Thursday, August 30, 2012

Keep up With the SG ladies

Dear keeping-up-with-the ladies Kristal,
some attires to work maybe?

Typical working clothes - no flesh, no shorts, no minis
peplum top and the new tiff-skinnies craze (thank God for finding it at $12 in Hong Kong)
Long sleeves plain shirt with maxi skirt ( i realize hi-low isnt my style.. so its maxi skirt - perhaps with a side slit) to pull this off... oh.. and heels for us shorties!
same peplum combi with a throw on blazer for a bold statement... Under the SG hot weather?! i''ll reconsider twice
recently realized i suck with Polo cos the chest areas looks very very bad, and heavy, and out-of-shape. 
Hence i've decided to color-splash my polo, or sewn beads on them to draw the attention away... 

And with a skinnies you look as good as the Duchess can do... (who ya kidding?)
side slit! Side Slit!!! i am buying a scissor to open up all my maxi skirt NOW!!~

okok.. not going to do that.. imagine the wind blow, my fleshy thigns show... and who am i try to seek justice from with such a revealing skirt?
atlas it seems the blazer collection needs to buck up, i love the dress but then again reckon anything will go well as long as its White on the inside... So Hot Pink Blazer... be warned, i am hunting you down!~
i am really loving this style, but what if i remove the hat? In Sg with this set of clothing withOUT the hat, we call them the "virgins".... (or so i tot , its the height, oriental face and bad floral print on skirt)
as i pulled this image out i realize i can repeat some of the clothes to make up MOST of the "attires to work" here.. 

Here are the staple piece:-
  1. Skinnies, in a whole new colour OTHER than white, Black, Grey, Dark Blue
  2. Blazer OTHER than black, Grey or those from G2000
  3. Plain white shirt (must be LONG sleeve)
  4. Sunnies (Jay chou RayBan sunnies, not some plastic ones)
  5. Leather Bag to carry on the arm
  6. Peplum top
See?!~ all i need now is to get the staple pieces above and MAYBE i can pull off the "keeping up with the ladies" thing... okok.. now its back to find cheap deals.. 

Have fun shopping Ladies!


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

4th Anniversary Part II

-----following the very hectic morning of our 4th anniversary where we conquer the HSBC Tree top walk, both of us were exhausted and headed to Xing Wang@ Kovan for a relaxing lunch 
a very very sleepy boyfriend, with his rare moments of double eyelids.

we took the afternoon to resting at his place, sending his Mum & sis to their shopping destination and preparing for a better evening.. 

By 5 plus i was ready to head out ....
put on the dark blue dress i haven worn for a long time, my second time wearing it in 2 years i think... 

we made booking at Prive @ Keppel Bay. The first time i was there with Paperstop it was such a cosy place that i was keen on returning, and at last found a reason to do so =)

we made booking at Prive Bar from 7 onwards, to chill and await the sunset, smart move made by bbbbb, he called up Prive and make this arrangement, i am impressed=)
bbbb dressed up for the occasion in one of his new work shirt.. 

if you could work out how we were seated then allow me to gush at how thoughtful the staff at Prive were. 

We were made to sit side-by-side (not facing each other) and the view in front of us was the Yatch docking bay! Pretty yatch park by the bay with random views of Bikini babes... 

did i mention i was oogling at the babies more than bbbb was? Most of them were clad in bikini as they took over the "wheel" and manoeuvre the yatch into the sea... 

... someday.... i will be too rich to spare cash for Yatch too.. muahahhaa...
the sky is ever changing as the time past, bbbb and i rarely talk, we were absording every sight, every turn of the head is another magnificent view to take in.... I know how it is weird that we are not talking on our date?! ... but trust me, the view needs some audience and i am a worthy one... 
i took sometime off my "oogling" session and pulled bbbb for some picture taking.. it was the first day i was using my NEW CAMERA (proudly sponsor by the boyfriend for our 4th anniversary).. and there were so many mode i can switch to that i had to keep taking pictureS!!~
i like this picture alot =))))
Beautify mode - samsung EX1
food!!~ the fruit tart is to-die-for!!!~ my drink were so-so (irish bailey coffee) while bbb was good (some fruit tea).. 
the sky got darker, we continue staying at Prive bar.. 
bbbb and i both agree this series of pic looks like we are a newly hookup couple that is going on their first date
like.. too shy for our own good... 
And this!!~ are picture that we are dating far-too-long couple!!`
the sky gets darker, and so did the colour of my pictures.. the docking Bay is filled with ppl getting off their yatch, heading home to some huge apartment by Keppel... 

How often do u see so many rich people covered in so little cloth?haha
soon, it hits about 8pm.. and we were famish- again. 

a friendly waiter directed us to Prive Grill, and on bbbbb's request, we manage to secure another FANTAASTIC seating that overseas the docking bay... i didnt want to lose the good sight i am enjoying..thanks bbb!
this is my date, my boyfriend and happens to be my best friend =D
unfortunately, there werent a huge array of food to choose from , especially since i am a non-steak-lamb eater.. i settled for fish while bbb (almost too thoughtful that i would go hungry and wont be able to tap his food)ordered Chicken instead of his favorite steak - sorry bb!

the sky turns dark by 8 plus and the lights came on, it was a whole new scenic experience and I am so glad we got to seat outside instead of the planned indoor dining
can you tell i am happy? Super happy, very happy that day.... 
its not like we dont dine like this often or anything.. For my birthday bbbb usually come up with all sorts of fine dining selection and we will check them out., but it was different this time. I look at us smiling over dinner, and the non-stop thanking we did to each other (thanks to The Secret and my suggestions to declare our blessings aloud).... it feels so right.. the moment and all.. 
the colours  of the lights on the bridge change periodically... 
Oh i must remember to add that the staff at Prive were soo good, they suggested we brought our drinks from Prive Bar into Prive Grill, they offer to bring them over for us and remember who drank what. 

We ordered still water to share because i was getting sick of my coffee.. 
bread that comes with every dining, handmade and freshly toasted. It was piping hot and the waiter makes sure to introduce each and every bread (raisin, Foccasia and sour dough i think)

Along with the bread are the usual salt, magarine and some unique paste... probably a mish-mash of celery and tomato.? I didnt like it, i barely touched mine... haha.. 
my amazing bf offering to spread me my bread.. heehee
my fish, portion looks small, but very filling... 
taking pic of his roasted chicken, which tasted too good... 

deboned too!!~ too convenient!!
view from our table.... too beautiful every moment is magical
getting annoyed with picture taking.. cant wait to dig in.. haha

and then comes.. dessert!!! yay

too full to eat, but a spoonful of it was enuff to keep me going AGAIN... tiramisu ice-cream (or cake as claim by the waiter but it tasted too good it melts in my mouth)
a picture of the tiramisu that got me feeling it looks more like a mash potato from KFC. haha
some funny joke he was saying that got me laughing.. 
bbbb eating his dessert, 

so we started fooling around.. literally

and afterwards my backside got fidgetive so i beg him to get the bill.. (despite the pretty scenery... ),,, i needed to walk off my fats.. so we roam around Keppel.. 

amusing signboard with indication of the weather, and wind.. haha
my mechanical engineer getting to interested in architecture - AS USUAL.. 
The Sail capture his heart.. . and he stood there admiring for a good 10 mins.. 
we got bold and took picture in front of the dining place, too in love.. heehee
fantastic view too good to be true... and my AMAZING NEW CAMERA dying on batt after suffering 380 pictures of the first day of my usage.... hahahhahah.. 

see.. buy camera for me is a wise choice bbbb.. i am FULLY utilizing it right?!
bbbbb made me pose like FT at lucky plaza with sea as the background.. haha.. 

and this!- is the last picture before my NEW CAMERA died... hahahahah.. 

until 12 hours later i re-charge it and started a new stringe of photo taking.. muahahha.. evilKristal

that sums up my 4th anniversary celebration, hectic morning, worthy evening and a night with fantastic fireworks opposite Keppelbay at USS.... we thank each other with a summary of the whole day, then vow to do another 4 years anniversary and another and another... 

Man.. i am in love