Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just receive it... and bbbbbbbbb is unaware of this impulsive purchase, but i am so gonna pamper my skin now..... i am 14 weeks away from meeting bbbbbbbbb!!~! Jia you to a hardworking Kristal (by this i meant a woman is never ugly, only lazy)

In addition, i also bought some tiny tubes (at a very very attractive price) to be given away. Hope those who receive them felt pampered as much as i did!!!~

And right now, i am still lacking in my Ralph Lauren Tote (shipment delay), my Geo-lens (order just sents, 3 weeks for EMS), and the Hermes Bag i so fancy (she haven got back to me... sigh)

bbbbbbbbbbbbb eye is gonna be shockingly big if he reads this..... cos i am never much of a shopaholics.... i guess i have the pre-CNY spirit to blame.... it just appear so "appropriate" to click on any fanciful item i saw online.

Here's a Happy Thurs to all of you who read this space, as far as i can concern ~ Jann, Pau. Anyone else?!!!!!!!!!!!


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