Thursday, February 18, 2010

Took a breather from updating my birthday entry, jolly well-aware i am almost half a month backdated.

This couple of months had been great, a slight improvement to the meetups arrange between DKS. I am sure Sharon besties felt the same, we have been apart for quite a while, and the constant arrangement to meetup are to thank for.

SiAhPau and i haven met up all CNY, a little weird. Gotta look forward to the stock take meetup next week. A little tight on budget but we are expecting a boomz thanks to the new upcoming Model we are gonna have.

BlackHairpins is doing steadily well, a little argument at times but we always end up with a better solution. Our customers are mostly friends with us now, some of them we end up exchanging up to 20 e-mails in order to get their desire selection, and some others are not based in Singapore, so special arrangement have to be made. We are storing the profit made from the collection to bring in even more clothes for the next collection, and a little regret cos we could have earn another round of money if not for the miscalculation. Nevertheless, we are clearing the leftover stocks now so as to bring in new selection of clothing.

I am finally starting on my revision, also arrange to have my stuff sent over to bro's this sunday.

Gonna score well, slightly better than bbbbbbbbbbbbb waahahhaha... He is my partner in crime, the only person i can compare against, not that i am that good whatsoever, but because i haven got anyone i knew in school to made such pact.

I often wonder what happens if bbbbbb had stayed in Singapore and enrol in SIM instead, would things be different? But then again, we would both slack and pull each other down, glad my bbbbbbb is miles away and has high discipline, so much so that i cannot lose to him, i wanna win bbbbbbbbbbbbb and then "chop" him to buy me a expensive bag for my hardwork!!~

Times flies (though i had wanted it to fly faster) and bbbbbbb is about 14 weeks to returning. Without fail everyday we have been dilligently communication via webcam, hp and e-mail. I know no one out there can see how exactly we are coping but i can announce proudly that if you ever spend one whole day with me, you'll be jealous!!~ haha... cos its as though bbbbbbbbbbbbb is just beside me.............. (awww.......... miss you already!!~)

Jaryl is leaving for Aussie soon and Viv is coping pretty well, but each of us has our weakness hidden within so i am prepare to be there for her when she needs it...... cos i have been through that journey, and trust me- it doesnt come cheap, was never easy............

but how else can love last without such hardship....... right?


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