Friday, October 28, 2011

KL with bbb

Gee... thank God for lunch time otherwise i wouldnt be able to blog this space about the recent wonderful holiday i've completed last weekend =) 

So bbbbbb and i purchase some Groupon deals off the net weeks back and decided to enjoy a short getaway during the week of his birthday, over at our neighbouring country - Malaysia.... we chose KL since i was a country pumkin who dont recall ever being there.

we woke up pretty early that morning, having set the alarm clock at 6am... bbbbbb couldnt slp well the night before so he got up and prepare while i snooze till he had to lug me out..

We tried the circle line and reach doby ghaut earlier than expected.... thumbs up to new transport route!!

the assembly ground was arrange outside a wooooloooooooo hotel which i can no longer remember, not long later the bus arrive

We board the WTS 28 seater bus and it was really comfy, the journey was estimated at 5 hours so we had some time to nap away.

two pit stops, one lunch break and a toilet break later, we finally arrive at Furama (since the ride wasnt all that bad i wont complain much =)

i like the room!!!!!!!!~

Ok so here's the trick, i googled about Furama Bukit Bintang online before the trip and learn the hotel is relatively new having only open in July 2010, as a result renovation ares ongoing, some leakage expected but all it well, in addition i also manage to discover that we can request for a FREE upgrade of room IF we are nice to the staff.... and so i was -_<

upon checking in, i could see some foreigners making a big fuss out of having no extra rooms and the staff were distress, when it was my turn i smiled nicely at the ladies, wish them a good day and put on a sad (i WAS!!) face when i learnt bbbbbbbb and i were gonna sleep in twin single bed (i knew it was coming... wahahha) i told them it was my bf's 26th birthday and i was too afraid to slp by myself, hence, as a form of birthday present, would they be able to request for a queen size bed for us instead?

and so here was the story of how we landed up on the 18th storey, upgraded room, at no cost..! heehee... thanks to the google-girl == me!

after putting down our lightly packed luggage, we changed out of our long jeans into some comfy shorts and off to start some serious shopping ....

First up on the list was my wish to check out the Petronas Twin tower.... kkk i know how this was MEANT to be bbbbbbb's birthday holiday, but i was obviously the one enjoying more... teeheeheee...

it is truly a beautiful sight over at the twin tower, despite our embarressment joining all the other tourist taking pictures away (when logically speaking bbbbbbbb's half a malaysian) i cant help feeling all jittery at the thought that i've covered this scenery that i once only seen on poster and off google images.

We checked out KLCC Mall.. and it was a pretty space to shop in (but not buy things from since all the brands found there can easily be found in SG).

After which we board a LRT like-a-local two stations down to Petaling Street, also known as the pirated goods streets or the Chinatown market... bbbbbbbbb was all raving about it since his previous trip there... we bought SOME stuff but not too many... i wanted to put our bargaining skill to test and got myself a pretty fake tiff&co necklace to match my real earrings... and the price of $75 was eventually bidded down till $40, which was only S$20. i consider myself lucky =)

This fried noodle can be found at a hidden corner of Petaling Street, simply lookout for the 8-bao-char stall, and right behind it is a hidden hawker....

bbbbbbbbb's siblings' been raving about it non-stop and how can we miss the fun? I tried it (abeit replacing the noodle with Kway Tiao).... and it REALLY taste good...

i can see why everyone declare this food item a MUST-TRY! the other rave was their chilli fish but bbbbbbb and i had plans to da-bao food to eat in the hotel room (suppose to be the "luxury" we declare for our holiday) so we didnt get to try the fish.

The night ended with Celup (anything on satay sticks you bring on a plate, get the person to BBQ it or you boil it urself, grab their specially blended sauces and EAT!, Wanton soup, spicy dry noodle...

We grab the dinner while catching TV in our hotel suite... i like the feeling of not having to give a damn about "table ettiquette"..... and den we fell asleep....

Here's us both waking up late for brekkie (since it was provided in house)........ bbbbbbb had a hard time convincing me to get up.. so i was grounchy for a while... i.e see my swollen eye... this happens if i wake up UNNATURALLY... hahaha

*and i really like my Tinkerbell hoodie, whatever you say... it cost me merely S$4 - F-O-U-R dollars off Gmarket.... call me a genius!
the breakfast was so-so... we wanted to check out all the malls near our hotel, so as soon as we freshen up, we covered... --- Sungei Wang, Berjaya Time Square... and that took up the whole day!

No pictures since i was too busy shopping... the malls are fantastic... i like how most of the shop had flat rate.... one shop sells EVERYTHING for RM25, the other RM20, the other RM30.... and so it was easy to work out a budget to complete my shopping...

which came up to this -------------------->

i got all this with the mere S$400 or so dollars bbbbbbb budget for my shopping.... good deal! and this was only slightly more than half of our shopping, bbbbbbbb also got a hair cut, we got Krispy Kreme for our journey, some local food and had a AWESOME massage over here!

i know how, for years, i've rejected foot massage for fear my feet were too sensitive... infact once.. bbbb wanted to prove it wasnt such a big deal to be massage on the foot and in return i gave him a very very bad kick....

but i regretted because Foot reflexology is toooooooo GOOD.

I had my virgin experience with Pau/Clar-Angels at China town and the one who was screaming wasnt me! haha... some say the body is healthy so you dont feel the pain... perhaps for mine was because i was too SURPRISE at the comfort it brings... thus... i had forgotten to scream?!

anyway....i got my foot reflexology done at this underground massage parlor called  and after telling the masseur i had my "period"... she went gentle on my foot while placing a hot charcoal pack on my shoulder, my abdominal... the pain subside with the hot pack.. i MUST get one!

anyway i cant remmeber the rest.. because i fell asleep... so soundly bbbbbbb said he heard my usual snooze (by snooze he meant snore but my snore is silence... so all you hear is very very faint breathing in a weird momentum

we met up with bbbbbbb's sis and sis-in-law-to-be on the last day so we skipped the coach ride back to SG.... we tried more local food (Assam laksa, beef ball noodles... etc..) and finally left KL for SG around 5plus..

bbbbbb grabbing some nap before he takes over the wheel from his sis-in-law-to-be for the next half of the journey back to SG...

and that sums up the entire KL trip... which i really enjoyed! (so did bbbbb... or so i hope!)...

next up wil be his actual birthday.. more awesomeness from his dear family... and the desserts we grab... YUMS!

a shout out to CLARINDA FOO ANGEL!!! who is under the threat of bomb attack over at Germany right at this moment, please be safe, contact me ASAP if you are safe... and Happy birthday my sweetest doll!!!


Monday, October 17, 2011

I've decided to spend a little of my working lunch hour to post an entry.

This week is gonna be fun-filled (that is--- towards the end of the week.. ) cos its BBBBBBB/s birthday!!!~

My boy/s gonna turn 26... super old.. and unlike the other years... this year i put in great effort to make sure his presents are mature enuff for his age (wahahhahah).

i sought help from PaperStop's buddies whom very kindly acted as the mannequin to cater to my all needs so i can find a perfect gift for bbbbbbbbbbb....

We spend the evening in town and i was still on the road to recovery for my 2011 fever. Why 2011 you might ask... this is cause every year.. i'll stay healthy thru out and den the metabolism will take some leave and i'll be down with a major fever .. EVERY. FREAKING. YEAR!!! So you see... this time, its the 2011 fever... which means i'll be in good hands to travel from now till year end!!

Anyway bbbbbbbb's gotten us both two tickets to KL! i MIGHT (or might not) have been to KL but i haven done so as a proper tourist so here's the chance! we'll be putting up at Furama hotel located very near the petronas tower and the chinatown. Bbbbbbbb's last drop by months back when his company send a couple of them over for the standard Chartered Marathon KL 2011.

i guess we'll be having lotsa fun.... i made bbbbbbbb promise he wont check on his mail box for any work related  matters... and that he wont be planning what we ought to do, instead, we're gonna slack in bed all day till we both wanna head out.. and we're gonna head anywhere our feets take us to! I really wanna cover the F21 over there but i'll leave it to my special boy =)

And since he is turning 26, we both realise how we have already known each other for 10 freaking years... Like since him and i are both as huge as hippo?! haha... thank God we/ve passed that phase...... Back during dinner with his cousins days back, they were amaze known each other for long... but since we hvnt been in much contact along the way.... i guess this 3 years is the REAL friendship/relationship we've developed... teeheehee...

So yup... many are asking about our plans for the future.... i wont comment on it.. since i tend to get way fickle-minded... sometimes i wanna heed Phyl's advise to do things the way marriage should have been done.. Propose---> House--> Marriage, den again some other times, i get pressurize by everyone around me getting al hyped over wedding....   so with regards to this matter, we'll see how the man feel about it k? *wink... bbbbbbbbbbb

i wish i could update about other stuff and actually post those bintan trip pictures up soon.. but i;m freaking lazy on weekday,.. and would rather spend the effort trying to get the workload done.... i'm still relatively new to my job so spare me! soon as i complete my relaxing KL trip, i MIGHT blog... okok.. i WILL blog.. =)


Friday, October 14, 2011

My secret and my relationship

So i am here blogging, because apparently Clar reminded me i haven post much lately.

and i have a secret to share...

Clar.Pau and i MIGHT become famous... wahahhhaa... like it will hurt anyone..

Ok what happen was Pau lost her iphone and inside contain some of our "private" pictures... and she is afraid our reputation will be gone.. so here i am with a couple of this collection exposed so when the matter come into light... it wouldnt hurt us the slightest bit.


i mean... if you ask me.. i actually like this pictures. i know girls being girls.. secretly loves taking picture.. Since we've taken a huge step to have the pictures taken (with only the 3 of us insides.. i booked the studio from a good friend of mine =)   Den why regret?

when i look back at my younger days years ahead, i'll be smiling to myself cos i flair what i belive i possess, in a good way...

and if permits.. i'll slowly post some others as the time past...

i love this two younger girls and i think they have the prettiest faces! if pictures are enuff to judge a person wholeheartedly, den the person judging us definitely hasnt know the real Kristal, Clarinda and Pauline.

On another note, its the end of a week again and i am happy =)

bbbbbb and i hvn been meeting lately, and to be honest i do feel tad affected. I know  how he always emphasize that when i do found a job i fancy and work hard on, i'll see how the REAL social world works! i trust myself to be commited to both relationship and work, but now that he seems to be putting me into the real test. I actually felt all this negatives "vision" he saw was largely contributed by himself.

Nevertheless, i remain the same person i am, and if, like he says, there will be threats/options out there that i am vulnerable to -which i remain confident would only happen if he had acted like he cannot win them - den we shall act according to the script, once beautifully sculpted by the same man who tried so hard to prove he is the correct one, and who nows predict a storm might soon arise.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jokes off 9gag

so Clar has left for Germany - AGAIN... but this time.. she left behind something really special....
Pau, Clar and i have become close-er friends, much much closer than before, we even got a slumber party done at Pau's one night.... where we chit chat like no tomorrow, and when pau soon concuss Clar and i spent the night just chatting away.... it was such heartwarming moments i couldnt forget.

Pau made me promise i wont slip away again this time.... i admit i did it before, once was when i no longer felt the friendship btw us was all that strong to need to hold on to... and the other time, i was playing saint to this dear friend of mine was better off being with girls of her own age... Needless to say i regretted it much and even bbbbbbbb mention i had look much happier.

Clar and i didnt had a good "ending" the previous time she was in SG, i guess there was alot of misunderstanding between us, particularly the part when she had misunderstood i was trying to snatch this childhood friend away. Thank God we trash things out a little before her return and this trip to SG was a golden opportunity to treasure what is left of the previous friendship we had together and to build on new ones =)

We now held a group chat on whatsapp where the three of us says the most random stuff.... and when i feel the urge to purchase some cosmetic i can always seek clar's opinion, Steve Jobs make distance shrink and thank God we can make use of this facilities.... i almost felt as if she was just a call away -  and she is

so today's another day at work (to fill you in when i can manage my mood a little better. i've decided to cheer up my thunderstorm tuesday with some compilation of jokes i've ripped off the net... it makes me laugh quite a bit... so i hope its contagious to you too =)

What's a better creation than 3M reminded sticky note to remind blur-minded woman like you and i? I'll also add on a bit of love notes for bbbbbbbbb before he leaves for work in the morning =)     [shoutout to the bf......... Happy monthsary back... thanks for tolerating my nonsences for 3yr 2 months and still hvn gotten sick of the same face you've seen for TEN years=)

i truly love this paragraph i read online, it was intended as a joke, but it makes me melt =)

and i certainly hope your tuesday stays peaceful.... like i would want the same for myself


Thursday, October 06, 2011

How Steve Jobs made history

Because he is so legendary.....

Steve Jobs
Co-founder of Apple
the man who coined new-age-music-entertainment

And i know i am not alone feeling so tragicallly affected by the man who made history.
You know sometimes if you read up social study books, history and encyclopedia on legendary human-figure, they wear rope, have wings, third eyes, long hair, holds a sword, walks around in a tuxedo, has the weirdest moustache of all time.

I never knew i'll live long enough to witness the happening of another revolution. I always thought i'll read up more essays and articles just so that i could explain to my children some of the wonders of the world they hadnt explore....

This time, i was lucky....

Like me, many other of my friends, people living here and now, had a bird-eye view of evolution of human mankind. Do i sound really old to admit i;ve been there, during the era of cassette, walkman, MD player (which didnt last more than half a year of craze) and finally stepping into the era of burn CD, piracy and Napster.

i vividly remember my first cassette player, a treasure i had to call my own, given by my late grandma, it had served me pretty well especially since my siblings and i had the habits of recording our silly jokes and mimicking of radio DJ on cassettes.

And then i pursuaded my Grandma to get me my first - and only- CD walkman player. It had played all the best music of my time, some huge bands like Spice Girls, Savage Garden, Backstreet boys and Atomic Kitten..... i still keep both treasures with me, as keepsake for the memory of my beloved Grandma.

Who would have one day decided enough was enough and that we should stop purchasing music that comes in the form of a disc? Who would have tried to challenge what everybody had claimed was the "best" thing of their teenage years? When i first saw my cousin, Rem, holding on a white looking stick with a round button in the middle, i tot he look rather silly....

When Rem explained that inside the mp3 was thousand of songs, and he had gotten most of them off the net, i had lotsa ???????????? in my mind. And there i was accusing him of illegally downloading his music (and went on to show off how it was easier just grabbing them from MSN--> send files). Rem said something that makes me take Apple more seriously..... he said "Apple is here to stay...... Apple is the new thing"

Years later while doing research on successful companies in preparation for uni, i came across loads of articles, mostly on Windows and Apple, i learnt about stock and how the stock market sore crazily high on certain occasions.

I begin on an excessive search of this man everyone is talking about, i cannot lose out. I found out how he had "discover" Apple off a friend parents' garage with a couple of other friends. How many of them eventually lost hope in Apple and left the partnership. I found out how the first ever Apple computer look like. I also learn about how apple had insist on Macintosh, and since convert alot of IT gurus to rave about this technology.

I also learnt about how Steve Jobs challenge the mindset of all mankind. How he had asked what was needed to be done to Apple to make it stands out from the other brand.
I googled more into the battle between Creative soundblaster and Apple sound technology, of how ITunes finally came into picture, of how Hollywood music entertainment industry came into the picture and how mega stars turn to ITunes instead of CD sales to promote their album.

i youtube on how Steve Jobs awe the audience during his presentation of Apple Iphone, and several other parody teasing his presentation skill... i had my doubts about Ipad (the name that is) and other generations of Apple products.... and then the time came..... I CONVERT!

A year into using the Apple products, i am ashame to admit i regretted not converting earlier.... if only..... if only everything had taken place at another era..... i'll be looking at Steve Jobs pictures off my history textbook, learning about his greatest works....... he is like the MJ of the IT industry.... if geeky IT fans had the passion of the music Fan.... i can foresee how many will hold up their placard terming "Married me Steve" "i'll wanna be yours" "never say never" ... etc...

When i learnt of his dismissal early this morning, i immediately doubt this.... it was reported just 2 weeks back that the myth of his dismissal was FALSE and untrue.... when i log into the Apple home page/ news/

Alot of other peeps confirm this fact.....

You'll always be remembered as someone very very profile and intelligence that once lived in my era......... RIP Steve Jobs