Wednesday, April 22, 2015

i didn;t post this before.. written before our wedding








Stay with me wont you?

i dislike the feeling of breaking into cold sweat & my heartbeat skipping many beats whenever i took a break off work to think about the advance steps i've taken so far.

In a matter of weeks, i've put down most of my savings, took a serious loan from the Hub & gotten myself a mini car. So excited!!~ and so flooded with worries, safety on the road, braking power, how to afford this new toy & the main purpose of them all - how to use this car to serve my new role at work better.

i know  i haven blog for a while, when life gets dull then i stop penning them down. You see, i read back on my entries every now  & then to amuse myself. So i want every entries to be re-readable worthy.

So here's marking the halfway milestone of my resolution in 2015.

i recall in 2013, i make the resolution to fix my crooked teeth for the wedding & got myself a driving a license. Fortunately - unfortunately- the plan took me longer than i would have planned. By 24mar2014, i successfully gotten my driving license & survived many heart attacks from driving.

i didnt get to drive much thou, after a few stints of nearly risking the lives of my love ones.. i think i cried a bucket after each close shave & encounters. The one man to sit through it all is the Hub, who is in the passenger seat in EVERY of my bad encounters. 

Around Jan 2015, i buck up & borrow the car from my parents, told Hub i need to do it myself. Drove to airport fetch Clar & D & took them home - and that was it!~ 

i think we all need that one push on the back to buck up, and i am glad my friends gave me that support. Not that i am a very safe driver now, but i will work super super hard to be one. 

i think Rodman is such a selfless man when it comes to my welfare. As far as i can remember he has been improving the standard of our living & my life by the day. Sometimes i forget to look back on the bad days in life & demanded more. Rodman keeps me in check & i know he dont say this much, but i have probably exhaust all his patience ever since we got married! 

I am a demanding & selfish person as it is, and i know where all my flaws are. Yet when it comes to benefit myself, i spare no change & cannot settle for less. I guess i married the right man because he has been trying & trying to talk me through everything that i wanted to do. As much as he hopes he can continue to send me to work, i went ahead & wanted to get a car anyway. There is no comparison on the things he can do for me, and i appreciate them all so much. 

We've been married for 3 months now, seeing each other everyday proves to be easier than i thought it would be. For years, i make extra effort to cut down on our dates & meetups for fear the day where we see each other everyday things will go wrong. So far, apart from the nits & bits of unfamiliarity i've experience away from "home", my new "home" is as long as he is there. 

Moving on to new job scope has been the 2nd greatest challenge since 2015, apart from starting a family as the first. i think i like the feeling of being busy becuase i haven stop my motion for a while now. Wedding-- taiwan -- business trips with Hub -- buy a car -- planning more business trips -- newjob scope - Bam, bam,bam.. its this then that then this then that and i am running on vpower engine.. 

Somedays i'll look back & recall how i went overboard with challenges when i turn 28, removing myself from the norms & throwing myself out there to the male-dominated industries, if i keep my spirits high & positive, stay with me wont you?