Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Against my boredom at third job that day
Hooked is a place of coolness, i can imagine a whole lot of things i can do there in a day,
that includes getting drink deliver right to my counter from some cute guys
i also had old time friends visiting.. how cool is that?

the lomography that i am so so so into is right behind me, haven get my lomo-colour-splash to operate for a while.. so gosh i need a date

i tink i have this serious retarded face, oh well, life's good when u can act blur when u wanna avoid an awkward situation

Here's meeting 2 of my besties, we had arrange to have dinner at my's friend's- canele, where they serve wonderful choco and sandwich, Monster got us a 70% discount, extra bit of chocolate and even pack us some wonderful choco that Denise had flirted Sharon to get it for her, turns out the flirting went some where else >_<

Check out the portion of sandwich, one portion is definitely enough for us gals, in additional to the interesting topic we always talks about. Gals never keep quiet together.

some random pic of my current display pic on my phone, loving my P990i, wide screen PDA phone, i've got the whole computer in it! the words say I "love" CG (my bf's initial)

Heres our Dog's new found love, the corner under the sofa, he never seems to want to stick his head out anymore, hahaha. the beheaded picture make me fear that one day when i am too fat to sit on the sofa and the leg broke, I CANT LOSE HORI!!!!

some paranormal pic i took, haha.. not exactly paranormal, but i love the effect on the dark background..

GOSH I NEED A SLR cam la!!! anyone has suggestion where i can trade my Digicam?

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