Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Work today sucks..

hate busy days, hate being order around, i guess i am sufferring from a serious job-hate-cy
i wish for a holiday, cheap, almost free, and enjoyable

haha.. anyway that day my man board a bus that looks as interesting as this..
let me know if u can sit on any that is even better thatn this for as low as $0.65 - SBS bus
cushion seats by the back

colourful handrails with green bar chairs

check out those bar chairs.. on public bus!!!

red leather seats for u couples

tiny chair for the singles

more chair as Singaporean are more singles..

i swear this is SBS bus number 5.. try ur luck some day k?

Monday, July 09, 2007

Just when was the last time you sit by the window let the cold wind wash onto your face

i had this question ponder on me for the past few minutes, for tonight the wind is exceptionally strong.
i haven had the urge to blog for the longest time, today the urge arrive, congested and ready to burst

i miss everyone so much.. DKS is breaking up.. the feeling is strong..
Denise and i still met up, but Sharon seems to disappear, maybe to some others friendship is never on top

Apel is the sweetest to drop by town and pay me a visit, i am sick of far east, the though of going there is equilvalent to working.. i might just puke

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