Wednesday, January 28, 2009

All this underlying meanings to life, all those coding people made behind their snirk remark.

Lately i have a strong feeling of tearing up pieces of my life, which will also mean losing important people that somehow matters to me at some important part of life.

I finally realise how the sentence when u find something precious you have to let go of the other.

I cannot figure out why sometimes i still cant let go of the past. If the past is meant to stay, life have to move on but that will takes me a bigger part of life into letting go.

I was caught up between so many stuff yet i have moved and come so far, now its time to face up the truth and shut up all the hell mouth, the stinky-worm infested mouths. Get a life bitches, i am no longer that sweet little peanut u ever thought i was.

On a lighter note, its time for yet another day of my birth. Thank God the process was done 22 years ago, i wouldn;t want to go on another round of SARS and friendly-betrayal. To begin with some new images of how far i have moved on......................

I am turning 22. Its another year of admitting i should seriously stop taking ang pows. Looking back on my past, there really isnt nuttin much to complain nor change, knowing my personality i will very much be likely to fall back into those silly traps so why waste those effort going through it all over again.

however the idea of turning of turning 22 only meants a few important stuff in my life is beginning to take place. that also include:

- i should stop admitting my secret admiration for Hello Kitty

- Manicure and Pedicure are indeed compulsory, especially for Chinese New Year

- Gambling is the only way of life during Chinese New Year

- Ladies at 22 who talks about politics are updated, ladies at 22 who talks about celebrities are Bimbos

- porn are common and all men watch porn, so dun go eeeek knowing they do

- a big phone is good for cracking crab shell

- Friends are neither forever nor durable

- A better education goes a longer way than a low position job

- Admit i have a bf and make people who cares shuddup

- wear thong like eating breakfast and throw those nanny-pants away

Wishing for things that shall happen this year

- school fees stop being an issues
- Galfriend starts acting like normal human beings

- Get me my heart, no star, no what ever pendant

- Throw a SLR my way

i pray this year birthday i am looking better than before.. needless to say, lets all hope i keep smiling........