Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Useful task manager tips

Explanation in Simple terms --> as simple as someone with lousy IT knowledge like me to understand

Credits to this
How: Ctrl+Alt+Del --> task Manager --> Click on "Performance" tab
This is what you should see =)

Second Red panel -- Physical Memory (K)

  • The "total" info --> system memory 2095580kb = 2gb = 2000mb
  • The "available" info --> space available, impt to note, low memory is BAD (your laptop will use the space from elsewhere.. in conclusion spoil faster lah)... you should add memory, per picture 1.2gb available
  • The "system Cache" info --> not important
Third Red panel -- Commit Charge (K) 
  • The "total" info -->  used process+program space
  • The "Limit" info --> Total process+program space usable
  • The "Peak" info --> Maximum memory used at one time since you use your laptop
  1. if this "commit"-Total panel exceed "physical Memory"-Total panel  == Time to add physical memory, even if your performance level is not affected, your laptop is increasingly spoiling
  2. At "Commit" panel,   Total value very near Limit value == BAD, hello?!~ no more space to do anything else liao
  3. At "Commit" panel,   Peak value very near Limit value == BAD, more often than not, the processes that is taking place in your laptop is at its maximum every second, you will spoil your laptop soon.... very soon

Good luck./// 


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