Thursday, April 24, 2008

isnt it a useful meal!! this day when food was no longer a trend i found a way to make myself feel stupid.

I went to work yesterday and on the way bought a choco-doughnut cos choco on a bloody day was the only thing that could possibly cure tat damp-spirit pain. There was a really sugar-doughnut-ball going at 10cent each so i got myself like 5?!!! i bought another of my all timefavourite seaweed-tuna bread and tat was all that lasted me the whole day!

u could possible say that was enough since the calories and fat possibly add up to more than one could have in a day. Oh well, life is learning wat Kristal had for a full day meal.

When i went home, mummy cook like a huge bowl of beehoon for me, which i took a little for lunch, for breakfast today and lunch and possibly dinner.

HAhaha, u may find it funny like me but that could save me a big big bunch of note

And here i shall introduce my daughter cum only outin partner for the moment cum clar's besties cum no one's favourite idol- Nicole Scherzinger!!

She was formerly, or maybe still the leadsinger for team Pussy cat dolls. And yes, like many others i was disgusted at the team itself, but pau manage to place her like no others, when she show me the video clips of their MTV as well as some of her solo, i must agree this PCD can survive no more without this lady as she was practically the only object film in the entire PCD MTV.
Some of her solo has made hits, many of which may sounds pretty familiar to you

Anyway Pau has encourage me to take up this clothing style like hers, despite my out of shape figure, and some stints about her hair that she tink suits me right from the start, so i am giving it a shot!!!!

Anyway for Denise and Pau, u might be interested in this blog -->

which i found recently, dun say i am too late pls.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

i am an empty shell with no soul. Sometimes i think i am trying it all abit too hard.
i had lost the entity, the privileges a teenager deserve and times are cropped up and timetable are filled up with jobs, with money making opportunites.
i had lost the right to choose my kind of life, the freedom to make a right decision.
I have only, the support, the tiniest bit that matters from those who care.
That is keeping me going. Sharon Darlin has been blogging, this shows the world is revolving at a new evolution and i am going to fall back being a omni-age-alien.
When Sharon mention the 10 person she wants to keep in her life if God had been that cruel, i tot of mine too.
1. Grandma, whom was not around anymore, but oh well, she holds a plc, forever
2. The mum and dad, they only get one plc since they belong as one
3. Cuz Viv cos without her i am turn into some siao ah lian that slashes her wrist and wait for her number for abortion & Ray
4. Denise cos she matters, in an unexplainable, highly irritating way
5. Sharon, cos without her involvement in problem, i never had the chance to be the saviour, without her need for "ATTENTION" (hashaha) i can never the "one to show concern at the right time"
6. The man, but time will never tell, he might just leave me one day, but for now, without his patience, i might end up throwing my temper on the wrong person
7. Pau & clar, haha, again i am greedy
10. Hai^er, i cant believe i save the last plc for her, i guess even if u lost the dearest person on earth, u have me to count on babe. I am ur other arm of support now that Dad is no longer around
u might have notice i save the other 2 space, cos right now i dunno if they deserve to fall on this list yet.
haven had a life so i cant really blog like a normal blogger.
and the dearest Takasago clan invited me for a nights out at TOPONE and it was real fun.
Haven felt like this, they make me feel at home despite all this time i wasnt there anymore.
And Low-por still loves me, hahahahah..
Tina says i sing like a young kid, Agnes says she like my voice,
How on earth did i become that Goddess!!!!!

There is a traditional custom in Singapore, and i believe for every Chinese citizen, that is to pay respect to our ancestor who had passed on.

i had always comtemplate on visiting my grandma as it was a very very meaningful thing for me to do, however (excuses!!) i was always stuck with work and there were case where mum had warn me against going, as there are cab going in on normal days, but there might not be any cab to sent u out. I shall be stuck inside till someone dear come fetch me.

Ok on this day i cancel all my workshift cos i needed to see grandma very much. There has been so many things going on, and i can hardly breathe. I have to work work and work.

Been working shows, part time, retailer,sometimes promoter, waitress!! u name it i've done it, i work like 4 jobs and hardly has time for frens.

However i am very very very glad to have fren who understands and often show their support towards my action. Let us all remember we cannot change my decision once made. So do me a favour juust go with my flow.

Ok i am running off track. So this day we had a special cusine prepare for my uncle, my grandma, my grandpa, my paternal grandma, my great-grandparents. Mummy suggested we do sushi!!!

It was a peaceful day at the crematorium, as usual the sun rise beautifully like how u"ll expect to see them on a beach house! i am beginning to think my ancestors are all very very lucky pppl cos the only view i get from my bedroom windows are those of ppl next flat, cooking, beating up their kids, surfing the net and sometimes walking out the bathroom (hahaha)

I had resort to taking the beaitiful scenery to allow u all a glimpse of all that peace u can expect to enjoy on the journey there as well as the place itself.

I shall also thank you the man for his help, unloading and loading those big bags of joss paper and food and lending me a shoulder to lie on whilst the bumpy journey on the lorry to the cemetery, we had to all squeeze into a lorry as there was a tight security check at the cemetery, incase Mas Selamat eats the food we offer. (yeah right) we did not wan to waste time looking for parking space too,
The adults reward us with a dim sum treat from Tung Lok, which the man eagerly ordered his favourite carrot cake. Cantonese!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Dear Denise,

thank you for your support!!~

My darling came to support me with Green Apple Green tea bubble tea and bought some stuff from us. !!!~ I also pass her the bath salt! And she was so supportive la, even thou her jokes aint funny (hahahahha).

Anyway i am working in Marina Square atrium now, there is a big sales going on and lotsa of skin care range and cosmetic range, my brand is SANA, the japanese brand u often see in SASA and John Little, selling slimming series and cosmetic.

I can only say the slimmng series works cos i've tried it myself.

Anyway thank you Denise for your support, even thou u are the only on who turns up now, thank thanks!!!!!!!! dun forget ur promise to turn up this week for more stuff.,, haha

no one will force u to buy,,,, i am damn kind (anyway the sales does not come to me.

Monday, April 07, 2008


This is one place i dun think i can forget within a short span of time. While i am lazing ard the house this days doing nuttin, i cnt get my mind off thinking of those time spend in this building tat often reminds me of seafood early in the morning.

Its been a week since my contract ends with Takasago, and i really miss the place very much, especially those funny times i spend with wifey, AKA low-por.

As this is also my first official job after graduation, i was initially scared of the company's tense working environment, the people tend to get busy all the time and very often we hear how they miss slp just cos theycouldn't get their mind off work the next day.

my role in the company was small and unnoticeable but days were running fast when it gets busy and i feel very very useful.

Low Por and i shared different dark secret, haha., one i have carried with me till i depart, but i still have the urge now and then to reveal it out. So i envy my low-por for her perserverance to keep it low.

There is Sharena too which i cant forget, we wil msg each other now and then to update how she is doing. Its true tat the beginning now she is not use to the replc's working style, but after a while it will all be smooth.

cant blog any longer, i miss Sharen and Sharena!!!!

Friday, April 04, 2008

It was a pleasant (yet fucking fucking fucking full ) dinner at the Shokudo with Jean as well as us, DKS. It was Denise's idea to celebrate it with Jean since she couldnt make it for her party den.

So as to say, as usual my two OL are prettty late so basically Jean and i had the time to ourselves to take umpteens photos.

As much as Jean complains about my photo taking lousy skills, i know deep inside she likes it la, otherwise why will she insist i create shots for her friendster back then.

So we cam whore a little, basically gettig lotsa food and waiting for my 2 little princess. Denise was in her newly-bought yellow tube which compliment the vintage supposedly-high-waist belt i got her for christmas. She pair the tube with a black skinnes and burberry looking scarf. Nice nice!!!

Jean and i cam whore while waiting for the rest of them, check out her cute features, its hard not to want to squeeze her cheek!!

Jean got bored as i was busy reporting the Man as usual, so while i was smsing she demand to take a pic which is why u see the screen save on my phone, which devotedly screen pics of us, romantic!!!

The artsy side of me took this pic, and till i return home i realise my new contact lenses actually gives me a comical look, so much so that i look like i hav drawn outline on the outer rim of my eyeballs, !!!! so funny, so me

The policy there comes with a first come first serve, so we had our reserves tag plc on the table meanin to say this table is highly untouchable!! i guess the system works better in Japan where ppl are way more systematic cos in Singapore Jean and i are constantly eager to switch our reserve tag to better seats by our side. (Which we eventually did with the help of one of the staff there, thanks Mr Moustache)

With this close up shot u probabl realise by now the ball bearin of my piercing has came off, i stupid took it off to stick the Crystal that has drop off the ball and now faces difficulty getting them back. Am gonna seek help with the gals soon since the man complains his fingers are too big for tiny stuff like this and since he refuse to cut his nails for me -.-"

Cam whore is not just my hobby apparently!!1

Heres is the pioneer batch of cam whorers for your kind attention

The same camera model, jealous jealous

My strange scandel, hahaha, she and i amlook alike dun u tink

p/s. on a side note, i am gonna blog abt the wonderful bunch of ppl i met in Takasago and also the very very very significant present i received on the last day, which touch me deeply and makes me wonder how i could survive not crying on my last Day.. i miss my Low-gong there (Hong Kong version as we were determine to be HK couple)

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The only grandchild in the house, the hairy thing (who recently had an reluctant bad shaved)
The spoily little thing (who was consider too big at 1yr old)

i am jealous of this little hairy ball so as his "ah-yi" i shall publicize the good treatment he gets in the house

Dad and mum never fails to sit around the living room and play with Hori, he is so spoilt la, and always gets the attention he wants, hmpf!!!~

Strange thing is Dad and mum, me and my brothers are sisters like talking to Hori in human language, Bro says he understands it better than those barking we tried so hard to communicate with. Hori usually walks away each time we bark at him.

i look stupid in this pic, but this is the one he bother to look in the camera, stupid and spoilt dog

Sis says hori makes a good broom

He moves on after getting attention from me and went to Mum, who pampers him too

"i am enjoying my pampered life"

Dad "be good now, u'll be famous being blogged online"

The man (mine) is a typical Ah Beng in the past and this very day i saw the same boy i remember in year 2004.

That Ah beng who plays pool, walk from bugis to marina sq, arcade car racing and finally bowling.

Those were the days when Ah beng do funny things like this and i suddenly feel like the stupid ah lian back in those days

mind you it was like 12pm when they did this

My eye were sore, my skin pain frm the tanning, and i had to put on a smile cos all his frens were around

damn bored watching them play games, but i promise the man not to mention or complain ant the his fren when i am out with them . so i wont mention much now,

That very faithful day i was 12329084359348534% lucky enough to meet Clarinda online, we had webcame and chatted for about 2 hours, afterwhich many many memories were brought back and i finally promised Pauline i will blog today, hopefully my determination last.
I was also very very hardworking in putting up alot of picture together so loading time is saved. aint i a very very considerate person?( haha cos i am jobless now ma)

This is the cause of that very very gross cut on Pau's fingers. She got them while piercing all the holes on this album which in the end did not end up being an album cos the edge came off.
i find this album very touching and many of the pic tat Pau and Clar took were veryvery nice!!!!

This are the supporters are so-call VIP gang during my 21st birthday. Denise and Sharon were so sweet when they agree to join us in sending Clarinda off. It was even sweeter when they brought their spouse along
Times when Clar and pau were busy entertaining the other ppl we dunno we ended up taking pictures and Caifu and i had this really realy cute haunting video clips. So funny but a pity i can post it here for all to view
My cuz came for a short while but that was tot ful of her too!!!`

dead beat dun wanna blog le