Thursday, October 06, 2011

How Steve Jobs made history

Because he is so legendary.....

Steve Jobs
Co-founder of Apple
the man who coined new-age-music-entertainment

And i know i am not alone feeling so tragicallly affected by the man who made history.
You know sometimes if you read up social study books, history and encyclopedia on legendary human-figure, they wear rope, have wings, third eyes, long hair, holds a sword, walks around in a tuxedo, has the weirdest moustache of all time.

I never knew i'll live long enough to witness the happening of another revolution. I always thought i'll read up more essays and articles just so that i could explain to my children some of the wonders of the world they hadnt explore....

This time, i was lucky....

Like me, many other of my friends, people living here and now, had a bird-eye view of evolution of human mankind. Do i sound really old to admit i;ve been there, during the era of cassette, walkman, MD player (which didnt last more than half a year of craze) and finally stepping into the era of burn CD, piracy and Napster.

i vividly remember my first cassette player, a treasure i had to call my own, given by my late grandma, it had served me pretty well especially since my siblings and i had the habits of recording our silly jokes and mimicking of radio DJ on cassettes.

And then i pursuaded my Grandma to get me my first - and only- CD walkman player. It had played all the best music of my time, some huge bands like Spice Girls, Savage Garden, Backstreet boys and Atomic Kitten..... i still keep both treasures with me, as keepsake for the memory of my beloved Grandma.

Who would have one day decided enough was enough and that we should stop purchasing music that comes in the form of a disc? Who would have tried to challenge what everybody had claimed was the "best" thing of their teenage years? When i first saw my cousin, Rem, holding on a white looking stick with a round button in the middle, i tot he look rather silly....

When Rem explained that inside the mp3 was thousand of songs, and he had gotten most of them off the net, i had lotsa ???????????? in my mind. And there i was accusing him of illegally downloading his music (and went on to show off how it was easier just grabbing them from MSN--> send files). Rem said something that makes me take Apple more seriously..... he said "Apple is here to stay...... Apple is the new thing"

Years later while doing research on successful companies in preparation for uni, i came across loads of articles, mostly on Windows and Apple, i learnt about stock and how the stock market sore crazily high on certain occasions.

I begin on an excessive search of this man everyone is talking about, i cannot lose out. I found out how he had "discover" Apple off a friend parents' garage with a couple of other friends. How many of them eventually lost hope in Apple and left the partnership. I found out how the first ever Apple computer look like. I also learn about how apple had insist on Macintosh, and since convert alot of IT gurus to rave about this technology.

I also learnt about how Steve Jobs challenge the mindset of all mankind. How he had asked what was needed to be done to Apple to make it stands out from the other brand.
I googled more into the battle between Creative soundblaster and Apple sound technology, of how ITunes finally came into picture, of how Hollywood music entertainment industry came into the picture and how mega stars turn to ITunes instead of CD sales to promote their album.

i youtube on how Steve Jobs awe the audience during his presentation of Apple Iphone, and several other parody teasing his presentation skill... i had my doubts about Ipad (the name that is) and other generations of Apple products.... and then the time came..... I CONVERT!

A year into using the Apple products, i am ashame to admit i regretted not converting earlier.... if only..... if only everything had taken place at another era..... i'll be looking at Steve Jobs pictures off my history textbook, learning about his greatest works....... he is like the MJ of the IT industry.... if geeky IT fans had the passion of the music Fan.... i can foresee how many will hold up their placard terming "Married me Steve" "i'll wanna be yours" "never say never" ... etc...

When i learnt of his dismissal early this morning, i immediately doubt this.... it was reported just 2 weeks back that the myth of his dismissal was FALSE and untrue.... when i log into the Apple home page/ news/

Alot of other peeps confirm this fact.....

You'll always be remembered as someone very very profile and intelligence that once lived in my era......... RIP Steve Jobs


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