Friday, March 21, 2014

i re-watched this cute video (only 20seconds long) at least 20 times already.. there is no behind-story for this but i feel sooooo related to this twinnies, especially with the current situation i am in. Some of this situation include :-

with reference to [beep] my forehead
  • tying the knot procedures
  • trying to mimick the Korean dewy makeupless-makeup face
  • trying not to skip episode while watching "My Love from another Star"
With reference to "you [Beep] all my stuff, what am i suppose to [Beep] now?

  • Manicure, bridal fashion & hotel designs
  • the upcoming test!!!~
Yes, shit just got real. Not much relevation on how true the things above is about to take place.. i wish i can be solid-firm about it & just blog them all out.. but nope, i want to remain lip-tight heehee.. 

and omg, the twins are sooooo cute i wish i had twins in future that is equally adorable & pretty... like pretty face is a plus point liao- not it comes in two (wth... double the bonus .. really!!~)


Friday, March 07, 2014

I think i really shouldnt eat beef, the mental guilt it has ridden on me plus all the negativity i attracted thereafter is just not worth it. 
I've been attempting get the refund $ from the Vendor since February but to no avail, 
the guilt from owing all my colleagues this money is haunting me
i lost sleep last night, and this whole morning i've replaying the  scene in my mind till i forget i hadn't plug in my earphone the whole of my traing journey to work
this is equivalent to an hour &n a half of silence on the surface
but images flashback in the mind, i am defeated

It's like i have 4 major setback in a single day, 
after eating beef when i am not suppose to, 
i even commented to bbb during our dinner that i hope i am not gettting into trouble for this beef treat, 
i started avoiding beef after being told by the fortune teller 
Then i continue to avoid beef because prior to my operation
i invited a deity to watch over me & to look upon her like a GodMother, but followship of this religion surround her means we have to give beef a miss. 

they say not knowing is a blessing, the fact that i knew i was downing beef when i took those turkish meatball had been living in guilt for a good few minutes, and now i am just associating all that had happened last night to this!

i wish i could cleanse myself off this guilt, and i am crossing my finger i can get through today with ease. Please let me get the refund back for my colleagues, or i cannot move on from this mistake of trusting a vendor that we previuosly worked pretty well with. 


Thursday, March 06, 2014

Staying at bbbb

So last night after doing our site visit i stayed over at bbbb cos it was running late & we had to pick up his sister from the airport. Their flight arrived at sightly past 9.47pm & by the time we saw them at the arrival gate, it was close to 11pm.

Sigh, it seems no matter how efficient an airport claims to be, for security issues the gantry to leaving the airport takes at least an hour. bbb & i were hyper by dinner time & giggling over our usual jokes but as we left the airport heading for his place we had gotten so quiet we can hear his car engine running.

So after dropping his sister/sister-in-law at the carpark to move their luggage back home, we took a slightly longer walk back home having parked the car at level 4A. While in the lift i hug him really tight & he smiled & asked why i behaved like we wont see each other for another week, what's more we have the whole night to cuddle to bed till dawn. 

I told bbbb after a long day out & since it's way past our usual bedtime, i can foresee none of us giving a shit about each other & just snoring our night away. By the time we were done freshening up for bedtime, it was slight past midnight. 

As usual, we had our silly jokes before bedtime, me mimicking the way he sleep & him teasing how i was doing it wrongly. A short while after this i heard his heavy breathing (a sign that he had fallen asleep) & chuckle to myself how accurate i had been predicting how we wouldnt give a shit about each other once we sleep tonight. Then i couldnt what happen after that cos i too, fell asleep almost immediately. 

This morning we woke up & got ready for work, the usual rushing & prepping work but we were out of his place earlier than usual. While sipping coffee(him)/teh (me), bbbb commented "so you were right what you mention last night, i forgot you were sleeping beside me & we were both so deep in our sleep till dawn"

It was true, sometimes we appreciate the little weekend staycation we grant ourselves & then suffer a whole 5 days of weekday missing each other. When that happen we allow ourselves to sleep later, chatting then positioning our cuddles till we fall asleep & wake up still holding our hands together. Given how rare we spend time together during weekday, it's no wonder we didnt make that effort to [calligraph] our sleep on night like these. Still, it's heartwarming that we can openly comment on how different we behave without planning / out of our usual routine. 

i realize not too long from now i will have a lifetime of sharing my bed with this man here, but before we get that kind compromise we need to achieve, let's appreciate the little entity/luxury of having the bed to ourselves. Having said that i cannot wait till i reach home after work today to spend some quality me-time to myself (while rushing through another episode of "Love from anther star" because everyone commented how good the drama was)

Speaking of which, i highly recommend this drama that most asia countries are talking about. [Love from another star] is unlike your usual korea drama, not mother-in-law drama or dragging sobbing scenes, in fact i laugh & lighten up after each episode cos the leads are pretty comical. You can see the streaming of this drama at your convenience in a wifi-network by connecting to Thank me later (no download needed, no download time if you are using wifi and ABOSOLUTELY perfect resolution (desktop, tablet & iphone tested). I am currently onto episode 4, cant wait to see how this twisted love story will turn out :)