Monday, February 24, 2014

Blessed me & my futile attempt to eat lesser & healthier, 
its back to cereal morning, the $5.45 Low fat milk i struggle to finish every month,
i was at the supermarket this morning, and in a bid to save more $$, had dug among the "fuller" looking carton of milk, 
up till the last bottle & atlas! 
one Meiji Low Fat milk that expires 3 days AFTER the rest. 

Call me a house wife seriously, 
i learn this FIFO trade after working for a while. 
It seems i am probably not the only one doing the same thing, 
i mean, afterall, there is only ONE bottle of milk left on the shelf with a later expiry date, 
this is a die-hard antics of all the other housewives i bet. 

Its lunch time at work now & i manage to savour my favorite Marigold Aloe Vera jelly for some bonus in addition to the Austalia green grapes. My mind is flooding with images of meat, even beef!!! (i do not eat beef, i dont know how i salivate at the thought of steak... mmmm.mmm)

Endure, endure, endure, tell yourself how the westerners are probably eating the same for lunch - they probably REALLY did, because bbbb & i had to scramble through all the supermarket looking for some warm hot lunch while travelling in Europe & be warn, the only hot food you expect to find are warm cup of hot chocoate/coffee. Even the sandwich are cold, but it looks like the local enjoy them way better than we would have imagine, 

Back to the "green" lunch i have in front of me. I should probably work around colours starting tomorrow. All green grapes/Green Aloe Vera jelly are doing me no good. God i miss how we could feast last weekend, and NOW i regret complaining to Clar about how the food at Bedok 85 has drop in standard. Gimme a plate of Hokkien Mee anytime!

Speaking of which, Clar has return from Germany for a short stay in SG, but it wont be long as she returns to finish her internship this tuesday then prepare to start life as a REAL working adult. bbbb & i are super happy that she has finally found a reason to stay put in Germany. Me in particular becuse that means i can start saving for a lone flight up to Europe to meet my favorite girl even if bbbb cannot make it :) Think Primark, primark, primark... my mind went to heaven & return!!~

bbbbb's mood has been pretty lifted all weekend, & i must say i sure played a huge part :) We got up to grab a bite & running errand in the wee morning but that's pretty ok, because i remember lying in bed the rest of the day, re-watching movies we found on Mio, then taking short nap. It was till evening that we finally stop slacking & went out to meet Clar for some quick catching up. 

Then Sunday was well spent too because we went back to my place & chatted with my parents. I dont know why but i like seeing how bbbb communicate with my parents, they've know each other for a good 5 years now & there are plenty of times that we mingle like a family. But my parents also like to drop in some awkward moments now & then & make it extra guilty for Rodman. Like that afternoon, where Dad couldn't stop whining that i havent gotten my fiance a drink from the fridge or how Mum wanted Rodman to try the Bubor Chacha she made all morning, despite us telling them we've eaten before heading back. Rodman eventually got lured into temptation & drank/ eat bubor chacha heeheee..  i love them altogether :)

I guess good weekend comes with a price too, by evening when we were hanging out with his friends i got a little affected that the weekend was coming to an end. It's like i'll never stop acknowledging the fact that we have a lifetime to spend together, but each time he send me home to welcome my weekday, i get whiny & sad like we wont see each other again. I feel like a little girl alot, really immature of me. 

Then again, perhaps its just because i cannot fathom how well the weekend went. so perhaps all i really need is to look forward to the weekend again (its only monday :***(

Oh no, got to go, my mind just flash images of roasted chicken, stop the torment please!