Thursday, January 31, 2013

halfway past fiftyy

I turn twenty-six last night =))

the celebration started last friday when bbbb brought me out to dinner.. and then the atmosphere of celebration lingers till now... this birthday seems to be the best.. .

but you know how i'll say the same every year.
you know how i appreciate just everyone so near

Now, in my faith i firmly behold and believe,
that as one as one heart remain pure with little evil thoughts
then the ones around you brings along the joy you receive

at eighteen i  blew the candle & wish for a hot bod,
at nineteen i did the same, saying it like a pinch of salt
by twenty i know my puberty's long over
by twenty-one i only wish for a better lover
then twenty-two passed, i stop wishing for better
since pretty much all i wanted, seems unattainable
then comes twenty-three, i started getting serious, planning my future
and before you know it, twenty-four creeps in further
i hate twenty-five, but it completely transform me
because this year at twenty-six, i start the wishing journey...... "

yet i am making my wish again *wink*

at a creeping 11.59pm last night, i was in the  parents' bedroom discussing my future, long story short - we need more than a single discussion.. hurhur.. then i pop right back to my room and texted the lover who was over in Indonesia (with a time difference of an hour so its only 10.59pm for him)... We texted some good night msg and i knew the clock was tickling close but he'll probably not notice the time...

Then the iphone flashes a 12:00, i smile to myself as i greet myself a "happy birthday",.. oh man.. i cant reveal my age no more.. this is getting "many"...   just then the phone vibrated, and there you have- my first wishes from Mr Rodman , a nicely recorded audio of the Happy Birthday melody dedicated for his girl... it was real sweet, though it was unlike the past how we would disappear somewhere he had plan to do our countdown till i turn older.... but it was ok.. i like how my birthday creeps in on me.. and how the bf had play it well =)

Then i heard some commotion outside, "must be the two brags,..." my siblings drives me crazy with their loud noise, someday i'll text [next door] to get them to lower down their volume while i pat myself to sleep.. but this time before i could do so.. the door broke open.. (haha.. our door is a folding door, so i guess that means it broke into two).. then the little brags.. (namely my brother who is 364days part from me and had just FINISH his birthday , AND my baby sis who is 18) jump and scream and hop onto my single-size bed, planting kisses and screaming "Happy birthday"...

it was real cute i tell you, super funny and very loved...  

so i finally concluded - how the bed cannot possibly sit 3 pax because it was as thou one of us was about to fly off when they started jumping.... .. the hyperactive (i am better at this thou)  , crazily loud, crazily funny, and self-driven, home-made jokes inventors of the house... bringing me so much joy i suddenly forget how old ive just turn..

it's gonna be better, after the dinner last night with two special ladies... the ones that rodman trust with his lives to hang out & hang around.. his bestest female friends- who also spent all dinner promoting the man... i am jealous... so jealous they can make him out to be such a perfect man - why dont anyone sees my potential *hahahahha..

gabberish rubbish.. off to more nonsensical birthday celebration with my two blood-related.. i cant wait to do a proper post.. tata!!~


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

turning older #2

Day 2 without bbb (Dry run)

i had a great yesterday, Clar and i met up after work for a "single ladies missing their other half" dinner... which went comically great! Its good to have someone equally obsess with their other half (currently not in sight) that we can share our fan-moments.

Having been abroad for a while, i also manage to pick out an ideal location for my Germany friend to Vivo City (she claims its the worst structure building ever made for a shopping mall but i beg to differ). We also found the correct chance to eat lesser (without our partner complaining about our diet plans.. ) , so Subway for dinner and that was it!
Decided that we were indeed getting old, when the cashier offer us some red packet. Clar's explain years back when it was impossible to hand red packet, the cashier wouldnt bother passing us.  Then we sigh and aunty-ishly kept away the red packet (since we will use them anyway)....  

To think she even compare her "youth" to mine when we are 2 years apart -.-"

It was a relatively short night as we head over to Tangs to shop for some stuff, time spent with good friends are never enough, it wasnt till we heard the annoucement that Tangs was closing that we decided to head home. Both of us are super relived that i have moved closer to her and we can catch the same train back=)

Clar will be around SG for only 3 more weeks, i get emotional sometimes thinking about it. bbbb & i have plans to drop her a visit in UK this October. Both of us really really miss UK after our holiday in 2010. I am crossing my finger that it will work out, then i'll see Clar again and this time she'll be my tourguide at the foreign country that will now be familiar to her. 

Above this, i had been spending my free time texting my friends & families. My cousin & i are super excited about our plan on birthday, we go on and on planning silly stuff to do then. I am very honored to be able to spend my birthday with them again on the actual day. This must have been the ??th time we celebrate it together, they have sung countless birthday song for me till it wasnt neccessary anymore. i love my cuzzies so much!!~

bbbb got himself a SIM card in indo and we've been texting, he sent me a picture of dusk and it looks amazing. So far he's been very very well fed by his manager (always well fed by him actually).. apart from the hotel room that is bringing him discomfort (KTV through the night wtf) he has been working really really hard. 

Thanks to Whatsapp we also manage to send audio/picture message to each other.. so this oversea trip feels slightly less emotional for me..  i want to get use to this, i see myself travelling MORE often that him in my line of work, it wouldnt be long till i start flying too.... i need to get use to this. 

really want to dedicate a special entry towards my birthday present from bbbb this year. i love it so much i havent taken it off sincei received them.    That night when bbbb pop over my place, he also "apologize" to the rest of my earrings (especially pearl earring that i adore) that they wont be seeing too much of the sun no more, its true =)  

This is little sparkle will stay on my ear for a long while, bbb gave it a life span of 3 years before i start nagging and demanding more (hahahha... )   we also plan on removing the casting and encrusting the sparkle on a ring (not the kind.. haha) when i got bored of them... but i am guessing i wont.. i love how simple and pretty this sparkle looks... i love them very much =)

Gotta cancel today's after work plan due to sudden changes, but i am somehow relieve for this as i really want to clean up the house abit and look through some notes on website coding for a website i am building.... man.. i am rusty already..    

So that's my survival note for day 2, more on turning 26 to come =)


Monday, January 28, 2013

turning older..

Dear Chngies,

today i woke up with a heavy heart, then the whatsapp msg came and it was a confirmation that the boyfriend is leaving to Indonesia, on the week i am turning a year older. =(

Though i am not complaining !!!~ (YIPPEY!!!~)  there are soo many dear friends out there lending me a hand that this year birthday is going to be exceptional different unlike the past 5 years..
  (note from director: "ok.. emo again from here") then again, i recall how this is the second birthday he would have missed ever since we dated - with the first in 2010 as he left behind most of his responsibility and took on a challenge to graduate within a year of education with a prestige degree in Mechanical Engineering - all with the promise that it was for the good of us both.... 

I guess i should have known earlier, how the start of that journey would be positive, yet tougher than if he hadnt leave, ever since the boyfriend's return, he has uphold his promise to us all, work on really really hard for a career path that he saw himself taking... he is mature man for his age if you ask me.      A couple of years ago, after a fit of temper, i demanded he jot down in black & white where he sees himself in (in the near future).. and believe it or not, till this point in our lives, the future matches his premonition...     My boyfriend loves his career and sees himself putting in double the effort.. Today, he was assigned a duty by his company to assist his superior to complete a task over in Indonesia, and so he left - also for the future of us both.. 

 So why am i complaining? i am enjoying the fruit of his labor too (heehee.. before i side track to my "benefits" i better watch my actions.. )     .. Instead of sitting at a corner hyping about my not-so-lonely birthday, i have decided to take on this challenge #LikeABoss..  and here are my plans.. (maybe only ONE for now.. )

I have decided to embrace the next 6 days like i have lost a very good boyfriend because i had not cherish him enough - not like i am admitting something here. I shared this with Clar now that her beloved boyfriend has return to the Germany while she stays behind for the next 3 weeks.

"Let's do a dry run on losing our boyfriend.. you know how you tend to regret something only when you lose it? Well, in order for that NOT to come, we should experience how hard life will be like if before it can happen.."

Clar says i am a odd ball and only i can think of something so negative and make them sound like a healthy & promising task. I have got to admit my insanity has gotten the better of me, but i am not cowarding to my weakness, and instead of allowing the negativity to engulf me i am going to embrace the negativity like its a form of good challenge. And with that note we started making plans on making our loneliness feels right - by meeting up the same evening, spending time acknowledging the importance of our better half =)

In addition, along with turner old (*sobx... reality MUST sink in now.. WHY*) i am also roping in the support of my closer friends, who have volunteer to be on guard duty keeping a close watch to making sure the "birthday" come and passed like a breeze.. i have an array of program lined up, and only too excited to execute them every day. It's gonna be good, but never the same without you Mr Goh. 

So you see how i appear like there are two Kristal talking right now ? Yeah, that's the odd germs i sometimes dispense, that can be rather fun if kept under controlled.

Tata for now, while i begin my "survival  of the loner" test.. i'll keep you posted!


Friday, January 18, 2013

Batam Ho-li-kun part 2

Continuing from the previuos post on our Batam trip for Christmas 2012. 

Rodman and i practice gift exchange over occasion such as birthday, christmas and anniversary. However, we do not splurge on monthsary unless we found silly excuses to do so. 

While considering a present for Clarinda, i had been toying the idea of finding things that is more lasting to represent her tough-as-nut, strong minded but articulate characteristics. I begin to fancy buying a charm bracelet to represent every year of our friendship and eventually Clar agreed she has liken the idea as much. However, as we are only starting this year, (after compromising about at least 7 years of knowing each other), she has only one charm on her bracelet to date - a horse shoe chosen by Rodman & i to wish her luck as she sets off to do more stuff that alot of us cant - that is to live abroad, find a man she love from another land and living a brand new life, i am truly happy for her. 

I guess a large part of this period influence Rodman to decide on getting me troll beads for Christmas. While ransacking his bedroom one evening, i found a catalogue on Pandora beads and immediately jump and ran out to the living room shouting out to his Mum that i have uncovered his new surprise. He played it off pretty well asking me to stop my wishful thinking and not assume too much for fear of getting disappointment when X'mas draw near. Eventually i did, replacing the thoughts with other more fanciful stuff (#girls...)

As it turns out, on the night before Christmas Eve (yes very kan chiong spider my boyfriend -.-")   He could no longer contain his excitement and ask permission to hand me my present - of course i agreed!

It was troll bead - not Pandora - but much much prettier !!~   Rodman went on to explain why he had chosen Troll  beads over Pandora, that the jewellery beads was first introduce to the world by Troll beads back in 1976 - with 37years to back their theory, there should be no mistake about it i guess. 

Afterall, Troll bead did come at a price, it was pricier than Pandora, and has not inkling whatsoever on every glass beads of bracelet to indicate their branding.   The staff explain this was because they had not done so years back, thus there was no need to do so then on, it was up to others to believe.     i am impressed by their persistence not to fought harder to prove their originality, and was keen to know more. 
resting on the bed at midnight, crossing over to Christmas Eve... with his weird hair now flatten into the shape of a helmet.. 
happily chatting away, about our past, future before we both fall asleep... (actually no not really, i have problem with insonmia for the longest time so Rodman snore his way into the night, while i flick the remote for all channels available on TV./.. 

Christmas Eve 
The guy who enjoys hotel breakfast, basically he is fascinated by any food with variety really... So he order a scramble egg for us each AND a sunny side up... digging-egg lovers.. 
Next plate full of breakfast.....   i didnt eat much this time, i have grown used to cereal every morning that every other foods only appeals from lunch onwards... 
My platter with fruits, doughnuts & a Indo Congee... 

That afternoon we check out the shopping Mall (there are basically only 2 megamall in Batam worth mentioning - namely Batam Centre & Nagoya Hill)  , swim in the pool, caught some movies (at least 3 if i recall )... then seek on hailing a cab to grab dinner... This time it was the famous "Golden Prawn"... yippey ( i hear lobster calling.. )
Our cabbie driver took us into 555 Golden Prawn instead of 933, but it is ok since both are now owned by the same owner.... 
if you are staying in Harmoni One, the cab fare will set you back at  about S$16 ? (cant really remember, but this include the cabbie driver waiting for you while you grab your meal.. which was pretty essential as it was hard to hail a cab at Golden prawn and the restaurant is located off the main road)
We begin by ordering how we want our seafood to be cook (steam with garlie, fry with chilli, BBQ.. etc).. then proceeded to choose the seafood =))
finally satisfying the Lobster craving... this one weighs about 700gram..  (steam with garlic)
also picked out a fish, recommended by their staff, though i am not sure what it's called...  (BBQ)
Some other table order a much larger lobster.... wow.. 

Both Rodman & the staff chose the fish small enuff for just us two.. 
another variety of fish we didnt order.
crayfish , shell fishes for your selection, main reason why i love eating seafood at Batam..... the price is relatively cheaper and you get to order so many.. !!~
i was very intrigued by this shell fish... it took me a while to figure how it can be eaten... we didnt order this.. 
after we were done choosing the lobster, Rodman challenge me to hold on to the lobster - so i did! it struggle a little, pretty hard to keep my calm.. haha
There! looking much confidant!
how to tell a lobster from crayfish.... think i have problem doing so for years.... 
we quickly got back to our seat and await the dishes... i also order a coconut to go along and it was HUGE..... could barely finish half of the drink... 
see the size of the coconut?

Not long later, our dishes arrived!!~

*you should know by practice, that in Indonesia, rice are usually served in a huge serving where guest are allowed to scoop to their liking.. it is ok to leave the rest of the rice uneaten, you will only be charged a fair amount for any bit of rice take - or not.. 

First up ---- Lala!!!~ we order it to be cooked in Sambal Belachan, sadly, it came tad too sweet for our liking.... feels weird eating sambal mixed with sweet sauce, especially for Lala
hot plate egg toufu.... to compliment all the seafood & rice.. this is fairly ok.. 
Baby Kailan stir fried with Oyster Sauce (again the chef sweeten up the dish to the local delight... we felt it was too sweet to eat with rice.. but fairly acceptable.. )
our fish... BBQ... this is THE thing.... loving every bit of the charred skin & grilled filling.... the fish was quickly wipe out by us both.... the natural taste was force out by the Tamarind powder added.. i really love this dish
yummy, beautiful lobster... steam in garlic..... 

sadly, this was suppose to be da'bomb, the only dish we so look forward to since our last trip to Golden Prawn... This time, however, the lobster was steam tooooooooo salty that even the succulent meat tasted salty.... i usually love drinking up the liquid residue from the steam that will contain all essence of the seafood.....    but this time, it was too salty i couldnt manage even a mouthful.....  mostly handle the meat by chewing each bite & drinking from the coconut... =(

Overall, had it not been for the drop in quality of the food from Golden Prawn (which is one factor many would use to consider their dining place), our experience was overall good.... The view from the table where we set overlooks the small pond where the restaurant was built upon.... by night the lights are up and there were music playing, the staff are also very attentive (thank God for those Bahasa Melayu i've been conversing with Kakak)//// 

Our bill came to about S$80 for all the dishes, with inclusion of a 700gram Lobster (thou not tasty).. this was a good deal... 

After dinner, we notice our cabbie driver had finish his dinner too... we hop onto his car and was fetch back to the hotel... it was now time to count down to christmas.. 
Harmoni One Hotel's entrance by night.. 
i enhance the lighting and now it look sway better =)

I got back to our room for a hot soak in the huge bathtub while Rodman lookup the TV channel hoping to catch some soccer matches - much to his disappointment.. haha.... 

at about 11.45pm we walked down to the hotel Lobby... there was a pianist playing soothing christmas songs, and people were gathered in groups (presumably Church mates on a holiday together), some were hooked onto the network in the lobby, skyping away.. others are prepare to do the countdown.. 

Then the countdown came.. then Rodman and i received so many text on our iphone that we were busy replying.. haha.. and then the countdown past.... so unromantic hor..... 

After that, we go to the security guard that i told them we wanted to light up some fireworks for Christmas... he panick a little and for a moment we wonder if this was legal... then he walk over to the reception counter in the hotel while we both stand outside at where he was station....

Rodman asked if he has misinterpret us and panick... then we saw the same guard brought along a staff of the hotel out... and he calmly tell us "don't worry mam, Sir, our security will escort you to a compound safe for lighting up the fireworks... "

boy am i impressed!!!~ i love every bit of this Hotel !!!~    The security than lead us both to the field at the end of the entrance to Harmoni One hotel, it feels a little awkward since we were in front of the main road, but then we heard youth strumming the guitar and singing X'mas carols and our guts quickly took over!!!~ 

Mr boyfriend lighting the first of our toy.. a stick that lights up like a light stick when lit
see how it lights up the street.. with just a small spark of fire
a clearer shot
then a really blur one.. hurhurhur.. 
Next up is this tiny coin looking thing that you are suppose to light with fire before tossing it onto the ground... strangely the "coin" twist and turn itself, going in all sorts of direction and letting out high-pitch screeching.. it is actually pretty amusing.. 
finally, since we bought very little to try... i had to seize the chance to do a dramatic ending to our "fire performance"... so i took control of the last stick... and strike this pose.....  very good exit dont you think =)))))))

The night ended earlier thanks to my insonmia the day before.. i quickly doze off - but not before reprimanding Rodman for falling aslp the night before...      

Gladly, he struggled to stay awake to make sure i can sleep first.. and i did him good by dozing off extremely fast.... and that sums up how 2012 christmas went...... silent night.. 


Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Turn dull days into colorful occasions

How true is this?

"it not about the place you visit but the company you have that determines the worthiness of an holiday"

i never liked batam, but always make the effort to visit there once or twice a year ever since i dated bbbbb 4 years ago. The slight mention of Batam to my friends only brings back immediate relation to"boring, dull, nothing to do, nothing to enjoy... " sort of lay back holiday that was budget and worthless. I have to admit that i wouldnt denied mentioning the same when asked about batam but it still feels rather empty having not visit that place even in a year.

2012 marks a year where bbb and i travel slightly more than we would have set up to, but most  - actually all EXCEPT one - were to neighboring countries and with a tight budget,  i am not complaining, anywhere outta Singapore is worth the mentioning, even if its a short staycation hidden in some Chalet, away from the buzzing pace of life & work. 

Having said that, in summary, i only manage to strike  Hong Kong (Augusts) off the check list and every other place we visit were within the vicinity of the Little REd Dot.    However, unlike most of the other year, i have to surrender to the child in me at having enjoyed all of the road trips covered this year.    It could also be the fact that i've now shifted to Canberra Road and am exceptionally near the custom, we have been popping over our neighboring country most often that i can remember.   It was either a trip over to get our family portrait done, or just a plan day-shopping with bbbb's family and grabbing dinner, whatever the reason every trip was a long haul one complete with long haul walking and great food - Even public bus ride excites me more than ever.

Anyway back to Batam, - while chatting with bbb one day in December 2012, we realize we haven done our annual Batam trip despite touching base with the annual Malacca trip. Then as decisive as he ever was, within moment of sharing this realization bbbb booked us both a hotel room to batam over Christmas.

My initial thoughts were this "...........................................???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"... i guess i wasnt prepare to head to Batam or imagine not staying home for christmas (if i haven admit you need to know - i love Le New Place i can stay at home all the time not whining a single bit - just mopping the floor and putting the clothes out to dry)//// but it was funny watching how spontaneous bbb had become, especially after our Tioman trip, so i grab whatever was lying on top of the wardrobe and we set off to our expediture - with bonus [determination] to make this place worthy :)

Mr Sulking, his usual look in the morning, before brushing his hair.. 
on board BatamFast Ferry with my new luggage that was ridiculous to bring on a short trip but i just had to show it off.. hahaha (and its free btw, thanks to Citibank)

At the lobby of Harmoni One Hotel, very spacious grand place with readily available staff to meet your every needs (even if they appear to be short handed, they had bbbb and me feeling assured with their attentiveness)

Huge Huge lobby, enough for him and i to try exploring it over two days.... most shops are still too new to open for business, i date say this place is still under-utilised so hurry over to enjoy all the free facilities.

View from the  Entrance, its a roundabout driveway leading to the Grand Entrance, so the entire space belongs to Harmoni One.

Christmas tree shaped like a Air balloon, i secretly wonder if they'll replace the exterior with ang pow comes new year, which would be a good strategy to redecor the atmosphere and still being environmental friendly. 
View from the Cosy bar, still empty that morning, the waterfall wall also wasnt on so the water remain stagnant, quite a hazard as a mosquito breeding ground if you ask me, luckily there are no sighting of mosquito bite - at least not through my stay there =)

view from the Recetion area, while bbbb proccess his check in on arrival, notice how easy i can capture empty space? The hotel is said to have at least 300 hotel rooms (for now, bbbb and i saw their architecture and am affirm there'll be more rooms in near future), pretty unconvincing from the outside of the hotel if you ask me, but every room is spacious and pretty inside, how to put so many rooms?!
newly open chinese restaurant in Harmoni One Hotel - a definite MUST-GO for their chinese cuisine at VERY cheap rate..  (imagine us dining in a high-end restaurant with good music and ambience and only paying s$19.50 ALTOGETHER, what in the world!??!?!    )
here we got the keys to our room, i've gotten a surprise from my boyfriend who  had liase with the staff and got us a room upgrade, we are checking into the junior suite!!~ yippie!!~

In Summary, there are AT LEAST 5 hall way upon the lift door opening,. every hallway leads to at least 20 rooms (TWENTY ROOMS CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?~)   Every hallway are housekeeper keeping the room clean... 

by the way, with the junior suite, we are given a bigger room - so twenty rooms per hallway per level makes up for 100 rooms per level, does that means the level with the basic room can occupy up to more than a hundred rooms?! i dare not imagine.. 
bbbbb head off to locate our room, it'll be hard to walk the distance if it werent for the directional signage, try walking 100 rooms to find urs.. haha.. 

bbb carrying our junk food (wahahhaha).... doing the usual hotel room ritual i insist (knock the door, keep out of the doorway, flush the toilet...etc)

we are starting on our HO-Li-Kun!!~

First sight that greets us, an small area with a decent dining table complete with electrical flask, fridge, free mini bar and lotsa of storage space... the make up table is at the right hand corner, nice!!~  the TV is rotational for guest to dine and enjoy their movies being aired all the time on TV  
bbbb resting on the bed, which encompass the main area of our junior suite, the bed is huge too, king sized.. haha.. 
view from the make up table, which oversees the entrance and the toilet.... 
mad AMAZING toilet, perhaps the highligh of the junior suite?!~ i LOVE the bath tub.... i think i locked myself inside for at least an hour each day soaking in/ Saw my footprints? one have to climb in the majestic tub to enjoy.... the staff at Harmoni One are also really thoughtful to put up a very pretty clay painting that i enjoy staring into.. 
view from the tub, alternate shower for those without the patience to fill up the tub.. 
Another highlight of the junior suite i sooooooooo loved - the curtain.... i imagine the sad things about oversea trips are if the view of the hotel room oversees your next door neighboring room so imagine my joy when i draw the curtain to reveal this------------->
a very very very pretty scenic view customised for each and every room!!!!~
albeit the near nude statue, they are really pretty and calm looking lady statues in my opinion.

Did i also mention that the setting outside the window is also prohibited from intruder and private to every room, if you enjoy nude nap (hurhurhur.. awkward max..  ) with the curtain fully open, you'll be glad no one can walk pass your private garden view - i mean, i am fully aware at this point the view beyond the wall must be hideous beyond imagination - so much so that the staff are meticulous to every bit, coming up with ways to beautify them...... BUT great effort, applauded creativity/ 

i manage to stretch out my hand and capture the left & right of my scenic gallery.. every room is separated by wall too thick to try to peep into neighboring room... #attemptFailed
to the right of the scenic gallery, the entire area is prohibited from entering.. 

you would have notice the cigarette butt littered on the ground in every few steps, blame it on the no-bann smoking policy in batam. We insist on a no smoking room and thank God for the thick wall, i did not get choked by cigarette stench a single bit. 
we rested a bit, freshen up and went out in hunt for food!!~ First up was a little exploration of Harmoni One, i am pretty impressed so far...  the place is very clean and housekeeper seems to be doing housekeeping around the clock .... (their persistent on cleaniness is definitely thumbs up standard, except maybe for that one time we head out shopping and return to find a shock - that our room has been cleaned up despite the preference set on "do not housekeep". 

Thankfully everything was in place and the staff even placed our valuable belongings (strewn across the bed) on the dining table that serve as a signal that nothing had gone missing (THANK YOU HARMONI ONE!!!~)

and a little unimportant details - the female housekeeper had placed the bikini and clothes that i've washed and left to dry nicely hung on the handle bar of the glass door... which impressed me every single bit because i have absent-mindedly left it in the tub, rolled and squeeze dry. i am still very impress. 

the resting area in the hallway , necessary for us explorers trying to explore every rooms of the Hotel. 
bbbb being forced to stand like this while i figured the camera that wasnt focusing right.. haha. 
grateful to have packed this piece for the trip. ... 
checking out the pool and function room on level 6, very spaciuos place, we initially plan to set off fireworks here even!!~
about 5-6 function overseeing the tentage and pool, it will make an ideal location for solemnization dont you think?
Logo of the Harmoni One hotel, very royal
the place i told bbb we could do a bollywood dance behind the pillars... haha
walk past the pillar to enjoy the view from the rooftop, except there isnt much to expect in terms of scenic view from Batam, i was greeted with a large patch of green grass, and alot of moving motorbikes
Jailmate boyfriend 
green patch from all angle of the rooftop
i imaging him starring in "The Runaway Jailmate" and the crime he has commit?

----robbery.. haha
here's how the rooftop will look from afar.... the stretch of space to do absolutely nothing.. 
talking to himself....... #weirdLookingMan

i am standing quite a distance away, this was taken on zoom in.. 
we pick out houses like Monopoly, but i cannot imagine staying here permanently, i will miss forever21 -.-"

Then we left the rooftop, but not before grabbing some mandatory touristy - jump shot
#1 failed attempt
boy, he picks up fast !~ 
# ????th failed attempt, i think he almost throw a stone at me for making him jump so many times.. haha
barely there, but the best among the worst i've taken... 
grab the lift down to the lobby for another tour 
pleasant surprise - free shuttle service available right at the hotel lobby, a pity we could fit our schedule accordingly
a wall of - nothing.. 
whee!!~ Christmas-sy feeling everywhere!~
notice how my boyfriend' far-too-stripey tee matches the checkers floor?..... festive feeling hor
came to a empty stretch of the hotel, probably not open yet as most area are fence  up and elevator not in service.... the cleaning also wasnt that complete (check out the huge speck of dust)..... but it has a fantastic lighting that was worth some photos. 
not much to explore yet (but the area was certainty large enough to set up a few boutique, some buffet restaurant and push cart, in my opinion.    We head back to the reception area
got caught checking out their wedding packages, .. oops!~

"hello, Merry Christmas and welcome to Harmoni One Hotel!~! can i have your arrival documents please?"
then i took the role of a timid girl
and that as a bossy girl/.///// haha// all rounded actress
took this shot with the inspiration from the 60s where people take their pictures off-focus... like-a demure only.. haha
"this photographer needs to be sack, where is he focusing?"
i snatch over the camera and took control.. yay !~

checking out the other area of the huge huge hotel

bbb wanted to enquire somethings with the guards outside, so i went on to grab some picture of the hotel from the front, pretty isnt it?
i also took a picture of a mine puppet show by bbb... haha
the extension of the hotel not yet open to the public. Think "more rooms" "better comfort", cant complain more for the price we pay. 

Did i mention? we book the hotel with no prior coupon or discount and the stay of 2 days 2 nights only totalled to a bill of only S$190, (that is ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY SING DOLLAR - WITH BREAKFAST INCLUSIVE!!~)

if you are keen just search for Harmoni One Hotel on google, the price of S$190 is for the junior suite, expect more discount with the other rooms =)

Now to some entertainemnt within the hotel.... pretty little variety thou... 

the boyfriend who absolutely loves soccer decided his finger was as good as his leg were when it comes to this game, so to prove his point, here's bbbb's finger & his teammates... haha

There were also the billard table that we did not play, and the gym... Well if all else fails, there is the pool you can head down, for a dip under the sun above on the rooftop!~

Famished by now, we've decided to head for an early dinner.... at the chinese restaurant that i was raving about... 
Spicy & sour soup, my favorite dish that i ordered as long as it's available on the menu. 
The salty egg yoke fried chicken that is absolutely deli!!~

There wasnt much guest since the restaurant is relatively new, the staff are very attentive, and there was even one staff who had put on a santa suit and distribute candies to the kids... i want one too !! 

Other dishes that we ordered that we gobbled up pretty quickly included gravy seafood bee hoon, chilli prawn and vege, and the bill only adds up to S$19 (freaking cheap!!!~).... so after the shock at the cheap bill... i did the most irritating stuff a hotel guest could do... 

"charge it to the room!!~" then we walked out like a boss... without paying... 
oh, btw. pathetic goose/duck hanging on the display.... which sort of discourage us from eating.. haha.. 

full from dinner we head to the massage parlor to check out their rate and make plan to squeeeze a session in.. unfortunately we got too carried away shopping that we have to give this a miss.. 
good and comfortable lighting outside the spa & massage parlor

with nothing else to check out for the night, we decided to call it a day just lazing in the hotel room watching movie... and as we make our way back to our room, i was attracted to some pastries the cafe offer. 

We ordered some and await the packing (overall the cakes didnt taste that nice, so i wasnt very bothered to take a picture of them. i wont think of eating them twice)

while awaiting the staff to pack our cakes, bbbbb poses with the statue by the entrance.. heehee
big head monster got caught by elephant husk

Then the night ended with a surprise present from him =)   i shall update that on my next entry on our Batam tour =)