Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ok here are some official picture out for BlackHairpins Photo.
The overal picture turns out well so Phyl & i are super excited for the launch of this collection now.

I remember we made our way to town early that morning, stopping by a coffee house for some breakfast. MY fever hasnt quite subside but the meal tasted equally well..

We got lost at first but ended up at the right place eventually, thank God.

All i can say is the whole photoshoot was suppose to be a rush, but towards the end all of us shake off the urgency a little and started playing with the camera. Benny, who is also Phyl's bf, was a good photographer. He could calligraph our pose pretty well and there was always ample encouragement after each shoot, which helps alot =)
So its lucky you! Phyl...

Anyway i look closer at my pictures and couldnt take my eyes off the big patch of bald on my forehead. Consulted Phyl on this and we both decided to have my fringe chop off so the weight wouldnt encourage the balding further. You will all get to see my bangs pretty soon!!!!

We also had a few shots for the header of the blogskin, which i would revamp as soon as i get the time. There is much similarities between our feature, minus the difference in height, and now with my new Bangs, i can easily pose off as Phyl's twin, or Phyl's shorter version =)

Benny suggest both of us not to smile for a few shots,
turns out i am not as hostile looking as i assume i would be.

I love this pic, here's me looking at Phyl with lust! Deep down inside i had bb in mind!!!`

Finaly smiling, i know i am fat, but both Phyl & Benny are encouraging, so here's another reason to lose more weight, so the picture on BHP will turns out well.... Thanks to all those motivation, (Amanda inclusive=), thank you)
For all you people who wants a glimpse of whats coming up in BHP, do checkout some preview pic below, and feel free to tag me a comment if interested, cos i do pre-sale too~~! teehee...

xoxo, Kris


Sunday, November 22, 2009

To be Certain with ur choice.

i know how it feels like to be aimless and feel really doubtful about ur own future cos i've been in that shoe..

I always insist, reaffirming besties that i was never cut-out for a deskbound job, and that i love communication and meeting people... i had the slightest tot that i might end up being a store assistant the rest of my life

But then again, why was i muggin for a degree if it had already been fixed, why was i wanting a a degree to prove my capability? That could be more things in life, in my life, definitely

i had plans to be tied down by 27, to have a stable job by 24, the in between period will be use to strive harder to achieve a promotions by promotion.... i want to grow with a company steadily, married the correct guy, say a vow i could never turn back, buy a dream hse that snowball into a profit earning hse,.. get a economic car.. change a car so often..

i wasnt born for nuttin and neither was other people who are working hard...

no one is born ugly, nor normal looking, all of us dress up to look pretty.. if we dress like a confident young woman, den we will be a pretty young woman... if we look fat, we shed pounds..

Pretty girls are meant to end up with the man they can choose... i believe when u tink u look pretty and when u have options, den u shud choose carefully who u tink u will eventually end up with.. its like when u work so hard to look pretty, u would wan someone to find someone who really appreciate ur effort... if u can successfully work hard to look pretty, den u can successfully maintain a marriage that will become the envy of others..


Friday, November 20, 2009

Stomach wasnt feeling very well this morning, so i went to the ladies to let out a fart...

It was comical i tell u!~ The fart was let out as fast as it came... but what caught me giggling was how it sounded so much like an engine that wouldnt start....

I had that image of a really old mercedez and me trying to wind the engine but to no avail, and i totally tot the resemblance was a miracle.

Haha..... embarrassing facts aside, i am totally bulk up this week till my neck,

- Monday : it was a good day to run home early, after nights of partying for Ray's 21st birthday.. Heres to our Baby Cousin, a fully grown up man now!~

-Tues: i was down with a cold... a little sore on my throat. Boring MSM lecture as usual, there was meteor rain in my area that night, had intention to stay up and catch some stars, but the panadol blew me crazy, i concuss before i close my eye...

-Wednesday: Officially running a slight fever, din realise panadol make me drowsy, i stay fully awake till lecture starts, den fell in a nap so deep i was drooling.. woke up cos the lecturer was noisy, table was wet..... but i was satisfied..

-Thurs: its out with Sharon Besties as soon as work end, crazy day at work, my temperature was changing like a chameleon, it was hype one minute and slum the other... Sharon and i both bought a camisole that night, it was sexy yet vibrant.....

i am loving my leopard preeeeeennnnts camisole while Sharon Besties's camisole is so so so sweet.... (had noted to steal it from her someday)

Also bought a fur material bag that looks oh-so-posh, Sharon says its pretty too.. total Damage that night - a mere $27.... Thx Besties for the dinner.... i am champing my self-profess nickname as CHEAPO.... soon you will all learn, i can survive on $400 per month and still pamper myself and my bb..

-Friday: have promise SiAhPau i will go straight home after work today to chiong ICBS collection, its gonna be ready so ALL of you please stay tune for it... cos we look so pretty in those picture i NEED you to totally verify them (afterwhich you can accompany your tots with "Boomz" or "Shingz" )

-Saturday: it will be another photoshoot with BHP.. Phyl book a new studio and we cant wait to get the picture done up at BHP, $$$$$$$$$ i love $$$, more importantly, i love those customer that feedback how the top looks good on them, its like they appreciate how we done up the clothes and how it feels good on them just as it feels good on us....

-Sunday: Work... work.. work,.. my weekly 10hrs work at Far east plaza, companied by aimless nonsence from bf over Skype, a really good book i just bought on child abuse (Dear SiAhPau, i m finishing it.. so u have read it too!~) 7 days worth of The NewPaper ( thx to my pals at work who store them at one corner, i was able to update myself with 7 days worth of news).

Friday, November 13, 2009

Sigh!` Sigh!~

i tink i fail big time in this whole diet thingy i am doing with Sharon..

Sharon jia you Sharon jia you... den at the back i am breaking the rules, going against the diet.. and in short - puttin on weight... haha.. bb.. when u return and i have already turn into a bigger boobs yet bigger bigger ass, water-er tummy bag and triple chin.. will you still love me?

had a short chat with bb this morning, it was our morning routine, to chat when i woke up (which is also equilvalent to him going to bed).. i asked bb about his close friends over in Uk. There was the usual buddy Fendi as well as this Viet girl (which i had a fight with him about... ) . I ask bb if he will be hanging around with them this afternoon (friday) since they have no class. bb refuse me saying Fendi has friday mosque prayer so they will only be heading out after that...

As much as "viet" has cause a little misunderstanding between bb and me, i tot of askin him to hang out with her (otherwise poor bb's entire morning will be wasted doing nuttin in his 4 wall tiny room). However, bb told me it wasnt neccessary cos he din wan any chance of causing anotheer misunderstand btw me and him due to this matter. Needless to say, i was touched at his attempt to prevent any possible war, however, i also felt the pinch when he mentioned that.

Let me emphasize that bb is definitely not saying that out of sourness from the previous fight, but i felt a little affected.

"wasi being over-possesive toward bb? Had i deprive him of that little time he could possibly spent with his friend"

"had i been too harsh on him?"

"had i become the kind of gf i dun wan to be"

"does that means i dun trust bb"

the comforting thing is when i told bb about my concern, he put it in a way that signifies no matter how other sees us, if this is something i feel uncomfortable, he will make the effort to prevent me from feeling this way. It dawn upon me how he and i have been making the effort to do thing we can possibly do to prevent upsetting the other party.

one, for example, is how i refuse going to the club n drinking unneccessary, that was a strange amount of guilt initially cos i feel i was letting my friends down by refusing their invitation. However, the continual refusal makes me learn quite a few stuff. i din actually felt the need to be drinking myself crazily drunk or waking up with a terrible headache. On top of that, bb explanation was something that had me tinking. He was worried that i get drunk and he will not be around to take care of me.. or that i will end up taking care of others.

but there is s lee-way to everything, bb says i can drink if there is a reason to do so and when he is around..

i believe such compromisation that is accepted by both party willingly are usually the vital things in life that makes the relationship steady. Had bb be a heavy drinker himself, both of us will probably be wasted big time.

and in the most recent case, his attempt to prevent hanging out with the girl alone in order to prevent any misunderstanding was also a compromisation that both of us agree. You may call me selfish as a gf, but i had given the option to bb and he chose this, on top of that, he is comfortable hanging out with that girl as a group, so i dun see how much chance there will be for her to actually want to hang out with my boyfriend alone.

My advise for all the long distance relationship couple out there is simply to compromise to an extend that is acceptable for both party. This may not seem like an important thingg to particularly note, but trust me, (and my bf), it makes the relationship works..

bb.. is finally coming back soon.. tralaalalalalallalalal./!!~ wheeeeeee

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

did some self-pamperment when i bought this tint that had long caught my attention back when Benefit arrived in Singapore.

i had contemplate about getting it for a while now, it wasnt cheap at first consideration, almost S$40 for a mere tiny (nail polish) size bottle. However, this time it was different, i caught the same stuff at a travel size (about one lip gloss size) selling at 30% of the original price so i seize the opportunity to get it almost immediately.

"So whats the deal you ask me?" (Crap.. its the price la.. @#$@#$) but let me intro this "magic potion" to the ladies out there, this is one good thing you ought to consider if you are as lazy as me is that this is both a gloss as well as a blush. It is also recommended for those with sensitive skin, and the colour is rich yet natural on bare skin (i meant those without foundation base like me cos i am too lazy for it) In addition when u feel the sudden need to have a cheery lips u can simply apply the same tint on ur lip. The bottle is made to resemble a nail polish, which also meant there is a thin brush cap without a glass bottle.

To apply, simply dab or brush the liquid lightly on ur cheek before using ur fingers to run through your face, slowly massage ur face till you tink the solution has slowly dissolve into the skin, leaving it look blushed and healthy.

i pick this tint cos i am hardly a make up person, especially now that i even put a stop to my eyeliner.. i am giving my skin some time to breathe, but trust me when the bf returns i will tranform into a vain pot, with the inclusion of this new member in my collection, hopefuly those who see me by then has something positive to say. =)

omg omg omg.. cant wait!!~

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lately there has been more of a wordy post than anything else.

I wasnt in a dressing mood and most pic were taken of others, which i will post, eventually... one fine day.

As of now, my ENTIRE life revolves around a tiny calendar, calculating day after day, hours after hours to his return. I image that period of his stay to be a fairy tale, with loads of fun, filled with love. 6 months of endurance, counting in pain.

At night, i spend hours staying online, reading our nonsensical conversation online, mostly talking about nothing, and sometime (okok... many times) professing our feelings to each other.

I will like to tell those couple who is separating for a while to consider long distance relationship as a major test of endurance. Although i admit i am not a winner in this test, i believe it is still worth the challenge cos ultimately, there are so much to learn from this experience and i can assure alot of u it wil benefit the relationship.

I use to wonder if it was worth the wait or if the wait will mean i have to stay with the same man forever. Now i know, waiting for him wasnt all about determining if this will mean the end of a wildful life, of chances to meet someone better. I wouldnt agree that this would mean if we ever break up one day, i have wasted one year of my life for nothing. Cos this wait was worthwhile, and this wait----- i build a kind of patient for the other half, the sort i never tot i could =)

Anyhow, half a year has gone and i am growing up, soon to be, i will nag about how i am officially an adult without much youth-gene. As of now, lets just said i should spend this time appreciating things around me that i have perhaps neglected while dating. I can also proudly says i mend some broken friendship, make some new friend, pick new hobbies, found new hangout, and sleep at different beds (for that i meant SiAhPau bed and Cuzzie's.. )

and BB, just come back soon, let me reintroduce the new world i have found, for u and me =)

Monday, November 02, 2009

life at this moment consist of confusion, inassurance, comtemplation and all nodes of "unsure" add together.

i can say alot of things are so unpredictable that the more you want it to happen, the least unlikely it will. I have chosen not to put too much effort into hoping, into reminding the other party how i will like to view things, rather, i will like to view things in their point of view, and adjust my mentality to that of the other.

this is not a sadist note of how terrible life is, this is also not something worth asking me about. Just note that from now even if i agree with u, it does not necessary meant i am supportive of you, its simply meant i will like to see you prove ur worthiness in my believing.