Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Some random post on happenings last night, met the bf after work as i need his opinion on my choice of outfit for DnD2010. The theme was retro and i was looking for something like this--------->

Pair with a Red Ribbon as hairband and i am good to "Rock & Roll" hahaha/

Anyway, no pics taken with reference to my shopping experience due to a very very bad pair of heels..

i was trying to make bbbbb happy by turning up in a pair of heels... turns out the pair i tot was the safest was also the most dangerous.......

The cork must have been done wrongly cos i was walking on slanted foot the whole night and by night, my feet sore so badly from the slant and the arch hurts with every single step.

bbbbbbbbbbb demand never to see that shoes again, and i HAD to throw it away.... sobz,... its a nice pair but the right shoe is simply too dangerous..

not to mention i actually sprain my ankle a couple of times due to the slant ...... the rubber-end of the heels now is very very slant... that means with every extra step i am just endangering my live further..

bye bye show.. and f**k the shoe maker who din do justice to such a nice pair of heels..

Anyway we had QQ noodle at bugis street (our favourite hangout thanks to recoemmendation from Viv) and i was fooling around alone at first.

slipping on my ice lemon tea. with EXTRA thick eyeliner due to puffy eye from lack of sleep the night before

proof of the thickness

lure him into it with promise of a proper pic of us, especially since i have soooooooo much pic of me and PaperSTop in my phone and so little of us =(

evidence that bbbbbbbbbbb got crazy first

Receipt from no where.....

and then this

before he stuck it on my forehead, this silly boy have the cheek to exclaim that i was a "vampire"!

He probably means zombie but to him both deserve the same treatment!

Him grewing sick of the picture taking after a while.. and me in my specialty noodle!

me boy and that man whom i capture by mistake..

the contrast of the size of our head


teehee... i know how boring my entry are with lotsa of camwhoring picture.. i am aiming to take more still shot or engaging picture...

but to avail.. hahha..

... me boy and i have heart to heart talks lately and we are working on improving the relationship, this is a good sign of our progress and i am looking forward to the day we pick up again!


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