Monday, February 20, 2017

Dong Dong Dong... Xiao Ji JI


After being reassured 3 times of your existence, out of the 4 test sticks we've taken. I've decided to ask for advise, and at this point i am thankful i did, because just when i thought i should take it slow, i realize i need to see a doctor ASAP. It is at this moment i felt that we were caught off guard. Despite it being the 2nd time we are feeling the same roller coaster of emotions, we were adamant to make this experience the best one.

I spoke to Jeff whose wife recently gave birth & he suggested i wasted no time to seeing a doctor, he also provided some perspective on govt versus private clinic. A lengthy discussion with Rodman later, we've decided that the best was to confirm (yes, once again because it is never too much to reassure us of your comfort inside) via a scan ASAP before we make the next decision.


 i took half a day off work while Rodman lay at home suffering the aftermath of yet another bout of stomach flu, at this point he has lost 5kg by visiting the toilet puking & diarrhea. It was a tough time for us both because i was puking for all the weirdest reason & so was he.

Some point we will look back & remember we both suffer morning sickness while we had you :)

We left for our very first schedule appointment with W Clinic, it was after checking on the contact with Faye, who have delivered 3 times at Mount A. For some reason Rodman blurt out Mount A when we discuss where we can deliver you, so Mount A it shall be. Dr Ben was a gynae who was very neat & looks really young. Nevertheless he was really charming and carry an very confident aura as he speaks.

i learnt from the nurses that he has just arrived from the delivery suite not long ago, hence some of the appt were pushed behind. When i went in i mention we were 2 lost lambs who were unsure of what to do as it is our 1st visit. Yet, after discussing my medical condition with Dr Ben, he reassure me i am more experienced than alot of Mothers he has consulted. Seems like all this medical terms i have been encountering are finally paying off.

Dr Ben did a scan & we saw you for the very 1st  time... if i can describe u in 1 word?


like, very small, just hanging tightly onto me, a little blop, Dr Ben turned on the volume & both Rodman & i heard u for the very 1st time. I was about to feel all emotional but Dr Ben didnt allow that, i think he cut the volume off just in time for me to regain my saint  (although Rodman didnt agree, he says he was very very touched to hear your heartbeat goes "Dong.. Dong.. dong")

Initial consultation & SGD$250 later, we left the clinic, it was a really short session & we discuss how our DongX3 (based on your heartbeat    so punny i know) is making us feel so motivated. I also started regretting the Happy Meal i bought at 10pm last night & gobble down on the pretext of you being hungry.   You were tiny & mighty but cannot possibly gobble the 4 pieces of McNugget & fries so i had no excuse for piling on my fats.

Xiaojiji (again, you  were born in the year of Chicken, so more Pun intended), you are 9mm today, the size of 1 blueberry.

but have the love of 2 fully grown adults, who are eager to make sure you are well & comfortable inside..

we moved house today, our first family home. There are alot of saying on how pregnant woman have to avoid the ceremony so you &  i stayed comfortably at in-law's while Rodman gets the shifting done.

Today your Uncle Raymond learnt about the good news and he was very mindful especially when we were on the car to the new hse AFTER the ceremony was concluded. He even pick me out to lunch outside the hse when the bed was shift in because i am not suppose to be witnessing or present during any shift.

Uncle Raymond is excited that after yearning for a long time you finally came.

That night, we slept uneasy because the environment was new but Rodman was the most attentive, i gather that he probably fell sick the following day because of waking up constantly to check on me. Your Dad makes an Awesome husband & Daddy.

I didnt have craving today or nausea, it got a little worrying as we busied ourselves silly the whole day with unpacking. Rodman & Hua also took countless trips back & forth between In-laws & new place delivering boxes after boxes of 2nd hand stuff.   Shayne & Edmond render help in the form of unpacking my clothes & they were shock beyond words at my hoarding habits.  At the end they commented it was easy to see why i needed 200 hangars & i might have to get more just to accomodating Rodman's pathetic collection.

That day we filled up a grand total of 70% of all the cupboards at home, i took a mental note that most clothings might soon not see the end of dark as i will probably lost this figure with you & the future. Maybe more throwing out by mid-year.

Also Xiao jiji, you dont have an official wardrobe space at home right now, my brain need to crack for more space.

We have great BBQ dinner where Rodman ordred extra hotpot as i was craving soup. I cannot tell if u wanted soup  or was it just me? Nvm that thou as long as i got my tummy filled with yummy soup. i felt disgusted at meat after a few rounds, xiao jiji probably prefer eating clean, ok mental note taken.

Sleep got better because your Dad found a smart temporary solution to black out the room, he was also worried the dust at home might make us uncomfortable. Today your Aunt kristi will visit to get some crafting done.

Rodman & i had a small tiff about me holding scissors or painting as this was taboo especially during your time, i felt a little upset but it went away pretty fast. Your Daddy also got me  a comfortable tee shirt as he was shoping for a air purifier while i was crafting at home.   Its been a long while that he bought me a wearable it feels kinda sweet.

By night Rodman cooked us pasta. Aunt Kristi & Rodman work hand in hand to install the towel rack & set up the air purifier, i love the new Sharp Air purifier for its silence & clean air. Unfortunately Rodman fell sick all of a sudden cross midnight and his forehead was burning hot, Your dad is really working very hard to build us a comfortable place to live & raise you in. Xiaojiji i hope you adore your Daddy just like how i respect & adore mine so much.

i puke a little before bedtime, i reckon it was the cheese you were rejecting. I have since highlight dairy product as 1 of your dislike.

Today you are the size of a blue berry :)

MIL suppose to cook on monday but being the replacement for Confinement nanny for my SIL has taken a toll on her so we didnt make it back to Rodman's.   We chose Nakhon Thai at holland Village because Xiao Ji ji wanted spicy sour food. It was a frustrating moment because i had alot of thoughts in my mind... i think when pregnant you tend to get very fickle minded.    we must have went back & forth a few times before confirming on the dinner location.   Today we also realize we will be spending $$ on dinner in future especially if we have no intention to cook. Rodman also got a little frustated when i insist on walking a little more & more after dinner, his shoes didnt serve him that well but i was feeling under the weather & really wanted the walking to stop the puking feeling.

Baby i hope we'll both have more patience for you soon.

Manage to secure a Polyclinic appt so as to reduce the possible charges incurred carrying you.   I told Rodman we need to prepare for possible second kid after you, so it doesnt make sense to deliver you at some pretige hospital then possibly struggle to give your next siblings the same luxurious treatment. Dr Ben was really good but after some research we both agreed that KK hospital will probably take the same amount of great care for you & mummy.

The appt timing was very appropriate so i was the last patient for the evening & can do so after work. The doctor in charge knew exactly what to do after i explain my purpose, the entire process was over in a 2 hours much to my delight.

After the visit, we dabao dinner near the mall & took a long stroll home, then we did housework together & setttle for the night, you were fantastic today Baby, Mummy went to bed in a breeze & woke up feeling great & refresh!

Hello Xiaojiji, today Rodman & i went to run some errand and since i can no longer tell if i was hungry or just you asking for food, i went ahead & order a large of potato wedges for snacks. We had it in CDC cafe at Bendemeer road & the ambience there is worth a return visit.  Then we collected the house carpet before heading to play with your Da jiejie Kayann.   Kayann bring us so much joy & give us alot of hope on how cute you will be.   At one point your Da jiejie step on mummy tummy & i was worried you will be uncomfortable, but it was overall a really good trip back home & enjoying my Mum (your grandma's) cooking.  We left after finishing watching the last episode of the korean drama, much to ur Grandma's & Grandpa's dismay since they prefer to watch 118.

Xiaojiji was not nice today. Or rather, it was my fault because i wanted to give black soya sauce another shot so we grab some ccf soak in sweet sauce & yam for breakfast.  By lunch, i had vomit most of the half packet out, and decided to leave the balance food uneaten to throw.

I was craving for porridge real bad & since the meeting schedule today ended ahead of schedule, i made sweet potato porridge with stir fried french bean, steam tofu with mince meat & reheat cann spicy pork & the half packet of CCF from morning for dinner. i think Rodman enjoy the dinner i whip, though i was personally feeling under the weather especially when i came into contact with meat.

Xiaojiji i think you prefer healthy diet, vege porridge & soupy stuff... Mummy will take note.

i am in a fabulous appetite today. By now puking & re-eating becomes an routine, i forget how i suffer when feeling nausea then over eat again  & again. Staycation happening tomorrow to celebrate 2 years of marrying Rodman, finally something to look forward to.

We woke up bright & early to grab breakfast & also to send Timmy for car polishing. This might be the final time we get to doll up Timmy. Coincidently, you might or might not be in time to meet Timmy before we get a new car. Please remember once upon a car, Mummy drove a mini car but small as he was, he was mighty! We moved into your 1st home with the help of Timmy, Rodman drove Timmy back & forth your grandparent's place umpteen times till we shifted most of the furnitures & boxes in. Your Uncle Raymond also took part in shifting the place since i was carrying you & not suitable to be lugging heavyweights.

Once Timmy was shining bright we checked into Parkroyal hotel where Rodman fell asleep all through the afternoon & before you know it, it was dinner time. I guess the thought of not having to keep the place tidy & clean unlike our home does great to getting him to relax. We grab Taimei's BBQ chicken coupled with Zam Zam famous bee hoon goreng & Murtabak for dinner then settled in for a night of more sleep. Did i mention the bathtub was cozy & warm so i soak myself inside for a good 45min, it was really a worthy staycation.

checked out of the hotel today and we were ahead of the required timing. Perhaps staycay doesnt work that well for us afterall since we just moved into our new place! Wanted badly to head home as i was feeling sleepy & lethargic. So we head home & both fell promptly asleep till 4 where we set off to attend baby sophie 4th month celebration.

I seem to take on a intense craving for Bee hoon, after the hotel breakfast which i ate a bowl of bee hoon soup, i went on to eat bee hoon fish soup for lunch & for dinner it was stir fried bee hoon. Never knew i had such high treshold for bee hoon, think we could be heading for a right diet direction (less the puke before bed, too much of the OTHER food on top of bee hoon that day)

Its going to be back at Rodman's parent place for dinner today. After yesterday episode of puke, i find myself unwell this morning, especially lethargic & extremely sleepy. I must have reached office at 8? Only to fall asleep right on my desk from 8.30-9am. So glad i wasnt caught (or was i? but they were too scared to ask ahahaha).

Decided today will be the day i cut my food intake into different interval. Starting from breakfast i had small bites every 2 hourly until it was time to knock off, it could be small meals as tiny as some slice tomato & the body felt so much better.

For dinner, Rodman lied to his Mum that he was suffering from stomach flu when he ate Dark soya sauce (which was the bane of most of my misery - Dark soya sauce anything!!). So MIL stir fried some mee-tai-mak without the sauce & it tasted really good. Rodman also decided it will be a great day to throw in some herbal soup (because herbal soup was part of my healthy diet according to our previous TCM). We lied again that we wanted to add some dishes for dinner so no one question us further. I went home full, and again reminding myself i needed to eat lesser for dinner since i dont usually feel hungry by evening.

Looks like i might have strike it right with the diet plan today.

today we head to Ma's place for dinner, but didnt stay very long because we were "assigned" to do housework.

Rodman whine quite abit, and threw his tantrum. I should really consider being less rigid about keeping the house clean but i tot the schedule plan was good enough (we had rest day on Monday, wednesday, Friday) with only 1 task per housework day ( he vacuum, i mop) (he scrub toilet floor & mop it dry; i wipe all the bottom cabinets & window)...  Yet Rodman wasnt getting used to this, he told me that it was really tiring especially after a day of work. hmm..  i am  routine person when it comes to housework, so i told him he could skip his chores & made it up when he feels like it, but he emphasize that i was "pressuring" him with my walking up & down, cleaning around him.

Some more compromising needed for sure, we will work it out.

We got married 2 years ago!!~ And he is still as charming, if not better! i am so so excited about the future we'll be crafting together!!~

Mr romantic also ordered a bouquet of very very very pretty flowers! i didnt expect him to finally get what i liked but he did - no advise for the type of bouquet from his fellow girl friends just him catching all the type of things i love & puttng them into a pretty pretty bouquet

Still all white roses ((  subtle pink but at least alot of greens to compensate)) this bouquet is so pretty i cannot stop staring, now onwrds to the sulking part of watching it turn into brown dry flowers. I wanna keep each stalk as perfect as i possibly can!!

Everything else that night was secondary, had some time in between to drop Kayann a visit & watch her smile & hug her chubs, it was a great day. We end up dining & listening to live band before calling it a day. 

Another carefully crafted trip to JB for work, took out all the accessories & fuel up with bee hoon for breakfast, manage to grab some light bites for lunch at Tang Shi Fu then its back to SG safely!!

I also met up with Paperstop for her dinner treat & thou the food was not fantastic, the company surely was!!~ She gave me a pretty Kate Spade bangle that i keep so dearly, Rodman then went home got the moppping floor done & came to fetch me, It was god-sent because i was too tired from driving to Malaysia that morning so manage to catch a wink on the train enroute to Tanjong Pagar.    i feel bad for making Rodman travel despite resting at home after a day of work, but he did it for you Xiaojiji, so it was probably worth it. 

I fell asleep promptly once i hit the sack, sleeping has never been easier :)

Meals were taken promptly & my appetite seems better today. I even suggested KFC & Macdonald which i have been avoiding for sometime for dinner (oily food leaves a very bad after taste in my body especially during this period)

We did some light housework then Rodman went off for his soccer (good job less the myth of Daddy's belly becoming reality) and then the fatigue came in soon after, i must have laid around on the sofa feeling super off & slightly nausea, then head to bed & continue feeling unsure if i was slipping in real sleep or not.    By 11pm when Rodman return home & i was feeling certain there is nothing to be of concern about i fell into a deep sleep.

Rodman drove his family out to marketing first thing in the morning, and i was still in a deep sleep. Sleep is real bonus especially when i dont have to wake up to the sound of the alarm. Not long after i woke, it must have crossed lunch hour because Rodman have returned with lunch & i munch the entire thing down. We sat around a little then headed to MIL to babysit the Edyth  -- which btw fail big time because clearly she despise our company, It ended up with my MIL taking time off her schedule to coo her to bed while we watch tv. We left defeated - to IKEA to grab some furnitures & grocery to whip out dinner.

So IKEA this time was a straight forward affair. We only pay extra attention to the aisle we needed our stuff & headed straight to the tilt. Then my hunger pang strike again & we had a bowl of noodle at the hawker in GIANT. the crowd was too much for me to handle so i grab the bare necessity we needed to make a simple dinner & headed home.

Dinner was comforting and we rested early for the night.

Today was a day of running errand, but it was for a good cause. Our nieces celebrated fullmonth/brthday on the same day so there were 2 parties to ran to.

Afternoon came & Rodman send me to a long stroll to grab some tools while he drill the wall at home. It was worrying because this fellow is no expert at carpentry - thou he definitely deserve some credit after all this years of hearing how i adore men who did carpentry  & he has came a long way... Our hse is finally completed with the hole in the wall & the curtain installation.

For a mini celebration we headed out for dinner but ended up spending hundreds (whats new)on groceries & whats-not for CNY. Haix, we really need to tied our strings tighter & be less flex with financing man.

Long story short, we accomplished alot for the house today so we were dead beat by bedtime, we wrap some angpow in preparation of CNY then lights off where i had a deep deeep sleep till daybreak.


Worst traffic ever, jam everywhere & all that concentration on the road makes me so tired even before i start work.  Also the ERP $.50 per trip is really getting on my nerves, i need to stay calm & chirpy what is this crap.

Headed to Fatty Foo's parent place where Aunty pass me some toilet scent she help purchase from her market place. So many people are being really sweet to me, i need to appreciate & give thanks to every one.

Read up on #dayrehorror tales & came across some article on 陈老师, she is the famous name that often pops up on 来自星星的事 as the solution to alot of bad hauntings. So apparently a dayre blogger visited her during her trip to Taiwan, then it mention that 妈祖娘娘 whom 陈老师 seek the divine help in solving matter often find Singaporean paying them a visit mostly for expanding their family brood.

Which totally reminded me that i was in Taiwan back in November 2016, and with the help of our efficient tour guide, manage to pay our respect to a temple in Taiwan that also pray to 妈祖娘娘。 For a minute, i had this vision that i might just have asked the Holy for blessing for a healthy child, then by december came the news that i was pregnant with xiaojiji.   I begin to panick/actually excited
that my prayers was really answered & what could possibly be the next steps?    Upon seeking advice from Rodman, we felt that whether our prayers were really answered we should also return our thanks when we get the chance to visit 妈祖娘娘 once more.

Never doubted the greatness of the majestic above, just decided this time that the correct article came into my view at the right that seems to clear the doubts i have that exist somewhere inside my heart. It was a great feeling to fit this puzzle :)

My attempt at poking some insights on the bonus was futile, but from what i gather, it seems this year we will not expect too much in terms of bonus, or the pay review. It has been what - 5 years since i join the company & maybe my career luck didnt sit right with the company, hahah becuase i have yet to experience the "fat bonus" that was much talk about when i first joined the company.

Sad is the owner of a great car that will soon scrap this september 2017, i have officially 8 months to save enough for the next car & with the baby due the same time, it is kinda getting worrying.

Monday, February 06, 2017

Now where do i begin?

Between this short period i have experience a couple of things/incidents that left so much values in my heart
- i had the house to myself, unable to attend the wake of a person who deserve my respect
- i had the freedom to do anything i want, and then learnt i wasnt all that keen on being alone as i thought i would like
- i have an amazing sister who drops everything on her sleeves to keep me company
- i saw some memories on facebook leading to events that took places over the past years, and then remember all the good deeds & people that have supported me & shaped me into who i am today

it's an amazing & helluva ride to have this injected hormones in me suddenly so i get all emotional and learn to see things in different perspective.

Sometimes  u tend to look straight at the one destination you set to reached, and along the way you ignore alot of valuable things that pop up here & there. I am blessed beyond my imagination &  i have been so damn ignorant to fail to see them.    But lucky me, i have been given so many opportunities to slowly unwrap them bit by bit, feeling luckier & luckier with each realization.   Such is an amazing feeling to feel like the world is hugging you & you feel so warm from the cosiness.!