Friday, November 02, 2007

a lil blogging during lunch makes a whole new different. i am here now blogging during my second day of work..

day 1- very very bored.. haha.. i was practically sitting around pretending to be busy, but they told me to be prepared to be bored on the first day cos the rest of the day will be very very busy and we might evern work OT.

Day 2- very busy cant belive this start so soon.. i've learn alot alot of stuf but was told there were more to come

The man say he felt really weird especially since ii felt aslp yesterday right after he left my place. He was damn nice to me, treatin me dinner and all..

i felt really sorry for the man but promise to make a different really soon..

MSn sammie to ask her out that day, she is not free.

i shall not let any excuse deprive me of my free time with frend
the following are friends waitin to hang out with
- Hai Er Celina
- Apel Honey Yap
- Sammie Govindsammie
- Chong Mr Wei Zhe
- Cuz (cos i miss you sooooo much!!! good luck for yours A's)
- D.K.S ( to canele for dinner like a Office Lady!!)
- Phyllis Tan Ah pee (for some porn straight off the rack)

shall add on the list.. peeps!!! i miss you all

p/s. Xue Shan!!!!!!!! Ask me out when ur holidays near k?

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