Sunday, February 24, 2008

i have gotta get this blogging thingy started, cos ppl are reading and Clar might wanna read it when she gets to Shanghai.

Having rymthmic PMS this days and ppl around me are suffering, especially the man, whom i demand apology just for not saying "bye" before he hung up the phone. oh gosh, ppl bear wit me.

i reckon all this are happening cos there are lotsa mixed feeling within, like the fact that Angel Clar will be leaving for Shanghai for AT LEAST 6 months. Pau was still telling me that they that they were shock to learn i was having a hard time gettingwith the man for a while, they were actually the last to learn about it. Sorry Angels.

These 2 cutsies of mine were actually my ex-colleagues, they are as little as Cuz (all turning 18) but had the brain and maturity of a 40-yr-old. Initially i had doubts about hanging out with them cos i was way older, many times i commented that i prob had brain like a kid which is why we can bond so well together, i was wrong k-- they are old thinking, i am perfectly fine. haha.

And there were incident that makes me feel they are genuinely out there as fren, cos they dun bad-mouth and are just the correct ppl to approach for for opinion.

Soon i introduce them to D.K.S and we bonded well, then there were the cuz,, and i am proud to say we are all communicating well and that is something i am strangely proud of,

Clarinda is leaving for Shanghai, i hate you alot, you are always leaving and making Pau cry. Pau and clar are glue stuck on each other, i somehow feel i had this big big responsiblilty to keep pau entertaied (not that i will mind) so she keeps her mind off Clar's away. We are all gonna conference as much as possible.

In August, she will return like a diff person, by then, i will be diff too..

dun worry Clar, Pau's with me, and with my "close" relative

Clarinda sweet-before-you-travel gathering

Sunday, February 17, 2008

31st December 2007, on the very last day of the year 2007,
Denise, Pauline, Clarinda and me had a mini celebration at Denise & my all-time favourite chilling location- martini firm, i will allow pic to describe the fun we had that day

the much fun we were overwhelmed with did not stop us from taking loads of picture, strangely all of us were exceptionaly dress in black, like a symbol of a new and rather cool beginning next year.

We played hell alot of game, includin some really lame game suggested by pau, and naturally Alcohol were a must for penalty,you can see a few of us with our red-dish drunkard face.

After the countdown, we took more pictures, Denise being the best photographer, check out the group shots.

i sincerely wish this new year prove to be a better compared to the past few, but from the start till now, which is feb already, nuttin seems to improve for the better.

ok a few person i send my condolescent to, '
- The man's campmates and family of the campmate who had pass on due to asthmatic attack. Guys and Gals, if you know u need help, make sure u ask for help. If you need an inhaler, carry it with you where eveer u go, its important and esssential
-YaoMi ng familes and fren, though i dun really know him well, i had recollection he was the brave and bold guy back in primary school who, despite younger than us had proven to utmost many others older than him. Yao Ming had passed on due to a bike accident, his pillion WeiXia, who is also my classmates back in primary school had recently woke up from coma.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Is this Noodle looking familiar?!!!

Life is pretty good dating the man cos he has yet to make me feel left out this birthday, which is why i value this relationship more each day. The man brought me to Crystal Jade, which is also the place name specially for me.

The look on my face tells it all, i hope you dun get mistaken by my oufit cos i had been wearing the same outfit both to Haji Lane and wit the man, its on the same day ma!!~

some very random pic of him eating, enjoying and making sure every cent of money spend on this meal is worthwhile, this is Pekking duck by the way, and i shall compliment Crystal Jade for the its taste is comparable to those i've tried back in Beijing many years ago.

My all time favourite- TOFU, and the mans knows just the way i want it too, ABSOLUTELY NO EGG TOFU PLEASE

The whole lot of Tofu ordered specially for me, he is not exactly a big fan of TOFU la

The side dish for Pekking duck, we opted to eat the duck meat roasted and w/o additional ingredient, which was eventually da-pao home cos the man and i did not take a SINGLE bite

one nicely wrap pekking duck, warm and cripsy again the egg crepe, waiting for my indulgence

i love the man, and baby you know it

Friday, February 15, 2008

The greatest gift of all birthday is when u found the right company,
i knows its a little too late to be blogging about my birthday back in january but who cares, this is my blog and you have to face it! If you dun like it, go to the left panel until the exit button, click and go away k?

That 31st Jan 2008 morning, i woke up, dump anything that was upsetting behind to 30th Jan, which was my bro's birthday. Haha,... it was my day and i want my life the way i wan it that day. Approach Denise and demand the route to Haji Lane, was given a funny direction only equally ppl like myCuz could understand.

Call Cuz and we make our way to HAji LAne, *side note, do not EVER be on time while dating Vivien, i wait for an hour

Haji Lane was the usual lane of curiousity, cos everybody there are geek, cool dudes, too cool dudes and way too cool dudes. It only meant you mind your own business, you walk into their house (cos their shop is way to cosy to be call a shop)

One of the shop we went even had a baby pram and the shop-keeper, rather the mum told us to look around while she attend to the baby, love the way i feel so at home.

Since it was Cuz n my first time there, we were naturally idiots who wow at everything, including pictures of wall here you will find, taken within that 100M wide wall and with tonnes of ppl walking past, we couldn/t care less cos it was my birthday and cos i do not allow her to care. haha.

It wasn't easy getting this artsy artsy pic k? Somemore with my super-lousy Olympus cam. Shud have just brought my lao-cock-cock lomo and the pic looks even more retro-fied.

I demand her to pose like a loser besides the failed- casper looking ghost on the wall,
Subtitles :
Casper: check out my thumb, boohoo!~ you loser (*thumb point downwards)
Cuz: wait till you see my real power (cross arm and say some spell, Power Ranger transform.)

............ lame la!

The birthday gal in black long skirt, it was torn cos i am too attractive and Cuz is jealous of my skirt, so she tear them up to prevent me from getting too much attention

And when she promptly agreed to take a pic of me, i knew that evil gal has too much to hide, turns out in this Pic that stupid head on the wall took much more attention than i did. Hmpf!~

So here's me with all my new khakis- those disgusting mucus-drawn ghost on the wall

HEre's one to show the power of birthday, that one can even stand sideway and not tilt and fall

The 2 of us, you know who took the pic? Fail-casper and Disgusting head, i must say their skills are pretty good, i finally "look" like i have an ass,

*by the way i REALLY have one, just pathetically small

Cuz got bored cos Disgusting face and Failed-casper were talking to me too much, she walked off angrily

So i got both of them to flirt her, check out how please she is. Right, Cuzz?

Cuz felt she was way off without Jaryl and decide to date Failed-casper, inactual fact he likes me first, but.. watever la!!~

Cuz make her way near Failed-Casper

I am sad.

i am so not sad k? Its my birthdday so i made Cuz go make-out with Failed-Casper... Kidding la.. i Love my Cuz, Vivien !!!~

Take note the following are aimed to be blog in no time:-

1. Valentine hangover

2. My 21st birthday party

3. Cruise New Year eve

4. New laptop + treat to reward mummy