Monday, September 25, 2006

Not that i am born without brain or what, the following pic are inverted, which means the last pic is the event that happen first while the first pic is the event that happen last

At the end of the day. we saw this poor man statding there, half naked and earning that extra buck, likely u will not give a damn, cos we all know how they might try to scare u when u toss them some coins

We also pass the Lion Dance event, this is the first troupe, also the troupe that fell and the person was sent to the hospital immediately

B brought me to the flea market, as promised, but the people there are SO mean, pervertic and all, dun let them see u catching their pic, u might get raped like immediately

oops, pic fall bacck to the lion dance,, stupid blogspot gives this kind of problem

okok, flea market, stuff are laid untidily around the round

stupid Blogspot jump the pic to this.. B eating his dim sum.. with the worst forced out smile ever

okok.. flea market selling really funny and antique stuff

a pic of me eating.. looks really gross.,. Dim sum at Dong Da dim Sum, thanks B

a random pic of how long the flea market extends
Random outing with Jann and Xue

here are my kakis, those i go out with- Jannity and Xue Li

Jann busy with her soup-of-the-day

me and Jann.. my teeth look brown

View of Bugis street from our eating place.. TEENAGE AT BUGIS CAFE, nice ambience

Jann and Xue, with Jann cant be bothered by me

Saturday, September 23, 2006

shall be off to B house in about 1 hour..
damn poor, this week both he and i are damn broke.

and i specially took today's off cos his family are having celebration and his sister says i have to go.. oh well, a break is what i need, especially with all that fever and throat and flu going on.. kill me -.-"

and after that, our mutual friend, Figo and Dianne organise a chalet so i shall be there to support. With my new book - singapore Erotica and of course ample rest cos there'll be work tomorrow..

meanwhile, i am rushing lotsa of order for Dkriss, thank you all of u for ur support, i cant wait to earn enough to claim my return and give all of u a treat.

another day at work - thursday
well, as usual, i was wrapped in my thin jacket, working my way at, not much visitor, that day B was to book out at at earlier slot, so i was excited. Boss had implement this new memonrandum that if we hit our target for that day we can get a top from the shop free, and if we hit it twice, we can get 2 piece of top.

i tot it wont happen to me cos i am working alone. But no!!!! that day was in particular rather busy and i manage to clock my first target sale at 7!! haha.. i was happy, filled with gleem deciding on which top to collect, at 9 i clock my second sale!! haha.. now i shal have 2 tops to choose, which should i take?

i went way past my off work time, choosing carefullly the tops i was to tk, no aware (or rather, not wanting to be aware) B was waiting for me in Yishun. Today in particular he couldn't wait for me in town cos by the time he arrive i would have been late (or so i tot)

anyway he reach yishun by 7 and had been sitting around waiting for me to knock off.. and i stupidly dily-dally till 10 then decide to leave the shop, when i finally cal him, he sounds exhausted!~ what a silly boy, i told him he can go to my house first to wait for me but that silly boy refuse.

anyway i arrive in yihsun around 10.30, that silly boy had been sitting at the same spot, watching the whole bunch of funny aunties doing line dancing (or rock and roll they call) he tot they were rather entertaining!!~

i was sick and had totally forgottan about my dinner, we went to the nearby coffeeshop and bought fish porridge then went up my house. Mummy make some fried food for dinner and he finish it all, cos my throat din allow me to eat those.
Anyway i was pissed when that silly boi told me he lost weight again. wth-.-" his waist went down from 32 to 30 now reaching 29!!~ NS so good meh? haha.. we were comparing cos i a bit of weight too.. with my schedules gym twice a week, the losing weight thingy is possible..

and then after it all, we sat by the sofa while Dad and B drill me with their usual POLITICAL stuff.. please la~!!!!!~ i am a normal girl who knows more about cloth and fashion, they practically flood me with topic like Ah Bian and Thailand!! haha.. i had to pretend to be interested!!

B finally left at 11.20 but he missed the last bus, so as usual he stood by the bus stop and waited till 11.40 for the last bus home

Working half day - friday
today was different day!!! i am working half day, dun ask me why i took half a day off, B supposedly book out on friday so the half day was meant as a surprise, which it eventually din.

the morning B was in Changi hospital checking on his hands, if the dislocated arms old injury is back, he might have to downgrade to another post.. dunno those NS thingy la.. dun ask me

anyway i had told him i finish work at 4.30 so that poor thing waited by the station cos i told him we'll be heading to yihsun to meet a customer. turns out i leave at 5 instead and on top of that i changed the location to somerset.
So after that long wait he stil has to leave the station =P

we walk from orchard to somerset, quarrel abit (squabble to be exact) then met my customer, then left somerset to meridian hotel the foodcourt for early dinner, the Korean food there was great. then we squabble a bit more and then headed to PS, Daiso was open so i bought some stuff (pick some nice ones to post u the pic)

then we met Figo and Dianne and acc them for dinner.

after that all 4 of us took the train back while dianne lied on Figo;s lap and fall asleep.. hahaha
and i borrow B's shoulder where i rest and begin reading my novel.

------------ end---------------------------------

anyway the "singapore erotica" is damn nice, damn cheap for a $20 novel.. haha.. i am finishing it soon, like within 6 hours of reading a 500 pages novel!!! thats Kristal and Novel!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

no.. dun go!!!` hahaha

i know the feeling of getting all sick and tired whenever we log in to the special webbie, so hoping to see new updates.. lke i haven done here.. the feeling is so similar to the blog i read daily(which see less than 1 entry after not loggin in for 5 days,, neh, that snow-fall blog la.. haha.. xiaxue)

ok.. anyway i haven got much to say, except for the endless arguement me and B are having.. its sickening thou, sometimes after the argue, we simply skip topic cos there was not ending to ths situation. i am still not sick of it thou. haha.. cos each time we realise there was no point arguing over stupid matter, we actually appreciate each other more..

one impt issue will be the matter with the Driver that i mention few entrys ago..
well.. i swear i have no idea he likes me la.

anyway B sees thru his act and warn me against him, only to end up in about 7 times of quarrel, 2times when we are out together.. i actually found B riduculous, trying to deprive me of my freedom.

anyway he went to the extreme of risking our close-term by demanding i make things clear to Jonathan (the Driver) .... so i agree to do it, while tinking in my heart and decidig to reconsider things btw me and B (as in i dun wish to rank him 4th in my heart anymore for now--- 1st best friends, 2nd family. 3rd me)

so i call Jon and told him all this things, and turns out he was pretty upset bout it. it appear as a shock to me cos i haven had the slightest idea he likes me.. anyway he became rather paranoid about it..

since then, i had doubts about my judgement but din dare tell B about it. He was just relive i make things clear btw me and Jon. and i was pretending to be totally shattered about it..
but thats when things got worst, i find it ultimately irritating that he chose to talk about this topic every once in a while. and the final sparks came when we've been seeing each other for about 4 days straight cos he happen to have a long book-out, and jon actually call me about 2 times and msg me abbout 3 msg per day...

B and i had a huge arguement, one which consist of me keeping silence while he demand i say something about it. i was really unhappy at the fact that he did not trust me, i mean, come on la, if i have decided to make things clear with Jonatjan, it shows that he wasn't much a position to me then B. why doesn't he sees it?

anyway force me to give him Jon number one night.. i did, crying over the fact that he was like a rascal.. B apologise and left.. (i mean he send me to my house la ) in the end i chose to heck-care everything and go to sleep, not knowing what exactly happen btw him and Jona..

anyway the next morning i had this things to face (after reading u probably now what went on last night, just like i did)

B: quarrel with Jon, B tried to keep cool cos he kept in mind that i din wan to see things gets too unhappy, metion that Jon was rude, scolding vulgar, threatening him to treat me right and not make me unhappy, says Jon will not hesitate to do something mean to B if he makes me upset.. B says Jon also promise never to call me again

Jon: B left him a mean msg "what do u wan from Kristal?" Jon says he was very very drunk so he utter all sorts of nonsence to him, asking B to treat me right cos he knows that i am upset, says he wanna put his happiness (uh-huh!!`) to B's hand.. ask him to tk good care of me.. says he still hope to see me again, probably gimme a ride from work, ask me out to dinner...

Kristal: heck la... as long as B ok now can le.. hahaha.. not gonna meet Jon anymore, dun wan to see B upset..

haha.. that shall mark an end to this matter ......... phew!~

omg omg omg.. i am late for work.. tata.. shall continue later

Thursday, September 07, 2006

My fufilling day
done a whole loads of stuff,,
woke up, acc Denise to interview at XY's .. den we left to the police headquarter to lodge a report with Denis's lost bag.
in short.. we went to the supermarket and bought food to cook cos i promise sick B i will make him porridge. haha.

it was funny cos the whole day i was quarrellin with B while Denise is angry with HQ.. but~ we'll never mean it
and yup.. it was funny, Denise at my house, me cleaning up the house, she vacumming the place halfway and went to cook the porridge, me mopping the floor.. me falling down to the puddle of water. haha.. we laughing it off.. !!~ it was such a great pity Sharon Darling wasn't with us.

anyway the porridge turns out wonderful, HQ came and pick her up.. and the lovey-dovey left for god-knows-where?!??!` den i laid on my sofa waiting for B to come and pick me up. the house was empty cos Mummy took Kristi and Bro to Mama's house and daddy wasn;t home yet.

i laid down on the sofa, eye soons dozing off into dreamland.. B make some silly coughing sound and i din tk the hint, i was so falling aslp when that idiot cough louder!!~
gosh!!~ u @#$^$%&%^&% there goes my perfect sleep.

i sulkily took out the key throw to him and make him open the door. then surprise him with the porridge (which i initially told him to forget about it cos we were quarrelling)
haha.. he was busy eating the porridge, telling Darren the way to my house, while my Dad came home.

i force daddy to eat some porridge, then force him to compliment on ym porridge, told him B and i are going for a movie, then we left, (i da pao some porridge for Darren, he loves it, says it contain denise's love -.-")

anyway we bought a white shoe, my first pair of white male canvas to work on.. hehe.. B says he's gonna promote my business., widen the circle to guys too.. anyway the plain canvas pic is on top.. like it?


tomorro B will fetch me first thing in the mornig, we are going on a HUGE shopping spree ( to get dear CUZ a perfect birthday gift, to pray at the temple for good luck for me, Denise and Sharon... to tk a pic of us on the dumb silly machine, to buy me a new bag, to get him a new shirt, to spend time together =)

i so look forward to tomorrow

Monday, September 04, 2006 making in progress...

how serious.. i am making a business k!~!~!~!
Lately things has been turingin very very wrong,. today i shall confess..
tears were hot, i cried again.. but what to do?

i lied, i denied and in the end i confess,
Denise told me it was alright.. it was not!!~ she was my best friend and i did not stood by her,..

i can only blame myself..

Best friends, people dun understand how this terms means so much to me..
i told them if my best friends wans me to quit i will do so immediately, as long as they are by myside.

Told B about it.. He was sprry too.. cos this whole incident have to remain as a myth..

anyway, on a lighter note:
As claimby B
activity on friday.
morning will come and meet me,
bring me to temple (for i am a free thinker who knew nuts about praying, but need the praying)
then shop for Dear^Cuz birthday present
then shor for myself =)
then go eat Dim sum...

i look forward to friay.. as well as wed, where i meet DKS for tannig, thursday meet Denise for tannig by the swimming complex.

went to the gym today.. public gym are so boo-hoo!
there are like 99% og guys and only 1% (which is Denise and me) in the gym
did the cycle, (gosh... weight loss program is so tedious--20 mins)
did the sit-ups (my all time favourite -- 100 times)
did the pull-some-weight thingy (love that one in particular, feel the stretch on the arms, and i can do it forever. did it for 15 mins.. )

den did some cool-down program with Denise's mentor.. the ballerina style..
gosh.. feels like some angel. haha.. light weight..
but we did eat a bit..

half a plate of fried rice (Denise ate half too.. why not combi and just buy one plate? -.-")
share a crispy shrimp and fries and a fish rice from long john silver.. haha.. couldn't finish it either..
Denise had cold water while i ate ice-cream..
and we had cheng teng..

how healthy.. it begins young.. so i am startin now.. can feel the strain the arms.. lookin forward to some "mouse" by school reopen =)

turn in now.. healthy lifestyle begins with sufficient sleep =)

night to all.. with sweetest wishes,,. tata
Had this wonderful idea to all my reader--- i am changing my blog skin (oh wel, maybe another day.. i am tired)

i am so gonna work harder on blogging.. show me ur support by taggin k? more reader means more kristal's blogging.. blog blog blog.. some say they tear upon my entry (thanks Jamie)
so proud of myself... i wanna be a blog star, hahaha,

Ok,, So many thinga had happen these day.. some of which invloves my shaky friendship with my best buddies, D.K.S, i hope things go well.. wont talk about it cos i know things will turns out right..

Lets see.. oh right.. B is thankful all of you are supporting him.. Told him bout the comment i receive after the blog entry. He says he is motivated. and thank you all of you..

met up with B (finally he booked out -.-") shortly after his outfield. He is stung with lotsa of mosquito bites.. haha.. i told him those are symptons of AIDS and ask what he hae been doing outside. He claim they came from the inside (he meant his bunk.. oh gosh)

:: friday ::
went to work half a day and rush down to SGH to visit Ah bang.. his arms is more swollen after the operation and it hurts to see him like tat.. Gosh, i swear the tot of biking diminish as soon as he warn me against returning to my biking lessons.. Ah Bang, listen to ya k? saya bandai, haha.. tau k?

it was my third visit to him.. he looks better, happier, and most impt there was tis relly sweet looking girl besides him, i heave a sigh of relief seeing him smile again. But the place was awkward cos there are alot of his attachment friends around.

Anyway left pretty quick and met B, we board a bus to Geylang(dun anyhow tink tink) , we packed lotsa of food tat i wanna eat --- youtiao, gyoza, xiao long bao, pork floss egg crep, tea egg, oyster mee sua

then we took a cab back to his house, his dad and sister was happy, they hadn;t seen me for a long time, we had dinner together, and they were laughing at me for buying so many food, and i only eat a little. B and his dad had to force down many food,, haha,. then i had a great chat with his sister, who recommend me to this salon she is supplying products too. in far east some more..

Sister "over there, if B waits for you, he can surf online and had a sip of coffee.. very entertaining"
i was like tinking "so the most impt thing is for B to enjoy la.. haha.. then my face how? under facial le.."
but i tot it was stupid to tell her that.. anyway she is really nice..

nuttin much to update.. will upload more pic.. including this pic.. hehe.. dun laugh at me k?

Tennis is a passion, good or not i shall not denied

i love tennis.. had been at it, done it

Casting a fear i had years ago, and a game from now =)

On SGH going to visit Shar, and my big big tennis bag

The Tennis bag B bought me.. bigger than me

Looking down, haha.. had fun playing tennis with JunLin that day =)

fucking believe it!!~ there was this photographer who ask if he could tk pic of us playing!!~ JunLin and i so gonna appear on the school's mag? web? OMgOMgOMG

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sleepover at Denise's

the 3 of us.. with Denise finally falling asleep

and while Sharon tries to fall asleep, Denise tot she can show off her smile =)

Killer smiles... look at Kristal.. Tanned from the Tennis

bad shot, where is Kristal's mouth?

haha.. i tot i shall look the best here.. hehe

Sharon and Kristal.. she's mine!~

me... finally had some time to cam-whore

While my darlins chat over the net

okok/ time to fall aslp, i am tired'!!~

shall let my leg do the talking.. "tata"