Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Some pictures from the latest collection of BlackHairpins
i kept this piece for myself, as well as a lot of others.. this is so pretty and stocks are out so there are no backorders....
the cutting seems to fit me perfectly!! i am mad happy right now cos everything around me are getting pretty (except for the person herself)
So what do you all think? isnt this just a keepeR?

Monday, March 29, 2010

i am as baked as
  • smoke salmon
  • grilled lobster

and as though that is not bad enough, i also made a super big blooper that causes me to wake up at 6am tomorrow just so to reach jurong east Station by 7.20am.... (so where's the blooper you probably wonder?......... its the freaking time!!! i was SUPPOSE to reach jurong east at about 8.30 on a daily basis... and now this)

*clasp both hands and kept it near my heart* Oh God, please let Kristal wake up sooner... Let her absorb all the facts on Managerial Economics, Human Relationship Management, Management Science Methods and Account..... and please please please! Please make sure she keeps her hands off online shopping...

This obsession is sick....i browse and browse through them, many times not buying anything, and when i DO buy something, i regret buying them 10mins after making payment.

What exactly is wrong with me? ARGH!!!! counting down 11 weeks to meet bbbbbbbbbbbb in London, and 6 freaking weeks to examinations, and i am still like this... Baked (i meant tann.... EXTREMELY TANNED), in-a-constant-daze (i actually master sleeping while standing up, how's that?), and have absolutely zero sense of urgency.

okok.. enuff rants! Besides all these stuff that is choking me awake-not! i have a handful of activities piling up on the calendar, these are stuff i probably really need to rewind myself a little.

  • wanna get that vest from Cottons on for me and Denise Darlin, no regret on that one! i consider it 5 times before i am fixed
  • Batam Trip with the colleagues .... embarressing enuff, but we are a combination of f4, chipmunks and powerpuff girls... Cant put it to words how it all came about.. Well.. we are going to batam for some real metallic shopping... and i'm almost hrs away from getting a hundred dollars which bbbbbb have agreed will be my fund for this trip.
  • Family dinner!!! The last session was bro&my birthday, which i hadnt blog about cos i din bring my camera out hence no picture. Bro is giving us a treat before he flies off to Taiwan with SIL.. not too sure where we're eating... but we ARE eating TGR... so the anticipation
  • Kite Flying with Sharon Besties- got to cancel the initial plan to do it this Good Friday due to the family dinner... sorry babe. but i REALLY wanna do a kite flying outing soon!
  • Tennis with Cuz. omg la.. the last time i look forward to a tennis with Cuz was back in my JC dayys... which was eons ago!! we are finally getting those fat thigns back on the court... cant wait!

Apart from all these happening, i've to constantly remind myself to absorb more and more facts about the upcoming examinations. Am trying out a new studying strategy thus am not too sure if it will work. Just want it all to end soon so i can join bbbbbbbbbb over in London...

*time pass*time pass*time pass*

i can very well chant that a million times, and time only pass that little!!!

=( Please remind me to post a pic of myself in Pink Lace Print top! i love it to bits and am glad i manage to keep a piece of myself, stocks are running fast, so girls - HURRY!


Sunday, March 28, 2010


I love bbbbbbb. And I TOTALLY love the surprise from him n laos'.......

Here's my new sidekicks
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Monday, March 22, 2010

I wonder if you have a strange kind of affection for something like i had for Waffles?

I am thanking God each morning i wake up in the morning to the smell of freshly made waffles top with butterscotch, maple syrup or just plain magarine. Its like a love from within, and honestly Waffles is one thing (next to cornflakes with strawberry milk of course) i can eat 5 days in a row.

If there is one thing i look forward to each time i leave for bro's hse after work, it will have to be this. I am really really glad Prima Deli has make my life feel so comforted by adding "magarine" on to their list of available spread on their waffle. In addition to the choices, i was able to request for a more cripsy version of waffles, with the magarine melting immediately onto the waffles and leaving a layer of smooth yet salty flavor with such tasty aroma, it hard to resist.

I know alot of you probably prefers waffle with other flavour, and congrats to you those flavor was widely avaialable at all confectionary. i only have my pick tastebud to blame for such exotic selection, but ..................... WHY WONT YOU ALL ADD MAGARINE TO THE LIST OF CHOICES? YOU CAN EARN MY BUSINESS IN BIG FOLD LEH!!!!

,............ i eat a slice of waffle coated with magarine that cost me $1.40 every weekday for dinner as soon as i've reach hse, that will be an average of 5 times a week, and in additional i pick every alternate days to eat them for breakfast as well, that would mark an additional 3 times in the morning,ITS GOOD MONEY LA! you'll do the math!

sO here's an applause to Prime (or Prima, cant figured that one out) deli for their delicious magarine waffles, and thumbs up to those who sell such flavours but have yet to be taasted by me.

On a side note, i would like to highligh my bbbbbbbbbbbbb's effort in finding this fact - that Prima Deli serves waffles with magarine. It all happened one fine day i made a random remark abt waffles + magarine, and assuming it was a common food, he went in search - to no avail- of waffles coated with magarine. After much effort - and lotsa of confusion later- he derive that Prima was probably the only place he found that serves this, excluding all other restaurant that typically serves pancakes or waffles.... It was history since.

So for all of you out there that loves waffles like i do... here's some tips on how to taste waffles at its tip-top conditions:-

  • Request for crispier waffle... there is a good reason for it
  • As soon as it the lady spread the waffle with magarine it will turn soft, and really really juicy
  • allow the magarine to sink in for while, but still eat it almost immediately when the crisp is there
  • begin by sucking - and not biting immediately- the waffles from its edge
  • obviously eat it by the edge first
  • match it with a NON-milk beverage

i threw in the last point due to a fatal mistake just an hr ago, i;ve decided to match my waffles with Honey milk tea from sweetalk (which was my all time favourite when i am not with bbbbbbbb) and i swear i wanted to threw both away when i ate it tgr. Not sure if its cos of the combination of flour, milk, and magarine... it just................. well................ sucks.

i will continue to hold more evaluation and find the best match of beverage alongside waffles with magarine. Here are some choices i've come up by far:-

  1. Green Apple Green Tea (Denise Darling's favourite)
  2. Blueberry Red Tea, Blueberry Green tea (probably Sharon's besties favourite)Peppermint Green tea ------- nah,,, erase that,,,, it would suck worst
  3. Honey Green Tea (my initial favourite, till i discover it with milk tea)

Unfortunately, SiAhPau and me are both huge fan of Honey Milk tea thus i cannot use her as a gauge, bbbbbbbb prefers strawberry milk tea which contain milk, bbbbbbbbbbbb's mummy likes blueberry crush which i reckon wont match as well...and i have ran out of ideas.

IF you are as boring as i am and are testing on a best combination of waffles and drink... please please spare me some ideas too... Till then.. xoxo... Kris


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010


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Blogging at far east plaza! Work isn't really fun today. Can't believe I hv to resort to complaining this time. I've always been known as the easiest to get along bt this time. He drove me crazy. Turns out boss already noticed, he had been observingg him through webcam too.

I hate weekend right now, just hate seeing couple giving each other opinion n encouraging each other to buy stuff. If bbbbbbb was around my sat would have been solely for him. N u bet shopping will be triple the fun! He had been away the longest this time round. Long distance relationship is such a major examination- I hope I passed it well.

Gonna end this post abruptly with few pic of the shop. Come visit me =)
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Friday, March 19, 2010


Proudly presenting my desk. And a turtle my colleagues put to my care 2 years ago. Its aging badly
Tortoise aging!
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Backdated: Kristal birthday Surprise

This is backdated to 31st Jan 2010, which was my birthday! The entire day was pretty much flooded
with surprises after surprises. I was overwhelmed! But it all started pretty bad.

To begin with, i was stuck at a 6hrs lecture in School so that is almost half a day gone, so i had planned for the day as per follows:-
  • lunch with Pau and hang out with her tilll night falls
  • Run home and skype with my bbbbbbbbbbbbb and do a candle-light dinner over webcam

So SiAhPau had agreed to meet me directly after my lesson to enjoy a massage session tgr, i was thrilled, but dead beat from the absorption of the entire morning lecture. Towards 3pm, just before the lecture finally ended, Pau throw me a msg that somehow resembles this

"hey babe, before we meetup can you help me collect something from my friend LiTing, she have seen u before and can probably recognise you. She is wearing Pink and Black and will be waiting for you at the student admission helpdeck just besides the atrium. But her lesson might end a lil later than yours so please give her sometime"

So i agreed to wait for "Liting in Pink and Black"; and knowing that she's gonna be late, i hadnt said much at first. 3.3o soon passed, den 4, at 4pm, i was FUMING mad. Crazily mad cos i hadnt got patience and when that Liting did turn up i was dead sure i will flare.

Guess who is the "Liting in Pink and Black???????????????/"










This gals lost their way and couldnt find me... but they eventually did, much to my surprise. And they got a shock themselves cos when they finally found me, i was so angry sitting alone my face was badly scrunched up!
Poor Sharon Besties had a fall while finding me....... hence the smudge you saw on the cake............ so guilty la!!
But check out the cake, still pretty nonetheless, DKS-Denise Kristal Sharon! We had this acronym during our sec-sch days.
The Font "DKS" was proudly drew by Denise, the Heart and BESTIES words were drew by Sharon.
The rim of the cake was a combine effort of both my favourites girls........ It looks delicious and taste good too! There were slices of peach inside, and i was soooooooo touched i teared a little, but ate ALOT....

Denise darling den swipe us off our feet and brought us to a place i ALWAYS wanted to go, heard her mentioned before that the teh-tarik ice cream was a must-try, and this words had never left my head since.... That day i had my craving cured..... I soon left the girlfriends to meet Pau.

Felt really sorry by then cos i was SO angry with her earlier regarding her "late-Liting". She had a trauma when she was force not to pick up my blasting phone calls. Can you believe i even called her sister to demand she picks up the phone?
Sorry SiAhPau, and thanks a million times for coming up with this surprise =)

Not so much picture during the massage, the entire session was a major loves - if not for Pau's scream and moaning on the other room.. The next time i will request we both be kept in the same room so i can see for myself what exactly caused her to moan the way she did ------ which sounded damn damn wrong
I reALLY enjoyed my birthday actual!! The night ended with a good dinner (delicous too) with my "blood-related" cousins (Ray, Viv, Jaryl) and Pau inclusive. I had seen ALL the important people in my life that day, it had dawn upon me how we have all grown up together and that i ld love to enjoy all future celebration like this one....
I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!
*p.s.. darby i love you the most......... cos i know i still have another VERY postpone birthday celebration in line, specially planned by you this July when i did fly over...



Good morning sunshine!

M blogging via BB right now n honestly am nt too sure abt the quality of this entry. Nevertheless if BB continues to work this well maybe you will see updates on bloggy on daily basis! Gonna tk pictures of my surrounding and entertain all of you with the things that happen around me, real time, real pic and with real emotions =)

Its thurs n I m looking forward to the stayover at cuz. We're gonna have spaghetti n skype session with our Lboyfriend" thereafter. I m beginning to enjoy the fact that LDR is now finally becoming something fun with cuz 'bf over in aussie.

Bbbbbbb and I r already planning on a aussie trip to vist Rem n cuz bf. it wouldn't b this year, definitely next year and I am excited already!!!

Alright shall update again when I find time to come back. Meanwhile here's a blog that keeps me entertain everyday. The blogger has a great sense of humour n you shall find lotsa good things to read. Cheers!

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


i AM SO GROUCHY!!!!!!!

Why do woman go through such torment on a monthly basis.....
I use to joke around alot commenting on how i should just get myself pregnant in order to avoid feeling this bad for 3 hrs every month.... But now that the manager is pregnant and i get to work with her daily, i dare say, the 10 months of pregnancy is definitely worst than what i am expereincing... so here i am... ranting it on blog.... ARgHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH......

So i was lazing while working earlier and decided to check on some informative measure we can perform to prevent future mensus cramp, and here's some interesting (and quite practical ) solution we can follow: -

  • reducing Salt and Sugar intake the week prior to one's period can encourage less severe pain

  • Eat food rich in calcium like milk product or leafy green vege to lessen pain

  • reduce caffaine intake so breast feels less "swollen"

  • Apply heat to aching areas

  • Stretch! Walk! Yoga!

  • Strawberry tea!! Ginger tea!!

i QUITE like the last point about strawberry tea, am gonna skip explanation to why these helps, cos if they do, they do- no explanation needed!

On the other hand, here are some things KRISTAL (me!) do to relief cramps:-

  • Chocolate- with nuts, without nuts, less milk, more bitter. Strawberry coated with Chocolate sauce is a major love!

  • Hot, hot, hot water...... sip by sip.... throughout the 3-hr-cramp ordeal.. it does put ur mind off the cramp for a while

  • lots and lots and lots of Bbbbbbbbbbb's encouragement (and yes, i tell bbbbbbbb EVERY single time my period comes.... need his consoling) =(

  • Soup for lunch, soup for dinner, soup for supper, clear and almost tasteless soup

  • my all time favourite "herbal" pad does make mensus cramp so much better, the peppermint coated sanitary pad just sooth you-know-where, and the smell of the herbs is comfort to the mind

  • li>basically........ lots and lots of chocolate to supplement my weak body =(

There you have, my kind of treatment. I dunno why but chocolate are saint in times like this, smoothes the throat, lessen the pain, leaves a very very comforting after taste... and basically work its magic to take the pain off your mind- at least for a while

If you have other "home-therapy" to advice, please leave me a comment. Meanwhile i shall go back to sulking for another couple of hours before the pain finally subside


Morning People!!!

is my desktop spoilt or does all of u sees #$&*&(*&*^ in replacement of ALL the chinese words i've painstakely paste into my blog?

damn blogosphere...... -.-" Go proceed straight to BlueHoney_Joanne link below and you can read them....

Meanwhile i'll get this damn language settled!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

BlueHoneyJoanne wrote something on her blog.. and i REALLY need to review it line by line..

Dear Besties and for those who bothers to read my blog, HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOUR PARTNER IS SERIOUS ABOUT YOU?

Let's do a test on my relationship, with extracts from BlueHoneyJoanne

  • 愿意为你掏钱。钱,在感情生活中不是最重要的,但是是必须的。一个男人如果是真的爱你的话,就不会为你去计算钱,只要你需要的合理,有能力支付,就一定不会不答应。因为在他心里,连你都是他的了,为什么还不能给你花钱?

-i can TOTALLY relate with this. bbbbbbbb is REALLY someone who is never too stingy with $, he never was since the day we started hanging out as friend. Not that he is super well off or anything, but he is always encouraging me to go shopping and to reward myself whenever neccessary. On top of that, he was always generous with his friends and mine too.... There was never a need to be calculative around him.

Not sure if i can tell his story here, but bbbbbbb use to have a good buddy who was always generous about sharing, he always encourage bbbbbbb to share cos ultimately $ is the last thing we can bring into our grave with.

Not too long after, bbbbbbb's buddy passed on, but bbbbb carry on his buddy's belief of sharing, and i dare say he has done a pretty great job

  • 二、愿意听你诉苦女人常常会有很多的不开心事情,在男人看来很多只是很小的事情,甚至不值得去在乎。一个爱你的男人,会希望了解到你在想什么,会愿意听你的诉苦,听完你很多的话后,再发表下评论,安慰下你。

- bbbbbb has some problem trying to really listen to me and hear me rant, it was ok at the start of the relationship, but lately this wasnt really the best he has given.

Probably cos he reckon i shoudnt be shouting into the phone whenever i am upset over somebody else... but... to me.. as someone whose temper is shorter than a ruler, i usually just accumlate all the "suffer" and rant it out, after which its over, once and for all. We haven really work out a solution to this yet, but bbbbbbbb has since agree to accept hearing me rant. I believe we'll solve it one day- together

  • 三、愿意为你让自己受苦年轻的男人,大多数是爱拼搏的,自己苦一点,累一点,没有关系,经济条件有限的人,会自己减少开支,来付出在感情上,有能力的人,则会在做每一件事的时候,都在考虑关于你的未来。自己吃饭的时候,会在想你有没有吃,自己在娱乐的时候,总会想到要是能把你带去就好了,自己在开心的时候,总会想到你这时候会是怎样的心情,总之不管自己处于什么状态,都会想到你。

- I am guilty of these, bbbbb has been sacrificing, he is living all the way at UK, yet he scrimp and save every penny so that when i did fly over, we'll have enough for us both, sad to admit thou he was the most generous guy i've met around, he wasnt doing the same to himself.

BUT i will assure our lives in future will be better off, him with a Degree and so do i, our combine income alone will allow us to live in comfort, to compensate every single bit of hardship we've been going through.

and bbbbbbb sacrifice quite a bit in the sense that he had always encourage me to hang out with my pals while he run down to the nearest library so as not to digress in his studies.... to me its a huge sacrification to an otherwise-quality-time-spend-with-each-other relationship.

  • 四、愿意为你收场两个人在一起吃饭,常常女生最后都会说吃不下了,爱你的男人,会情愿帮你的吃完剩下的。现在这个年龄的男人,大多数在家里是被当着宝贝养大的,一直都是家人付出,自己享受,如果真的很爱一个人,他会放下自己,去为了爱的人。

- haha... he does put on a couple of kilos ever since we hang out, but bbbbbbbb is a health freak, so together, we wont add on hell lotsa pounds.

  • 五、在关键时候,总会护住你两个人一起逛街的时候,爱你的男人会走在靠马路的一边,而你则在靠马路里面的一边,这样你会很安全。登山的时候,爱你的男人总会在你后面,可以保护着你向上爬。下雨的时候,总会把伞向你那边多倾斜一点,即使自己淋湿了,也不想让你受到一点点的雨淋。刮大风的时候,会紧紧抱住你,不让你被风吹到……不管在什么情况下,都愿意尽量减少给你带去的伤害。一个好男人,是需要一个好女人好好把握的,也许你现在身边的男人并不完美,并不是你一直所憧憬的那样的王子般的男人,但是他只要是真心对你好的,你就应该去珍惜,一个女人对男人最大的珍惜,就是好好的去爱他,心里只有他一个,愿意和他一起去承受生活中要面对的。

- from bringing me out to lunch when i was covered in bumps, till sending me to the clinic when i was infected with a dizzy-spell while consuming paracetomol- which i later realise i was sensitive to..... bbbbbbbb has proven times and times again, how he was willing to take care of me (especially during the times when i was infected with those bumps, i cant sit in a bus, cant stay in the sun, and is highly contagious.

Try to blog a list of the niceest thing your guy have ever done, immediately u will feel the need to love him all over again... it took me less than 10 mins into the fight to re-think about our relationship, and to want to cherish him all over again. Does your guy loves you this much too?

ok... i really need to cool down and think straight....

Its infuriating...... every single time he chose to schedule the fight at 9am in the morning and my entire morning are wasted...

i begin to focus lesser at work and my mind is flooded with angry tots abt the fight, and den i commit more and more mistakes and today i finally got my retribution- i was reprimanded by an e-mail CC to EVERYONE at work about the wrong Work Order i have closed. All this thanks to the schedule fight..

i really need to divert my attention off this relationship for a while.... probably the morning call turns out to be a bad idea afterall.... it had started off pretty well with good intention to start the rest of my day at work well and smooth......but at this current stage, the morning call has left me unfocus at work and the anxiety after the fight has cause me to commit so many mistakes at work... i need to focus

it really doesnt help in my studies either, i tend to miss him and have to constantly cover up for my anguish by doing stuff other than studying when he failed to call me, if its school i can understand, but other times that he's busy with stuff... i can very welll lose my mind.

i m losing the strength to held on to this rope.. it is tooo loose and i am losing my grip. i want Kristal to come back... i want to be as cheerful as i appear to be...


Monday, March 15, 2010

Well... It sure does hurt like hell when your boyfriend pinpoint that he notice you often crawl back like a wimp after a bad fight, and voluntarily apologies (whether or not it was your fault) just because you can't go to bed knowing you are both mad at each other.

I shall not succumb further to such intolerance n inconsiderate remark.
I will act just the way you tot I WAS suppose to you.

And since u r the sort that leaves fight to heal on its own, I shall see no point in affecting your behaviour further$

No matter how hard it gets to sleep at night, you will not be the first I'll call to confine, I promise.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The cramp at the gastric is REALLY killing me..... =(


Iron lady

Seriously, we should all feel ashame of ourselves......... and our biceps

Read an article on a interesting web i found lately.... and had lots of mixed feelings...While i am sitting here feeling really upset about the things that is happening today........there is another very young lady on the other side of the globe.... spending her school holiday doing this--->

I really have to say this............... she is a fine lady and looks really sweet........... and she works in a coal mine................... and carry this weight------------>

Whilst other spend their holiday slacking away at home......... she is earning the extra cash to help out in the hse........... and all that cos she is the oldest daughter at home --------------->

Really feeling emotional.... why cant i learn to count my blessings.......... here's a real lady who din had that opportunity to enjoy what i can..... yet i am getting so upset all because bbbbbbbbbb doesnt seem to feel the kind of sadness toward today's bad day........... he also shouted through the phone like i did............. =(

Here's more shots of my current idol............ iron lady i call her.........

And while we sulk over the tiniest things in life.... here a link for you to learn about other greater man and woman on earth HERE


Tuesday, March 09, 2010

BlackHairpins' next collection are almost up and here's a piece of my favourite.
The cloth at the bottom is chiffon while the top is spandex.. i am really really loving it!

Fold the bottom to make it a flattery top

bbbbbbbbbbb love this picture!

Had work lately! pretty motivated to just keep working, cos i'll be off to meet bbbbbbbbbb pretty soon and shopping is vital there..... so work = $$$$$$$$$

Other than that, been busy doing my sidelines as well, bucking up on BlackHairpins - Phyllis and i are totally going all out to picking the correct collection. We are attempting to meet up to 4 times a month now just so as to select best designw everywhere we go. Do note that our collection are never from the same place...
We do serious sourcing the whole of Singapore and quite frankly the piece we grab are usually no more than 3 piece... sure hope the hard work pays off.

Been busy with soooo much work that the photoshoot had to be done by Phyllis alone... she is off the next couple of weeks for her close friends' wedding so we are splitting up our roles thoroughly this month...

I am hoping next month collection will be better collaborated... really matters sometimes when bigger customer wnana see how the piece looks like on a larger girl and i will be there to provide them with the picture.

BHP asides, i am mugging harder.. other than those distracting moment when i really had to switch my brain off books, i gues the sense of urgency is picking up well =)

OH! AND I CANT WAIT TO DO THE STAYOVER AT CUZ'S ON THE 19th.. Another silly night with SiAhPau and Cuz,,,,,,,,,, OMG OMG OMG


Monday, March 08, 2010

Infidelity: the contrary; WendyJack Saga

This is probably a news not new to many, and i am writting on it to voice 5-cents worth opinion.

As a matter of fact, i felt a little sorry for that girl. It could be a rush of blood, or rather, the bad weather working its heat on her, the momentarily mistake is now a pretty deep scar on a young lady, who could well be another uprising model.

I have heard plenty ever since this matter came into light, her looks are criticise, creative names are invented for her, how her braces and eyebrow looks really mismatch, but seriously?of all the other prettier picture, TNP has chosen some of the very very regrettful one to be posted on line.

Not that i can understand how she has gotten herself into this mess, and for the affair to last for 3 years, she must have be barely 19 then. I cant say much for a 19 year old girl to be thinking straight for i had my fair share of mistake too..

When i put her age against that of our famous director, it just seems wrong.

It is comparable to dad and i, and no i cannot imagine dating a man like Dad, though i admire him as a person. What happen as reported by news was Jack actually took initiative to lure this young girls, and i must agree they are gullible to fall for his "luring" too.

But.......... in contrast to the very famous Tiger Woods whose scandal was badly mishandle, i believe our people here in Singapore are taking the matter more calmly, which i reckon - give it about 4 months- this matter is history.

Who will still remember our past-scandals

- Tammy NYP

- young boy pimping himself

- Annabelle Chong

- Teacher have sex with primary school kid

- Gary Ng the Mojo Master

- Molested Tranny at Sentosa Countdown

all this happen at different interval, with a couple of exceptionally fresh scandals, but just how many of us put this matter behind while in search of newer ones?

Man i pity this girl...... but its a mistake to learn, so i am calling out to Wendy Chong

It'll be over sooner than you think....

i belive mistakes are meant to be learnt

and for those of you (iuncluding bbbbbbbbbbbbb who is currently residing in uk, this is the latest scandal as of March 2010......... to find more info. click here ----> HERE

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Here are several things i hope we will get to do, 30 years down the journey together with you

Lead me in a dance, like we probably did when we got married several years back

Read me the news when my eyesighs starts to fail

Have me look at your fray grey hair and stroke them while you fall asleep

Do grocery shopping together, every weekend

its gonna be a long journey =)


Thursday, March 04, 2010

Splendid view from the 16th storey!

i dare say bro did his homework. The field you see here is a common place for the amiralty ppl to
  • let their pet puppy run wild
  • fly colourful kite

the wind is good at night too.. and just yesterday i witness amazing sunrise that lasted about 5 mins. It was BEAUTIFUL.

To prove my point, i have capture a few pic of the scenery at about 7pm in the late afternoon, you could probably see the heavy traffic at the far end of the field but fear not because HDB has no intention to every build anything on the field - not for the next ions!

The truth is - this field was man-made and it is actually a simple platform that was built above a reclaim land, it is too soft and vulnerable for anything to be build so it will remain as a piece of flat land until something comes out of it.

The road at the far end of the field is tiny, and its beautiful watching the cars drove past at night.... it is otherwise quiet and lonely, usualy about 4am in the morning. Further down the field - after the field - is a forested area! Again nothing will be built there as it is commonly used as a shooting ground for NSmen for their outfield training. I have yet to hear the effect of the gun-shoot but i dun tink its gonna affect much since its that far away.

So you can start your imagination running wild, - i even picture myself owning a place as beautiful as this! But my approach to appreciate this piece of beauty will be different from that of bro.... i wanna feel as free as i can in my own space. So if i ever own a house like this....................................................................................................................


haha.. i am freaking you out i know,........ but who never tot of returning back to the wild, and you can save a big sum of $ by buying lesser clothes.

ononononono,,,,,,,, dun get the wrong idea- i am imposing on bro right now so such things will NEVER happen.

But if it ever does... the only person that gets SUPER freakout will probably be Darby.


Tuesday, March 02, 2010

To UK in 12 Weeks!~

The thing on my mind now should be exam, but i am looking forward to whats comes next after those torment.


And there is nothing to excites about because i've been bloggin about it since 1 yr back but now its coming into reality and every new details reveal by bbbbbbbbbbb makes me oh-so-excited!

We are covering quite a bit of UK, and i know if i were to copy + paste facts about this places, you will click next like i do when i read random blogs.

So in very short term,

Edinburgh- Scotland (remember Mr Bean wearing kurt and the army-man in talll tallllllllllll hat)

Birmingham - a new place i cant really figured, bbbbbbbb's relatives are there and we are gonna visit them (note ANNA ANNA ANNA!!!~)


i certainly deserve a scolding!

*tempted to post a pic to show how good its feels over at the other end*

I was grumbling non-stop abt how bbbbbbbbbbbbbb wanted me to stay in his TINY dorm for 15 days while awaiting his Sis & Mum to arrive.

Even when i try to hint my displeasure at having to be treated like a illegal immigrant, he did not a nudge- not even the slightest bit. BUT when i finally (ALMOST) blew my top about how he had placed in at the bottom of his priority and insist i would lock him inside the room while i wander off aimlessly till i find a place i call "traveller's sidekick", he busted!

And the next few minutes of the conversation were reprimands after reprimands of how i always go about screwing all sorts of surprises he had in store for me, turns out bbbbbbbbbbbb had intention to bring me outta-newscastle to a place often describe by me as "in the movie scenes"

------------ i feel so guilty----------------------


wahahha.. sorry bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb.... i love you many many many (stupid abbreviation to express the enormous affection of this guy *wink)

here are also a list of unreasonable place i demand he fufil

  1. a cafe by the roadside with low table and 4 chairs where we can eat while people with their pet dog are strolling along
  2. Ripleys' believe it or not Museum
  3. OUTSIDE a concert hall (for some reason to spend the time inside watching a play will make me feel as thou i am wasting a whole lot of otherwise-shopping time
  5. beach when the weather is cool (have ANYONE felts freezy cold under the bright sunlight while strolling along the beach, now that's SHIOKNESS)

Cant remember all the ridiculous stuff i was ranting last night but all i want to do now is to fly over really soon..

SAD NEWS - i am flying over alone, this mark another footprint into independance but the transit is in Dubai!!! sobz bbbbbbbbbbb i am scared a zenith times!

and to end off this entry abruptly, here's where i am hiding (while sneaking out and acting like a student)

seriously, University of London ought to recognise us students as a member and at the very very list, offer us fieldtrip around school if any of us ever been to London. '