Monday, April 26, 2010

I know just how people are gonna tell me to stop being so NOT modest, but i guess unless you can make something more beautiful than this.... then i will shuddup

I am loss for words for myself... love this sweet little thing. It's a imagination-make-believe combination of all the things i can sum up for Paperstop for her birthday.

Floral + lace (with Ribbon as replacement) +Pearl. Its so elegant!!

Happy Birthday Young thing, i was at your age LAST YEAR! wahhahah.a. but i grew out of that.

I just love making stuff for people that are nice to me.... i remember Besties Sharon and Darling Denise receive quite a few handmade from me over the years..... Pau and Viv probably did too.... and i receive quite a few in return, Denise made a beautiful butterfly necklace for me once and Besties Sharon sewn the nicest cushion EVER!

Cuz made her first ever D&T piece for me and it has been my keychain till today, i simply love that one till death, gonna post one on it soon.... Pau made me........... my bed!! wahhaha... i remember those days i took lodging at her place, she had prepare the bedsheet with fresh pillowcase for me....
Iguess those thing that left a super deep impression are things that are made with effort and comes with this feeling call "love" =)

I love you all my true friends =)

Happy Birthday again PaperStop=) enjoy your hotel stay - as usual


Sunday, April 25, 2010


Just some old updates from the prevoius trip to Batam, this was the batch of pre-going pictures =)

So we woke up early and had arrange to meet at harbourfront centre. There were the whole bunch of ladies with Tina's hubby. He was a army officer so we were rather "safe" and "discipline". As PaperStop and i were the youngest in the row, and as we tend to drift away from the bunch whenever we saw something that excites us. He had assign us with the walkie-talkie (Yeah you heard me right, we had walkie talkie incase we went missing... wahaha)

I was glad we were at an island i was particularly familiar with, bbbbbbbbbbb had brought me there before and i could speak their language. I guess communication wasnt such a barrier, i even got the uncle to drive us all to the REAL ralph Lauren (which accordingly to him were manufactured in US, which was different from the others we had seen in other stores)
Flashing some really quirky looks onboard BatamFast, it was weeeee morning and we had to fill up the air with our excitement!!

Ms Tina with some "i am not ready to joke" look.......................

more "gimme a break" face! wahahha..

From left front till left back -- Tina, Tina hubby, Kristal hubby, Kristal Hubby's mummy, Kristal hubby mummy's Mummy &Paper Stop

This pic makes me wonder if people carry some resemblance after hanging around alot for a while.. hmm

Jumping right back to before Ferrry ride, thanks Blogspot! -.-"

We made our way to the ferry terminal. Pictures after pictures were taken and we irritated a family behind us, but SURELY you cannot blame us for the excitement right? We had finally taken a breather from this whole working environment, and we are purely expressing this joy =)

Yeah, my shopping kaki, she has great taste (and a big wad of notes to spend)..... It was early morning, and for some reason PaperStop was someone who can tahan hiding behind a woollen cardigan on a super hot day............ i salute u !

Jumping back to the ferry terminal (no thanks to the messy photo upload function by blogspot) Here are some morning pre-shopping pictures of the ladies at work. They are a super fun bunch....

Here's T's daughter again, some quick pic of her before i leave the job for a few months again... sorry daughter!


Friday, April 23, 2010


What happen at work today? It was ralph lauren day!!!! We have sooooÓ much fun posing with our outfit
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Some pictures off our Canon D450 that bbbbbbbbbbb took during his roadtrip to Lake District to share =)

Sunset along the horizon (whatever you call it)
This is a lovely scenery, how comfortable just looking =)

Minus bbbbbbbbb's hair (which he has yet to trim despite my heavy persuasion) and his moustache (someone please agree with me it makes him loook so much older

Will like to thank whoever took this picture for bbbbbbbbbbbb........
i realise how much weight he has lost........

More pictures of sunset, cant get enough, can you?

Lake..... this IS a lake, what sort of "long-gao" in Singapore did we name "lake"? i stay opposite Lakeside, and nope, nuttin as beautiful!

bbbbbbbbbbbbbb as the photographer, his pal Fendi as the model=)

one shot of bbbbbbbbbbb.. still too much hair, but at least with a very kempt face

and another one... smiling
i sure wish i was in THAT car =]


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday-at-home, with my books. I am a student again!

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studying at home while nursing a bad cramp as per my entry earlier....

and nursing too an silly swollen eye (hences the spectacle)

bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb i want u back in SG soon.. =(

Why can't our body read signs? I want to protest against menstrual cramp and hopefully have those cramps never come back.

I am confident I'll have my pool of fellow protestant. Make the pain go away. You bloody mess get out! Get out!

Sigh...... woman! Aint we just pathetic creature who are born to withstand hardship, criticism, visual-road-directionally-disability, left-hand-carry-baby-right-hand-cook-capability?

I m beginning to tink we r make out of punishment.

Are we just unlucky or are we just unlucky?
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Saturday, April 17, 2010


Dear bbbbbbbbbbbb

Here's a picture that represent how far apart we are physically.

Counting down 62 before I touch the snow with you.

Love, ur stinky
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Friday, April 16, 2010

Bf called me at unearthy hour (1230pm to be exact) and asked abt
-rejuvenate hair
-repair for thermal damage to perms
-intensive conditioning

And end up buying me shampoo.... How NOT to love this guy u tell me?!

Study nw study nw!!!!!
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

gonna be alone tonight... not so much an issue except laptop's nt with me... and bbbbbbbb's away on a road trip.

sigh..... i miss you alot bbbbbbbbbbbbb.....

its gonna be over soon right? Den you will never leave me like that for a long time again? No more overseas studies, unless we are doing our masters together... its us us and only us...

you can call me "WE" now.... i will never be alone *wink*

back to emo-shit... why do i need to be alone?


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Super surge of self-obsession
I am seeing a new sign......

It seems i woke up yesterday morning feeling like a totally different person, its hard to explain what exactly i meant by different

i feel like Kristal in a new body
i began to feel really conscious about my body, my hair, my eyes, my boobs... EVERYTHING!

u will probably die listening to me rant about myself, but since this is my blog, Chngies.BS is mine! i have all rights to vent, show off, blame my whole-self.

  • i wonder if my hair is naturally straight or naturally curl
You know many friends always go about taking about how their hair is naturally straight thus harrd to stay curly after a perm?

So i asked myself if i was naturally curl or straight-- i cant answer that question!!! I was born with ALOT of white hair, they are usually straight till the tip, the tip of the hair curl outwards, inwards, north-east, north-west, south-west.
It was crazy, but it only curl at the tip, no matter how short my hair was (at one point i had this stupid short hair during JC, so gonna post pic of that one), it was the same.

When i straighten my hair when i was 16, it stayed straight through i chop them off, i believe that was a span of at least 2 years, 2 freaking straight year of straight, and besides being frizzy, it had remain considerably straight without much care.

Then one day i went to perm my hair, it was stupid too! i wanted to surprise an ex-bf who had return from Taiwan (army-trip) so i got my hair perm at a hefty cost of $500, i remmeber Apel was the first to see me in that hair, followed by Desmond Koh (yes yes yes that DJ, cant remember why also), the curl lasted me till---- well.. today.

i had re-perm twice in between, so to speak i had perm my hair 3 times altogther within a span of 5 years and till today (my last perm was in 2009 Feb) friends are still telling what is left of my curl is still nice.

Could it be that hair-dresser was good? I dunno, the first $500 perms din last long enuff, it was still curly but my hair looks dead, my second curl cost me ONLY $100 and it lasted for 3 years... haha..... cheap things aint always bad.... my last curl was sponsor by bbbbbbbbbbbbb and tgr with some other treatment it had burn his pocket for about $400. But all the 3 perming had my hair stayed curly for a good 5 years...


  • How long have i been pregnant?

ok.... dun freak out, i am NOT pregnant, but because i've been joking about myself being pregnant for too long... it just seems naturally to call that tummy of mine my baby (teeheehee)

I had had my tummy for the longest time. -.-" I am lazy- Yes? No? Maybe?

When i had a major weightloss 2 years back due to a very bad toothache + stress about school fees, i lost a total of 8 kg, but it wasnt that bad... i had lost it over a span of 6 months... My "baby" had gone from "5months" till about "4months" despite the weight loss, i still had my major bulk saturated below the boobs, SiAhPau had point out that the only thing that had seem out of place on my body is perhaps my "baby"

WHY? =( =( =( i had manage to tighten my waist (i usually dont hit size L for bottoms), but my "baby" stays.... looking onto the bright side, i suppose when i am REALLY pregnant, my offspring shall have lotsa of space to move, provided i minus the fats faster than i can get pregnant.

  • Why do i still have baby hair?

This is bad, i had finally pluck up all courage to pull my hair behind and keep no trace of fringe on my face, yet 5 hrs into each morning when the hair starts drying up from the moisture, those silly baby hair starts sprinting out of place, and i look like a mess, like a serious mess

  • Got to get those fingernails painted

Could i be the only woman who hates painting nails in fanciful designs,.... sigh, Mummy could have name her daughter wrongly, i cant have Crystal on my nails, i will scrap it off faster than it took those manicurist to put them on.

Could it be bbbbbbbbb is returning back for good? I am counting down to almost 9 weeks before his return.

I wanna look fantastic, the best i could, i wanna takes lotsa picture with our sidekick Canon D40, i wanna do a self-made-photoshoot of bbbb and me.... I wanna look my best...

this is seriously worrying that i've come to a stage whereby i had the tendency to get offtrack to shopping online during work, durin revision and i tend to look at ladies struttin their stuff down the street, i had so much ideas in mind i just wanna get that body to wear them all

too much crap... i am bursting with self-obsession... argh........shrug


Monday, April 12, 2010


Bro use his super old singlet to made me this. Am so gonna wear it out with leggings one day!
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

On particular friday (it should be the end of month cos i remember our entire company receive our pay that day) the girl-dominated office ladies decide it high time we did something to our pay.

WE WENT TO ELLENBOROUGH CAFE (suck my toes btw, it cost me shit!!)

The company bus arrive at 5.30 on the dot and we wasted no time to board it, but before it happen PaperStop and i were already cam-whoring non -stop, who can contrate on work when you are about to enbulk on a beatiful journey to exquisite food. My tastebuds were itchyy non-stop for crayfish.

It was a convenient train ride from our workplace to ClarkQuay, the Swissotel had been rather quiet when we arrived, seems like Singaporean are not keen on Buffet that day - WRONG!!

i later realise it was packed like sardine as soon as dinner hrs starts, who can resist the temptation of shark fins soup, crayfish, oyster and durian puff!

We waited no later than 5 min for our seat, and thanks to PaperStop who had reserve the place earlier, we were given a corner of the cafe solely to ourselves, simply comfortable and cosy!!!

Oh btw the dres theme of that day was pearl, ALL OF US HAD TO WEAR PEARL. No problem at all for me and PaperStop, but everyone else almost slap us when we suggested this.

Note to self, next theme in mind --- leather.. wahhahah

You should all know by now she is Paperstop, a.k.a Zi Ting, the reason why you see her picture more often thab everyone else is cos she is like me - a narcissist!

And here;s the shot of the powerpuff girls (dun ask me why, our manager call us that -.-")

AND MORE POWERPUFF girls, doing the Sharen smile....

Group photo, f4 with powerpuff, no dun ask me about that either -.-"

What happens when the dinner ends? You either throw up in a huge bowl, or play with the huge bowl, for us its definitely the latter!!

PaperStop also drown Sharen.... in our vomit! teeheehee

Here's another thing about girls with a big mirror, you will take a picture of it against all odd - you can pretend to help take a pictures but ultimately made yourself the highlight. Or you can do what we girls did, we took picture sitting on what could possibly be the most expensive table in Swissotel, and we did got stopped by the hotel staff, but it din stop us. Oh no it didnt.

Enuff pictures to keep you all occupied, happy Sunday!


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Conclusion abt my full day lecture??? Ratio of Female : Male is. 80 : 20.

Sigh. Sucks to be a loner......
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Thursday, April 08, 2010

I definitely have more picture than this to show, but as of now. here are some random things paperstop and i did during work, before work and off work.
We develope a strange liking to huge mirror, the sort where we could take good picture, and most of the time, bad pictures -.-"
Here's one pretty well taken picture, with paperstop insisting on standing with one leg. I like this picture cos we look like two bridesmaid! The challenge for that day was pearl & lace... teehee

That picture was - needless to say- success only after a couple more lousy shots like this one... and again Paperstop was on one leg...

You probably cant tell where we had the camera fixed, it was on self timer mode above the fridge, Kristal is innovative eh! Please do not ask me why i am posing like this.

So here's a close up shot of the both of us, (with Stanley in the background) posing for one last shot before our colleagues travel to Ellenborough for a night of buffet (which burnt a huge hole in the pocket)
To blog again.................