Tuesday, December 17, 2013

ok its over

I admit to myself that i can be quite a sadist.

That is, after change to thicker wires  on the braces bracket, and when the pain comes in from the tightening of the teeth
It's like a part of me likes to tickle with the pain & constantly seek thrilling food (in this case it is crunchy food like celery sticks, apple and rice .. yeah.. wtf rice even) by chewing on them painfully,
then the pain will spread to many areas of the gum, usually resulting in a bad migraine that goes away only when i stop eating
Then i will begin this vicious cycle of chewing on the next food, just to tap on the migraine & feel the pain
i am a sadist really..
(view from Mr Goh's hotel room in shanghai)

Mr Goh is over at Shanghai this week for his business trip, like 5 days after i return from Phuket from my business trip. This is our live for now i guess, long-haul flights, short haul flight, taking turn to using the toiletries bag ( in this case i chose to share our toiletries bag but i am quite an ass at preparing all this... on the other end of the spectrum however, opening Mr Goh's bag deserve a stage of its own.) Its like he gets a kick out of making sure everything essential for travelling is a stone throw away, so now i make it a point to bring my luggage to his place for his checking before either of us fly. haha.

Anyway speaking of my Phuket trip, i would really like to dedicate a whole blog entry on it alone, its my FIRST trip oversea for work & possibly the FIRST hotel stay i did alone. I never had the choice to sleep alone at home, a large part of my life involves sharing room with my brothers when i was much younger & then with my sister when she was born 8 years later. To say i am uncomfortable sleeping alone is a understatement, i am SCARED for my life sleeping alone.
When i first learn news of the impending year-end trip back in April this year, i was excited & too anxious for the independant "sleep". The next few months was spend discussing this fear with my family & friends and many had offer good suggestion.

The extreme ones are my family, who had volunteer to buy themselves air tickets to crash my hotel room (hello, not helping, i will never learn from this), then slowly, they suggested more constructive suggestion like bringing amulet (to be use against you-know-what) to placed under my pillow when i sleep. I really like this suggestion because it keeps me at ease, and so i did it during this recent stay.

The most helpful suggestion came from Mr Goh, who had zero problem falling asleep in any place, any hotel, any time of the day.. haha.. i used to ask what he was thinking moments before he sleeps & he told me he tot of nothing.. like wtf.. nothing! why cant I think of nothing?  Do you know how hard i try to think of a BLACKSCREEN (which in my opinion, refers to nothing) just to force myself asleep.. Then i get distracted by the black screen because my mind made out weird images in the dark.. like how the black screen transform into theatre curtain drawing open to some gymnastic, WTF i am quite a seriously hallucinated human lah.

Anyway (i digress.. shit).. Mr Goh's fantastic suggestion was to sleep slant across the huge bed, which works really well for me this trip because the hotel room offer up to 6 pillows, which i utilized full, placing them by both side of me when i sleep.. so with the body laid diagonally across the huge bed.. i filled it up quite quickly, dropping any hints of waking up to "something" unwelcoming..

Other ritual i perform for this phuket trip include (dont mind me please, i am a scaredy cat):-
1- knocking the door, then waiting before inserting the room card to enter the room

2- stand to one side after opening the room so "you-know-what" can take their exit.
3- switch on all lights & open all curtain & doors

4- look for any water puddle on the floor, below air-con units or EVEN in the bathroom floor
5- flush the toiletbowl & lift the lid
6- remove my shoes & place it untidily

7- find bible in any drawer & check if the page is open

i know, you are freaking out at my behaviour, but this are a compilation of to-do after gathering alot of suggestions.. You know.. "its ok not to know, but once you know & NOT do, its not ok" so blame my luck for my imaginative friends lor.

Anyway for the curious i have done up a explanation below, in case you cannot justify my action

Ritual 1- to alert "you-know-who" of my arrival
Ritual 2- to politely let them take their leave so i may borrow their space for a few days
Ritual 3- to warm up the room of my presence, and to make the environment less favorable for those unintended
Ritual 4- read this in a mag somewhere, its weird if there are water puddle because your room should be tidied before your arrival, so pretty sure the water should be cleared, if the water was collected during the time no one was around, this means the room has been empty for "too" long, or that it is related to "water-you-know-what".... Also bathroom floor should clear of water before you arrived, its all hotel policy, unless the shower is leaking, which in any case i wouldnt choose to sleep hearing the water droplet drips every second through the night
Ritual 5- this is a old myth, i just do it lah, dont really know the purpose
Ritual 6 - to prevent anything from taking over your "body" if you put on your shoe later on in the same manner.
Ritual 7- bible page is open? This place needs cleansing, something has happen before, stay only if you have guts

And that's about it, some added details like sleeping with the bathroom lights on, and drawing close the curtain and leaving the TV on, i am quite a maniac on this ones... thankfully the hotel stay's gotten too comfortable that by the 2nd night i was sleeping at ease (that's also cos i was too scared to sleep the first night that i slept only at 3am & woke up at 7am for a meeting)

Oh, somehow the background of the Hotel i stay (Holiday Inn @ Mai Khao beach) makes the entire stay comforting, heard from the bosses that this hotel is relatively new & the rooms are newly renovated, and a bonus for me was that i was given the room at level 1, which means the curtain opens to the balcony that overlooks the grass with trampoline, projector screen for movies & archery)...

 i would recommend this hotel for Phuket -goer unless you are keen on shopping in Phuket (seriously phuket has zero worthy shopping places luh)... this hotel is 6 star worthy truly for a beach holiday.