Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rodman's 27th birthday

This year's celebration for bbbbb is unlike the previous year.... this is because i am no longer slogging to pay off my school fees (i am still paying off, but i have a fulltime job now =D )

Somewhere earlier in feb2012, after being confirm as a staff of my now full time company, i decided to get into the habit of saving early for his birthday, so i do not panick with financial difficulty when his big day comes. So for every month salary i receive, i would set aside the portion to pay off the housing loan, as well as a mini bit onto a fund i call "私房钱“..    Atlas when his birthday near, i found comfort in paying off his birthday present (an Oakley sunglass + an all paid trip to tioman for two)... How lucky =)))

Luckily for me, my boyfriend did not immediately into selecting Taiwan, Hong Kong or some exotic countries as his birthday destination, he was afraid i wouldnt have enough to pay off and kindly offer to contribute to the trip. However, my 私房钱 did spare us enough to tide through the trip so i would like to thank MYSELF (hurhurhur) for the amazing birthday surprise i have plan for my precious half. Hope this beats all that fail surprises i have given you over the years!

So i broke his birthday celebration into several series, and together with his best buddies we had a group chat to discuss how to surprise him.... (Needless to say, my brainy boy manage to spoil his own surprise yet again)  the dinner together still made him very very very happy, and especially the gift he received from the Laos+me, it was the watch he sought after for a long while and hesitated to buy because i wouldnt approve of it.  i nag on and on about how he has more than enough watches and watch in delight as we left the mall after his 33333th attempt to coerce me into agreeing him to get it..


He looks really neat in the limited edition watches the Lao's got him, bbbb is an lucky ass, he has a bunch of permanent buddies who took great effort to get him what he really wanted.  They also reminded him again and again not to purchase tooooo many things prior to his birthday so they could find his present easier (haha).. .

more pictures on the Lao's dinner on another post, it on the other camera.

bbbbb's family celebrate his birthday annually without fail so we always set aside that day for them. This year, they had it planned on Sunset Grill at Jalan Kayu, a little hangout place we have been speaking about for months as they were up for the buffalo wings challenge.   We finally made it! and the spicy buffalo wings got bbbbb upset tummy for a couple of days, nevertheless i could tell he truly enjoyed it..
Sunset Grill & bar nicely tuck away in a  small shop along Jalan Kayu, i do not fancy the decor as much as i would have expected it to be... Afterall the name mention Sunset Grill ( i understand this is a shift from the old Seletar) did suggest some interesting sceneries to look forward to - what in turn greet us were red walls with a couple pictures of planes and that is about it.... Not much to talk about if you ask me., 
The usual family discussion of what to eat.
bbb's parent not to excited about the spicy buffalo wings.. 
'first up -deep fried Calamari, which i did not take a single bit.... Thanks to the poor health n bad throat
Half a dozen of Level three buffalo wings to start their tummy rumbling.. 
. The boy that got too dramatic.. haha,. and peeling my chicken wings for me as usual... thank you darby!
he ordered mushroom soup for me so i can ease my poor throat
My supposedly favorite deep fried mushroom that i forbid myself to eat since i wanted to be in the pink of health in time for our tioman trip... bbbbb peel off the flour skin so i can eat the mushroom instead. 
Cheesy fries, again- something i gave a miss
my weak face... #sick
bbbb thanking well wishers on facebook
then we level up the buffalo wings.. 
and again.. till we surrender
My seafood aglio olio
his steak burger
the family discussion over dinner.. and then its bill before we hit his place for the cake cutting. 

Crazily yummy strawberry cake from Glace bbb's sis got him, very pretty and juicy!
pictures with the birthday boy 

the happy family, with me insisting 3 out of the 4 person in the pictures look like they were stamp on - SAME FACE!!!
this is his true self at home, NOT the usual solemn guy u know him to be.. FYI
unusual speedup version of the birthday song, got me giggling soooooo badly i only manage 4 pictures.. haha.. 
My boyfriend - the lousy cake cutter - with terrible cake portion he assigned to everyone... Luckily for me i got a portion not tooo huge to complain about =)
and while u think his birthday is all fun & PEACE & laughter... here's the real deal 

bbbbb's elder brother & sister fighting - ALL THE TIME- epic moments, thank God i caught evidence... they are super funny aduts.. haha

There! part 1/3 of bbbb's birthday, i shall return with more... 

Happy twenty-seven birthday to my precious stinky boyfriend.