Friday, April 27, 2012

Google Girl

Hi all,

some of the weirdest things i googled online to share.... I googled them ONLY because this case coincide with the situations i faced... So have a "safe" and good laugh =)

- yes unlike other contrary beliefs, styrofoams and polystrene boxes can be safely used in the microwave oven. Just be sure to follow general rules
(i.e lead the lid open to "air" before microwave- i usually just leave the lid open while microwaving..... haha)

- scrap off using a shaving blade
- Leave it there, subsequent toasting will eventually overburnt the cheese and minimize its shape. A couple more toast and the burnt cheese will soon disappear.
to answer this question, googling didnt seems to help, so i found the quickest solution that i can now share.... And i solve it using this --> LUCK

Simply leave your toaster tray soak in water for about half an hour. Then, while it is it still submerge, gently scrap off the burnt cheese with a spoon, it would come off magically, and leave the tray scratch proof. You must be thinking how stupid i must be to encounter this situation.. YES I WAS INDEED DUMB.

The office pantry were consider relatively new to be so searching for a aluminium foil sheet to replace the tray did not came across my mind. I'm glad it all worked out and no one found out the silly trouble i ALMOST caused.

-  Beliefs that green represent death in a malay wedding is completely false.Green attire are warmly welcomed by the Malays
- Tux/Suit are not neccessary. The climate in Malaysia/Singapore are humid all year round so such attires are never a must.
- Wearing black is not encourage during a malay wedding. The occasion is joyous so most malay prefer colorful attires to celebrate the event. Bright colors are natually more welcoming than black.
- Avoid wearing too revealing clothing, the reason for this is to appear more presentable. Try to stick to skirt that are slightly above knee lenght, strapless top are also not suggested. A dress would most appropriate.

i am stuck with this situation because bbbbb has a colleagues whose child is about to get married and i am accompanying him for this event. Therefore, i wouldnt want to be caught in a situation i cannot explain --> Attire. I've decided to stick to a work dress, color is most White Satin with a tinge of black, not to revealing and comfortable.

- the cheapest to enquire with Transasia Air. Turns out the rate is of little difference to fly this airline in comparison with budget air. Expect to pay about $715 or less for more comfort and FOOD provided!

i had no intention of travelling to TW anytime soon. This was a favor i was doing for bbbb's buddy's girlfriend who was helping him to purchase ticket to visit her over her convocation this June. Im definitely keeping Transasia Air in mind thou...

That about sums up my curiousity for this week.. The Google-sphere has too much discovery left to be uncovered. =)

Some Attires for the Vain Kristal this week

Feeling rather RETRO whenever i put this one.. it gives me the demure vibe so i tend to walk less "gangstery" haha..

Oh did i mention? The highwaist belt only cost me like $3... teeheehee

At the office desk, the bowl in front is my breakfast EVERYDAY... cereal..
i haven change my preference for this... Its been like half a year since i restarted this practice..
A collage.. with all the pictures in place
i had this whole mindset of "红红不害人“ today... Ang Ang Bo Hai Lang
sadly.. the dress got too huge for comfort.. Only my second wear since purcahsing it in feb.,, and already the sleeves are drooping down my arms.. while the band at the waist wouldnt stay in place.. it looks like a PJ more?

i really love this piece.. and here's the PERFECT fit way back in February.

tsk tsk.. Forever21... this time, you had fail me =(

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My watches..

The Disability to talk has taken its toll on me...

I am feeling rather talkative.. and hence the consecutive blogging.. a replacment to my usual senseless ranting straight into whoever is listening..

Here's my collection of watches.. None of which cost too much not to be worn... i like wearing pretty watches... so the cost didnt really matters...

as long as i can get it to match my outfits... This is the part i fail
bbbbbbbb bought me a watch box... It was epic... we thought it was going for $29.90.. which half the price of what he has gotten for himself... Upon paying we found out this was a PWP (Purchase with purchase) and thus in order to this somehow.. we ended up getting a hell loads of other useless stuff)

It is made of wood... not like the leather kind you see sellign everywhere.. i prefer it to be in wood because it gimmes a very mysterious feeling.. Just like how my other 40 plus musical boxes do.... Every single musical boxes has a story to tell...
This was a very very old watch, a present from my ex-bf when i was barely 20.... it is also my only tiny watch, i was never a huge fan of small watches... This was from Sovil Titus

Huge is better.. or so they say... I get head over heels with masculine FCUK watches.. the sort cover in leather wrist strap and a straight classic face....

the contridiction of preference for leather .... beats me..
Recently bought this watch after watching a variety show talking about how it was acopy of some high end brand... i love how it looks like a bracelet on my wrist... Not trying too hard to show off..

Didnt get the chance to wear it AT ALL.. its too huge for my wrist.. am finding a good chance to shorten the strap before it comes a exhibit inside the watch box for good..

This watch set me back at only $14... Cheap i must say... and it is made of Heavy metal.. not the fake plastic kind that was suppose to "look" like metal... One of my cheap thrill
i can never convince myself why i got this watch... I had sent it for repair maybe twice, didnt wear it much, too much attention it gets on my nerves and the crystals inside are dropping all the time... Each replacement of Crystal would cost me $3... Some crystal (as you can see) are fading in color...

But i like it somehow... Its very unique, very forward. Also very blunt.. This is one fo the watch i got that shouts "i am full of crystal.. yeah.. you read me right.. Damn you its obvious"

The face is huge too.. about the size of the diameter of our toilet roll.. Its HUGE.. and HEAVY.. and too heavy i took it out halfway everytime i worn it.. it cost ms $50 (not including all the repair i would have paid)
This is like "THE" watch that everyone has.. me too.. except i got it at a stupid price..

i guess i was too dumb and desperate to keep up with the trend back when i was 19... This watch could be bought at mustafa for like $20.50.. i got mine at $60 from an online blogshop and the owner also turns out to be a ex-classmate of mine..

Never have i return to patronize her shop again...
I bought this watch because i didnt end up getting anything at a trip to malaysia.. so i forc bbbbb to let me buy this... super super cheap.. works fine for me till today,.. been about 3 years.. no need for changing of battery yet... only S$1.80 .. you can congrats my good luck later...
Repercussion of the same watch  i got cheated.. except this was won by bbbbbbbbb at a christmas party,, so i dont feel so bad having spent $60 many years ago on the gold one... now i have 2 watches of the same kind for $60... teehee
My first branded watch on my 21st birthday by my dearest cousins.. Vivien, Ray, Jo, Rem split the cost and got me my first Guess...

Its really unique and comes with a exquisite box.. The batt stops working now and all the watch repair shop dont carry the batt of this size. am too lazy to head back to Guess for a batt replacement... Sitting inside the watch box waiting for its chance at the moemnt...

one day.. heehee..
bbbb and i got this watch tgr when we first dated.. Its a replica of RADO watch and he's got the male one... Its too lightweight for our liking so none of us carry it around much... The color also faded to a awful peeling state..

Cost us about $28 per person?

Another Sovil Titus, a gift from the ex-colleagues at Takasago. They were such lovely bunch.. and i love the rose gold on the face sooo omuch. Whats even more attractive about this piece is the tiny diamante by the side of the watch.. right where the screw should be..

 I seldom wear this watch. Cant bear to spoil it too soon.. Not sure about the cost cos its a gift.. should cost quite a bit i think..
My burberry! its my most expensive watch thy far.. about $700 going into $800.. bbbbbbb got it as a gift for me as our anniversary...

Mad love this one.. i ONLY wear them for special occassion.. so if you catch me wearing them.. it means i feel like you are special when we hang out  =)

i always call this my TRUSTY watch... everyone knows it too well// i would wear this watch from FCUK as and when i've decided
 not to dress up,
cant make up my mind,
too rush for time
Not in the mood

As long as there is a reason, Trusty watch come into place... cant describe that loyalty i have for this piece.. A gift frm bbbb again... cost him about $170...

I work for this watch.. haha.. It was a friend who had a uncle working in McDonald and ALL DAY LONG she has heard me going on and on about how cute it looks...

Finally one day she brought along all 3 Hello Kitty watches from Mac and i get to choose one...

Thank you Sheena.... you are too helpful.. heehee
So to sums up.. here's all the watches that i would have remember owning... kept behind in the watch box.. waiting to be used... =)

Monday, April 23, 2012

sick rabbit

I am feeling rather under the weather lately. No reason for that whatsoever, it could be the bad throat that i am suffering, for the first time in my life i lost the ability to talk (past sore throat allows me to mumble some words, only the tone is completely off and masculine). Every single word i say/whisper will result in a "huh" reply from everyone, even i had difficulty hearing myself since no voice came out of the mouth despite my effort..

i realise how lost a person can be without one ability they are suppose to have by default. I feel a little handicap, and felt so much despise from people who couldnt hear me or looked at me when they realise i "cannot" speak. This feeling is so terruible...  =(

Metup with the fellow mates that had been on the previous bintan trip together. It was a short catchup over dinner and we mainly blabber rubbish, eats and drink a little.

Was surprise Xue has a bf for a bout 4 months now, thats how long we havent catch up and how much updates we had.

Jann is stuck with her endless complains about life-sucks, job-sucks, and relationship-rocky. We all know how much she is already blissed with mostly good things in life, her rants are usually the same, so we;ve pick up the habit of hearing... till her next complains haha.

Ray, my dearest cousin's been busy with school and there were little updates about his life, ive been convince my selection of girls are of top-notch but he couldnt agree the same. In fact the ideal pretty woman i've picked out was not up to his satisfaction. They say man's opinion differ from the woman, i had to agree.
Xue and i didnt feel like drinking that night, so while Ray and Jann enjoyed Edinburg and Whiskey, we had some ice-cream to share. However, the ice cream tasted nasty per Xue's comment, and eventually it was exchanged for a Tiramisu which i hardly tasted. The night ended cheap, our share of dessert only cost us $9 each, and we even order Sparklng water to share.

I miss hanging out with this bunch, they are usually very on for challenges..

bbbb and i spent the weekend mostly keeping our guest accompany. bbbb's buddy's gf flew in from Taiwan and i was her shopping companion. So we met on both friday and sat and try to comb some areas she hasnt covered from her last trip.... Mainly her duties were to grab some goodies she couldnt find in Taiwan for her sisters.

So the list goes on, and i manage to win myself (thanks to bbbbb) some goodies while picking out awesome purchase in far east plaza, H&M, Talisman and so on...

Apart from the endless shopping, bbbbb's buddy had in mind special food we  can intro to her gf so most of the weekend we had fantastic food, tea time, and treats. All these despite me slowly losing the power to speak..

And the Sunday was spent running errand, grabbing porridge for the Sick Kristal =(   returning my regalia, sending his mum to her singing competition and visiting my ancetors at the columbarium.

It is bbbbbbb's third visit to my Late Grandma, Grandpa and Grand Uncle and he has been very helpful, preparing and setting up the tables, suggesting food to offer to them, and memorizing where they were located. We sat by the columbarium for a while, enjoying the peace and serenity of that place, talking about life, hearing me reminscene about how i use to hang out with my Grandma alot as a child... Then we offer incense to the neighboring  graves and burn joss paper to end the ritual.. Bbbbb then drove me home earlier that sunday so i could get ample rest for another work week. Its really comforting having someone else fuss over your health, minding your food intake, reminding you to drink water and visiting the docs..... i am glad my boyfriend is one such man who spare no trouble to make sure i will recover asap.

Mum commented last night that she was going to buy me Ling-Yang to drink for my bad bad health... the exact words i heard from bbbbbbbbbb... seems like i am pamper by quite a few person then?

Here's ending the post with a picture of my buck tooth..... i am born in the year of Rabbit alright.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

i've graduated!

And there you have, the girl who had been through this tough journey, moving from one place to another during her exam period, struggling to ensure the bank has $1284 in feb and other crazy figures by the deadline, just for this day

Pictures credit to Moses Tandiono
We've made it altogether! Kristal Chngies has graduated =)

bbbbbb was really hardworking that day, zooming to get a better lens for our camera in the morning, and rushing to attend my convocation, then surprisingly me with lotsa of sweetest stuff..... especially the grad-Hello-Kitty -bear...
I also have the honor to be photograph together with a few of the friends i've met in school (Thank God for them otherwise life is too hard to handle.. honestly!)
The two other friends of mine, Xiao Hao (the guy) is actually bbbbbbbbb's army mates and that was how we got acquaintance.... He introduce me to Serene (the other girl in the picture) and they were the ones to sit thru lectures with me, especially the ones where the lecturer  (Sam) loves to drill us with questions...
Celina and Priscilla were from the full time course, i had the honor to study with them for 1yr before applying to be a part time student to save for my school fees...
Those who were there specially for me (thank you all, i appreciate it so much) include
The guy who made my uni possible - bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb <3
Hai^er, the same girl i stick closely to during poly.......
The dearest parents who had to take leave to came by, cannot thank them enough, especially when they offer to pay for the photoshoot knowing i cannot come up with that sum!
My very comical Dad, everyone agrees he is full of gimmicks.....

and that day was a happy one, even thou my heels were practicaly eating me up and my mum comment how my foot looks like it was ready to burst... i didnt mind it a single bit, everyone came to cheer for the graduands.. and to thank them for their effort the least we could all do was to keep the atmosphere happy =)

This 3 years... was probably the hardest but luckiest years of my life because every single time some problems pops up, a solution comes immediately....
School fees were the hardest for me this 3 years, juggling with works werent a problem but the salary were never enough....

I also endure the worst, having lunch and eat alone before every lecture, and this was a obstacle i took years to overcome. ... Having graduate from Uni also means i have succeeded in enjoying staying, being alone, as long as i know deep down inside someone cares for me (i.e bbbbbbbb,

Even thou the grades werent to my liking (i was aiming for a Second upper and got the correct grades i wanted till the final year, where the big headed Kristal thought she would have gotten enough to get by... i ended up with a Second lower class honours in Bachelor of Science in Management  with University of London..... (i was 4 marks away from Second upper *sobx)

But it's officially over so no one can turn back time.. and i cannot be more thankful for having been thru this phase...

Honestly.... the one to really suffer during this 3 years was not me, or myself alone.... Here's my outmost gratitude to the man who had to suffer with, if not more than me....
bbbbb... sorry all this time you were the one lending me money when i ran out of money to pay the school fees, also, you were the one to sign your credit card for my expense and then had me slowly return them.... i would NEVER been able to graduate without you, and without the help you have given me,..

bbb... i would have owe you $9k by now.. but you would never twitch a single bit knowing this... thank you bbbbbbbbbb

Having said all that, the only regret was not having my grandma around to witness this day (and definitely not my wedding day)... but i know deep down inside how she know what i had been to..... My guardian angel and the one to magically run a solution to every single problem i faced.....

i know she is not too far away