Friday, June 30, 2006

Mystiq, size: 36, price: $10

Mystiq: on foot, suitable to match with dress, flair skirt, shirt top, yellow, white, beige, cream, brown, black
To buy, please contact Kristal @ the tag box, i am trying to see if anyone will appreciate my design, willing to customise =)

As u can see, i spend some time making this shoe above, reason being its bored at home, i wanted to make a nice shoe, and Si jia came into my mind, so this pair of shoe is make with Si jia as reflection, so if no one wanna buy the shoe, who should zi-dong come up and offer to buy? hehe.. buy from me la, no point always make so many pair of shoe then no one wanna buy from me, price so so so so so reasonable, dun buy is it? ok lo, next time dun blog for all of you to read le.. hahh,. threaten ah.. appreciate me art la, motivate me to carry on making more pair of shoes k? the shoe lace is 100%cotton, so wont tear while washing, furthermore i make sure i sew everything nicely and firmly, and take note that i create the flower myself using yellow and white lace with a pearl in the middle! support my entreprenueship k?

okok.. shall do a little blogging today, miss me readerSs? haha.. u should, i was sick, actually not really sick, but pretend pretend until really fall sick. complicated? haha..

what kind of sick? all of you are curious? its the feeling of drinking 10cartons of milk with lotsa red bean until u wanna vomit, then still being force down another few spoons of cough syrups.. haha.. disgusting right? haha.. thats the feeling we gurls felt once every month, around the same date, haha. i use this excuse to see a doctor, the last time i condult a doctor i wasn't even sick! i was there to do a full body check up for poly entry, so the last last time i was sick and visit a doc was about 3-4 years ago? haha..
i tot doc were monster with huge claws and sharp teeth, but she appear so gentle and told me everything was alright.. haha.. she told me the next time i experience more pain than this, try this special very very very special pink pills call PANADOL( woo!~) hahahhaahha.. obviously she knows i was there for MC only.. haha. so she gave me my MC and smile at me whiile i left for the door, whole procedure took me less than 7 min, that was it! my visit to the doctor! haha.. thanks ALice ( her name)

Some locals trying to act like tourist
Some locals dun even understand basic singlish instruction -.-"

Some local tink they can act like tourist from singapore posing under special sites of singapore

Some local dunno what is call flash

Some local dunno where to look when taking pictures

Some local refuse to corporate to the photographer, look at Annoymous in a daze.. -.-"

Some locals prefer to travel using sampan

Some local looks so haggard like they came from eiwurhwlfnasajc ( a city in sdgfjkasgdf)

THese are the locals from sdgfjkasgdf

The locals of sdgfjkasgdf

The country they claim they never came from =-= sdgfjkasgdf

The post-attachment- symtons

See.. the locals twist the fingers! Amazing

The Air stewdardess of plane sdgfjkasgdf

The Air stewardess with one Singapore from plane sdgfjkasgdf

The old lady who lives in the mountain hasn't open her eye since her
mediation on the mountain top, kungfu master!

The day we met, the sky split into thousand of pieces, wow! Whose Kung FU?

Good bye Kristal in Plaza Singapore... no more tilted seat, no more close shot,. no more empty shop Goodbye the big big big mirror i once took aimless pic in
Bye the slant smile i use to practice smiling.. haha.. no more doing stupid acts in PS

Say Goodbye to the shop Ooo.\Baby, there shall be no more of this heard ever again
The memories, (L-R) Kristal, Denise, BF
memories (up-down) Denise, BF (i refuse to announce his name.. yucks,, hahahha)
Denise and Kristal.. -=Denise.Kristal. Sharon=-
-=D.k.S=- we know it best
Denise and me.. double chin, lazy to delete la
we look so old, or rather, i look so old. haha

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Check this webbie out.. thanks

At HQ house, after the tanning, about to leave for shoppin at bugi street
some time ago, after work

at the train station after the shopping hehe.. look so tired
Dinner with HQ denise at jap restaurant
me.. at the restaurant.. so grand place.. thanks HQ sponsor, thank you ur GF Denise
Me and Denise on the cab
Me in HQ house.. haha.. pretty right? i dunno why alaso
still nice right? wa.. digital cam really so bluff one
me and Denise.. i look so fat.. haha.. NOT
haha. watching TV at HQ place
me and My darline Angel Denise

Haven felt that pretty for so long..
Tell me why i am sitting down here. staring in the screen doing nuttintell me why i am stunning,deep inside i wanna shouttell me why i cannot run, like my leg are cuff with metaltell me what i shouldn't do, shouldn't listen nor pounder
Ever felt like a living zombie? i do...i wanna make myself sound a little motivated, i dun wan others to feel sorry for me than feel sorry for themselves
Here are the reason why i feel so blessed in the past, REALLY blessed- i have my grandma always on my mind, whether she is around or not- a stable job with very good commission- a job which i foresee good promotion- good grades- good boyfriend ( i mean Lester in the past)- good best friends (still, Sharon and Denise)- good poly mates (XInyi and Si Jia)- good family ( as in we bother to sit down and chat over dinner)- good life ( sports and work and shop)- good cousin (we just travel to thailand then)
here are the reason why it all fell out- grandma passed away, i stop tinking of her sometimes, shit me- have a sucky attachment, din manage to work as much, commission cancelled- no promotion, dun even get to talk to the boss anymore- with job like that, where got good grades?!- Lester leftm obviously, trying to get on with life, but u know getting up from a fall is always hard- luckily, they are still by my side (best friends)- brother went army, my attachment end so late, cannot even had dinner together- no life, no sport, no time to shop, work 7 days straight for 3 months- cuz is busy with her study, we dun get to meet up nowadays
haha.. see how my life is shattered like overnight? that explains why i am behaving rather awkwardly some times,. i dun blame anyone. Only myself
anyway i am beginning to count my blessings againthe scary thing is counting my blessings means when i lost my blessings, it will be damn obvious, look what i wrote above.. obviously.. -.-"
ya i am still young. ya i can still find better stuff in life..ya ya ya -.-"
anyway i am beginning to tink otherwise, have plans to turn really rebellious, to revengeto make some people cry.. why am i feeling this way? i have clench my fist into my first task, pleasse tell me to stop, for i am not trying hard enough.. i tink i am being lead astray by myselfi know how hurt it can be to hurt someone else.. but why am i still doing something stupid like thisshall i talk about it here? no.. it shall remain a secret.. a dark secret

Monday, June 26, 2006

frankly speaking.....
i dun give a fuck-care about this whole attachment things, wil appreciate if u could just leave me in a corner and let me die there..

And seriously, i am beginnig to enjoy screwing up the customer:-
(customer arrive)... sit down
me: sorry this is my first time,
(begin instructing them)
me: eh.. i dunno this, *call supervisor
me: and i dunno this, *call supervisor
me: and this *STILL call supervisor

i must admit, supervisor is full of vibe, so be it, u are a nice lady, sorry to make life miserable for you, at least i admit my minute knowledge of "ur-so-call-IT-skill". haha.. u ended up doing everything for me, yet allowing me to draw credit for my tickets. Gee.. how fun can attachment be.. -.-"

and yes, i am counting every single day toward the end of this whole fuck-shit, 8 weeks and 4 days to be exact. Will i cry once again for attachment, not at all..

u say 1, i do 1, you say 2 i do 2. Just gimme my marks, thanks..

No need to ensure i learn anything, for i dun give a damn, no need to make sure i clock tickets, for its pretty much non of my business., no need to see my name on the weekly performance shit, cos its all crap.

i am stucking my butt here for my grades, and ONLY the grades.

Why cant i end up like sports and wellness, i will very much be willing to do sport evryday or sit by the gym, at least i can visit my darlin TnD every morning and accompany them for our daily dose of curry puff and then work the shit out of the potato in my stomach, i am born to enjoy sports, not stuck my ass here doing nuttin and typing the harden black button on the even bigger black flat box. The only amazing things is that what ever black button i press, some thing will pop out on the thin piece of glass, and yup, it make my short-sighted increase! HOw amazing.

Thanks attachment, u make my life more miserable, but i dun give a damn.. and yes, everyone is giving me up in attachment, and pushing me from one person to another..


Friday, June 23, 2006

The story started when i was 9yrs old, when i had a huge crush on him!! Mhmd Jasrie Binte ???
Ms Tay farewell party, follow by prefect, i am the girl in the front witj tje mushroom hair, 182 is on the right
This is a biography entry year 1999
This is evidence of vandalism
biography yr 1999: Mr 182
Biography year: 1997

Biography year: 1998
Biography year : 1999?!?!?!
the story: dunno if he went china anot, got me this porcelain dolls, how adorable but comes in no handy, been with me since.. -.-"
This girl when she was 6 yrs old. stupid face

Ransack the place to find some really "SPECIAL" letters
letters i have receive from friends over the years=) about close to 500+ popular
neatest i can arrange my letters
The primary sch tee shirt with signature.

The brother's belonging, stAck up every morning by the make-up table, how am i suppose to doll myself up?