Tuesday, March 16, 2004

it's been a real long while since i finally decided to lay my fingers yet again into de damn blogger. Well, at this pointof time, i have decided to give up many things in my life and to get on with what i feel will makes me happy. To begin with, i had my most wonderful birthday this year, with my most precious procssion- my cousin and my dear_sharon. both on separate days. i should not mention too much on that as i guess the memory could last really long especially on my mind.. Also, i have finally gotten rid of JeRk ever in my memory again, his image has faded slowly on my mind. From a perfrect body i dream of at least once a day to only a faint image that pass my mind hardly and only once a while. without fail, i chose to check up on his diary each time i went online.

Many things happen in our life and i chose to try to remember every single one of them. Saddest thing that happen so far and those thats makes me grin all the way.
to began with, Pat, after losing her DAd, recently lost her grandpa. so we hardly get to meet. till date, she has left singapore fr good. No longer part of a singaporean, just one that visit once a while. I feel so sad, these are certainly things that i have forget to treasure and had taken for gratnted till its gone. I miss heralmost instantly, cos we knew each other for 8 years. i feel i was i her life almost 3/4 of her life in Singapore.

The happy thing is i score 13 for my L1R5, 11 for my L1R4, that is excluding CCA point. i can get into a good school and do my parents proud. however, i realise that only noe my parent hadn't even thought of letting me enter JC. It wasn't part of their long-term- plan ever since the day their first kid was born. I shal just do things as it goes and stop deciding for my future

JeRk, according to his blog, fail his Os. I hope he is retaking it.
Dear, got 22 and is goin go a good poly
Denise got 26, going to a poly
Bobo, got 36, waiting to retake, go ITE or enter the mindef.
Pat, score 27, went back thailand, probably going to America, Australia or New Zealand to further her study.
Sylvia, score 16, furthering her Catholic JC study

think that is all that matter so far.

i am with Bobo now, he is a nice guy, i choose to not believe waht other says about him and give myself and him a chance. We do quarrel, a lot, with our each-of-its-own mind. But most of the time we felt great together. No standard beginning, no anniversary. I dun even know how we end up together.
Sharon dear is with Bobo friend- Caifu. They are sweet and most inportanly, they got together without knowing mush of each other. that is a gppd thing as there isn;t much worry in this relationship.

So bobo is good to me, i found a satisfying job at Orchard far east basement #01-52.
everthing is on the right track, my tennis is doing fine and i think i improve tremendously . My cousin is off Thailand with Aunt SISI and family.

I hope JeRk has found the right gal along his way.

The end-? No way........i just feel satisfy with my stuff and think it shall take a while before i come back and write the blog again.

Lu /ya