Friday, October 17, 2003

what the heck? whtat exactly is wrong with me? i wonder where my sense of urgency is, i just cant concentrate, i need to ask questions, but in class, i jus wanna go home, what s things lidat? i realli wanna go SAJC, haiz, i can feel my hopes and determination constantly decreasing and leaving me. this few dyas just seems fun however, on 15/10 which is my o level practical, haha, what a big joke, i dun think i can score or rather depend on it to score, my so call manageable bio prac turn out to be so screw up! benedict, biuret, argh!
big joke! but the nite was reallyfun, it was Cynthia's birthday and she organise the KTV party at Arena country club, everything under my name, i neva felt and important, i sign and handle everything all by myself, haha, i feel so important, perhaps this is what i always like, to feel proud and cofident of myself in all my actions, if only i felt the same way liyke this to me o. we sing, the guy were the same, the ever on-going poker cards game.i think i can name all of them. lets see, kristal, sharon, Cynthis, Denise (a pretty reluctant invitation), Pekkee, Xinyi, jia hui, Lijuan(sick that day), Caiyun(in that shoe i was craving for, pink shirt and 3/4 pants, nice combination), constance, Mabel (poor thing, glad she enjoy herself, Adawiyah (cool top with shawl on neck, 3/4 jean, belly shown nd esp cool with her snow cap and that india thingy on her head!), jun min, Jian ji, Bruno, Weeleong, Teck chee, Jackson, Eugene, Jain chong, Yong kang, Zhiwei. i an remember all this so far. Denise worn the white spaghet which is nice, but spoil it with her 3/4 pant, which look a it to not-hipster, me and dear worn our MAMbo tee, Ada was so jealous and we worn beach pants. Cynthis was in her two piece spaghet, Pekkee esp beauty in her belly shown op and long pants. We played true or daere, i was sabotage tp tk pic with teck chee in our dance pose, worst of all, i slip thru my mouth and out of nuttin, i admit i lyke Xavier, a gal. haha
the day ended real fun, now everyone wanna book the room.
i chatted with Bobo this days, at first thought he fall for me, lucky he reveal he had a gal, i dun really wanna get involve in all this thingy noe. JeRk smstoo, asking me how i am, we sms chat a while, i thinki will updtae again, till then..

Friday, October 10, 2003

haha...... its been a long time since i have updated this thingy, the thot of JeRk makes me feel sick day by day, jus another jerk in my life, haha, that is definitely not a prob, i got 23 L1r5 and 17 L1R4, it was bad, i have lose the chance to go for my precious three months course, haiz, but i do encourage myself very well. i Wana make it to SAJC (st andrew junior college)
went for NYJC tok in orchard that day, it was damn boring at first, not too bad later.....
today is the last day of school, we chatted alot, took many pix and sign names everywhere,i am gonna miz this pigs haha!
chatted with Wee leong yesterday, now that everyone kind of think me and him together..... haha what a joke, i do not denied the fact that i do have a crush on him, perhaps justa small one...... hehe
Sharon has make me feel kinda irritated this days, i told her just now that she shd jus voice out if she isn't happy about aything, anyway thats what i wanted
be frank and we'll all change
jian chong and Christine together, what a damn lousy match! Christine is such flirty bitch and jain chong is sucha desperado
haha........... whu cares? let them play and get hurt then they know how to regret....... Weeleong wanted to tell Kexin he like her, but i advice him not to cos o level is round the corner
teck chee like Hui Jie, he finally makes his first move, sumtimes guys can be so slow! haha, i guess that bookworm finally gotta achievement yah?
Yilong send a dedication over on 98.7 fm to Chong Yao long, that ex fellow, i do not denied that fact that he is good lokking , but too bad another playboy. Yiling is dying for him, and she got rejected as she requested for a patch.
they are all worried abt me, me hadn't gotta any attraction, haha, what's wrong? haha dun worry ..... me dun think i can be a butch one........
well...... i guess thats all for now
short and sweet...... lub kris