Monday, October 17, 2011

I've decided to spend a little of my working lunch hour to post an entry.

This week is gonna be fun-filled (that is--- towards the end of the week.. ) cos its BBBBBBB/s birthday!!!~

My boy/s gonna turn 26... super old.. and unlike the other years... this year i put in great effort to make sure his presents are mature enuff for his age (wahahhahah).

i sought help from PaperStop's buddies whom very kindly acted as the mannequin to cater to my all needs so i can find a perfect gift for bbbbbbbbbbb....

We spend the evening in town and i was still on the road to recovery for my 2011 fever. Why 2011 you might ask... this is cause every year.. i'll stay healthy thru out and den the metabolism will take some leave and i'll be down with a major fever .. EVERY. FREAKING. YEAR!!! So you see... this time, its the 2011 fever... which means i'll be in good hands to travel from now till year end!!

Anyway bbbbbbbb's gotten us both two tickets to KL! i MIGHT (or might not) have been to KL but i haven done so as a proper tourist so here's the chance! we'll be putting up at Furama hotel located very near the petronas tower and the chinatown. Bbbbbbbb's last drop by months back when his company send a couple of them over for the standard Chartered Marathon KL 2011.

i guess we'll be having lotsa fun.... i made bbbbbbbb promise he wont check on his mail box for any work related  matters... and that he wont be planning what we ought to do, instead, we're gonna slack in bed all day till we both wanna head out.. and we're gonna head anywhere our feets take us to! I really wanna cover the F21 over there but i'll leave it to my special boy =)

And since he is turning 26, we both realise how we have already known each other for 10 freaking years... Like since him and i are both as huge as hippo?! haha... thank God we/ve passed that phase...... Back during dinner with his cousins days back, they were amaze known each other for long... but since we hvnt been in much contact along the way.... i guess this 3 years is the REAL friendship/relationship we've developed... teeheehee...

So yup... many are asking about our plans for the future.... i wont comment on it.. since i tend to get way fickle-minded... sometimes i wanna heed Phyl's advise to do things the way marriage should have been done.. Propose---> House--> Marriage, den again some other times, i get pressurize by everyone around me getting al hyped over wedding....   so with regards to this matter, we'll see how the man feel about it k? *wink... bbbbbbbbbbb

i wish i could update about other stuff and actually post those bintan trip pictures up soon.. but i;m freaking lazy on weekday,.. and would rather spend the effort trying to get the workload done.... i'm still relatively new to my job so spare me! soon as i complete my relaxing KL trip, i MIGHT blog... okok.. i WILL blog.. =)


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