Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lately there has been more of a wordy post than anything else.

I wasnt in a dressing mood and most pic were taken of others, which i will post, eventually... one fine day.

As of now, my ENTIRE life revolves around a tiny calendar, calculating day after day, hours after hours to his return. I image that period of his stay to be a fairy tale, with loads of fun, filled with love. 6 months of endurance, counting in pain.

At night, i spend hours staying online, reading our nonsensical conversation online, mostly talking about nothing, and sometime (okok... many times) professing our feelings to each other.

I will like to tell those couple who is separating for a while to consider long distance relationship as a major test of endurance. Although i admit i am not a winner in this test, i believe it is still worth the challenge cos ultimately, there are so much to learn from this experience and i can assure alot of u it wil benefit the relationship.

I use to wonder if it was worth the wait or if the wait will mean i have to stay with the same man forever. Now i know, waiting for him wasnt all about determining if this will mean the end of a wildful life, of chances to meet someone better. I wouldnt agree that this would mean if we ever break up one day, i have wasted one year of my life for nothing. Cos this wait was worthwhile, and this wait----- i build a kind of patient for the other half, the sort i never tot i could =)

Anyhow, half a year has gone and i am growing up, soon to be, i will nag about how i am officially an adult without much youth-gene. As of now, lets just said i should spend this time appreciating things around me that i have perhaps neglected while dating. I can also proudly says i mend some broken friendship, make some new friend, pick new hobbies, found new hangout, and sleep at different beds (for that i meant SiAhPau bed and Cuzzie's.. )

and BB, just come back soon, let me reintroduce the new world i have found, for u and me =)

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