Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dearest Jaryl,

if you ever read this, you shall already be in Aussie.

There are certain stuff i experience for myself in a long distance relationship that i had tearfully hope someone would tell me about. So here i am sharing it with you(some confusion may occur when i mistakingly use the word "you" in the entry cos i am narrating it all with bbbbbbbb in mind....... apologies!), in hope you wont have to go through the same things i painstakingly went through:-

  1. I do cry......When bbbbbbbbb left, i was not affected by it, i cry not because i was losing him, but because i have temporary lost a best friend, a soulmate, and someone who- was there, always there, always will be

  2. No special romantic nights, i should have know better than to make our last few days before bbbbbbbbb departure a romantic night between the two of us, cos after than i was left alone, for the longest time, missing every single thing that seems to have happen just yesterday, why din it just went on like any other day?

  3. Guy - Setup a skype account and pay for it- skype conversation are dirt cheap and calls are consider unlimited considering you are given up to 1000mins of talk time. Just be sure to stay in the dorm or as near to the Laptop as possible

  4. Girl - Setup a push-mail or internet-date-plan-on-the-go, have your phone preset with push mail function and msg your bf while he sits by the laptop everyday, it works just like SMS........ he is just one msg away

  5. Never console yourself by saying "he/she has friends that will be there for her/him" THIS IS NOT TRUE because no one likes to rely HEAVILY on their best friend, no matter how close. Your partner will never feel the same confiding to their besties as much as they can confide in you, they will never drop by their besties' hse 7 days a week and talk on the phone 24 hrs a day. People have their lives and no one feels good imposing toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much on the other party, unless, of course their spouse.

  6. No, we girls never stop crying, stop thinking if you demand us not to, we will eventually shut down our tear gland. WE CRY! in our heart, on our mind.... but we will never let TEARS get into you, you may never realise we are crying some times.

  7. WE DO COMPARE!- We do, honestly. No matter how we shut off images we see on the streat, couples that that do things together makes us upset, crowded street without anyone to protect us makes us sad. A bowl of soup without the extra spoon upsets us, so did the expression of your face when we come out of the changing room

  8. We know you need time on your own- although we are not exactly sure when

  9. We miss physical contact- weird to be coming out of a girl, but i guess i am not the only one missing it in a LDR (long-distance-relationship)

  10. Tell us its gonna be over, sooner than we tot- do this ALL the time, but DO NOT count the number of days till we meet.... use words, use action, dun use numbers

  11. Snail mail surprises us more than anything else Word you cant say instantaneouslt are perhaps the words you really meant.. so,.. put it inside envelope

  12. You are constantly hungry - or so we thought, and we are never convinced on this.

  13. We are not worried about you, we are worried about the bitches- Its not you we dont trust, it those girls who prey on good catch like you.... watch the movie "obsess" by Beyonce

  14. Will there be tomorrow-this is a taboo topic no couple like to talk about, but it helps if you constantly assure us (we trust you, but we need this comforting assurance to booost our morale) this is just temporary. We are girls you fell in love before you see the bigger world, and we accepted you before u see the bigger world, something that started this smalll deserve every chance to be nurture into something bigger.

  15. You are lucky someone watches out on you every single second-and we are lucky you do the same, count all blessings

There you have....... 15 pointers i can think of right now....... i m worried about Cuz, but since i m never too good around consoling her (yeah.... she is the only one i cant seems to cheer up) i shall stay low as of now and see when is a better chance to start hanging out with her again.

Good luck Jaryl, looking forward to seeing you on your next returns.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Second Night at Bro's Place, thanks to SiAhPau the worst part of the day din turn out toooo bad... Appreciate it, girlfriend!

I had decided to load pic of myself now and then mainly cos i wanna show bbbbbbbbbbbb the nicer side of me. You should all understand how hard it is maintaining the make up till night time just to skype him, so every so often when we skype on the internet, i am already in my bare-all face as per above.

Here's some most updated pictures (meaning this morning) of me for my special boyfriend

Taken in the ladies, cant find another mirror that works better than this -.<

Wahaha.. if you look extremely carefully you can probably tell this was taken while i was peeing...........

Did something stupid today, something i wouldn't advise all Girlfriends to do, i dug up bbbbbbbbbbbb's blog and read it dated back in 2006. And thou many things inside are no longer valid, i was both touched and affected by his affection for his Ex-girlfriend.

While this shows he is a man who honoured his words, it does pinch me a little knowing once before he and i got together, he was THAT affected by the presence of another girl. I wish her well now, and decided not to add in words of jealousy that revolves around how he is the most perfect man and she missed it. I shall count my blessings and thank her for giving me this opportunity, and for allowing me to witness how faithful bbbbbbb can be.....

i am a sadist, its 12.38pm at night and here i am blogging about his past..... silly silly sily


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just settled in on bro....... bed is big, room is empty..... gotta be determine and get the exam revision started big time now.

Even bbbbbbbbbb is too busy for me now, he has the exam coming up too..... i know the initial part of settling down is hard, but Kristal, you gotta make it a quick one.

Room is empty but bro's hse is pretty!~ Will blog abt it when i reward myself with small break.

Checked out a video on ace-ing your exam last night, point number 8 says a normal human concentration span is less than an hr, ideally only 45 min.

So i am using this strategy right now, concentrating for 45 min at one go and rewarding myself with a 15 min break=)

Dinner is a hassle so i have decide to miss it as much as possible. i am aiming to weigh less than 50kg at 7pm by the time i return home( cos i weigh 50kg in the morning now, but is 2 kg heavier in the night -.-")

sigh........ independant, independant, independant


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just receive it... and bbbbbbbbb is unaware of this impulsive purchase, but i am so gonna pamper my skin now..... i am 14 weeks away from meeting bbbbbbbbb!!~! Jia you to a hardworking Kristal (by this i meant a woman is never ugly, only lazy)

In addition, i also bought some tiny tubes (at a very very attractive price) to be given away. Hope those who receive them felt pampered as much as i did!!!~

And right now, i am still lacking in my Ralph Lauren Tote (shipment delay), my Geo-lens (order just sents, 3 weeks for EMS), and the Hermes Bag i so fancy (she haven got back to me... sigh)

bbbbbbbbbbbbb eye is gonna be shockingly big if he reads this..... cos i am never much of a shopaholics.... i guess i have the pre-CNY spirit to blame.... it just appear so "appropriate" to click on any fanciful item i saw online.

Here's a Happy Thurs to all of you who read this space, as far as i can concern ~ Jann, Pau. Anyone else?!!!!!!!!!!!


Took a breather from updating my birthday entry, jolly well-aware i am almost half a month backdated.

This couple of months had been great, a slight improvement to the meetups arrange between DKS. I am sure Sharon besties felt the same, we have been apart for quite a while, and the constant arrangement to meetup are to thank for.

SiAhPau and i haven met up all CNY, a little weird. Gotta look forward to the stock take meetup next week. A little tight on budget but we are expecting a boomz thanks to the new upcoming Model we are gonna have.

BlackHairpins is doing steadily well, a little argument at times but we always end up with a better solution. Our customers are mostly friends with us now, some of them we end up exchanging up to 20 e-mails in order to get their desire selection, and some others are not based in Singapore, so special arrangement have to be made. We are storing the profit made from the collection to bring in even more clothes for the next collection, and a little regret cos we could have earn another round of money if not for the miscalculation. Nevertheless, we are clearing the leftover stocks now so as to bring in new selection of clothing.

I am finally starting on my revision, also arrange to have my stuff sent over to bro's this sunday.

Gonna score well, slightly better than bbbbbbbbbbbbb waahahhaha... He is my partner in crime, the only person i can compare against, not that i am that good whatsoever, but because i haven got anyone i knew in school to made such pact.

I often wonder what happens if bbbbbb had stayed in Singapore and enrol in SIM instead, would things be different? But then again, we would both slack and pull each other down, glad my bbbbbbb is miles away and has high discipline, so much so that i cannot lose to him, i wanna win bbbbbbbbbbbbb and then "chop" him to buy me a expensive bag for my hardwork!!~

Times flies (though i had wanted it to fly faster) and bbbbbbb is about 14 weeks to returning. Without fail everyday we have been dilligently communication via webcam, hp and e-mail. I know no one out there can see how exactly we are coping but i can announce proudly that if you ever spend one whole day with me, you'll be jealous!!~ haha... cos its as though bbbbbbbbbbbbb is just beside me.............. (awww.......... miss you already!!~)

Jaryl is leaving for Aussie soon and Viv is coping pretty well, but each of us has our weakness hidden within so i am prepare to be there for her when she needs it...... cos i have been through that journey, and trust me- it doesnt come cheap, was never easy............

but how else can love last without such hardship....... right?


Monday, February 15, 2010

Gonna Start with the last thing we did on the pre-invite birthday meetup with the ladies on 29 Jan 2010, this was our last destination before we call it a day.

Denise darl' drove us all the Holland V, my virgin trip there, Sharon besties Virgin trip there, Denise and Jean are regulars.

i picked this place call Mykril cos there is soooooooooo much rave about it on HGW (hungrygowhere.com) i HAVE to try.

i get the feeling as long as its white, Chiffon or Satin, Sharon darling came into mind =)

Lady Blossom in her not-so short sundress, all of us love it on her...... except for the ballon bottom, which we alll hate

Here's Sharon besties on the left, Denise darl in the middle and JeanJean helping me out with my load, i had collected the loots ( super heavy stuff) from Lina so i can post them tgr to bbbbbbbb n Fendi-

i did this paparazzi shot thingy with Denise, this is an official proof of Denise Darl being the "gentlemen" of the night, driving us to different locations to make sure the the fun wouldn't end so young!

Another shot of here walking, already irritated and warning me not to take anymore pictures

Dun look like i am heeding her advice, here's Denise Darl and Integra, red car, lady driver, reminds me a old time movie i cant the name

Denise Darl getting onto the car, we werent allow to go in until she cleared her mess, haha....
Dont ever assume a lady driver is neccessary a tidy driver, it was hell messy inside, flowers, her teddy-monkey, random magazine..........etc

Denise Darl clearing the mess again..... while we waited outside.

Random note: tell me who DOESNT notice her bicep... some guys ought to be ashame.. haha

Arriving at our destination with my first pic of the night.. Wearing a Blue Chiffon pull over a black bodycon....

Denise Darl and Sharon besties, my best friends since 03/03/2003

Denise is definitely one friend i know who doesnt stop working, i have to emphasize it was nearly 11pm and she was still on the line with her boss....
Which also explain why she deserve her 4-digit ang pow for CNY this year.....

Sharon besties and her Mocha Ice Cream, which i absolutely love!!~ I must have been exclaiming it alot lately cos whenever someone mention ice-cream, i immediately associate them with Mocha. Thanks to Besties who order this to satisfied my mocha-red bean Craving

Denise Darl, i dun like this pic tooo.... but ur arm...... speechless, this is for alll to see

I know i need to at least say something about the food at mykril, but since our dear Denise darl is crown our food-critic blogger, you can read more here (When she FINALLY blog about it, that is)

I am still backdated by the massage with SiAhPau, also a virgin experience, haven had a chance showoff those pretty present from them all, dun expect to read much about bbbbbbbbbbb over birthday cos his present is the BB phone as promised.

Still, you are being loved...... by me *wink*


Friday, February 12, 2010

one day past our monthsary, and i am bloggin only right now.

I haven had the decency to even get the picture uploaded, totally loathe myself for that.

Its CNY in one day time and i am slacking big time at work, counting down the minutes till i am free to go...

I will be spending the my evening at bbbbbbbbb's hse, except without him. Its the reunion dinner time of the year and like the previous year, i would visit his parent and spend time with them before the whole load of them leave for Malacca, which is bbbbbbbb standard practice since most of his relative comes from them, so did his father, brother and sister.

bbbbbbbbb is a Singaporean and was born here, i couldnt figure how it all works, but we were suppose to visit Malacca and his relative tgr, now that bbbbbbbbb is not in Singapore, this plan shall be put away till 2011.

This CNY is gonna be different cos none of us are in the mood, bbbbbbbbbb and i are still dating through the skype, and he cannot be my stylist for this new year selection. I remember last year we had load of fun matching clothes for him and myself, cos bbbbbbbb love shopping as much as i do.

No Valentine' s day celebration either........ hate it that we are so far away, and though i console myself everyday it wont be long till we meet again.... i still miss him big time!

i hope this CNY is filled with friends and cousin meetups, now that i am a grown up and receving ang pow is no longer a "suppose to be" but a "you mean you still need one" issue, i kinda dread the whole smiling and queuing for ang pow custom.

Got myself 2 pairs of heels yesterday, i am 70% done replacing my entire collection of shoes to heels, in no time i would have no excuse to wear flats anymore, cos i simply wont owe any. bbbbbbbbbb was very happy that i bought something while out yesterday, the difference abt him and any other guys is that he is always pushing me to buy things for myself. Probably cos he could feel the resistance i had mentally when i set my eye on something. I wanna stick to my resolution - 2010 is a year i start acting my age, when bbbbbb return, he will be dating a 23 yr old lady-like, Kristal!

i wonder if you all felt i am quite a obsessed girl. I can live in my own world and constantly fall in love again and again with bbbbbbbbbb.. liking every single details about him, his hair, his smell.... I know that, to some guys, such acts is also known as "possessive" so i am really really glad bbbbb is one who appreciate and see the true meaning behind this. Of course, i sure hope my "hardwork" is not in vain and someday i will look back and realise this experience was something i never had regrets about, whether or not bbbbbbbbbb and i are still together by then .


Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Thanks to modern technology, a very good SLR-camera, a techno-savy boyfriend who bothers to blog, i was able to feel the joy of bbbbbbbbb receiving the parcel sent by yours truly.

Here you see the first part of the surprise sent thousand of miles over to bbbbbbbbbb, the second part of the parcel is by no mean a surprise since they were stuff demanded by my 'demanding" boyfriend. It is a Singpost size 3 box and they contain some stuff that Lina wanted to give to Effendi tooo.

Here's bbbbbbbbbb gleeming with satifaction to find the box filled to the rim.... haha.. he is in for a good treat=)

I would like to emphasize times and again how painstakingly (and burning hot) this thing here took me to make.
can you believe you can only make the sweet when its HOT!? heat-protective glove were recommended but just how many of us can find those frill-less glove that doesnt leaves disgusting wool-frill on sticky sweet when used? I decided against it and force all those involved in the making process to use strictly bare hand, fully coated with margarine. there are some ugly picture i saved but it can never reflect the effort we put into justice.

To end off the sweets, i had to grind some granula sugar (because i forget to buy the fine-grind kind) and coat each cut-sweet with sugar so it wont stick. It was a hurtful process and i almost swear that was the last time i will do it ever again. (that includes my cousin and sister who eventually give up trying to help out -- bruise and burnts later)

This card had another story to tell... i was shopping alone ( i have recently gotten use to doing things alone and enjoying the peace and serenity of thinking with my own brain) and came across a card rack, many options, many dilemma later, i settled this card (unaware it was going to burnt a hole in my pocket) cos there were some pre-written stuff inside the card that makes me giggle to myself.

Its OUR secret card now.

Here's another piece of gift i prepare for bbbbbbbbb, a checkered shirt specially manufatured by Fabrick, AKA the brand of clothing line i am working at. I really like the design and was sure it looks good on him, hence the choice. His size wise, i shud know better, i hug my bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb!!!~

The last part of the parcel was a AX card holder chosen by Kristi and me, i had image of bbbbb placing his car-key in the middle compartment and his ez-link by the side. Its like a "mobile" wallet cos everything inside provides him with option to move from one place to another.

I dare say the gifts wasnt very special but i got them planned in details and was very sure of my decision before purchasing them. This year's Valentine;s day was nothing special cos we aint physically by each other, but i sure do hope he felt my love.

The first Valentine day we had in 2009, i receive one stalk of rose, the second Valentine in 2010, i received none... hahah..... i guess flowers and Kristal doesnt always adds up to Valentine.....


Monday, February 08, 2010

Just one cann of each, n that was thanks to the courtesy of the sweet ladies at work!!~

This new year is a little better after all =)
And i order 2 huge-ass size pineapple tart for bbbbbbbb's family and my family. Hope i can receive them today..... hmm.. all that is short of now is some more luxurious food for each family and i am pretty much settled.

On the other hand, clothes searching for CNY 2010 din went as smooth as before. I had handpick 3 sets of outfit that adds up to a couple of hundred and after alteration-- i din like any single one of them.

It was a very worrying issue as i do not like to wear stuff i dont tink i can carry off. They were pretty clothes, fully brand new, all fully alter to my size, and i could even bring myself to try them on, instead, the cheap $10 sundress i bought while walking past bugis street makes me so happy i am planning to wear them on Chu Yi......

i guess i can make good decision on expensive clothes, yet can easily settled on cheapo clothes..... which sucks.... there goes the moolah- Gone with the wind and against my delight.
Outing over the weekend with SiAhPau was great, thought bbbbbbbbbbb was a little upset over the drinking part. Overall i enjoyed myself and look forward to more short session with SiAhPau, along with camera, pretty clothes and more ideeas for ICBS

We are engaging a very very pretty young lady for future collection, its gonna be a blast so i will update soon on the upcoming events=)


Thursday, February 04, 2010

i have so much ideas on my mind now, new range for BlackHairpins post-new-year sales. Phyl and i are taking turns to oversee the business now, sales has been booming and we are really hoping for it to rise further on our next collection.

BHP asides, i am going to start on my revision in full force now that i am feeling that tiny bit of urgency, knowing its gonna rise as times goes by, i shal strategies by studying those topics i have no confident of. This year papers' strategies is going to be different, after analysing the marking system more carefully i have taken a mental note to concentrate on subjects i would have confideent of and to spend more time on them, in any case, by the end of the course, only 4 strong topics will be chosen to grade us. I got to study smart this time.

We manufactured Curry Chicken Powder today, the sort you will all eat in your instant. I am guessing the client this time is some instant noodle sort, i was given the opportunity to walk into the production factory earlier, this was rare cos we will usually have to be in full gear with googles. Despite watching them through the glass, i was overwhelmed with the smell of the curry powder. haha... Yesterday was the worst, i hate the smell of tuna... awful awful awful

I am missing Mario's Korea Food badly today, gotta gather my besties to eat there soon enuff, nuttin else this week is worth the memories, i shall concentrate on looking forward to the shopping trip with Jann this friday.

Will update later with pic........ i hope@!!!~


Monday, February 01, 2010

i have sooooooooooo much to blog regarding this best birthday ever.

Thinking about it makes me happy- till today, at this time, nearly 23hrs ever since it happened.

but i dun wanna blog a quick and fuss-free one. i wanna do an entry filled with my joy so you will all share it with me. Thus, till another time when i am more settled.

On a TOTALLY different note! Turtle is with Devil!

i believe besties (Denise & Sharon), Pau & Cuzzies probably dun find the name Turtle (or mo-LESTER) weird since his name re-appear on my blog pretty often back in 2005. i was re-enjoying the moment by reading through those very very sweet wishes by all my friends on facebook when the image of his face(yes, diguesting i remember) pop out of nowhere. What irk most was the lady besides him, someone very very very familiar, so against my will i had to click and take a quick look, to clarify i wasnt see the girl besides him i tot i was.

Shocking news!!~ mo-LESTER is indeed with the devil, i cant forget her face, even though she no longer had that moustache on her face. i know, it is very very rude of me to be talking about her behind her back, and i do admit i m petty. BUT this is the SAME girl that had made my primary school days a torture!!~ If not for the later part bunch of friends, who successfully made ourselves famous in school, i would have lost my esteem and never want to go anywhere near her again.

I guess i wasnt a coward or whatsoever last time, but Devil did have a deep-set eyes that stare at ppl and that aura comes from within. I was barely a 1.5m den and do NOT consider myself petite, however whenever she felt like it and set her eye on me or come anywhere near close, i swear there are times i felt like screaming. She was a head taller than me, and had developed-body, so to speak her waist was wide, though no fat, her tanned skin was nothing i have seen befoe and she would tie her pony tail way too high, it was to see her from afar, and she ALWAYS seems to have something to do with me.

and so all "memories" i had of her was "fond", her coming near me, staring at me, constantly. Nope, no harm done, she merely say ill-stuff of me and cry wolves each time she sees something she is jealous about.

my primary school lifes consist of a very deep crush on a Malay-Chinese guy name Jasrie as well as a guy who call himself xiao-long-nu. I remember Xiao-long-nu and i had a pact to call ourselver "steady" and Devil was crazy over us. She was also upset cos Jasrie is a bright student who write me poem and has a email account at 10yrs (email in the past is the coolest thing when we were all 10 so stop tinking i made it up) On top of that Marco-polo and i were close so Devil was jealous, jealous, very jealous..... haha.. dun want to rake up the past... i am giggling while typing.

So the point is --- Devil is pretty now!!!~ Pretty in the eyes of lotsa of guys... she is still broad shoulder and "big"in nature, but not fat at all, and despite knowing very well she din learn ballet when she was younger, her Facebook contains loads of picture of her in her ballet shoes--- NOT dancing.

So yeah, we ought to envy her, her figure was courageously enough to be posted on facebook, i can say both me and her probably had the same big tummy but with her broad shoulders, it wasnt very obsence on her.

So i was browsing her profile and found even more picture, apparently Devil had done a few photoshoots and most of them show her in lingerie - lacy kind. There were also couple of shots she had done with another girl, both in lingerie, both had leg cross over to each other... she is indeed sexy- and daring.

Den i view her latest status, that of her and mo-LESTER. pics of them french-kissing and hugging. It was comical, especially since mo-LESTER himself had constantly still tried his luck at me, and last got a scolding from me in nov 2009.

So i was telling bbbbbbbb all those things i found out and he listened to them patiently, as usual la, expressionless, commentless and doesnt even find a teeny-weeny bits of humour in it, but he did agree that such birds should end up together. I sincerely wish them alll the best, cos' afterall, who matches them more?

Its like how bbbbb can be quite irritating in the sense that he is quite "da nan ren" on the other hand i am quite unlikable amongst people who likes to turn up late for dates. So we fit like a puzzle cos the "da nan ren" will always offer to come and fetch his gf, and his gf will never have to wait for him if he is late. Ta-dah!!~

Or how like Sharon is super-duper conscious about food and thus very unhealthy, however, we cannot stop her. Caifu, on the other hand, is a food fanatic and enjoys exploring new form of delicacy, thus, Sharon darling never had an excuse not to try those food and thats probably where her only bits of nutrition comes from.

See, we are matching in some ways, sooner, Sharon darling & i will find Denise her puzzle. And i will personally interview Pau's partner if she had any.

here's a pre-photo of my birthday celebration