Tuesday, January 29, 2013

turning older #2

Day 2 without bbb (Dry run)

i had a great yesterday, Clar and i met up after work for a "single ladies missing their other half" dinner... which went comically great! Its good to have someone equally obsess with their other half (currently not in sight) that we can share our fan-moments.

Having been abroad for a while, i also manage to pick out an ideal location for my Germany friend to Vivo City (she claims its the worst structure building ever made for a shopping mall but i beg to differ). We also found the correct chance to eat lesser (without our partner complaining about our diet plans.. ) , so Subway for dinner and that was it!
Decided that we were indeed getting old, when the cashier offer us some red packet. Clar's explain years back when it was impossible to hand red packet, the cashier wouldnt bother passing us.  Then we sigh and aunty-ishly kept away the red packet (since we will use them anyway)....  

To think she even compare her "youth" to mine when we are 2 years apart -.-"

It was a relatively short night as we head over to Tangs to shop for some stuff, time spent with good friends are never enough, it wasnt till we heard the annoucement that Tangs was closing that we decided to head home. Both of us are super relived that i have moved closer to her and we can catch the same train back=)

Clar will be around SG for only 3 more weeks, i get emotional sometimes thinking about it. bbbb & i have plans to drop her a visit in UK this October. Both of us really really miss UK after our holiday in 2010. I am crossing my finger that it will work out, then i'll see Clar again and this time she'll be my tourguide at the foreign country that will now be familiar to her. 

Above this, i had been spending my free time texting my friends & families. My cousin & i are super excited about our plan on birthday, we go on and on planning silly stuff to do then. I am very honored to be able to spend my birthday with them again on the actual day. This must have been the ??th time we celebrate it together, they have sung countless birthday song for me till it wasnt neccessary anymore. i love my cuzzies so much!!~

bbbb got himself a SIM card in indo and we've been texting, he sent me a picture of dusk and it looks amazing. So far he's been very very well fed by his manager (always well fed by him actually).. apart from the hotel room that is bringing him discomfort (KTV through the night wtf) he has been working really really hard. 

Thanks to Whatsapp we also manage to send audio/picture message to each other.. so this oversea trip feels slightly less emotional for me..  i want to get use to this, i see myself travelling MORE often that him in my line of work, it wouldnt be long till i start flying too.... i need to get use to this. 

really want to dedicate a special entry towards my birthday present from bbbb this year. i love it so much i havent taken it off sincei received them.    That night when bbbb pop over my place, he also "apologize" to the rest of my earrings (especially pearl earring that i adore) that they wont be seeing too much of the sun no more, its true =)  

This is little sparkle will stay on my ear for a long while, bbb gave it a life span of 3 years before i start nagging and demanding more (hahahha... )   we also plan on removing the casting and encrusting the sparkle on a ring (not the proposal.wedding kind.. haha) when i got bored of them... but i am guessing i wont.. i love how simple and pretty this sparkle looks... i love them very much =)

Gotta cancel today's after work plan due to sudden changes, but i am somehow relieve for this as i really want to clean up the house abit and look through some notes on website coding for a website i am building.... man.. i am rusty already..    

So that's my survival note for day 2, more on turning 26 to come =)


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