Monday, February 01, 2010

i have sooooooooooo much to blog regarding this best birthday ever.

Thinking about it makes me happy- till today, at this time, nearly 23hrs ever since it happened.

but i dun wanna blog a quick and fuss-free one. i wanna do an entry filled with my joy so you will all share it with me. Thus, till another time when i am more settled.

On a TOTALLY different note! Turtle is with Devil!

i believe besties (Denise & Sharon), Pau & Cuzzies probably dun find the name Turtle (or mo-LESTER) weird since his name re-appear on my blog pretty often back in 2005. i was re-enjoying the moment by reading through those very very sweet wishes by all my friends on facebook when the image of his face(yes, diguesting i remember) pop out of nowhere. What irk most was the lady besides him, someone very very very familiar, so against my will i had to click and take a quick look, to clarify i wasnt see the girl besides him i tot i was.

Shocking news!!~ mo-LESTER is indeed with the devil, i cant forget her face, even though she no longer had that moustache on her face. i know, it is very very rude of me to be talking about her behind her back, and i do admit i m petty. BUT this is the SAME girl that had made my primary school days a torture!!~ If not for the later part bunch of friends, who successfully made ourselves famous in school, i would have lost my esteem and never want to go anywhere near her again.

I guess i wasnt a coward or whatsoever last time, but Devil did have a deep-set eyes that stare at ppl and that aura comes from within. I was barely a 1.5m den and do NOT consider myself petite, however whenever she felt like it and set her eye on me or come anywhere near close, i swear there are times i felt like screaming. She was a head taller than me, and had developed-body, so to speak her waist was wide, though no fat, her tanned skin was nothing i have seen befoe and she would tie her pony tail way too high, it was to see her from afar, and she ALWAYS seems to have something to do with me.

and so all "memories" i had of her was "fond", her coming near me, staring at me, constantly. Nope, no harm done, she merely say ill-stuff of me and cry wolves each time she sees something she is jealous about.

my primary school lifes consist of a very deep crush on a Malay-Chinese guy name Jasrie as well as a guy who call himself xiao-long-nu. I remember Xiao-long-nu and i had a pact to call ourselver "steady" and Devil was crazy over us. She was also upset cos Jasrie is a bright student who write me poem and has a email account at 10yrs (email in the past is the coolest thing when we were all 10 so stop tinking i made it up) On top of that Marco-polo and i were close so Devil was jealous, jealous, very jealous..... haha.. dun want to rake up the past... i am giggling while typing.

So the point is --- Devil is pretty now!!!~ Pretty in the eyes of lotsa of guys... she is still broad shoulder and "big"in nature, but not fat at all, and despite knowing very well she din learn ballet when she was younger, her Facebook contains loads of picture of her in her ballet shoes--- NOT dancing.

So yeah, we ought to envy her, her figure was courageously enough to be posted on facebook, i can say both me and her probably had the same big tummy but with her broad shoulders, it wasnt very obsence on her.

So i was browsing her profile and found even more picture, apparently Devil had done a few photoshoots and most of them show her in lingerie - lacy kind. There were also couple of shots she had done with another girl, both in lingerie, both had leg cross over to each other... she is indeed sexy- and daring.

Den i view her latest status, that of her and mo-LESTER. pics of them french-kissing and hugging. It was comical, especially since mo-LESTER himself had constantly still tried his luck at me, and last got a scolding from me in nov 2009.

So i was telling bbbbbbbb all those things i found out and he listened to them patiently, as usual la, expressionless, commentless and doesnt even find a teeny-weeny bits of humour in it, but he did agree that such birds should end up together. I sincerely wish them alll the best, cos' afterall, who matches them more?

Its like how bbbbb can be quite irritating in the sense that he is quite "da nan ren" on the other hand i am quite unlikable amongst people who likes to turn up late for dates. So we fit like a puzzle cos the "da nan ren" will always offer to come and fetch his gf, and his gf will never have to wait for him if he is late. Ta-dah!!~

Or how like Sharon is super-duper conscious about food and thus very unhealthy, however, we cannot stop her. Caifu, on the other hand, is a food fanatic and enjoys exploring new form of delicacy, thus, Sharon darling never had an excuse not to try those food and thats probably where her only bits of nutrition comes from.

See, we are matching in some ways, sooner, Sharon darling & i will find Denise her puzzle. And i will personally interview Pau's partner if she had any.

here's a pre-photo of my birthday celebration


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