Friday, February 19, 2016


This blogspot is a thing of a past & many have since move forward to other platform like Dayre & it was also where i gain insight on the daily lives of alot of stranger.

Stranger danger? Not really it was just a small hood where people of many walks of life (especially Singapore & Malaysia) gather to share support.


and this hashtag in particular is a good read, worthy even, take some time off to indulge in sweet sweet memories of how some of us met our husband. Since i am infused in this spirit i will play my part to narrate my own version of HIMMH (How i met my husband)

Rodman was an ordinary overweight kid from SGS which was located fairly near DSS where i studied. I was an unpopular girl who also crave much attention (but sadly, didnt receive many) so when my BFF Sharon was out dating after school, my best bet was to stick to her and whoever is lucky enough to date my pretty best friend (but "unlucky" to be tag by her BFF/a.k.a Lamp post/ me teeheehee...)

On one particular afternoon when i was 14, i became acquaintance with Rodman & his circle of bball clique while playing gooseberry to Sharon & her date then. Surprisingly, Sharon & i both click really well with all 6 of them so in no time we were spending evenings together, chatting & doing nothing. It was fun time, especially when you finish school each evening knowing great company awaits. The friendship was strong until we turn 16 (And Rodman & his clique turn 18) & that's when we all went our separate ways.

Carebear from Rodman for my 21st birthday, no sign or hint of affection
The tee shirt as part of the 21st birthday from his brief appearance during my party

Fast forward, when i was 21, i invited all 6 of them to gather for a "reunion" after all this years. Rodman briefly show up with a birthday card, a tee shirt & a small Carebear. He said his well-wishes & drove off, all while his friends (not sure who they were) sat quietly in the car when we spoke. I thought the reunion"was strange but put it off as him being too nice to reject my invitation hence the brief "appearance".
How i look when i was working in Far East Plaza
Most rebellious look, think his cup of tea then haha

Thereafter, per his version of the story, he caught sight of me not too long later when i was working then in Far East plaza. Like all boys undergoing puberty (hahaha, when they assume sparks fly & the sight of a familiar face is a sign of fate), he mumbled to his buddy that the girl was "not bad". His buddy then (& now) didnt respond so he took it as affirmative & began his pursue.
First outing when he was already fully aware of his feelings for me, i was nonchalent

First outing just us 2, when i also started developing my feelings for him

If i recall, there were lotsa of SMS exchanged, usually (coincidentally) he will be "near" my workplace & if i am keen, we should grab supper together. It took a few attempts for me to finally said yes (honestly i thought of us just catching up as old friends) & everything else was history lah.

Of course i have deliberately left out that between this period i was also in a on-off relationship with an ex that was dragging past its validity period. I will never forget how my ex once commented that Rodman & i will eventually end up together while i stubbornly put it off as another case of his "thinking too much".

I guess sometimes you cannot escape from reality huh, and i have to thank him for his wise prediction. 

First outing with his family after we got together officially

We dated since 11August2008 & finally tied the knot on 18jan2015. We first met way back in 2001 so fate work in such a magical way.