Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Besties~

Happy Birthday to Besties Sharon!!!~ Hope you like the flowers/gift i've gotten you =)

i secretly think this year cant be better for my lucky lucky best friend. Not only was she getting married to the one man she hasnt let go since she was 17, she was also on her journey to seeking a new career path that she TRULY likes.

What's even more blissful to know is how much our friendship has bonded tremendously this 2012! Its as though both of us has receive a telepathy message to "wake up" and "treat the friendship better". We've become so inseparable that not receiving a text from her for more than 2 days feels strangely weird.

In addition i am very very actively involve in her upcoming wedding. I felt like i have entrust myself the mission to make it memorable for her, and her fiance. Not only has alot of discussion been ongoing, Kive&Sharon have also offer to invite me along several of their major decision making process for the dinner night. Besties-in-law took it with pride the chinese sayings 爱屋及乌. It feel so natural to be there each time somethings crops up during their planning and i am thankful i was given the chance to sound some opinion of my own when both are in doubt

In other news, my secret friend has finally finished her toughest journey taken in 2012! She has also abide her promise and drop me a text to hang out. I am thankful i can begin on my expediture to "transform" her life, moving her into another phase that makes her happier. I am trying really hard on this friendship, because she deserves it =)

bbbbb took initiaitve to plan a date yesterday where we caught movie and grab dinner before heading home. Not like he hasnt done it in the past, but after the talk we had last week i was determine to "restart" the relationship, putting double the effort not to commit the same mistake that we'll both regret. Unfrotunately there was a slight twist of event and i ended up roaming the street for 1.5hrs on my own before he shows up. Despite the aggravation build up by then, i tried my best to give in to his apologies and sweet nothings that it took me less than a couple of mins to cheer up. Our night ended pretty nonetheless, i am excited about the upcomings "dates" we are going to have =)

Goals and Mission
I have been secretly helping a friend prepared for her examination since dec2011 last year. It all started with some motivational talk, and when it didnt seems like she was going to place that much faith in herself anymore, I rope in MYSELF and offer to study alongside her. The pace keeping was a move to remind her that she wasnt alone and that despite several attempts, there is always room for one more try. 

Together, we came out with a script that was decided to be her answers for the upcoming paper. It wasnt purely based on trial&error but included numerous studies and statistics. In fact, we gathered all the past year papers and came up with only 4 chapters that she was going to memorize. We gone thru the papers/examiner reports/examiner feedback over and over again to summarize a 4 pages long script that will include answer EVERY possible question this chapters could ever come up with.

How was i so sure the chapters was definitely going to come up? The truth is i wasnt, but i had taken the same paper before. I had been honest to her right from the start that the sort of answer i would have written was exactly the script i have submitted to her. She, on the other hand, gather more courage than she ever could and took an earlier break off work to start her revision process.

I am proud to say today's the day of her paper, she must been taking the paper now... i am crossing my fingers that this would be the final time the both of us has to read through Human Resource Management again..... Jia you.. babe =)

If it hasnt been obviuos enough (muahahaha.. i am irritating), i've been taking time off every week to head home immediately after work. This was due to a new resolution i had set for myself to clock 5km running at least once per week... And it looks like i am staying on track =)

Thanks to bbbb who introduce the SmartRunner app to me i was able to clock down my records for each run.

You might have notice i have run less by a bit this week? This is because i will be taking part in the Solomon 14km trial run this Sunday. Shall post about that when its over =)

Thank you! Those who had spoken to me in private and told me that they felt i look unhappy the past few weeks... I manage to pick myself up from where i left myself and am trying all sorts of way to be happy again! This blog, shall serve as a record of my hardwork. Here's wishing myself a full recovery from the dull moments soon!


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