Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I have a interesting idea, one that i dun think alot of ppl had tot about so i am gonna expose it here just so you all know i was the pioneer batch to ever think of suchthings, and thou it may sound just so so so random, who knows one day you might be interested to tk this idea too and start feeling stupid cos i tot of them first.

I wanna make laptop casing and sell them on DkrisS.

mum has suggested my source of sponge, so i will start making them soon to test their realiability and fear not cos ur laptop are secure with those thick sponge cover. The cloth used will me carefully chosen and comes in all shades so u can now find prety laptop case that suits ur style.

i wanaa get rich!!!1

ok.. some random shots,

I got this for chinese new year this year, din know it could look so casual too, so i worn it to town one fine day, what do you think?

it actually compliments my shape and make me look less short

somemore shots to make u jealous, damn cheap high waist skirt (its free cos i got them from my workplace)

A daY aT Takasago~!!
Here's a normal day at my job for half year. Each morning i reach this place with smell of shrimp powder, coffee powder and if you are lucky- honey dew micron powder.

The vital role of my position is to stare at the outlook and make sure all the purchase we've sent out are in order, negotiation of price will be pass on to the purchaser. Quantity issues(such as minimun order quantity have to consult my in-charge)

When all are confirmed i will revise the price and send back the Purchase order and cont keeping track.

Here are my daily tool, importantly the punch holr and staple cos everything done here are very manual, the system we use are not up to date or friendly

There is a very funny policy here at Takasago that makes it a very family-oriented company. That is the fact that we have a commitee in charge of the health welfare of the company, and every now and then we get free dose of funny fruits to perk our day, sometime there are jogathon invites, Sports council free membership and very often- shopping vouchers ( i call it retail-therapy

Thursday, March 13, 2008

God Bless Singapore, Sharon finally blog again.

i took the chance and log in and finally some tiny words words pop out there appear different from those i've been reading for the past months. hahha.

Utterly disappointed with Singapore today, cos the restaurats are fully book. Sharon and i are upset our well=planned day was almost ruined by Kiasu- ppl who reserve table back last wed.

Nevertheless we are heading to a nice ambience (completely different from plann) filled with uncountable loads of food and complete with dessert of different style. I cant wait.

The dress theme today was dressed up, got this inspiration from Destiny_escape's party theme. Its only till my rehearsal today that i realise i haven got any dress-up stuff. Those overly-dressed dresses ain't suitable for a day in the office and a night at the party. So yeah, gotta get some fashion mag later to enlighten myself.

Denise has gotten Coach, flowers, Long Champ, DKNY so far. What i have prepare was amongst those rank together with this brands, however, i still hd that fear if the present was not good enough.

i guess we all just wanna each others' birthdy to be the best. Present are prepare on the thought of making that someone happy, so i hope she is.

I worn my black dress with pearl, the one i was force to buy and ended up liking. I t was far from dress-up so i hope my looks (erm-hem) can fufil the rest.

Finally, after a long while, this is a solely DKS night out. (Pau is an exceptional since she is my baby). I hope it will all turn out well.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Been busy creating a dream, been hogging on the internet day to night and vice versa.

Been checking up on restaurants, been dreaming of luxury. Haha, i am gonna be broke achieveing them this week.

Along my agende for this month include 2 21st bithday parties (of which one has already used up 10% of my pay for this month, lucky girl you!!!!)
- There is a theme party at Little Harrys along Keppel Bay, for Destiny_escape 21st birthday

- There is a tiny party with my besties Denise (which cost me that hole in the pocket)
- There is Jean's party (which was pretty good cos i get to see most of the long lost colleagues)
- Preparing for SYF 2008 DEYI!!! DEYI!!!!
- There is a no-party but present for Bitch, whom i first knew back in 2004
- There is the shopping or fare well gift for my colleagues from Takasago.

and i am looking forwrd to countless trips to visit Pau at her workplace, chill for 5 min at the cloaing Starbucks, meetup with Cuz Viv for puttin on weight. Pau is my baby la!!

We are dating to catch Step Up 2 together.. Besties, any of you available to add on to the participants' list?

Am i wanna date Hai^er, be the closest one to her after her Dad's dismissed. I wanna wait patiently till things gets better for me and her (that CJ girl). I wanna hang out with Apel and her tinted-glasses BF.

i wanna make this month fruitful, and the man is supportive.

Denise probably receive mostly good stuff for her birthday, suddenly got pretty worried if mine was good enuff, thought it did cost me a pretty big hole in my pocket, it had overall been a little of everything nice (which adds up to alot of little cost here and there). i cant wait to see how those silly guys spend aimless money splurging on her, but we all know what Denise wants inside.

She need someone to get her something special, that special is a myth, so is she.


the book "My Sister's Keeper" is so awesome. thanks Pau and Viv for recommending them. They are so identical they read the same book. The story's ending is so ironic. For someone as soft-hearted as me, i cried so hard towards the end the storyline affected me for a while.

I also did a quick summary of the story and told it to the man. Who for once, admit and agreed with me that the book is truly unique. Pau has just passed me another novel by the same author, Jodi Picoult, i cant wait to lay my eyes on them. ahahha

Shall i do one quick summary here too?
basically Anna and Kate are sister 2 years apart. Kate was born weak with some illness (God knows that name, but it was a serious seriuos case of Leukemia cum kidney failure and cancer)

The doc told Sara and Brian (Mum and Dad) that the only way to save her was a transplant, of which non of their children or them are suitable donor. So Sara did a genetic test and had Anna, who was almost geneticlly identical to Kate, so her purpose of existence was to donate whatever she had to her sister.

Monday, March 10, 2008

I got this sharp pain on the upper part of my tummy, slightly below the "breast"
i skip my lunch, but had lotsa of funny snacks after that.

how does it feel like to have appendicities?
there are so many thoughts on mind.....

There was this time i was alone in this new school and everyone around me was a new species of human-like figure created for the purpose ofpleasing themselves and achieving their selfish aim of standing higher than any others. i was one of them.

We had stupid game of orientation, there were names like "raunchy Rachael, Dainty delvina..."i had answer like a typical mixed sch ah lian.. i was "kiasu Kristal"She was "S" something i couldn't remember, since non of us stands out like the popular girl in school...

it wasn't till we both identify ourselves as the heavier one in school that things starts to grow. Back then both of us were in the TAF club which means we had to come to school way earlier and do the stupid jog.

i learn that she was different from the other girls in school cos for once, she didn't differentiate me as the mixed sch gals to the girl sch girl

We became too familiar as friend. so much so that it was no big deal opening up to her. She was everything to me in JC cos she was my most trueful companion. Despite being the same age, i was jealouos she always make up her mind and achieve wateever she decides to do. i told her i was poor and had to work for my JC and she was damn ok about it.

There were times i was so poor i had no money for lunch, but it didn't stop us from hanging out after school. she will have no problem forking out watever money we have to get us a small packet of fries and a 50cent ice cream cone each, den we will sit by Mac and spend hours doing nuttin.

the man was a Jerk then and everything could prove it. she had a arse of a bf too. we cry together and get thru it all.

Years on, one very fine day, when i learn all the while while i quit JC and head to poly, she was down with something serious. That very night i cried like no tomorrow blaming mysel for not being by her side. I went online, bought a earring i tot will look better on no one but her. i send it to her place.

Years on again, she contacted me and told me she had enrol in NYP, i was glad we are able to hang out more often, bt some'how things are different- I was the one to ignore her, and SHE was the one to suffer"

you know sometime guilt gets you forever? when we were both in poly, i will sneak time off to chat with her and we will crash lessons to talk about nuttin. She loves her choc and i will get her the Kinda Bueno, hoping times will reverse and we are both as fat, talking about ways to slim down again. but deep inside, i was secretly jealous of her, cos i still think she has it all- a course everyone desire, a fantastic figure. i wanted to be like her

I HATE IT SO MUCH THAT I AM LIVING IN THIS COMPETITIVE WORLD. i dunno wat got into me but since i was brought into this world, it was all about competiting, to be the best. looking back, i wish i wasn't like this. I had all along tot money was everything and money is the only thing i hadn't got/. i got fucking preoccupied with job, pleasing my boss and getting higher pay. bt i was deeply exhausted inside, you will reach this point where you cannnot climb any further, but i was far from there. the devil inside me has so much stamina, i reach this point i ignore practically everything around me. Home was a shelter away from money and a complete waste of time. friends were a desire and a role model i wanted to become. Even those earning lesser was a role model cos they seem to enjoy watever they are doing and i wanna be them too.

Money was so much everything till my 20th birthday where i had a bad fight with Dad and leaves home, hiding in a place i wish no one finds out. That night Dad cried for me, the mand finds me, Mum drive around the area hopint to spot me. But i was just there, by the reservoir thinking and wishing i was born richer.

that period.. i lost a friend, my trust in the house, my health and a soulmate.

it ironic that years ago, when the man was still a Jerk, it was her who had to talk me out of leaving him and giving him another chance. Till date, it was the man who was talking to me to give this friendship another try.

5 months ago , i was crying river cos she told me how much she has been thru this one yr. For once, my heart ache again. I never want to take friendship seriously but i cant. SHE was the girl i swear i will treat to small fries and ice cream cone when i get richer.

yesterday i tot, since she can give her bf another try, when he was down and out. Why cant she give this friendship another try, i cried myself to bed and the man was around to make me feel better. i rehearse a million times in my head the things to blog abt in case she reads my blog. i hate her last night.

today, while i was at work, i re-rehearse another new entry to make my point to her that she was wrong. in the afternoon, i sat down, and think again and then something different pops out.

i felt guilty and painful, the ignorance she has been giving me, and i realise...............................................................................................

this was the pain i had inflicted on her too. When i got home half an hour ago, i re-compose another entry to her, and this time, it became true.

i on my lappy at 12.55pm, after hanging out with Pau-angel and the man and his friend, and type whatever i could remember during my shower.

i trash this to my cuz and she is talking to me, at 1 plus asking me if i wanna give up on this friendship. and i am crying again telling her how much she might have been thru.

Friendship is important to me and i wont give it up, even if it takes me another year to win back a friend. i will.

i cant stop crying.,. but this is not the solution

Friday, March 07, 2008

Why didnt' time pass faster? I am 23min away from knocking off from work into a weekend of my 2nd and 3rd job.

i told Pau that the international clock-man has decided to lengthen the time in the day and shorten them at night. My ass is burning but the tick on the clock din move abit. Thinking about that, it only means the other side of the Globe people gets to slp longer cos their time is almost the complete opposite of ours. Hmpf!!! Mr International-Time had better get facts right. Dun mess with me!!!!

Yesterdays Yong Tau foo was something i had been longing for since................. SO LONG AGO!!!
Denise's Mum makes the best yong tau foo and Sharon and i learn quite abit (including how to make the paste stay on tau-foo without slipping off)

Photo-taking session was equally fun if not for the Bimbo-tic Denise who told me the digi-cam was in her bag. I search in and out and confirm that it wasn't/ we ended up taking pic with the phone cam- which wasn't really of good pixel. It was only till the 2nd outfit that the Bimbo saw her very-proud digi-cam, lying comfortably in the comfort of her bed.

......................... the world is becoming bigger cos things that are so near get lost besides us and we will never realise.

Am i not proud of my Besties!!!! hahaha.. bloopers after Bloopers!!!!
I am gonna get on track and mk the best out of the whole Dkriss revamp operation. Then we can move on to DkrisS clothing line.

i'll be famous one day, together with my besties. You'll be proud wearinf our outfit and flaring them on the street.

Been dreaming alot haven't i.. ? haha.. Gonna meet my adopted Angel for a chill-out at anywhere later. We haven got a plan.


Probably wont see her in SIM anymore.. but thats good news.

after my long post, the stupid time has move much,... i am 15min away from freedom..

where's the key?

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My Footsie Fettish

i Think i have odour on my foot!!!~ it smells like unwashed clothes hang to dry, and mum forget to bring them in so its soak, yet clean.

Here are a recommendation (thanks to Mee Pok-phyllis Tan)

- one cap ful of Dettol

- 2 spoonful of white vinegar

- half a pail of warm water.

you pour all into the pail and soak your feet for 1/2 and hour, alwhist watching your channel 8 drama. In between, rub your foot against each other cos only the balance coarse on each feet and remove themselves off.

-----------1/2 and hour pass.........----------

by now your feet smell like a disinfect piece of harden meat.

recommendation to remove the dead cell (all thanks to myself & experiments)

- take the foot scrub, conviently bought at all leading supermarket, NOT THOSE METALLIC KIND, get those sand paper kind that looks almost like your nail-file, except bigger, better!!~

-scrub your foot well. balance on both side, after which wash it clean with mild soap ( i always use Johnson Baby milk bath... mild and nice)

- wrap your towel around the foot and clean them dry like you always did to your hair.

-moisturise your foot with milk lotion, after which wear a thick sock and sleep a night with it.

--------------one night pass-----------

-my baby foot form!!!! remember to apply oil on your toenail, (either special oil-nail or Johnson baby oil)

----------------if all else fail--------------

-pay for a pathetic pedicure.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

i received like a total BLAST on my tag board, its makes me happy.

Just like a few other stuff that makes me happy.

Short term makes-me-happy stuffy
*half an hr nap during lunch tome
*red bull after lunch
*SMS from close fren
*Stupid random "time-to-pee" call from the Man
*seeing primary sch children sing National Athem when i am on my way to work
*puttin eye liner on the correct mass of my hardly-see-able double eyelid
*nudge from Sharon and Denise on msn

Long term make-me-happy stuffy
*a PDA phone which can double up as a crab-shell-open
*nonsensical hot-dates-not experience by Denise
*Sharon telling us she lost 0.0025kg of weight (kiddin la, u skinny just right gal)
*Pauline thinking her name sounds better in Cha-siu-Pau rather that Jian-Kang
*Raymond failing to grind a gal on his club trip
*Viv's squidhead turning charcoal in Tekkong
*Celina's random "how are you" conversation
*Samantha "will promise to hang out with you" promises
*Apel's new and old boyfriend
*my puppy Hori's new found ability - erecting his penis.. (sorry, this belong to short-term)

So yeah..

The man's issues isn't too big after all that the gals has advise. And i must admit this thing has gotten him all over too. I could tell the difficulties he is in yet i had to force him to side only one. And you are all right, he is really a very nice bf. So i shall be the only one to admit that when you love one man, you love ONLY the man. haha..

My adopted Baby has hung out with the Besties last night and i am still thankful they all click. It was still a comfortable trip at Hob Nob if nt for the overwhelming treatment we get.. haha. and i shall not elaborate on. Gals, i was thinking maybe they shud be more welcoming on the bill rather than the treatment. hahaha.

My man and i dun chat last night, i practically fell aslp. Body is runnig low, good news is that i am officially 20days away from all this. need a long slp...

talking about slp.... i ... was.. thinking..............


Monday, March 03, 2008

My greatest condolescent to my Hai^er, as well as her family. Celina's Dad passed on on the 27/Feb/2008, leaving Hai^er's mum, brother and herself.

i dun tink i wanna lose my family, i cant stay as strong as her. It hurts too much.

On a lighter note,

HAPPY 8th anniversary to my besties of the best SHARON AND DENISE .

you are officially my besties for the 8th year since that day Denise worn a dark frame spec with nerdy pleat hair and Sharon has those crockroach feelers and high kneel socks.

God bless Singapore as we all grew out of that. imagine me with super short hair, skirt extending below my knee, and the other 2 with those spastic look. We are so gonna remain an old virgin till till that menopause day.

So i reserve the lot at our very all-time number-one- DKS hangout location. Our very familiar Hob Nob for a sumptous meal. Except this time i brought along my new-born (adopted from Angel Clarinda for half a month) Angel Pauline with me.

Pauline is officially adopted by Kristal till further notice, while she is with me, i have my responsibility to hang out all the time. EVen the man suggested 3 of us to hang out together. Haha, Pau dun be afraid of the Man. He likes Mama..

anyway i am counting down till the end of todays workload to relax somewhere else in Orchard. Only part i totally dread is the returning home journey. Hmm, i wanna get a bike soon. ....

The mixed feeling are accumulating recently, especially since that day the Man broke another secret to me. Can i consult u all something?

Scenario: The man and i head to my place for a plan stayover at my house after not meeting for a long time. When we reach our place, we were disappointed to find the house especially crowded, not that i mind the crowd, just not on days when i haven seen him like forever. So i suggested we stayover at his plc instead. He rejected the offer continuously till he finally admit it was cos' his Dad din;t like "other people" staying at his house "

so i am the other people, and despite knowing his Dad din approve of our r/s, i was even upset to learn that he din;t like "other people" staying at his house

Am I totally right to feel upset? Cos the man says he wasn't reffering to me, just everybody on the whole?

Am i like born yesterday? i know it's only the beginning of a tough journey, even tougher thatn those time he make ill comment about me being a "high-class", "porny" sort of gal.

how do you all felt? Pleas revert