Thursday, November 29, 2007


Here's some treat from "1st-job" today!!! $400 worth of pizza hut and KFC treat at the factory for our effort in stock take today.. that did not make me happy because of the stupid things we did during this period. Thank God my in-charge is a very very good and understanding man and i have the other temp as a partner, excluding those Take-5 period where i acc to smoke, i tink i will be dying 2 years younger thankyou

here's to my baby cousin Ray! happy 20 guy! time to get a gf, dear all, he is eligible, cute, soccer player and rides a bike, and he has a cousin sister like me to take care of his bills, please tag for more information =)

Tiring and boring day at the third job.... taking pic again. love my big big tee, although it turns out to be a little too big.. haha.. i worn GOLD legging, if anyone can tell, it belongs to my mum when she was 18 yrs old. and another note, she has purple, pink, green, grey and all kinds of stocking.. Sometime i ought to thank her for keeping her creepy-crawlies!!!!! (haha.. since they stayed with the stuff she's been keeping)
Baby cuz Viv n i had a great time shopping while wwaiting for Ray, check out this series of pyjamas now available at Cotton-ons! whats more amazing is that the cashier walks around in a mini tee and a lady boxer.. good things foryou guys.. Shoppping with gf had never been easier!

i am digging this pair of shoes i saw on Milk mag at "3rd-job" i cant find it in singapore, even if i do, i beg its gonna cost a lot, thinking of ways to improvise cheapo at Army market, any suggestions?

Stupid stuff done at 1st-job, told to do filing for thousand sheets of order, check out my achievement, no big deal eh.... nuttin what, only a little big.................................................................................->

now compare it a glass of water i was drinking, its way way way taller k!!!!! and this is ONLY ONE FUCKING pile compare the other!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

i had a bad day at work -.-"

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Against my boredom at third job that day
Hooked is a place of coolness, i can imagine a whole lot of things i can do there in a day,
that includes getting drink deliver right to my counter from some cute guys
i also had old time friends visiting.. how cool is that?

the lomography that i am so so so into is right behind me, haven get my lomo-colour-splash to operate for a while.. so gosh i need a date

i tink i have this serious retarded face, oh well, life's good when u can act blur when u wanna avoid an awkward situation

Here's meeting 2 of my besties, we had arrange to have dinner at my's friend's- canele, where they serve wonderful choco and sandwich, Monster got us a 70% discount, extra bit of chocolate and even pack us some wonderful choco that Denise had flirted Sharon to get it for her, turns out the flirting went some where else >_<

Check out the portion of sandwich, one portion is definitely enough for us gals, in additional to the interesting topic we always talks about. Gals never keep quiet together.

some random pic of my current display pic on my phone, loving my P990i, wide screen PDA phone, i've got the whole computer in it! the words say I "love" CG (my bf's initial)

Heres our Dog's new found love, the corner under the sofa, he never seems to want to stick his head out anymore, hahaha. the beheaded picture make me fear that one day when i am too fat to sit on the sofa and the leg broke, I CANT LOSE HORI!!!!

some paranormal pic i took, haha.. not exactly paranormal, but i love the effect on the dark background..

GOSH I NEED A SLR cam la!!! anyone has suggestion where i can trade my Digicam?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Why i like my temp job
imagine you asking me:"what did u do at work today?"
i'll say: "oh! i purchase $40,000 worth of curry powder today!

Thats how much this whole job proves to be fun, besides the fact that every mornng fresh air is replace with strong smell of Ajinamoto and sometimes vanilla, i find myself looking forward to coming to work, cos its fun knowing, hey my supplier wanna negotiate my curry powder, hoping to mark the price higher! We are buying $40,000 worth of curry powder mind you!!

Every morning the scientist looking people walks up to us and pass us sheets of paper indicating the transfer of Frg (any material use to create fragrance) to flv (any material use to create flavors)

imagine this unique company that makes what every u smell everyday, thats decides whatever u eat everyday? Nowadays, when i cook instant MeeGoreng at home, i'll never fail to flip behind the packet to find the name of the company i am working for.

Somedays we create fragrance for your body shower gel (P&G), other days you are using the smell we create on your hair (hair gel). Then when u feel like it, you eat things created by us (instant noodle) or drink drinks flavor by us (F&N).

i've help in purchasing lotsa of Coriandor powder so far, once we had to order lotsa of black pepper powder, imaging the next day u come to work to smell that extraordinary strong smell of black pepper, u feel so full la! i also tried purchasing black squid powder, lemon and strawberry flavor, anything ur minds thinks of.

i love this jobs, at least for now. u never understood ur body senses till u've come this far

Today the supervisor decides to call upon the technician to reveal a very impt program on my desktop, all temp are not meant to handle it, cos thats where they start delivery orders, she felt i can handle it and lighten her load a bit. i shall say i feel pretty honored.

Its a responsibilty i feel impt having. but the amount of OT i've been doing so far makes me fear alot more to come.

Friday, November 02, 2007

a lil blogging during lunch makes a whole new different. i am here now blogging during my second day of work..

day 1- very very bored.. haha.. i was practically sitting around pretending to be busy, but they told me to be prepared to be bored on the first day cos the rest of the day will be very very busy and we might evern work OT.

Day 2- very busy cant belive this start so soon.. i've learn alot alot of stuf but was told there were more to come

The man say he felt really weird especially since ii felt aslp yesterday right after he left my place. He was damn nice to me, treatin me dinner and all..

i felt really sorry for the man but promise to make a different really soon..

MSn sammie to ask her out that day, she is not free.

i shall not let any excuse deprive me of my free time with frend
the following are friends waitin to hang out with
- Hai Er Celina
- Apel Honey Yap
- Sammie Govindsammie
- Chong Mr Wei Zhe
- Cuz (cos i miss you sooooo much!!! good luck for yours A's)
- D.K.S ( to canele for dinner like a Office Lady!!)
- Phyllis Tan Ah pee (for some porn straight off the rack)

shall add on the list.. peeps!!! i miss you all

p/s. Xue Shan!!!!!!!! Ask me out when ur holidays near k?