is always lighter than the rest.

i have very very happy friends, and friends that are constantly happy are those that i wanna keep around, to bring up the atmosphere.

Last week, i took a leap - i went for the 14km urban trial. this is not a run (this is not a run this is not a run this is not a run.... this is SERIOUSLY not a run  hurhurhur)..

We covered - Bukit Batok --> Telok Blangah --> Harbour front --> up into Mount Faber --> touch the Henderson Wave --> down to AYE --> along the rail way track --> into mud basically --> crazy jay-running through traffic --> get honked by cars

The entire journey took 14.8Km to be exact.. So i complete it..

i am God now..

no.. .not really... my bf psycho my mind.... i'm taking up the 21km Standchart race next....

HUGE grin frm the completion... putting the medal on even thou every one of us probably has the same.
My boyfriend is used to race.... He couldnt care lesser that i slow him down so badly this is prolly his worst race ever... hurhurhur
bbbbbbbbbb favorite friend, who happen work for Salomon, who refuses to run with us, who ate our share of Bananas and 100plus... haha
i am so proud of my acheivement.. my first ever race since the Op... timmy's leaving has given me too much guts.. i got addicted to trying new things now..
5278 - Chng Kristal.. completed her 14.8Km trial in 2hr 01min59 sec
over excited.. refuse to admit my grin looks really stupid (anyway wanna sponsor me a REAL running cap?)
My boyfriend, who wears thights when he run.. girly indeed....

As if the run wasnt enough to kill me... i opted for the upcoming 21km race.. Kill me before i make any stupidier decision....

  • I have forgotten how much i whine while i was running...
  • i told bbbb he can knock me down so i can faint so the ambulance can come and i can rest legally. 
  • I told bbbbb he was fat and he is ugly and he can trip me when i am running downhill
  • i told bbbb i was choking on 100plus at the water point.
  • i told bbbb my fallopian tube was falling off my stomach
  • i told bbbb Singapore needs to be smaller
i said the weirdest stuff when i was running... and i told myself i have enough of the race thingy..

And when the race ended i saw my colleague who came up and told me i had ran really well, one of the first to arrive among the others... then i got proud.. then i walked over to bbbb and his friend.. and said yes to 21km....

WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

take back time... bring me back to the finishing line AFTER the race... BEFORE the decision to take up 21km....

Die liao lor.. now how you tell me!!!!!~

I bet my evil Kristal is speaking in my mind.. the good Kristal must have decided to declare her own leave... now i am hating both Kristal .. (*help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Un-gentlemen

I generally see SG guys as above average in terms of being gentlemen. Back in primary school, whenever a classmate snatches a pencil away from you and you are about to tear, it wont take very long before he returns you the pencil followed by a "sorry".

The benchmark for all guys of my era is to be rather thoughtful, thou playful but also very considerate. I thank their parents for their good upbringings and praise out loud when a person's actions are out of the ordinary gentlemently. The whole package of a man makes them attractive to girls, even to foreigners.. I have a foreign friends who googled online and found out that SG men were caring towards their partner. She had wanted to know if this was true and with one trip to SG she was affirmed. To some others who do not see the beauty of being a gentlemen, these guys were also given a negative names call the "hen-peck" but the way i see it, opening the doors, allowing the ladies to walk through the door first, grabbing an extra drink for your female is a gesture no girls can resist. And i am not even talking about choosing the right other halves.

My choice of close guy friends are very courteous towards all their female friends. Many of them hav girlfriends themselves and they treat all ladies nicely. I do not see why any special treatment for the ladies (who are often of a smaller build) are not deserving and should be return with a favor (i.e sex, or like gentlemen ONLY for the lady that the guy is attracted to).

Since most of my friends are of my age (with the exception to Steve, who's in his 30++ going on 40 and who use to be my boss) i sort of built on the impression that guys are very or should be gentlemen and this only gets better as they age, having met even more ladies in their lives. Recently however,  i met a "special" male who is - i dont know how to put it ----- different??!?~. It is espccially an eye-sore since there are alot more gentlemen in the clique i was introduce to.

I wouldnt say i am a very weak girl who expect man to take on several task that they cannot do. When i was a small girl i had the thinking "if korkor/didi can do it why cant i?", so i took up running and played sports that my brothers did.     i have a passion for fixing things and always beg my Dad to teach me hands-on techniques on carpentry.
Some examples are changing the electric plug of the iron when the fuse has burnt (checked!), removing/drilling screw onto wall for fixture (Checked!) , changing lightbulbs (checked!), install LED light fixture onto ceiling (checked!) assemble metal shelfing to hang clothes (checked!), opening CPU and changing the graphic Card (checked!)..... I also enjoy helping friends out with painting the wall, getting my hands dirty trying to fixture the bicycle chain when it came loose..... i do not think i am the fragile sort of girls who stands at a corner when she cannot fix her stuff.

But the "eyesore" becomes prominent because he:-
  1. likes to cut into the conversation when female are speaking with a " YOU listen to me"
  2. sees you holding 3 bags full of stuff, caught in the rain and frantically searching for the entry-pass to open the door and all HE could manage was to stand right behind the glass door and smile. WITH NO INTENTION of opening the door for you simply by pressing the button that was inches away from his shoulder.
  3. talks with his mouth full of food, MANY times spitting food particals he was chewing onto the table in front of the both of you and then wiping it off with his sleeves.

Alot of times i keep myself out of his way, so as to avoid a conversation because i cannot imagine what other new "habits" i may discover. I dont think hate is the correct terms as to why i had to pick out this male specimen, out of all my other friends to talk about.    He is very rare, very self-fufiling and very satisfied living in his own world. He is also extremely blinded by the hints everyone was dropping to him about his "habits".

When the thoughts starts running in, i then proceeded to imagine how its like dating a person like this. WHAT IF i throw in another criteria? HE is a successful businessman that is earning big and travels quite a bit, to say HE is a good catch may not be false. WHAT IF- you, married him in a moment of blindness ( like all you see was how HE had bothered to work very hard at work to get promoted) and HE treats you like a queen, is a gentlemen to you and ONLY you, but treats your maid, your classmates and his colleagues like miser (miser in terms of being a gentlemen lah). Will you be proud of him?


1. i think it im important that the man i date receives approval from my family, my friends and those who had engage in conversation with him. If he isn't popular among my friends, that is fine, what's most important is he WILL BE popular if he had attempt to befriend them.

2. If he dress in suit and looks prim and proper before work but comes home shag and stain with curry sauce, just how long will it take before i throw in the towel anyway?

3. If he opens the door for me when we head out shopping and immediately leave the door behind even as he knew there was another lady about to walk through, imagine how awkward it would be if everyone that hangs out with the two of you get that kind of treatment. i am certainty not impressed (mind you i open the door for my friends, both guys/girls so long as i am the first in line to walk through)

all in all, i had spent a couple of minutes jotting down the eye-sore un-gentlemenly behavior because i REALLY see him as out-of-the-norm-rude. I know it isnt right to expect every man in the world to give way to the ladies but even gays know how to behave if they are living in the correct society.

my conclusion is to this is due to a lack of EQ. This does not happen to alot of people and the lack of EQ does not stops or hinder your chance of getting a promotion (thus rich, thus travels alot), the lack of EQ also does not stops you from performing in your work or stops you from getting a fantastic wife.

  1. The lack of EQ, however, confirms the fact that you are unpopular and definitely not the correct person to approach for help.
  2. The lack of EQ also means its worthless for your few-left friends to share their emotions and thoughts to you because they can expect nothing in return.
  3. The lack of EQ means you are a jerk who dont know when you have piss "normal" people off when you do not open the door for them or volunteer your car to send your friends off in a rain.
  4. The lack of EQ means you would never want to be vulnerable because when that time comes i am sure you wont find help from others since you never help anyway
  5. The lack of EQ means you will eventually dine alone (or ONLY with your family since they cannot get rid of you) because your constant talking will contaminate everyone else's food  and nobody dares to eat what you have "mix"
  6. The lack of EQ means each time you begin to speak people secretly cannot wait to walk away because you will not allow them a chance to speak anyway
  7. The lact of EQ means its no point asking for your opinion even if you are an important person with relation to a matter. Because asking for your opinion = ONLY choosing your opinion as the solution, there is no other way out.
But all of this will not help you or make you the slightest worried because you lack the EQ, you dont know when to be upset when you ought to be, you dont know how it is inappropriate to says "GongXiFaCai"when someone tells you their family member had passed away.

Einstein in a famous person because he has extremely rare IQ, nobody had been famously known for having EQ thy far.
BUT, everyone knows how infamous you shall be with a lack of EQ. So good luck to you, the ungentlemen


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Besties~

Happy Birthday to Besties Sharon!!!~ Hope you like the flowers/gift i've gotten you =)

i secretly think this year cant be better for my lucky lucky best friend. Not only was she getting married to the one man she hasnt let go since she was 17, she was also on her journey to seeking a new career path that she TRULY likes.

What's even more blissful to know is how much our friendship has bonded tremendously this 2012! Its as though both of us has receive a telepathy message to "wake up" and "treat the friendship better". We've become so inseparable that not receiving a text from her for more than 2 days feels strangely weird.

In addition i am very very actively involve in her upcoming wedding. I felt like i have entrust myself the mission to make it memorable for her, and her fiance. Not only has alot of discussion been ongoing, Kive&Sharon have also offer to invite me along several of their major decision making process for the dinner night. Besties-in-law took it with pride the chinese sayings 爱屋及乌. It feel so natural to be there each time somethings crops up during their planning and i am thankful i was given the chance to sound some opinion of my own when both are in doubt

In other news, my secret friend has finally finished her toughest journey taken in 2012! She has also abide her promise and drop me a text to hang out. I am thankful i can begin on my expediture to "transform" her life, moving her into another phase that makes her happier. I am trying really hard on this friendship, because she deserves it =)

bbbbb took initiaitve to plan a date yesterday where we caught movie and grab dinner before heading home. Not like he hasnt done it in the past, but after the talk we had last week i was determine to "restart" the relationship, putting double the effort not to commit the same mistake that we'll both regret. Unfrotunately there was a slight twist of event and i ended up roaming the street for 1.5hrs on my own before he shows up. Despite the aggravation build up by then, i tried my best to give in to his apologies and sweet nothings that it took me less than a couple of mins to cheer up. Our night ended pretty nonetheless, i am excited about the upcomings "dates" we are going to have =)

Goals and Mission
I have been secretly helping a friend prepared for her examination since dec2011 last year. It all started with some motivational talk, and when it didnt seems like she was going to place that much faith in herself anymore, I rope in MYSELF and offer to study alongside her. The pace keeping was a move to remind her that she wasnt alone and that despite several attempts, there is always room for one more try. 

Together, we came out with a script that was decided to be her answers for the upcoming paper. It wasnt purely based on trial&error but included numerous studies and statistics. In fact, we gathered all the past year papers and came up with only 4 chapters that she was going to memorize. We gone thru the papers/examiner reports/examiner feedback over and over again to summarize a 4 pages long script that will include answer EVERY possible question this chapters could ever come up with.

How was i so sure the chapters was definitely going to come up? The truth is i wasnt, but i had taken the same paper before. I had been honest to her right from the start that the sort of answer i would have written was exactly the script i have submitted to her. She, on the other hand, gather more courage than she ever could and took an earlier break off work to start her revision process.

I am proud to say today's the day of her paper, she must been taking the paper now... i am crossing my fingers that this would be the final time the both of us has to read through Human Resource Management again..... Jia you.. babe =)

If it hasnt been obviuos enough (muahahaha.. i am irritating), i've been taking time off every week to head home immediately after work. This was due to a new resolution i had set for myself to clock 5km running at least once per week... And it looks like i am staying on track =)

Thanks to bbbb who introduce the SmartRunner app to me i was able to clock down my records for each run.

You might have notice i have run less by a bit this week? This is because i will be taking part in the Solomon 14km trial run this Sunday. Shall post about that when its over =)

Thank you! Those who had spoken to me in private and told me that they felt i look unhappy the past few weeks... I manage to pick myself up from where i left myself and am trying all sorts of way to be happy again! This blog, shall serve as a record of my hardwork. Here's wishing myself a full recovery from the dull moments soon!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

If i ever need to decide..

Some rubbishy thoughts had been going on in my mind.

A diary was meant for one to express their thoughts and opinion openly, but with technology, a virtual diary now plays an important part in your life to let someone who matters know exactly how you feel.

I have been reflecting alot in my life lately, asking myself if i had tried my best? If what i was doing was my best interest? There are so many things i use to need to worry about, and now that my uni has come to an end and i no longer worry about not saving enough to pay off the next term school fees, i am filling my mind with reflection after reflections, in an attempt to perfect the way things are happening now.

There are so many question marks left to be uncovered. If i could pay $100 to a fortune teller who will promise accurate readings and offer the BEST solution -  i would do it. I am worried about my life ahead, i wonder if being the risk averse person i have always been is going to put my goals at disadvantage.

I used to think alot about the day i die, i wanted to be sure i had everything under control before i make my dismissal, but i always had plenty more to do in order to reach the point i felt it was in control. I had never really think of scenarios that were too pretentious or extreme to ever happen to me. Therefore, when i am met with one such situation, my panick-attack mode sets in and my thoughts run soaring high.

The tv show airing right now makes me realise one thing - the plot written are super fake and unbelievable. In one scene, the lead actress found out she had Ovary cancer therefore she did what she felt was the best thing to do- she left the person she so loved, in hopes he'll find happiness with another girl who would give him everything he was hoping for - in particular a baby.

Having seen the story unfold into misery where the guy agrees to marry a girl he dont love, i was dumbfolded. The truth is - am i really going to do all that if that shall happen to me? We dont know for sure what the result will be in my next check up this July. What i do know now is, i am saving my relationship with a man i think fits the bill.

Had the result been positive, was i leave him, secretly hoping he would find happiness while i suffer in silence? I wouldnt, i cannot do that, i am selfish. I do know only one thing, that if he is the correct man, then we'll work things out. I am open to the idea of an adoption, though i never really talk about it. You see, i am trying extremely hard to keep an open mind about the upcoming check up. Having refused contraceptive pills was my first step to making a decision about my life. I was left with no more than 2 options - eat the pills and risk harming my future child OR skip the pills and let God decides on my fate.

My initial decision had been supported by everyone who stood by me when i went through the torment of removing Timmy. I had long ago discussed my decision with my boyfriend's parents and make known the risk i am undertaking. Their support were more than what i could ever ask for. The boyfriend had been one special guy who didnt mind me making my decision without his approval. Of course he would sincerely hope i took the pills to stop/prevent any future growth but he wasnt sure if he wanted to risk his future baby being harmed by my selfish action.

i admit, i am selfish and scared to lose anyone in my life now. My constant reflection helps me ensure everything was taking place the way it "better be". The judgement day is not too far, i need to make plans.

My relationship hasnt been on the positive side lately. i think it all points down to two person no longer making as much efforts as they used to. I spoke about it to bbbb and we had a discussion on how to work things out. The conclusion was for us to spark things up again, "re-new" the relationship till we see each other the way we had saw back some 4 years ago. I want to be sure my decision was correct, we chose each other not as a moment of struck-by-love-spell but because we saw the potential to live together for the rest of our lives and decided to give it a go.

I had took on a new opinion on making the first move. I dun really know how this mindset came into place, i sort of reflected back on the things we had done over the last 4 years and the sacrification he make for me (during the trail of thoughts i had consciously left out the sacrification i would had done for him) and asked myself if i was prepared to do the same. This wasnt a question i could answer readily because i wasnt placed in the situation, just like how i did not predict Ovary Cancer would play a part in my life biography.

I want to attempt to give alot and not expect anything in return, i want to try sacrificing like a man would in a relationship. I remember the show that was airing on Channel 8 last month that got me thinking so hard.

再见单人床 was a realistic show that talks about the common problems couple faced in their marriage and i glad the show came at the right time. Having gotten hooked, i had abandon any events that might took place at 9pm every weekday just to switch on the TV and learn something new. This being said, Dad was denied the access to watch his favorite 娘家 whenever i switch to channel 8. Therefore, he sat with me and we will watch the show together.

My Dad is a very down to earth person that wouldnt beat around the bush to give his daughter advices. He was also the person who can tell i was upset by the way i behave, most importantly, Dad knew the exact moment to keep quiet when i dont feel like talking. The Bedtalk show has diff intervals where diff people from all walks of lives would talk about their opinion on marriage. Once a consultant said this:-

"Marriage isnt about two person getting together, Marriage is about  two families being place together awkwardly and left to work things out"
My father told me how important it was that i can communicate with him and bbbbb's family and that bbb could do the same for my family.  He told me about the potential problem 2 families could faced if they cannot agreed on something. I was scared it would happen to me in future, but trusting Dad, as long as i constantly work on bonding both families this would not be a problem

"Man thinks he commits no infidelity as long as he did not physically express his affection to the person who has capture his heart. Women thinks infidelity has been commited as long as the heart is no longer with the person they vowed to stay with, in these case, infidelity took place when Man thinks of another girl a little too much"
Dad had a diff opinion from that of mine. I was definitely affirm the Women thinking was right whereas Dad thinks one will risk  breaking up an otherwise perfect family if she expects every single details in their marriage to be the accurate to that of the "Marriage guidelines"

"you apologize to your wife not because you have done something wrong. You apologize to your wife even if you have done nothing wrong because you understand how it was more important that the both of you no longer argue about something that wasnt worth it"
no publish comment on this at the moment, i understand sometimes  man ends up lying to their wife to save the trouble of starting a fight.

Apologies as i have been ranting alot of my mind.. i meant to deliver a better post but was pre-occupied with this thoughts that would best be expressed in words for i am unsure if it would bring more opinions had i spoke to anyone, desperate for help.


Thursday, May 03, 2012


This May has been fabulous considering there are two public holidays to look out for =)

Having gone thru countless checks online to decide on the most appropirate attire to be wearing from bbbbb's colleague's son wedding,  i've ended up swapping them completely for a casual outfit cos bbbbbb didnt want to look too awkward dressing down standing besides me... Therefore i've opt for a shimmery top from H&M coupled with a bandage skirt from bugis street. In order to look like i was dress up for the occasion i manage to dig up a piece of necklace in my bag and complete the look with a sunshade on my head.
Not bad an effort i would say considering i was staying over at bbbbbbbb and my stuff there were VERY limited.
The wedding was a very very joyous one, where people took turn sitting around in different tables, mingle for a while, grab some food and left,  it was probably the culture that they stop by for a short meal and to send their regards before leaving the dining place.

I actually like the whole concept of short lunch sessions, making new friends with bbbbbbb's colleagues, talk about the randomest stuff, eat some food and leaving... It was definitely much much much more comfortable then being placed in a Chinese wedding dinner where you dont know what else to be talking to the person sitting right next to you except "are you a friend of the groom/bride?"...

I would opt for the noisy and atmosphere at the Malay wedding anytime.. It makes me very happy seeing them play mischief on the groom and him working extra hard to win his "bride"

We sat around for an hour or so (very long considering in between about 3 tables had gathered and left the same area we sat by)... We were bound for Changi Citypoint (bbbbb loves shopping) so off we went in search of a way to leave the premises
Not too far from the wedding location was the new shopping Mall Katong 112 that i've heard bro talk about. bbbb and i decide to drop by for a VERY short walk to check out the area.
Sun was extremely hot
the boyfriend showing his caring side =)
Another pic of us holding hands so the credit goes to Rodman for being a great bf! haha

Katong 112 is relatively quiet, but the goods new is they have a cinema so i cannot wait to check out the new seatings and visit the shops. We didnt get much stuff there but got too engross hearing the NEA rep talks about mosquito that we ended up taking some quiz by the booth. In exchange for the quiz i receive a water bottle, hand towel, pen, passport holder, keychain bearing drawing of mosquito... wahahah..

It was hilarious seeing all the "gift" i got and placing a bet with bbbbbbbb that i was going to use the stuff, every single one of them.. haha..

Upon leaving Katong112 i raise a fantastic suggestion to log on to to find out exactly how to reach our destination (this app was recommended by Paperstop's buddy and is probably the most GodSent gift i've ever come across)

In matters of seconds, we figured how to grab a bus/train to lead us to changi City point.. How cool is that?

Go download its a paid apps.. but if u cannot bear to part with the money, log on to to figure your journey, trust me this is God's gift when the train breaks down.. i can vouch for that!
Evidence of Rodman ignoring his gf on a date#1
Evidence of Rodman ignoring his gf on a date#2

We arrived at Tanah Merah station in less than 30min, the journey suggested wasnt this but the bus stink of sweat/sour food too much that we were begging to leave and hence the change of mind.

bbbbbbbb got too engross playing his iPad that i was non-existence.. and here's my evident.

My attempt at disturbing him.... by placing the camera in front and saying "quick.. smile"...much to his continuous ignorance

And he finally gave in... and pose... like.. this//// =(

ANYWAY.... the trip to Changi Citypoint wasnt fruitful. I only got myself a headband for running and him, a pair of Onisutka Tiger Shoes.... we got too tired and decided to head home.... taking a train till Paya Lebar and changing to bus 43... the Good news is bbbb was "normal" again by then (not so much ignoring me.. )

and the night ended with dinner with his family followed by him driving me home!!!

After work on Monday, i hop over to his place again to enjoy the public holiday together. We had arranged to catch the Avengers with his pal and after the movie i was too tired to think and fell aslp while the guys continue their battle to watch the match between Man United and Man City... .

The next morning i drag bbbb out of the bed because i was really in the mood to run... so the poor boy had no choice but to accompany me.... But he cheer up a little when he realise we were going to grab brunch at where we were stopping our run...

Arm with Iphone in one hand, downloaded "smartrunner" to capture our effort.
Arm with Ez link on the other hand, knowing deep down after brunch none of us will want to run back..

It was a fairly short run from his place to Greenwich, a upcoming Condominium with a tiny mall to cater to the residents around.

 Having caught glimpse of it after droving past a couple of time i wanted to try out the food here
Yummy brunch!!! we chatted about work... stuff.. plans.. and an hour past....
heads to grab a bus from the bus stop back to his place... and we SLACK the entire holiday away... wahahahahah

i know.. super random post.. updates that wasnt worth the effort.... ..So here's to fill up more space.. some outfit i have don to work this week =)))

Notice the eye please...... NO EYELINER!!! just brown eyeshadow.. i am a genius,.....

teeheehee.. bye