Thursday, November 15, 2007

Why i like my temp job
imagine you asking me:"what did u do at work today?"
i'll say: "oh! i purchase $40,000 worth of curry powder today!

Thats how much this whole job proves to be fun, besides the fact that every mornng fresh air is replace with strong smell of Ajinamoto and sometimes vanilla, i find myself looking forward to coming to work, cos its fun knowing, hey my supplier wanna negotiate my curry powder, hoping to mark the price higher! We are buying $40,000 worth of curry powder mind you!!

Every morning the scientist looking people walks up to us and pass us sheets of paper indicating the transfer of Frg (any material use to create fragrance) to flv (any material use to create flavors)

imagine this unique company that makes what every u smell everyday, thats decides whatever u eat everyday? Nowadays, when i cook instant MeeGoreng at home, i'll never fail to flip behind the packet to find the name of the company i am working for.

Somedays we create fragrance for your body shower gel (P&G), other days you are using the smell we create on your hair (hair gel). Then when u feel like it, you eat things created by us (instant noodle) or drink drinks flavor by us (F&N).

i've help in purchasing lotsa of Coriandor powder so far, once we had to order lotsa of black pepper powder, imaging the next day u come to work to smell that extraordinary strong smell of black pepper, u feel so full la! i also tried purchasing black squid powder, lemon and strawberry flavor, anything ur minds thinks of.

i love this jobs, at least for now. u never understood ur body senses till u've come this far

Today the supervisor decides to call upon the technician to reveal a very impt program on my desktop, all temp are not meant to handle it, cos thats where they start delivery orders, she felt i can handle it and lighten her load a bit. i shall say i feel pretty honored.

Its a responsibilty i feel impt having. but the amount of OT i've been doing so far makes me fear alot more to come.

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