Thursday, January 31, 2013

halfway past fiftyy

I turn twenty-six last night =))

the celebration started last friday when bbbb brought me out to dinner.. and then the atmosphere of celebration lingers till now... this birthday seems to be the best.. .

but you know how i'll say the same every year.
you know how i appreciate just everyone so near

Now, in my faith i firmly behold and believe,
that as one as one heart remain pure with little evil thoughts
then the ones around you brings along the joy you receive

at eighteen i  blew the candle & wish for a hot bod,
at nineteen i did the same, saying it like a pinch of salt
by twenty i know my puberty's long over
by twenty-one i only wish for a better lover
then twenty-two passed, i stop wishing for better
since pretty much all i wanted, seems unattainable
then comes twenty-three, i started getting serious, planning my future
and before you know it, twenty-four creeps in further
i hate twenty-five, but it completely transform me
because this year at twenty-six, i start the wishing journey...... "

yet i am making my wish again *wink*

at a creeping 11.59pm last night, i was in the  parents' bedroom discussing my future, long story short - we need more than a single discussion.. hurhur.. then i pop right back to my room and texted the lover who was over in Indonesia (with a time difference of an hour so its only 10.59pm for him)... We texted some good night msg and i knew the clock was tickling close but he'll probably not notice the time...

Then the iphone flashes a 12:00, i smile to myself as i greet myself a "happy birthday",.. oh man.. i cant reveal my age no more.. this is getting "many"...   just then the phone vibrated, and there you have- my first wishes from Mr Rodman , a nicely recorded audio of the Happy Birthday melody dedicated for his girl... it was real sweet, though it was unlike the past how we would disappear somewhere he had plan to do our countdown till i turn older.... but it was ok.. i like how my birthday creeps in on me.. and how the bf had play it well =)

Then i heard some commotion outside, "must be the two brags,..." my siblings drives me crazy with their loud noise, someday i'll text [next door] to get them to lower down their volume while i pat myself to sleep.. but this time before i could do so.. the door broke open.. (haha.. our door is a folding door, so i guess that means it broke into two).. then the little brags.. (namely my brother who is 364days part from me and had just FINISH his birthday , AND my baby sis who is 18) jump and scream and hop onto my single-size bed, planting kisses and screaming "Happy birthday"...

it was real cute i tell you, super funny and very loved...  

so i finally concluded - how the bed cannot possibly sit 3 pax because it was as thou one of us was about to fly off when they started jumping.... .. the hyperactive (i am better at this thou)  , crazily loud, crazily funny, and self-driven, home-made jokes inventors of the house... bringing me so much joy i suddenly forget how old ive just turn..

it's gonna be better, after the dinner last night with two special ladies... the ones that rodman trust with his lives to hang out & hang around.. his bestest female friends- who also spent all dinner promoting the man... i am jealous... so jealous they can make him out to be such a perfect man - why dont anyone sees my potential *hahahahha..

gabberish rubbish.. off to more nonsensical birthday celebration with my two blood-related.. i cant wait to do a proper post.. tata!!~


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