Friday, May 23, 2008

Sharon 21st birthday party was a huge success wit lots of long lost friends found. i shall not talk too much about it cos it is very conveniently available at and sharonstars

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Can someone finally tell me what Sharon blog is?

Pau, cheer up, i feel exactly the way you feel, the feeling of being ignore, not being the second priority of someone elses' life is terrible. Lets work hard at winning back your priority and as for me, lets just encourage me to grow up.

Its time to differentiate our status accordingly.

The man and i watch chocolate yesterday, it was a treat from him to thank me for the laptop. I lend him my lappy to catch the latest soccer streaming life, i feel better with him around too, for everytime i complained about something irrelevant, looking at the way he seems pretty much care-less about it makes me wanna care lessser about them too.

Apel!!!! time to hang out!! My june working schedule is tuesday, wednesday, thursday and sunday, so every other day call my mobile is free for meetup, haha make the effort!!!

"making the effort makes the difference"

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


but guess what, do what u all wan. Nuttin matters more than money now. When i go thru it all and succeed in the end, dun come crawling back.

Anyway i had supper with Chun Ting Da ge that day, he was so nice and i shall blog about it soon!!

And i had a breakfast treat from Terry Da ge on June 15th

And a dinner treat from Wei Jie Da ge on ???

hahaha.. save money!!!

dun feel like blogging, cos i feel SO ignored.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

THE GOOD NEWS-- I AM OFFICIALLY A MEMBER OF UOL, double degree in Management in SIM, an undergraduate u can call me


i hate it!! I have finally come up with money to pay the school fees for the first 6 mths of education, den comes the registration fee to register into University of London, that will cost me 503 pounds, which after my most up to date conversion equals to S$1347

And after paying more than S$5000 into this whole enrolment with SIM, my UNI bank account was left with zero to start with, and all that i save up this days earns me S$1400, which i am very proud of.

AFTER I PAY FOR THE registration into University of London, i will have to start with S$50 again!!!

FUCK FUCK FUCK!@#$#%^#$$#%

mommy took the effort to go to SIM to get me a bank loan form today, and wat they need irritates me to the core- THE LATEST CPF CONTRIBUTION FORM

that which i have conveniently throw into the bin JUST YESTERDAY


so now i have to log into CPF website and request for a CPF contribution form again and guess what


i lost my Singpass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, May 08, 2008

Abit over- quotes from Sharon
- thanks dear
- i appreciate you
- for being my best friend all this while
- we will stay forever

Normal according to Sharon- quotes from Sharon
- i love you wat
- i scold you
- i hit u so hard u scream
- i call u darling till u have goosebump
- wah lau
- wat else have i not done
- i slept wit u and see u cry
- i hug u when u need me den
- wat else have i not done?
- have i kissed u?
- i tink i did many things u din realise
- i eat what u dun eat
- u eat watever i eat
- we even play at the playground before
- i tink there is SO MANY SO MANY SO MANY tngs

things we do when we are bored.!!
Pau and i hang out at Compass pt after her school yesterday, it was a random and crazy day and i was beat from the Gym session with Apel in the morning. The girl was down with some infection so i accompanied her to the clinic and ransack her wallet while she consult the doc,
and i was stupid enuff to suspect she might be down with Diabetic.
Anw, both pau and mee had noodle for dinner and neither of us can finish much.
In the state of poverty, whatever i eyed on was shunned by Pau, reminding me that i have barely any money left in my spending account.
*stupid pau, haha. i am rich in my uni-account k
Anyway we chilled @ this place Darren a.k.a cha cha brought us before. It was the starbucks at compasspt, which might just turn out to the ideal hangout for us since we can tap on wireless connection and since all we spend on is a small cup of coffee(and very randomly, Pau might just purchase a cake she hates to eat, then i can seize the chance to finish it)
Anyway some random thing we do include using my web cam, takinfg a few stupid pic and photoshopped them till it sucks, and i shall not upload those pic or u might all puke.
I wanna dye myhair, but stupid stupid Pau says i cant afford a hair dye. Can someone sponsor me leftover pls?
i suck

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My man bought me to Suntec Conventional Hall to this buffet restaurant call Joaquim Buffet Restaurant.

apologies as i upload the picture starting from the end so here you see the man finishing up watever we took. i like the man more and more cos he is beginning to see the light and understand that i am one who take only minimum cos i know our limit and rather we take bit by bit.

The man says this pic is to show how good the food here are, all @ a very affordable rate.

Check out the rate yourself, by night the buffet place serve steamboat

Main dish for the buffet is porridge, which i chose

side dish include "sweet & sour pork", "mapuo tofu"

others tiny sidedish are "archa archa", "beancurd skin", "steam peanut", "pickled vege", "char siew"

My pic are in a mess and so i gonna write it all towards the end, basically the man had chicken rice, YES they serve chicken rice and plain rice. You'll be lost for joy!!!

nuttin else

Hehehehe!!! Love Love Love the man!!! i am materialistic, i know!!!

Against all optimistic opinion, the man bought me a pair of the shoes i have been eyeing on for quite a while!!! It was a normal day to AMK hub but a fruitful one!! i really like my Adidas pumps too but the lady tells me the model i want is last season!!! swear if i see it else whre it will be the next thing i save up for!!!

U will be wrong to think its a normal pair of pumps, cos this pair has a 1-inch think air-space cushion stuff inside, u can ask Pau when i got her to try it, its like walking comfortably on a flat ground. haha.. if u see me on the sttreet with it pls pls pls ask me to let u try them

You probably realise by now my tee says "i LOVE BOYFRIEND" haha..

my pumps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woo lala

one more look

And this is Dad's birthday gift which i shall not reveal now. Bro is getting Mummys day present and i swear i"ll be broke broke broke soon!!!
Pls get me more jobs VIV

Monday, May 05, 2008

My Puppy cum nephew cum watever u calll it was bored at home. He decided to act poor thing, Sharen Wifey, note that when u see this u might scream.

haha.. so on this fateful day i was wearing this new jumper i bought before heading to work. HORI ran into the room when he heard clicking sound, Dad says he is suspecting this stupid can understand Human language.

rushes to the room upon hearing the click sound

poses for the pic which i reluctantly take

me in my jumper which neither of u can be bothered

HORI gets bored and ran back to his metal-gride-to-freedom

Damsel in destress

my pro-shot which makes anyone upset "oh!! poor doggy"

HORI thinks "freedom is so near yet so far"

hmpf!! ignoring Aunty Kristal

"Mummy always say human stinks, i wonder where?"

HORI smiles for the camera

"Denise drinks Ribena, HORI drinks water"