Saturday, December 31, 2011

how i spent my Saturday


saturday spent heading to wheelock to demand a refund cos I've been billed twice... not merry at all!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

if i'm single by 25

Tonight i thought to myself how life would be if i had been single at age 25:-

I'll be motivated to save more than enough just to spend it all by travelling overseas.

I'll be renting an apartment where i could have my sister/best friend/buddies drop by to drink chocolate/alcohol and chatting over pizza and watching chick

I'll be grabbing that awesome mini body hugging dress i love, while popping diet pills for lunch

I'll be shopping on friday, going for thrill drive with a couple of my mates..

i'll be doing healthier stuff such as indoor tennis every weekend after work, after which my pals and i will dip in the pool, drink tiny liquor while chatting by the tanning bed (haha.. i've got picture of myself doing this, tanning while reading a novel in Sentosa beach while Rem blades under the hot sun, and we were drinking red wine)

If my friends happen to be free altogether on weekend,
i'll make us all crashed one's room, chatting while singing to Smurf and rolling on each others' bed.

I'll spend $20 per month getting a Vivi mag, Cleo and Harper's Bazaar Maga to get inspired of the latest trend.

i'll crash my pals' cupboard and squeeze into tiny pieces of outfit they own.

i'll set aside $100 to get my nails done in a different design every month, and try to make it last for a month, looking like a hot stuff who couldnt do house work.

I'll smile to the guys that my pals hinted was interested in me agree to hang out on a few dates with them. If things didnt turn out well between us, i;ll gather them for my usual weekend drinking session and i;ll stand in as their date when they need one

I'll grab that same dress i cant stop thinking about since June 2011. (and i have stop thinking.... )

i'll force feed my foot into some sexy heels and wear them even if my feets are peeling and burning with blisters.

I'll wear sexier clothes, because i dont stand to lose.

I'll STOP sounding like a jokey fool when i am out with my friend's friends or colleagues, and skip all the stuff i deliberately said to make myself unavailable.

I'll spent MORE on eating LESSER

i'll swipe my card and care less about paying up next month. Heck! i work hard all weekday to pamper myself!

i'll visit the salon and pamper my hair, i'll have awesome hair colours that i like. And not those colours i had on so i wouldnt have to "touch up" for the next few months...

I'll smile like a sweet girl and talk like my normal sweet voice.. i'll stop lowering my voice to sound like an angry old woman

I;ll spend more time outdoor.. not so homely like i am now...

I'll help my best guy friend Fireman find a good gf.

I'll accompany my Dad out with my sister and he can show off his two pretty daughters... and he'll be the known lucky father of 2 pretty girls.. haha

i'll head to Bangkok with Gary more often, and i'll stop giving excuses about not being able to start my online blogshop like FINALLY.

i'll sleep in a hotel room ALL BY MYSELF

Friday, December 09, 2011


What really goes on after office hour with a bunch of monkey friends?

Well... we argue alot about what to eat for dinner.. den the one to lose out (apparently ME!) sulk while the rest of them enjoy their delicious (in their words) Laksa.... i hate coconut... yeeeks!!

After which the rest of them comfort me by heading to Song&Song (if you haven't heard about Song&Song by now.. then shame on you big splender!!!!)

Anyway Paperstop and i walk away with some purchase each... happy and satisfied except i still haven had my dinner..

What are friends without some great suggestion right?

While we enjoy what we should be in Holland Village for -Island Creamery.... the two awesome Monkeys enjoy i had my dinner.. simply by buying their shares of Sushi when i bought mine.. .

Well.. if you cant make yourself skinny... make others around you fat!

i picked a scoop of Teh-tarik and apple pie ice cream each! it tasted as good as ever, what more can i say than thumbs up!!!!

Paperstop ordered some Nutella thingy which i din care much for since i was eyeing her omelette sushi!!!

we spent almost an hour in Island Creamery, in between running over to carry a toddler that has fell down and complimented by my two friends that i was full of motherly love.........awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!
Like you DONT already know, Paperstop is well famous for demanding silly things from people, so dont be too surprise when you see her forcing Zhennan to be her standing tripod while she attempts to do her "like-a-boss"

Thank God i am out of that grey area now.. Thanks Zhennan!~
Demanding friend that is honestly brutal to me especially when she thinks whatever i am wearing is slutty..

And here Paperstop is QC-checking the photos the tripod (Zhennan) has taken... deleting those that should NEVER appear on the net... and demanding he take some more!
See what i mean?!
Anyway..... i met them up after work so i was super super exhausted from all the socializing i did the past few days (drinking with the overseas sales rep, dining, and eating buffalo wings... i love JewelBox!!!)

We've decided to chill inside the train station since Holland Village hasnt really got much except for the few we've already covered...

Especially comfy to chill in Holland Village Stn since its newly open and all the seats are clean and new!

Paperstop and i apparently haven't gotten over Floral.. very very sorry!
Anyway since Zhennan makes such a good tripod, we'll have him take charge of taking the picture.. while we do our stunts..

IF you dont think we are funny enough, please drop by Pomo Market on 17/18 dec where we are holding a flea booth selling away most of HER stuff..... i havent got much left after the last round...

and since Paperstop is a REAL big spender that buys thing wihtout using her peanut brain (she wanted a Harrod recycele bag so badly she bought it locally for $120 .... i got mine in UK for a sweet $40 or less)   (She carries Prada, Miu Miu, and mostly buys clothes from Forever 21), you'll be sure to find GREAT stuff selling at a discount (for that matter i am enforcing she lowers her stuff to as low as $2), but only at size S/XS/P since she weight barely 40kg and has a waistline that of my thign..
Please drop by to support Paperstop and me... Minus Zhennan - we sorta demand he drop us a visit and we'll make him buy our clothes.... and give it back to us.. hur hurhur
Paperstop wanted to stand on top of the new metal seats inside Holland stn, to which we all beg her not to do so...

Look at the face of anxiety
Haha... here's my attempt to smile like a sweetheart... and look skinny (thanks to the collar bone that recently develope much protruded than before )
Here's why both PaperStop and me are crazy... See how NORMAL Zhennan looks in both picture.. and how stupid we can be at the background?
I promise i'll do them a OFTD... So here goes..
  1. Forever 21 - Floral Boob Tube.. too loose for the young lady
  2. Topshop basic tank in navy - simply purchase the same at Song&Song for $3
  3. Cotton On demin shorts - again, find it at Song&Song for $7
  4. Ted Baker watch
  5. Cotton On recycle bag
  6. Toms Lookalike shoe
  1. American Eagle Chiffon top
  2. Bugis street knitted vest - i bought mine in Malacca
  3. LoveBonito bandage skirt
  4. Mimosa pumps
  5. Talisman bucket bag - good steal at $15
  6. Forever21 pearl bracelet - thanks bbbbbbbbbbb
  7. Company's laptop
  8. FCUK watch - my all time favorite
OFTD - guys are so easy to do a breakdown lah
  1. Arsenal Jersey
  2. Zara black jeans
  3. Addidas shoes
  4. Taiwan watch
  5. Crumpler Bag
Summing up our meeting yesterday with a no teeth smile!
and here's us bidding Goodbye.. !

Thursday, December 01, 2011


In a fouled mood today due to work.... its my fault and i feel bad, so much so that i am angry with myself right now.

its lunch time and i am eating in - as usual. By now everyone has grown to seeing me lunching on lunchboxes that i brought from home, its a good thing because i am eating healthily and that i have saved so much money simply by not lunching out, but its a bad thing cos i fail to meet up and chit chat with the colleagues over lunch, i feel like i am outcasting myself in some ways...

so anyway today feels really dull, the office feels cold and quiet, i'm concentrating 100% on finishing my work, making sure i've read all related emails on the orders i am going to placed for shipment. i kept telling myself that mistakes are unavoidable (and that i am relatively new in this industry).... but since i'm such a perfectionist sometimes, i couldnt knock this sense onto myself.

Yesterday was payday and till now i' haven't got around working out the $$ to transfer to the relevant account (FYI, i have a saving a/c, return-the-loan a/c, and spending a/c). the spending a/c is further broken down into $100 (online shopping ), credit card payment a/c and $90 top-up farecard.. etc etc.. i'm a mental freak IKR, cant help it since i'll very much like to maintain that sort of frugal lifestyle i had all these years while working-studying.

Anyway, rantings aside, i;ve got good stuff to share..

Those who had heart-to-heart talks with me probably knows about my connections with baby (spiritually) - no i havent been pregnant, nv was, didnt even get close to it whatsoever, but babies are like my weakness, infact my greatest weakness..

So here's what i found off the net last night, they make me smile... and jsut by looking at them now, i felt a tinge of comfort... =)

the ONLY thing that can melt your hearts immediately ..............

Look Ma! Santa-swimming-- baby?!!?!?!?

Will swim for hugs <3

yes i'm holding my breathe correctly..
can i come up now?

 and here's the one that REALLY make me melt (awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...............)