Friday, May 26, 2006

Fashion Walker #1: thick spag with stylist own (me) necklace
Fashion Walker #2: Kaka Ling.. $27.90 Ooo.. baby
Fashion Walker #3: glittery top price unknown
Fashion Walker #4: Nid polo.. 2 for $30 Ooo.. baby
Fashion Walker: dolly top with hip girl pant.. price unknown..

Apel imaginary Napfa Gold Moments
ME and Apel.. just finish swimming
my body guards, or rather, I WAS the bodyguard to them
this is the moment.. haha..
And i am still confuse.. do you even care? Look as though you are anxious to knw why i was angry.. on the other hand seems like i am just another one in your phonebook..

........... ok.. too paranoid.. anyway i was a stupid willing idiotic victim..

dun understand what i just wrote? dun bother.. i was just venting my frustuation..
but i must agree i had a good day.. really nice one..
-Swam with Apel, Derrick and Adrian.. Apel din bring her stuff.. so she accompanied us..
-got pretty much bullied, (as usual) by Shar and Edwin.. -.-" (please.. NOT that China GUY!!1)
-join Jamie, SiJia, Benita and Shu Mei for lunch,, they are so poor thing..
-went with Jun Lin and Jamie to buy Si Jia's present.. OMG 100+++ bucks..
-back home.. feel healthy.. cos i swam.. had fishball noodle for dinner..

got pretty upset.. but it was over some realy silly stuff..
Aquarius are said to be flirts.. is it true? what exactly is flirt.. ?
or rather.. what exactly is woo?
online dictionary
1. To seek the affection of with intent to romance.
a. To seek to achieve; try to gain.
b. To tempt or invite.
3. To entreat, solicit, or importune.
To court a woman.

ok.. so woman can NEVER woo.. it belong to the guy..
what ever..

have i been flirting all this while? my mind says no, i reflect on my action, and it says "yes"

-.-"... wth. watever la.. guy dun tink otherwise can le..

Edwin and Shar.. haha/. no comments..
The motivator
The motivator's accomplice
The motivated victim
stopping whatever is left of my blood
my BLOOD!!! a little only.. hai-.-"
the arms, aftermath, cotton wool to hide my wound so i wont scream.. needle right through
the blood still trying hard
the arm before the donation
sign or die, blood contaminated i die.. SIGN SIG
blood donors pioneers
red sky in the morning,.. bloody day

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dear May,
and i still hate you....

is money damn f**king impt? oh.. cn money buy everything?... whatever..

oh good.. i am counting 8 days away to the end of you.,.. cant wait to invite june.. and then u will be away for 365 days..

Hate.. Kristal

Donate blood yesterday, my blood vessels damn tiny.. nurse says i have very "slippery" and small vessels... ask me if i wanna take the dare.. did i ? of course i did,,,
nurse check and insert the first needle in,.. oops! vessels ran away.. i close my eye and thought of Grandma.. then she took out the needle out and ask me to rest.. then she inject some i dunno what to stop the pain.. then while i relax.. she insert another needle into my vein!! caught you!!! blood start flowing really slowly.. and that was another problem.. so i need moral support..
182 and Zheng De have finish their blood donation by then and are waiting for me. And thou they were making a fool of me, i could tell they were encouraging me.. and yup, it helps alot.. thanks..
i was aware i am gonna have lots of blue black,,.. but.. the thought of saving another life means alot to me..
Remember how it all begin..
Grandma was lying on the bed, at her last breathe.. i was panicking and din know what i could do to make her feel better. So i went to a temple and pray REALLY hard.. i promise God if there is any way to make her feel better, please do. So God choose to let her go peacefully, right in front of my eye, and got Cousin to pass me a msg in her dreams cos i din sleep for a week plus.
So God grant me my wish, and i was determine to return my favour. Xinyi and Si Jia accompany to donate blood. i was so scared i went pale,. but when it was over, i realise i feel so much better.. and thigns just move from then/

touching eh.. haha.. but thank God..

next day
Wen for the SaSa and beg people to sign up. PL YT and Reg were all shy about asking people to sign up so i guess as a Da Jiejie, i must thick skin a bit. Anyway its a great test for my temper.. So yup, people ignore u and all// but i dun feel that bad. After the event went to catch the Wednesday lunch concert, NYP band was not too bad.. miss the band times, combine music, sectional, marhcing.. i was even tougher then.. now i am a weak ass..
After that saw 182 and gang, they ask me to go to Loyang, thou i dun believe them, i tagged along. In the end, we really end up at temple praying. i only remember temple every new year. Mummy will bring us all there.. Anyway seeing them pray i wanna join in too. So 182 like smart alec like that bring us pray this pray that, my first trip to Loyang temple, and besides than the dogs there.. the rest are pretty fine.. and the sea view is great too..
then all of us squat at the stone and stare at the Loyang lucky stone.. see -digits.. i saw 7508.. then we bought it.. in the end, come out 7308.. all blame me la.. haha..
Sorry people, that day contact lense got proble,, gimme bad vision till today, still swollen and red.
promise if got chance i go stare carefully.. haha..

182 is a great guy, he wrote about me in his blog.. This is the FIRST time some one actually praise me without my persuading them, and the praises are so good, yet so realistic, it makes me wanna trust it ALL.. and really cheer me up.. thanks 182!

next day again
went to school and felt REALLY bored.. slack, did my report.. and there were so many problem..
ignore u but couldnt do it.. u make me laugh
played frisbee.. but after the first failed catch, i hurt my arms, there was a big red marking .. and afterward the sight of frisbee makes me freeze.. the phobia thing came and i ran back into the room..
slept for an hours,,. and it was really funny cos subconsciously, i saw phyllis sleeping next to me.. hahha.. i face left and she face right.. sounds lesbian right? dun worry i prefer C***.. haha.. just joking.. but not really joking.. haha.. watever

is money everything? i wish i wouldn't have to worry about money no more.. working so hard, falling sick.. i wish i wasn't born like that.. but .. i was...
how am i suppose to tell GJ tomorrow? that i have to return her the money another day cos Dad use it urgently... -.-"

money money, if one day i had to give up something really important to me for money, i MIGHT just do it.. cos money pushed me to the wall.. sometimes i am at my deep end.

counting 6 days to end of TEP, startin to miss the people already. they are so fun. today Edwin and Shar tied the hands of my jacket to the railing.. and i find it raelly amusing.. haha. they also hit me with the ball.. of course i was pissed, but in a confort way.. they are like always there to cheer u up.. and Shar will NEVER let me enter a door without pushing me away first. Edwin will also have that sleepy eye.. and Jed is forever showing his "muscle"
If i have to move to TEP outside without this guys, i might lost the sudden comfort..
if i have a choice, i rather i know them earlier, but considering they might see me in my pathetic bad tempered state.. better not..

what else to write> hmm.. but my entry damn long le..

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

But reli feel very proud of myself.. cos i'm a blood donor.. i save lifes.. so u guys shuld donate too ok.. reli forget talk about tis particular person.. she is Kristal chng Ba* haha.. although she is nt the 1st time donating blood, her eyes is lik so wet lo.. lik almost cry out le.. but reli have to *praise her for her braveness*.. as a gal she can over come her fears and sit there donate.. GOOD.. But her veins is too small.. blood cannot come out.. she sit there very long.. then finally 1st time finishing donate one full pack of blood.. she muz be damn proud of herself.. mi too.. Reli.. Despite her small veins, she did nt give up but continued to wait and donate the blood she have.. everyone should learn from her spirit.. But.. I am wondering here tad where did all her blood go? small veins also wun take so long de lo.. haha.. COs she took abt 30mins++ ok.. serious.. haha.. but overall rate her 8 for her braveness..haha.. ok.. Kristal, i've included u inside le ok.. see i sooooo good!!

---182 blog copied.. hehe

Monday, May 22, 2006

The darkest and most evil corner of the northern most part of singapore.. my room
i was testing out my phone, and Steve came to interrupt, Steve(a.k.a boss of Hooked Clothing, the shop next to mine)
This shot highligh my eye colour.. woo!~
this shot's taken while slacking at HQ house
At Denise and HQ room
and again

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Japanese food treat by HQ
polka dots undies!!!!
Bikini top...

flower series earring.. second batch

blue earring to match contact lense

blue earring batch 1

denim skirt with flowet prints..
Outing with Denise Darl and her BF Hui Quan
Met darl in the morning and we set off to HQ house..
HQ was indecently dressed.. but oh well, its his house anyway.. and seriously, i am not very bothered by it.. haha.. HQ and his campmates around, but we din talk much..
Darl and i change and went right to swim outside. After a while, realising the sun wont come out, we went back in and bath, then change into better clothing and went straight to bugis..
1. a denim skirt with flower prints.
2. earring no.1
3. earring no.1 to go with my current contact lenses
4. flower earring stock up.. no.2
5. woo.. bikini top..
6. polka dottty undies.. haha..

Thank you HQ for the wonderful and sumptous treat to the Japanese restaurant. Bill add up to $80 for 3 person, fully sponsored by the bf,. haha.. seee. EYE open BIGGER can find better man..
damn fucked up, the previous entry kena banned.. so long lo.. -.-"

anyway cut short..
-=Denise opinion on "why-ur-relationship-failed-so-far"=-
"i guess it because u went too fast into a relationship. you know, during the honeymoon period, u ought to go through a few setbacks with the other half before deciding whether or not he is the right guy for you."
*which totally make sense to me.. anyway i am impulsive.. regretful

-= Sharon opinion on "why-ur-relationship-failed-so-far"=-
"darlin, tink its time you get yourself a bf and get over that turtle" (this is when she paused for a while) "sorry, i rephrase, i tink its time Denise and me get u a bf"
*haha.. concern darl.. dun worry about me.. love love

feeling damn shit when i got home just now, the day was pretty much fun, except the part i was really very upset and angry with Cuz,. but i dun wanna talk about it.
why?! i am so stupid lo, totally ignoring the part that we actually had a mutual friend. you probably heard really bad stuff about me from her.

heck the fucking world, i guess i've been thinking too much..

i know back here, i am trying hard to be a better soul, whereas my eyes is still as blinded as before. My brains till assumes alot, why did i always see the wrong people in front of me..

Dear all that are checking out my background, trying to know more about who i am. Listen to this : i am perfectly who i am, i DO NOT appreciate u asking my friend about what happen to me in the past. IF my past REALLY matters so much to you in our FRIENDSHIP; trust me; this is fucking NOT friendship. IF you are asking my friends if i am a flirt because u wan a thing with me or whatever the hell, DUN BOTHER!
i shall answer ur question: YES! i am a bitch. The only few guys i ever dated are either after my body (as thou i can fufil them) or out for the money (Sadly people, i dun have any!!! fucking dun have any!)

Enough! enough hell for me.. i am fucking blind.. haha.. funny right? i feel it too.. my brain are born opposite and upside down.

I tried to prevent myself from getting hurt. I tel the person beforehand DUN BE TOO NICE to me.. cos i am fucking blind.. i would end up gettin the wrong feelin and cause a big misunderstanding.. then i will fucking regret..

damn damn.. tsk tsk.. hey Turtle, maybe u might wan to explain the bad points i have.. so that i can improve on it?

Friday, May 19, 2006

picture speaks a thousand words
Haha.. know whats my bad point?

This is an official certified and confirm description about me by my best friends and dearest colleague..
-Kristal trust people too much,. she is always on the top of the list when Jean decides to warn the colleagues about being fooled by new colleague.. Jean will approached Kristal first.. and if she doesn't, others will tell her "dun bother telling me, i know her true colours, u better warn Kristal better" Her best friend often knock on her head and tell her "look carefully, u'll get what i mean in no time, she is DEFINITELY not who u tink she is"
-Kristal has been fooled and cheated off about $200 odd from these friends she believed and use to rank them under "trustable friend"
-Kristal has been sabotaged about 3 times so far cos she trust the new colleagues too much and she ended up backing them up when they are OBVIOUSLY in the wrong
-Kristal will never make a wise choice.. unlike a normal Aquarius
-Kristal temper never last more than a week, in fact she often forget why she was angry in the first place..
-Kristal is different, not in her gender, or physical, or abilities, she's just different

Sounds odd? i dunno.. haha.
Here are some of my character my mummy discover about me:
- "Mei ah" (my house name) walks crooked whenever she is upset (GOd i NEVER knew this part of me)
- Mei ah" mouth snoob when she is feeling restless (huh!!! u mean i did?!~)
-When "Mei ah" say she dun wan something in a "eh-- tink i skip it la" she usually end up wanting it

Here are some characteristics i discover about me:
- When i learn that i make a mistake but its a little too late, i'll carry on making the mistake
- When i panick, my stomach runs faster than i can run to the toilet (nah. thats a joke!! haha)
- When i panick in silence, i can't breathe
- When i panick in urgent situation such as death, i walk up and down, and totally lose control of what i am saying
- When i lie, u wont figure that out
- When i am scared/sad, a something seems to pierce through my heart, and literally REALLY pierce throught, i can REALLY feel the pain
- When i smile in silence, i am actually laughing hard in my heart
- When i cry, my nose block so badly i sound sexy.. (haha)
- When i fall sick, i fall REALLY sick
- When i trust my feelings, i am usually wrong.. cos i ended up regretting it immediately.

oh.. one last point;
-When i stretch my tongue out, u'll realise i have LONG tongue..

haha.. thats al for now, 1.43 midnight,. and here i am talking nonsence to myself..
night all!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

i dreamt about myself walking down this alley alone, with nothing with me but a candle, and as the fire in the candle dims, i panick in silence , every breathe i take sounds so loud.
I was helpless, and i couldn't cry for help.

you din tink i will ever feel this way
till the day u realise u never actually want to tink if it at all
thou i know, there is nothing to hide
i choose to remain silence, to see how u will walk me through this journey

sounds too emotional, haha,. a great news for all to know.
i finally understand why i have been feeling all upset this days~ PMS
cant believe it? believe it;..

anyway life still goes on, no matter how hard i may cry yesterday
or struggle to survive tomorrow
i am still me, still Kristal

today seems fine so far,.. anyway yesterday entry seems to miss out one something,
tink i better clear all doubts..

Sharon Darl' saw Turtle with a new girl

was i sad? hmm,. dun tink so....
i was just angry he could move on so fast,
but i guess it was ok to be angry
anyway Edwin is right
he might not be living life as good as i assume he is
so i shall assume he live life bad now

anyway Both me and Celina are both very afraid ??? ???? is Turtle
please dun let it be
cos i need a new life now.. haha

and Sammie, yes! i deserve some one better
all i have to do is to give myself more time..

and if it all fails and i am still unwanted

i guess.......... its better to sign up for insurance for being unwanted
haha. if not i will pay Jalani or Edwin and make either one just pretend to like me..
haha.. nonsence.. i m talking crap again,.,

life still goes on.. Grandma is still gone..

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dear May,
Thank you.. for all this year since i was 10 you have never fail to upset me.
you know i hate you, of the 12 months we are offer in a year, you are the only month that i am cursed.
Lets recap on what u have done to me so far:
- you make me lost my only pillar of support, you let my grandma go
- you make me fail, for the first and only time, my one subjest for examination
- you make me meet the IDIOTIC fucker who molested me, and TOTALLY ruin my life since
- you make me meet Mr Turtle, and since begin a stupid relationship which has me ended up being a clown
- you make me cry nonstop..
- you make me fear you
- you make me as broke as a mouse

all my life so far, i never want to look forward to ur arrival. It just hurts too much. Remember how i always repeat the sentence "tomorrow will be a better day" till i fall asleep just to beg you to stop? If i can choose, i never want you around, you are only a 30 days worth useless month

Why me? Why do u make my life so miserable? But guess what? i fight u, and i won!
check out my achievements:-
- i manage to hang out really well with my teammates whom i know from APRIL
- ......... thats all

I know you will continue to make life really miserable for me, but what can i do?

May, spare me, for you i donate most of my blood, for you i bear with the pain of losing my only support in life(Grandma)

Thats all..
Kristal.. still strong

i tear while i wrote this entry, hated May..
i miss you, Grandma,. i know i cant show it out, whats the point? you wont see it, and i wont let other see me like that. In the past, you cheer me up when i am down, so now, i'll cheer others up when they are down.
Ah ma, where are you now? i blame myself cos i forget what ever you told me. You say i shouldn't cry anymore. You say i can only eat 7 tangyuan when i am 7years old.
and when i was 8, u gave me 8
then when i was 15, we shared 15

then u stop making them.. and u stop making our favourite stuff,
and u stop making bead jewelleries for me.
and u stop being there for me.
and u left me..

but i know it wasn;t ur fault, it was May.. May brought u away..
and i swear i will hate May for good..


i really want u around..

Friday, May 12, 2006

Swimming at Denise's Condo
11/5/2006- Met Denise at 12.30 at Yishun station and we went to watson to buy sun tann oil for our session, then we bought bubble tea (green apple green tea for Denise and Honey milk for me) board 169 to the condo, the amazing thing is the condo is situated directly outside HQ condo, its like u open the camp gate, then the condo is there.
==>The condo is like a chalet, i fell in love wit it immediately, anyway after the tann (which eventually flunk) we went back and CLEAN up the whole house, OMG! u know its really CLEAN up, clear all the guys' room, and pack like 4 plasma TV boxes worth of RUBBISH. haha in the end as reward, Denise order Pizza, we also pack the storeroom and kept away 10 mirrors, throw away few boxes and arrange like 20 instruction booklets. My conclusion is ---- GUys like Gadgets, gadgets have boxes and instruction booklets, and guys DUN read them..
did i mention i spend like 45 min arranging a whole lots of wires!! tied them and hide them..
i wonder how Denise Darl did all by herself, glad i am around to help her.
-=All for LoVe, Denise Jia you, and HQ, pls la.. appreciate ur gal, i know u will like the shirt she bought u, happy birthday HQ!=-

My day kind of ended here, and i went home to do house hold chores again, so today is like a do chores whole day. bones dieded, and my life is still n=miserable.

i dunno la, i felt really restless these days, like my days are ending. I just wish and desperately wish something exciting will happen soon. i feel my days are bored, my nights are lonely, and i am beginning to keep to myself, which is really bad.

God help me, why do i feel this way? There are no motivations, i am like a book left on the shelf, like the porcelain ppl put away nowadays, like i have lost the trend, like i am a shadow.

but i carry on my smile, i am cheerful... thats Kristal..

Love love Sammie! i miss her SO much, and we have soooooo much to talk. i am SO proud when she tell me our conversation is like the longest session she ever had since she reach NYP.. haha.. i REALLY look forward to more of it k gal.. =P

and JeRk has some problem with his relationship, i hope u sort ur thinking out really well.

Edwin has choose to give up on her gal. i wish u are happy..

Si jia and Zho Zheng are going well, i hope they last long

Xinyi choose to give us all up, but i know she has her problem, Si Jia and i hope her well. Believe it or not, she block me i guess on msn.. its ok, i dun wanna know why anyway..

and i hope i found someone soon,, pls God, dun leave me on the shelf, and PLEASE dun gimme to a really bad owner again,,.
One lester is enough in my life..

Thursday, May 11, 2006

JalaNi! haha.. Today's a really GOOD day,., had so much fun
SPSS presentation: ok la.. i know i did pretty badly, but oh my the support from T&D were so supportive.. sob sob..
==> Jed gave me a pat on my head, follow by the sentence "i think u did a great job"
==> Shar says "Both Yan Ting and you did a great job, surprisingly" -.-"
==> Edwin wrote in his blog bout everythings' consider pretty well done except for one feedback
i just hope the only negative feedback isnt the REAL feelings. there were many contradiction. so .. watever.
the T&D had a breakfast together, first time! but also because of this i forget all about PIZZA treat by PM Lim Soo Kim

Pizza part was funny, so was the money kena cheated part,, no further elaboration here.. "walls have ears"
Pizza was delicious, but we talk so much nonsence, i practically feel the bread wobbling down my big tummy.

After school Shar send me to Suntec on his bike!! coool! bike is still on top of the list. The whole journey is very exciting, and the wind blew right on my face, making me more assure of my passion for bike.
We took some silly pic at suntec

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

i am not done with the introduction!

YanTing: a.k.a Panda, she is a damn adorable girl with a really sweet voice. Enchanted! haha. she is very blur blur many times, and the first girl to take my contact number down when i first enter T&D.

Phyllis: First girl to speak to me, the assistant leader of the group. Really hot babe and totally has the fashion sense. Very humourous and really nice to talk to.

Yarni: Malay mixed this and that.. Complicated girl who is always o the phone. A total soccer freak! haha./ u can catch her doing all the sport whenever she wants to, checking out result of soccer on the New Paper

Regina: the so-call mama.. she is constantly something, like there is no tomorrow. she will always say :"have you.. what about.. ?" haha..

So i guess i am left with the Supervisor in charge, that will be Ms Cindy Soh, this lady with a not-so-good backdground. They say she is very strict, so we are all very timid i front of her, but everytime she speaks its like you can fall aslp immediately. I ranked her 1st in curing insommia.. haha..

SO thats T&D. we hold lotsa of workshop. We find external speaker for talks in school. Its very "On!" and we always laugh and joke.

Suddenly felt so guilty, hmm.. -.-" what happen to my passion for DBI0403.. haha. in actual fact, there is not passion. DBI0403 is consider broken..

Napfa test result, was a lil disppointed when i heard Xinyi get gold. Of course we compare, but frankly, i was glad she did well..

A newly establish couple, Lim Si Jia and Lim Zho Zheng! so good right, next time baby surname sure "Lim" so good lo.. haha. maybe
..... "Lim Tau pok?"
..... "Lim Kopi?"
..... "Lim Chwee?"
haha... see i am so concern.. haha..

anyway shall update another day// tatta

Monday, May 08, 2006

today is lika i-m-pissed-off day. Wish i could shout!

Anyway a few recap:-
-read Mr Edwin's blog (notice he found out my blog address).. Seems like he is apologitic for how he scolded his ex. hmm.. my comment (thou not at all impt.)

-Denise and HQ are back together. Jiayou! Thou the relationship is not officially announced, the bond between them are there and, yup, its only matter of status so who cares? haha.. enjoy urself Princess

-Heard nuttin bout Sharon, she is M.i.A.. oh wel, but i miss you all the same..

So i guess i have a few new reader with me, if you need some clarification, check out my older blog
Why did i change my blog? Because of Lester, because he mistook too much stuff, because he say from today onward, "we'll have nuttin to do with each other"

As i was teling the story to Edwin, about this Lester guy, many things flash back across my brain, killing a bout thrillion of brain cells. But as the story come to an end, i realise hey, i stop feeling the way i tot i will feel. which is a good thing.

School attachment is pretty good, especially with my new groupmates. For a start, age was no big problem, we communicate really well. Here's a short intro of them

-> Edwin(of course! haha) a cute guy with a mixed blood look, really humourous, somewhat lame guy but with lotsa of crap to talk about. We crap so much to the extreme of even chicken rice!!
-> Sharir is a lame joker with all kinda of expression to describe somthing, he is totally in love with his name, plays really well in puzzle bubble, rides a bike, lame with me almost all the time. Totally single and available.. ladies!!!
-> Jed, funny lad, youngest in the family, dote by his siblings, adores his brother, has a mind of his own, talks funny listens to oldies. Despite single but is not ready for a relationship.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Happy birthday Zhi Liang..!! haha.. sorry i din know the date.
Celina ask me just now, what if Lester learns about this blog. I was prety much puzzled myself. But no, life is gonna begin without this guy call Lester, ever in my life again. haha. in fact i tot of him so less that his name today is more like a unfamiliar term to me.

Anywas napfa is starting pretty soon, about 5hours from now. And as usual, my fear came, the stomach cramp and all, i wish it will stop, like stop really soon. Nuttin must affect my Napfa today, not even the news about the 5batteries first before 2.4km run.

Here are my strategies:
-Run with 2 breathe..
-Aim better for incline and sit ups
-standing broadjump, swing more
-sit and reach stretch as fast as i can

i know, i know, many "strategies sounds really idiotic, like "duh--- then?"
okok.. enough of nonsence, i need to motivate myself, really scared,. like trembling on the inside but refuse to show it on the outside..

God, can i ask of a gift today, i wish u'll listen to me just this once, just once today.
... Let me pass my napfa with better grades. May i have no stomachache, no cramps. No feeling sorry for myself..

i know Heaven is fair, we'll have our own share of gift, of pain. But i need God today, my napfa.. its like thing, only one thing i ever felt thankful for, that i can do some prettywell

nonsence.. i must be talking nonsence..
so it shall be..

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

How does it feels to end up in the very first place u came from? i knew it wasn;t that easy how my life will turn out, din imagine it to turn out to be a lil' joky. haha
For a start. welcome back to this blog when i first started out.. haha.. its more like a joke than anything else. Well.. this blog, to be short, was first created under the mentor of JeRk a.k.a Kyunwoo. haha
i am back here.. this is a blog less ppl know.. more ppl find hard to figure out.. so i guess some ppl just wont have the luck to read my golden words.. haha