Thursday, December 30, 2010

i feel so out-of-place today thus have decided to dug out my oldest folder found inside the laptop and shall attempt to blog abt it like i had the sharpest memories... omg so fun


my family use to have the habit of going onboard cruise to celebrate chinese new year and to eat our family reunion.

Exterior of Leisure World, a gambling cruise by the way
Sis and me

Food available on board, basically the main reason went board the ship for.... since there is a whole array of selection and variety was also the main focus of a reunion dinner... in fact imagine having 2 days straight of lunch/dinner reunion, one cannot ask for more.

Inside the cabin we were assigned, a TINY room with double decker bed, what we love the most was the bed, where you can push it high up against the wall or springed it to your desire level

I also love the huge mirror, but hate my hair back then, omg... that was me when i was 21years old.

outside on the deck

doing silly stuff, i was 21 so its ok

flying Kristi

choice of food during lunch

act emo-kristal, back in 2008

my parent looking so silly in their attire two years ago


in between the upper deck and lower deck bed

you know how i emphasize this was a gamble ship, so i had prep myself to spend the time knitting, which was a hobby of mine since i was tiny.....i had knit the stupidiest stuff and the most proud gift i've done was a long scarf for bbbbbbbbbbbbbb before he left for UK

wasting time away while mum and dad gamble for leisure, Sis and bro at the arcade

Some phototaking with the siblings since we were all bored stiff

Kristi, my elder bro and his wife

i thiink this was me getting ready to leave the place?

yup... left the cruise finally, satisfied with our meals onboard and obviously chu-yi of CNY 2008//
summing of with the stupidiest greeting by now..
happy BELATED chinese new year back in 2008!!! haha


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Paris- disneyland, branded sales villagesAs per title, i am backtracking to some final adventure in UK before bbbbbb and i return to Singapore. We had taken a short-haul flight to Paris as bbbbbbb wanted to fufil my wish of visiting disneyland for the first time in my life. We went to the first ever disneyland of all time located at France De Europe...

What is disneyland without the legendary Mickey Mouse

bbbbbbbbb bought me this... two of my favourite character in Disney=)

i got myself a Marie the cat headgear and i put it on the entire trip!

bbbbbbb also got me a Tinkerbell star so we can hang it on his christmas tree=)

joining the crowd to watch some performance on the road

hahah.. love this shot

Moving on , this was us visiting the church, which i can no longer remember the name, Ave Maria church?

And our FIRST time on EIFFEL TOWER!!!!

cant really recreate that emotion i had then...... it was such an excitement, cheating student tickets, queuing to go up.. and the HUGE rainstorm.....

all of us pretty please with our tickets=)

result of the HUGE rainstorm i was saying....

sorry for the messy alignment... this was bbbbbbbbbbbbb and in the Eiffel Tower, the wind was dramatically strong and i hadnt brought along any jacket, thus his sis pass me the scarf she had with her.... and bbbbbbbbb was being the nicest person ever to shield me from the heavy rain

Us trying really hard to pose for a picture despite knowing we are in for a real treat when the rain comes.....

bbbbbbbbbbbb and i in the longest-lift-ride i've even been in..... climbing at least 64 storeys????

Us at Lourve Museum..... we had covered some huge area of France thanks to MY PLANNING!! haha.. i am super honoured to be entrust the duty of planning the route... bbbbbbbbbb had gave to me 3 maps of France, 2 maps of their underpass and there i was trying really hard to link them all up...

and i dare say i've done a super great job... the itinerary was just right=)

part of our shopping loots.... bbbbbbbbbbb's sis Cheryl and i were like kids going crazy when we saw brands like LongChamp and LV at real good rates.... Do check out La-fayette the next time you visit Paris, you'll be surprise

All of us gather for a group pic....

bbbbbbbbbb had told me alot about the Louvre Museum being sacred and stuff but my poor memory had long ago died on me... so sorry i cant share much... but you can always GOOGLE them =)

bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb and i standing below The Arc.... that statue is like the icon of Paris.. so here's evidence that we've been to Paris tgr... teehee

us.. with our shopping for that day...