Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Like those good old days, The cousins met up, this time with our new member, aka Cuz's clone, Ray's web cam mate and my meanie-pok -- PAULINE.

we had a mini celebration for Cu'z upcoming birthday and it was settled at Gardens.

The initial plan of singing@ Gardens was put off cos it was taken up. The more initial plan of drinking at clark quay was put off cos they were being a wimp.

We still had fun, no thanks to those food Pau had previously stuffed me in. If i hadnt recall properly we had biscuits, calamari, strawberry s/w, ham tuna egg s/w, abit of ice, popiah, porridge.....

While waiting for his majesty (Ray) and her highness (viv) arrival, i pleasantly drag Pau into coffeebean for some belgiam chocolate craving. And thank God i hadnt fell into her plot to share that piece of BlackForest Cake.

We then proceeded to ice3 where we met Jean and her pals there. There was a guy i dunno, who claim to Jean he knew me. And could accurately tell i was fatter, in the past. Not that i give much care about it. The waffles and potato wedges totally adds up to the pounds that night.

To end things, we walk a little to Liquid Kitchen and drank a little.
P.s Sweets, i drank, and its really a little.

We talk, chat, joke, laugh, and spit nonsence, also played a little prank on each other. It was a well waited session and already we are complaining not getting anymore of it. So the next one shall come soon, or so i hope.

Sweets and i are damn sticky.

i cant believe the sweetest thing to me now is nowhere near pink (though he complimented on a pink tee once), the sweetest thing doesnt even worn a skirt, but he is someone so honest about this words it melts me completely.

Some call this glib tongue, which i had initially assume it to be too. But for him to have the courage to talk like this is more than enough. And trust me, tough man dont spout nonsence. So i have every reason to believe he genuinely meant every single word he says.

Sweets, no one read this blog now, only u... haha.. so dun be too modest..

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sweets had brought me to alot of good food, almost all of them i find it amusin.

Its hard to put it to words all the times i spent with him, being pampered and all.

That very fine day Sweets brought me to East Coast, there is this stretch of road that he loves the food there, and i am beginning to love it too. He parked the car by the road side and we will always walk some distance to the "food-place"

On this day Sweets wanted to eat dinner so we settle dinner at this Mince pork noodle place. This interesting thing is they serve very nice fish-skin. To tink i will actually eat that!! i am a hater for fish skin but i must admit their fish skins are interestly nice. Sweets says he first ate fish skins in hongkong and was mesmerized by it. So here i am trying to feel a little Hong Kong in singapore.

The other pic in the above collage was put in to filled up the pages. Sweets had surprise me one day at work, initially lying that he was heading home and then suddenly popping up at my workplace. He brought along all the stuff he felt could keep me company.

- So i had my bubble tea (i always order HONEY ANYTHING, so sweets decided Honey Green tea was the best for me!!).

- There were 2 different kind of chocolate cos Sweets had forgotten if i ever mention raisin chocolate was good or if hazelnut was better. The truth is, anything from Sweets was good!!

- The water bottle was also a surprise gift from Sweets, he drag me into a sports-house one day and ask me to pick one bottle, turns out we both like the same one and he bought it instantly.

- Finally, Sweets surprise me with a PSP, i never tot i was gonna be one who got obsess with PSP, but with shodoku and crazy taxi uploaded, i just cant get my hands off them.

Thanks Sweets~!

There was another day Sweets, as well as his Lao-Wang-Zhang came to shop in Raffles City as well as pick me up from work. I aranged to meet DKS by night to travel to Jian Ji's chalet, so Sweets was damn nice to actually spend 2 hrs with me before i met up with the gals.

Being one stupid girl who hadnt visit Ding Tai Fung before, the guys were superbly nice enough to accompanied me to dinner there. They ordered all they tot was nice and i was impressed. I guess i love Ding Tai Fung cos of their soup-dumpling. i also love the drink i ordered- Longan red date tea.

The guys are very hilarious, my entire dinner was spend laughing and having difficulty digesting. Wang is not a meaty person so he was disgusted by the siew mai, crystal dumpling and soup dumpling we order- all PORK!!!

Zhang ended up eating most of the food, thanks!!!

Sweets, being the usual health cautious guy, shared my food with me. Thanks Sweets, i enjoyed the short dinner with you.

Oh did i mention he was such a sweets too, offerring to send Denise and Sharon home after we finish celebrating Jian Ji's birthday at East Coast. Pictures taken then to be uploaded soon.

Sweets and i arranged to have an off day together. I woke up earlier than normal and took a bus to his house. Forgetful me actually mistook the timing and reach an hour earlier. Thank God Sweets was shopping with his mum at the nearby NTUC so i joined them in their morning grocerries shoppping.

Sweets's mum is the sweetest and most adorable mum i've ever seen. She was always chirpy, popular among the neighbour and very totful. She dotes on Sweets alot and i can tell Sweets is always there for his Mum. Seein the 2 of them together is like watching 2 best fren shopping together. Sweets' mum cook very nice dinner too!!!

After the groceries shopping with them Sweets and i carried the stuff home first while his Mum went to mingle with her friends around the neighbourhood. We settle down a little before proceeding to eat dim sum at outram. Sweets was there previously with his campmates and he found the food there delicious. So he brought me there to try it out too. I had to agree the dim sum was good and traditional. There were serve pushing cart around carrying different dim sum, so we had to call out to them if we want their dim sum.

You can tell from the pic we ordered quite a bit of stuff. Sweets, being the healthy eater, was cautious of the proportion so i am glad to say we did not overeat.

We then proceeded to shop around Vivo city but ended buying little stuff. I got a little "gift" for Sweets, hope you like it stinky slpyhead!!

The day soon ended with a fabulous movie "deathrace" by Vivo City and then dinner at Sweets'.

My last entries is a cut short version of 2 dinner with Sweets, one was a very delicous baked rice of tomato-based, cream-based and curry based all in one in a cafe in East Coast. They serve very very nice fried-tofu too!!

The other one happened yesterday, when Sweets went all the way to pick me up from sch den proceeded to bring me to another stretch of road by Bukit Timah which serve good food too. Despite tempting to try Japanese food that day, i could tell Sweets was more interested in the Chix rice, so we ended up eating Chix rice instead. It was damn good, but a little expensive.

Thanks Sweets, u made my days so fufil, so pampered, so fattening!!

See u on sunday to prepare for our marathon. !!!!! till then, miss you
Happy 1st month together Sweets,

sorry i screw it up completely. I know u dun blame me for it, but thats what makes it worst.

i am a spoilt and temperamental girl and in this relationship i have all but receive. You took note of all the smallest details in each conversation and bother to tk action whenever it occurs.

i did a recollection and all i remember of your dislike are tasteless food and ??????????????

Gosh, just who am i to deserve all this? i cant remember the slightest thing about u that matters.

i refuse to even help u out with ur decision of whether or not to sign on in the army.

1 month of happiness was solely enjoyed by me, i dare to admit i hadn't done a single thing to make myself feel worthy of you.

If only i could, i wish i was the man in the relationship, i wish i had the chance to stay stronger than you, i wish i was the shoulder you could cry on. Yet right now, i am the latter.

i just want a little of your hardship.

Happy anniversary Sweets, i know i definitely enjoy it more than you do. missing you loads.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

i love my sweets/dear/love/silly/slpyhead

i dun need to explain what is happening now, i love my life now, and he loves me..

i know it sounds really sick to be hearin that from someone like me. But to say this out loud confidently and without doubts, i sure do need the guts.

Everyone knows him as UK, and UK dotes on me dearly.
I like the way he ruffle through my hair,
hold my hand so tight,
surprise me be picking me up from work,
Saying "Roger" each time he absorb some new information about me,
reminding me that i love chocolate Kueh Tutu,
apologising that he cannot carry my bag for me,
claiming and admitting that he is a true MCP,
ask permission and wants to know if i would want him to change his MCP self
bother to check up the dictionary on words i use,
constantly assuring he has found the right one,
admits he once decides on giving up on me

it will go on and on, and we are barely a month together! i told him hw i fear those honeymoon period will go off as fast as it came, but his answer was a straight "you ought to know me better"

Its nice anticipating everyday to come by, looking forward to his sweets nothings.

i did not annouce this r/s elsewehre, its hard since they haven got over the bobo-saga. But that dun matters anymore cos i live life my way. Whoever finds out will only end up being another well-wisher, and i wont need them cos my r/s depends on UK and me. Those who really matters (such as Cuz, Pau, maybe DS, Ray) will only wish me all the best.

never felt this strong minded, i guess cos UK is a hard-headed himself. He boost my morale really high, encouraging me to believe in myself. long as you are happy.....

i know if UK and i did not end up together eventually, i wouldn't regret being with him cos this time, i work really hard for this r/s to work. So at the very least i've tried. However, from the way i see it, its aint gonna happen for a long time.... right silly?

Glad to say Bobo and i had constanltly keep in contact, like a big brother, he has warn me to inform him the moment UK makes me unhappy. Though that wont happen, i am glad to have a big brother like him to show me concern. An more mature lady is interested in him now,i told him to give it a shot but he has decided to concentrate on his career for now.

i call this happy ending... night

..........stinky slpyhead, keep ur promise and i will keep mine k? no matter what happens, we create our path and light awaits us. You promise.. hehe