Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dearest Jaryl,

if you ever read this, you shall already be in Aussie.

There are certain stuff i experience for myself in a long distance relationship that i had tearfully hope someone would tell me about. So here i am sharing it with you(some confusion may occur when i mistakingly use the word "you" in the entry cos i am narrating it all with bbbbbbbb in mind....... apologies!), in hope you wont have to go through the same things i painstakingly went through:-

  1. I do cry......When bbbbbbbbb left, i was not affected by it, i cry not because i was losing him, but because i have temporary lost a best friend, a soulmate, and someone who- was there, always there, always will be

  2. No special romantic nights, i should have know better than to make our last few days before bbbbbbbbb departure a romantic night between the two of us, cos after than i was left alone, for the longest time, missing every single thing that seems to have happen just yesterday, why din it just went on like any other day?

  3. Guy - Setup a skype account and pay for it- skype conversation are dirt cheap and calls are consider unlimited considering you are given up to 1000mins of talk time. Just be sure to stay in the dorm or as near to the Laptop as possible

  4. Girl - Setup a push-mail or internet-date-plan-on-the-go, have your phone preset with push mail function and msg your bf while he sits by the laptop everyday, it works just like SMS........ he is just one msg away

  5. Never console yourself by saying "he/she has friends that will be there for her/him" THIS IS NOT TRUE because no one likes to rely HEAVILY on their best friend, no matter how close. Your partner will never feel the same confiding to their besties as much as they can confide in you, they will never drop by their besties' hse 7 days a week and talk on the phone 24 hrs a day. People have their lives and no one feels good imposing toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much on the other party, unless, of course their spouse.

  6. No, we girls never stop crying, stop thinking if you demand us not to, we will eventually shut down our tear gland. WE CRY! in our heart, on our mind.... but we will never let TEARS get into you, you may never realise we are crying some times.

  7. WE DO COMPARE!- We do, honestly. No matter how we shut off images we see on the streat, couples that that do things together makes us upset, crowded street without anyone to protect us makes us sad. A bowl of soup without the extra spoon upsets us, so did the expression of your face when we come out of the changing room

  8. We know you need time on your own- although we are not exactly sure when

  9. We miss physical contact- weird to be coming out of a girl, but i guess i am not the only one missing it in a LDR (long-distance-relationship)

  10. Tell us its gonna be over, sooner than we tot- do this ALL the time, but DO NOT count the number of days till we meet.... use words, use action, dun use numbers

  11. Snail mail surprises us more than anything else Word you cant say instantaneouslt are perhaps the words you really meant.. so,.. put it inside envelope

  12. You are constantly hungry - or so we thought, and we are never convinced on this.

  13. We are not worried about you, we are worried about the bitches- Its not you we dont trust, it those girls who prey on good catch like you.... watch the movie "obsess" by Beyonce

  14. Will there be tomorrow-this is a taboo topic no couple like to talk about, but it helps if you constantly assure us (we trust you, but we need this comforting assurance to booost our morale) this is just temporary. We are girls you fell in love before you see the bigger world, and we accepted you before u see the bigger world, something that started this smalll deserve every chance to be nurture into something bigger.

  15. You are lucky someone watches out on you every single second-and we are lucky you do the same, count all blessings

There you have....... 15 pointers i can think of right now....... i m worried about Cuz, but since i m never too good around consoling her (yeah.... she is the only one i cant seems to cheer up) i shall stay low as of now and see when is a better chance to start hanging out with her again.

Good luck Jaryl, looking forward to seeing you on your next returns.

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